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Release Data

Developer: Overhaul Games

Publisher: Atari, Beamdog, Skybound Games (Console)

Release Date: November, 2012

Genre: RPG

System: PC (Steam)

Players: 1


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is an upgraded version of the 1998 Dungeons and Dragons based title of the same name. Players control an orphan who was raised in the monastery of Candlekeep by a scholar known as Gorion. Early in the story, Gorion is slain by a mysterious figure clad in armor and the player’s character is tasked with uncovering the reason behind his or her adoptive father’s death. The protagonist is drawn into further intrigue as an iron crisis and war looms over the region.

Based on Second Edition D&D, Baldur’s Gate allows players to choose the race, class, and gender of their first character. These combinations can range from Gnomish Wizards to burly Human Fighters as well as multiclass characters that come in combinations like Cleric/Thief. This game also follows closely to the D&D ruleset and uses a virtual version of the D&D dice roll system to determine the outcome of actions, though these dice rolls are not displayed. As an RPG, Baldur’s Gate focuses heavily on exploration as well as party based combat as players will meet a large cast of characters that will offer to join the hero.

The enhanced version of this game features graphics that have been adapted to HD monitors and TVs as well as restored multiplayer services. Additionally, players can choose from new classes like the Dwarven Defender. A multiplayer arena mode that pits players against a series of monsters has also been added to the game.


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