Acknowledgements thanks the following individuals for their contributions:

FoxOne – Assistance with transcribing and testing the many cheats that been published on this site.

Rontro – Has shared a number of passwords for NES and SNES titles. Thanks for all the hard work! Visit his YouTube channel at:

Manhalt – Wrote several reviews and provided much needed technical assistance. Thanks for saving my bacon!

The Every Gamer – Has written several reviews for this site and contributed passwords.

Cowboy Yojimbo  Has written and submitted a number of reviews.

Grawlix- Our resident movie critic whose singular efforts  have built up this site’s entire stock of film reviews.

LastBossKiller – LBK informed RetroMaggedon about the English beta of Double Moon Densetsu and gave us the rare opportunity to play a freshly translated Famicom game.

ContagionKat – Creator of the original 2016 RetroMaggedon Banner and Icon. Thank you for the excellent logo!

Golden_Torizio and skater43 – For their assistance with the short Guide for Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushū.

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