Disco Elysium (PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4)

Developer/Publisher: ZA/UM

Release Date: October 15, 2019

System: PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4

Genre: RPG

Players: 1


Disco Elysium is a detective themed RPG made for Unity. Based on a tabletop role playing game, interactions with NPCs are focused largely on dialogue rather than combat. Players control a detective who suffers from amnesia. The protagonist soon runs into a murder scene and is urged to solve the crime by his partner. This soon leads players into a world of mystery and political intrigue.

Players must interview NPCs and try to pry the truth out of them using the detective’s skills, which can be tweaked as the player gains experience. Some NPCs can even be convinced to join the detective, while others may turn hostile and attack him. Exploration is also important in Disco Elysium as players will need to find clues as well as resources to fund the investigation.

This game uses a unique approach to character building where players choose traits that define the detective’s personality as well as skills. For example, a player that invests heavily in Motorics skills like Reaction Speed will be quick thinkers that are fast on their feet, but less subtle and knowledgeable than someone who improves Intellect. Consequently, the way the game is played can vary greatly according to how the player builds the detective.

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