Multi-Platform Games

This category is a catchall for more modern titles that appear on a variety of systems relatively unchanged. It has been set up to allow users to find such titles in the event that we have covered a certain game, but do not have a category for every platform they appear on. Note: older titles (pre-2007) will rarely appear on this page, because there were often enough differences between ports that each version merits its own reviews, guides, etc. Mods are also included in this list as well as non-English releases which appear listed under their original name.

Multi-Platform A to DRelease TypeRegion
A Plague Tale: RequiemStandardWorld
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced EditionStandardWorld
Bendy and the Ink MachineStandardWorld
Bloodstained: Curse of the MoonStandardWorld
Cyber ShadowStandardWorld
Disco ElysiumStandardWorld
Dungeon Siege IIIStandardWorld
Multi-Platform E to HRelease TypeRegion
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, TheStandardWorld
Final Fantasy X/X-2 RemasterStandardWorld
Hollow KnightStandardWorld
Multi-Platform I to LRelease TypeRegion
Multi-Platform M to PRelease TypeRegion
Mega Man 11StandardWorld
Multi-Platform Q to TRelease TypeRegion
Sir LovelotStandardWorld
Starpoint Gemini 2StandardWorld
Star Wars Battlefront IIStandardWorld
Super HydorahStandardWorld
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s RevengeStandardWorld
Trek to YomiStandardWorld
Multi-Platform U to ZRelease TypeRegion
Vampire SurvivorsStandardWorld
We Happy FewStandardWorld

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