The Immortal (NES) Passwords

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The Immortal (NES) Passwords


Press Start at the title/credits screen to go to the game menu. From there you can enter a password (or certificate as the game calls it) or begin the game by pressing Start. To enter a password, use the Directional Buttons to select the characters that match the password and press the A Button to enter the letter/numbers into the field in the top half of the screen. To delete a mistake, highlight the “DEL” option and push A. Select the “END” option and press A to begin the game once you’ve entered the password. DO NOT press Start to enter the password, because doing so will send you to Stage 1.


2x310y10006y90Bottle, Gold, Dunric’s Ring, Amulet, Bait, Spores, Charm
3tt5xx21000x10Gold, Dunric’s Ring, Bait, Amulet
49t3yx31001x60Gold, Dunric’s Ring, Bait, Amulet, Protean Ring
5777x843000t60Gold, Bait, Amulet
65ss0v67000ry0Gold, Dunric’s Ring, Amulet
7v131y770038y0Gold, Amulet, Statue, Magnet

The preceding passwords, which originally appeared in Top Secret Passwords – Nintendo Player’s Guide, have been compiled and transcribed to this site for the sake of posterity as well as for the convenience of our visitors. They have been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you have problems getting these passwords to work or know something we do not.

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