Retro Video Game Awards Coming January 2024

Starting in January, will award a retro game the title of “Retro Game of the Month” on first of every month. Winners will be selected by contributors and readers. On the second week of every December, a “Retro Game of the Year” will be selected from the 11 winners of the Retro Game of the Month title.

Currently, anyone is welcome to nominate a game in the comments below or in the comment section of a Retro Game of the Month post. Depending on how much participation we see, nominated games will either be given the award automatically or voted on. The Retro Game of the year will be voted on during the first week of December and announced the following week.

Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play On Hold

The Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play I started a while back is going to be on hold indefinitely due to technical issues. The save for it started crashing for some reason. I have backups, but I would have to replay the game for a few hours to get back to where the Let’s Play left off and I do not have a lot of free time at the moment. On top of that, it was supposed to be a hardcore run and reverting the save will ultimately change the way things panned out, though I don’t think that’s a big deal considering the circumstances.

Sorry if this disappointing to anyone following the Let’s Play. Hopefully I will figure out what is making it crash or have a little extra time to back track.

Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play

I’ve decided to bring back the failed Let’s Play of Kenshi Genesis from a few years ago, which I deleted from the site. If you missed the LP, it was about a faction that was trying to build itself up into an empire that could rival the United Cities and Holy Nation. Unfortunately, the saves for it became corrupted and I had to scrap the project.

This LP will be smaller in scale and I will be more careful with my saves. Admittedly, I got lazy and did not save as often as I should have, so the loss could have been prevented. You can find this Let’s Play in Miscellaneous Reviews and Articles or via the link below: