Soul Blazer (SNES)


Developer: Quintet                    

Players: 1

Release date: November 1992 (North America)

Genre: Action RPG                   

Publisher: Enix

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System


   In Soul Blazer, a greedy king by the name of Maggridd made a pact with the evil Deathtoll, arranging to exchange every living being in the world for a single gold coin each. The world quickly fell into darkness and became devoid of life. As the Master’s servant, you have been ordered to descend from the sky and free the imprisoned beings from the clutches of Deathtoll. Players must visit several areas and liberate the inhabitants by slaying monsters located near each settlement. Much like Gauntlet, monsters spawn from set points on the map. Each spawn point only generates a limited number of mobs and the player will free a creature from Deathtoll or open a path every time he/she defeats all of a spawn point’s monsters and steps on the glowing circle it leaves behind. Swords, armor and magic are all available in Soul Blazer. Many weapons and armor will have special properties and spells must be aimed carefully, because they are fired from a ball of light that circles the hero. The main character also levels up and gains boosts to his life, attack and defense after collecting enough experience by defeating enemies. This game has a variety of environments to explore, secrets to uncover and enemies to slay, including ferocious bosses.

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