Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster (PC, PS3, Switch, Xbox One)

Developer: Square Product Development Division 1

Publisher: Square 

Release Date: PC (2016) PS3/Vita (2013) Switch/Xbox One (2019)

Genre: RPG

System: PC, PS3, Vita, Switch, Xbox One

Players: 1


Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster is a graphical remaster of Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 that has been released on multiple platforms over the previous decade. Final Fantasy X and X-2 originally appeared on the PlayStation 2. In the first game, a group of heroes lead by Tidus (a famous athlete) travel the realm of Spira on a quest to defeat a monster named Sin. Tidus sets out on his quest for revenge after Sin destroys his hometown of Zanarkand. Over the course of his adventure, he joins forces with a summoner named Yuna, a warrior named Auron, and many others. Final Fantasy X-2 differs from its predecessor in that it focuses on Yuna rather than Tidus and is less linear than the original game. It also allows players to explore the entire world from the very start.

Both games use a turn based battle system that should be familiar to RPG players. There are also the usual spells, weapons, exploration, and towns that make up RPGs. However, FFX/X-2 replaces the traditional experience level systems often found in the genre with the Sphere Grid System. The Sphere Grid is a cluster of interconnected nodes that players unlock for each character using AP, which are awarded at the end of a battle. Players can customize their heroes using the grid sphere as the nodes they unlock will grant their characters new abilities. For example, the swordsman Tidus, can become a powerful magic user or a mixture of both schools by choosing various paths on the Grid Sphere. This title also features a variety of minigames that include Blitzball and a number of side quests.

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