Inscryption (PC, PS4, PS5)

Developer: Daniel Mullins Games

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Release Date: October 19, 2021

System: PC, PS4, PS5

Genre: Deck Building/Card Battle

Players: 1


A vlogger known as “ The Lucky Carder” stumbles across a strange card game called Inscryption at a local yard sale. This deck of cards contains a set of coordinates that will lead The Lucky Carder on a strange journey where he must solve a number of puzzles and engage in card battles against a mysterious foe. 

Inscryption incorporates a blend of classic deck building card battles, exploration, and roguelike elements into its gameplay. Players generally have to explore escape room style areas where they must solve puzzles in order to unlock new cards. Next, The Lucky Carder must battle a boss using his cards. These card battles usually entail sacrificing weaker cards to create more powerful ones, but the game and overall playstyle become more complex as the player progresses.

As a roguelike, death is semi-permanent in Inscryption. Players will lose their progress if defeated by the boss, but the game makes up for this by awarding them a Death Card which can be used to make sections of the game easier.

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