Hollow Knight (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox)

Developer/Publisher: Team Cherry

Release Date: February 14, 2017

System: PC, Switch, PS4, XboxOne

Genre: Platformer/Metroidvania

Players: 1


In Hollow Knight players control Knight, an insect-like adventurer who encounters a mystery upon arriving at the town of Dirtmouth where he learns of a fallen kingdom. The once prosperous kingdom of Hollownest fell to a magical plague simply called the “infection” which drove the citizens of Hollownest insane. The Pale King, ruler of Hollownest, ordered the plague sealed in the Black Egg, which did little to stop the infection. In order to solve this riddle, Knight must explore the vast ruins of Hollownest and slay the three Dreamers, who maintain the seal on the Black Egg. Only then can Knight enter the Black Egg and destroy the source of the infection.

Being a Metroidvania style platformer, Hollow Knight offers players a semi-open world to explore. Many paths through the world are locked at first, but players can open them up with items like the Mantis Claw, which allows Knight to cling to walls. Knight will encounter hostile creatures on his quest and will have to defeat them with the Nail, a sword-like weapon that can be upgraded in a number of ways. A variety of spells are also available to players that range from a healing spell called Focus to offensive spells like Abyss Shriek. 

This game features a save system that allows players to continue at any time. Beating the game unlocks a special hardcore mode where death is permanent.

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