Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play On Hold

The Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play I started a while back is going to be on hold indefinitely due to technical issues. The save for it started crashing for some reason. I have backups, but I would have to replay the game for a few hours to get back to where the Let’s Play left off and I do not have a lot of free time at the moment. On top of that, it was supposed to be a hardcore run and reverting the save will ultimately change the way things panned out, though I don’t think that’s a big deal considering the circumstances.

Sorry if this disappointing to anyone following the Let’s Play. Hopefully I will figure out what is making it crash or have a little extra time to back track.

Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play

I’ve decided to bring back the failed Let’s Play of Kenshi Genesis from a few years ago, which I deleted from the site. If you missed the LP, it was about a faction that was trying to build itself up into an empire that could rival the United Cities and Holy Nation. Unfortunately, the saves for it became corrupted and I had to scrap the project.

This LP will be smaller in scale and I will be more careful with my saves. Admittedly, I got lazy and did not save as often as I should have, so the loss could have been prevented. You can find this Let’s Play in Miscellaneous Reviews and Articles or via the link below:


Finished Touching up Description Pages

I started fixing the home pages for games back in April and finally finished the project yesterday. There was a lot more than I expected and I took a break for a few months, so it took a while. Aside from a few technical improvements that modernized the description pages, the main change has been to the galleries. Many of the galleries on older pages were not formatted properly and did not look good on mobile devices. Of course that’s been changed. I’ve also added links back the the home page for the platform the game appeared on as well as outbound links to other sites with pertinent information. Hopefully things will look and work a bit better with all that done.

A New Logo for a New Era

Here’s a logo I came up with for 2021 and beyond. It’s styled after one of my favorite franchises, Mega Man. RetroMaggedon has grown a lot over the past year, so I wanted to change the look of the site a bit. I’m probably going to keep this one up for a few years, because I finally feel like I have gotten to the point where I kinda sorta almost know what the hell I’m doing and I consider this a new era for this site. I’m not exactly sure how a new banner relates to that, but it just seems right if that makes sense. I’ll also add that I don’t really plan on changing how I do things in any radical way. My plan was for this to be an old style website that was mainly focused on providing gamers with useful info for their favorite games and that allows them interact with the site freely. There’s no reason to change something that works, so I’ll just stay focused on providing everyone with passwords, saves, cheats, and walkthroughs as well as the occasional review. As always, thanks for all the support you have shown just by visiting this site!


Improvements Coming to Description Pages

For starters, this isn’t an Aprils fool’s joke even though it’s April 1st. I’ve started improving the home pages for games that appear on this site by adding outgoing links to other sites that have useful/interesting resources and a link that allows users to directly visit the console page. This should make it slightly easier to get around the site and find information that we may not have. I generally link to smaller, independent sites, because anyone can find a Wikipedia article talking about a game with a simple search. It’s going to take a while to update all of the pages, because we’ve covered somewhere in the area of 200 games over the years. Feedback on the quality of these changes is appreciated as always.

Comments are back up

Earlier this week we had a major problem with spam as well as a few technical difficulties that culminated in the comment section getting shutdown for a few days. The problem has been solved (for now) and everything should be working. Once again, I’m sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. People often comment on pages with questions about games or how to get things like saves and passwords to work, so I try to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. At the same time, bots tend to post dubious links and solicitations that present potential security threats. It goes without saying that I want to make sure anyone using does not have to worry about clicking a bad link accidently and can contact us easily, so it’s sometimes necessary to take action when the spam gets out of hand. Hopefully we will have smooth sailing for a while. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Comments are Temporarily Disabled

RetroMaggedon has grown a lot in the past month and I’m really grateful for the support. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a massive influx of spam comments. While I like to keep comments open so everyone can share questions and opinions freely, I’ve had to temporarily turn comments off until I can come up with a countermeasure. Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a day or two. I’m very sorry if this has caused any problems, but the security of this site and its users are among my top priorities.