The Immortal (NES)

Developer: Will Harvey

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: November 1990

Genre: Action/Adventure

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


The Immortal is an Action/Adventure game where players control a wizard who must brave the treacherous Labyrinth of Eternity in hopes of saving his mentor, Mordamir. The labyrinth is home to many traps that can harm or outright kill the player. Our hero will have to watch out for giant worm lairs, fireballs, goblins, and even poisonous potions. Much of the action takes place in an isometric dungeon. In this mode, the Wizard can collect treasures, interact with NPCs, and explore while avoiding traps. The wizard can also shoot fireballs to eliminate enemies from a distance. 

Touching a hostile NPC will initiate combat. In combat mode, players must use the directional buttons to dodge while holding A down and the B button to slash at enemies with the sword. Attacking causes the wizard (and his opponent) to become fatigued as indicated by a red meter alongside the health bar. Fatigue will make you move more slowly for the duration of the battle. Hit the enemy enough and it will die, allowing the wizard to move on. In addition to combat and exploration, The Immortal features obstacle courses that are navigated with the flying carpet or by rowing an old barrel down a waterway. This game has about seven stages and allows players to continue where they left off via a password system.

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