Sweet Home (NES) Walkthrough

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Sweet Home (NES) Walkthrough

~by tankMage (December 2018)


   Sweet Home is an early survival horror game that features puzzles, exploration, and an RPG style combat system. This game can be quite daunting and requires a lot of trial and error to complete. With that in mind, the goal of this walkthrough is to provide players with clear instructions on how to complete the game with the best ending. Sweet Home is somewhat open ended and the order in which goals can be accomplished within the game is not necessarily set in stone. There is also a notable lack of clearly defined areas and most of the rooms in the game are unnamed, which made it difficult to write a simple step by step guide. As a result, most of the rooms are described by their contents or position within the mansion in this guide. I’ve included fairly detailed descriptions of each area along with the quotes from Mamiya’s frescoes as they appear to make it easier for readers to understand this walkthrough. Good luck with this game and please leave any questions you may have in the comments.




    a. Dark Hallways

    b. Activating the Generator

    c. Finding the Low Key

    d. Mamiya’s Secrets

    e. The Rings

    f. Opening the Way to the Dungeon

    g. Obtaining the Photo, Coffin, and Final Blue Candle

    h. Journey’s End



About Death

Death is permanent in Sweet Home and there is no way to bring a character back if he or she kicks the bucket. Your heroes can die if their HP reaches zero in or outside of combat, if they fall down a hole, or if they are sucked into quicksand. Save often and pay close attention to your party’s HP, because you will get a better ending if everyone survives. Not only that, but the game is much easier with all five characters than it is with four or less. In the event that someone perishes and you do not hit reset, you can loot the body for useful items, though it is not possible to take their signature item, such as Kazuo’s lighter or Emi’s key. Luckily  the following items replace those used by each character and can be found at various points in the game.

Pills: Can be used in place of Akiko’s First Aid Kit. Good to have even if Akiko is still alive.

Matches: Pick these up if Kazuo is killed and you will still be able to burn ropes, light fires,etc.

Broom: Sweeps up that pesky broken glass laying around all over the place. Also good for  fresco dusting. Grab a broom if Asuka bites the dust.

Camera: This is the same as Taro’s camera, so be sure to get one if you lose him.

Wire: This one isn’t as obvious as the others, but it is used to unlock the same doors as Emi’s key.

Give Your Smaller Team the Best Weapons

Only three people can be in a team at once, which means the smaller team is going to be at a disadvantage. Give your two person team the most powerful weapons to offset their smaller numbers.

Recommended Teams

Sweet Home requires players to split up their party in different ways. Kazuo, Akiko, and Emi complement each other well in a team, besides that their abilities make them well suited to exploring new portions of the mansion. Taro and Asuka make a good two man team, because you will often need to use the Camera and Vacuum on Frescoes.

Using Tonics Efficiently

It is possible to heal the entire party with a single Tonic by calling the other heroes into battle. Just have everyone in the same room, get in a battle and call the rest of the party into the fight. Pass turns by using tools that have no effect on combat (and aren’t consumable) until everyone is in the fight, then use a Tonic. This should fully replenish the entire party’s HP and PP.

Save Often, Save Wisely

This should probably be first on the list, because of the perma-death mechanics. Getting stuck in certain rooms or untenable situations is a very real possibility in Sweet Home so take a moment to save your game before entering a dangerous or unexplored area.

Take Notes

I’m not a fan of telling players to make maps or take notes, because as a guide writer it’s my job to do that stuff so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, there are tons of items in this game and the player can swap an item on the floor with one in their inventory, so it is really easy to lose stuff. Trust me, I know this from personal experience. If you drop something important, make a note of where you left it so you can come back for it later.


   Sweet Home has no built in map nor does it have neatly defined sections. This has made writing a coherent walkthrough somewhat challenging. In order to make the walkthrough more organized and easy to understand, I have split it up into sections. These sections are often based on areas that the player must explore and important tasks that must be completed, but they are admittedly somewhat arbitrary. Each section is composed of smaller sections that give detailed instructions on how to navigate the mansion and solve puzzles. While this guide essentially provides step-by-step instructions, they are not necessarily the best way to do everything in the game. Finally, I’ve numbered all of the frescoes in order of their appearance and included the message hidden in each fresco to make it easier for the player to orient themselves.

a.Dark Hallways

This is where it all starts. Take your time with this portion of the game. Collecting weapons and getting used to the way the game works should be your primary focus here. Use the Wood Planks you find very carefully.

The Entrance

Items: None

Hazard: None

Tool: Vacuum

   The game will ask you if you want to rename the characters before the action starts, this guide uses the default names, so make notes if you change anyone’s name. You will be able to control Kazuo right from the start. Form teams right away, I recommend putting Kazuo, Emi, and Akiko in one team and placing Taro/Asuka in the other. Select Asuka and use the Vacuum to clean up the broken glass blocking the door to the north. Now you can enter the mansion proper.

Fresco 1

Items: Fruit Knife, Tonic, Wax Candle

Hazard: None

Tool: Camera

   Leave the entrance room and go into the door to the northwest. A large wall painting and two tables filled with objects are in this room. There’s a letter you can read on the table. Pick up the Fruit Knife on the table and have someone equip it to the right. Grab the Tonic and Wax Candle from the table on the left. Bring Taro into the room and examine the Fresco on the back wall. Use the Camera while viewing the Fresco to reveal a message: “1-6 My 3 frescos will solve a puzzle.” Save your game, switch to the team you have Emi in, and leave this room.

Rope Hallway

Items: Wax Candle, Wood x2, Blue Wood

Hazard: Blue Spirit

Tool: Lighter, Key

   There’s a note near the pit north of the Fresco Room, you can read it if you like. Since the floor to the north is damaged, you’ll have to visit the room to the east. Have Emi use the key to unlock the door. Look out for the two blue spirits that fly across this hallway when you enter. The party can now be attacked in random battles, beware the wisps who can deal up to 10 damage in a hit if you are unlucky. The evil dolls are less dangerous, but can freeze you. It’s a good idea to bring both teams into this hall before exploring it, that way Akiko can heal anyone who has been afflicted with a status ailment.

   Read the note in the northwest corner and have Kazuo use his Lighter to burn the rope to the east. Beyond the rope is a skeleton and some bloody writing on the wall, checking them will sometimes yield a message. Two wood planks are on the floor directly south of the skeleton. Have whoever is holding the candle pick up a plank, but leave the other one alone for now. Walk up the steps to the east, go around the stones, and walk down the steps by the open door.

   You may notice a blue piece of wood sitting in the floor just south of the steps, do not pick it up yet. Wooden planks tend to break after someone has taken five steps on them, while Blue Wood never breaks, which makes it very valuable. Make sure you have someone with the Wax Candle, an empty inventory slot, and a piece of wood ready to go before you enter the next room.

Dark Room

Items: Wood, Oak Spear, Club

Hazards: None

Tool: Wax Candle, Wood x2

   This room is pitch black, so use the Wax Candle to light the area up. The enemies in here are a bit tougher, so run if necessary. There’s a wood plank and a letter by the door. Sometimes worms attack in here, use Pray or Kazuo’s lighter to destroy them. Walk up to the pit to the north and use the wood to make a bridge. Grab the Oak Spear. Make sure whoever walks across the bridge is alone, because each person in the team crossing it counts as a step and the bridge could easily break causing a major headache if three people try to cross it. You cannot reach the club in this room yet, so leave, but pick up the wood by the letter first.

Entrance Hall

Items: Rune Axe

Hazards: None

Tool: Blue Wood

   It won’t hurt to grind a bit in the rope hallway, because the enemies in here are weak. Get a team of three together, give everyone a weapon, and fight for a bit. The wisps and evil dolls in this room should die without much fuss if everyone is armed. Try to get to level 3 or even 4 if you have the patience, then give your weapons to the other two characters (preferably the Oak Spear and Silver Knife) have them form a team of two, and get them to the same level as everyone else. Have someone grab the Blue Wood plank (make a mental note of who is holding it, because it is simply called wood in the inventory) when you are done grinding. Return to the entrance hall via the door in the west end of the rope hall.

   You should be familiar with the entrance hall. Use the Blue Wood on the narrow part of the pit to create a bridge that can be used infinitely. Worms may attack on the other side of the pit, hopefully you are a higher level now and these creatures won’t pose much of a threat. Remember to use the Lighter or Pray if you are lower than level 3. Ascend the steps north of the wood bridge you made and talk to the zombie at the top of the steps. Head west over the bridge past the doll (which doesn’t seem to have a purpose) and have Taro or Kazuo take the Rune Ax.

Fresco 2

Items: Tonic, Silver Knife, Fruit Knife, Wood

Hazards: None

Tools: Vacuum, Camera

   Run back down the steps and make sure you have Taro/Asuka in the party. Walk west and you will see a room to the north, go inside. Use the vacuum to clear away the glass and pick up the Tonic. Get the Silver Knife from the table on the right as well. Look at the skeleton and he will give you a message. Examine the fresco and use the vacuum to clean it, then take a photo of it with the camera. The fresco reads “1-15 One needs a mallet to remove a boulder”. Leave the Fresco room after you have everything.

Entrance Hall (north) Lightning Hallway

Items: Oak Spear

Hazards: Falling Light

Tools: Key, Lighter

   Turn west after leaving the second fresco room, a chandelier may fall from the ceiling when you get near a passage leading to an open door to the south; duck or pray to avoid it. Open the last door to the west using Emi’s Key. Eerie lightning flashes illuminate this room. Read the note written in blood by the skeleton and use the Lighter to burn away the rope to the north. Get the Oak Spear on the other side of the rope. At least one of your characters should still have a Fruit Knife, so swap the spear with the knife.

   There’s a door in the northeastern corner of this room that is hard to see, go through it to get to the north end of the entrance hall. Follow the passage east, under the bridge and continue past the door flanked by statues to the north. Use the key to open the next door on the northern wall. Form a party with Taro in it and send that party into the room.

Fireplace Room and Dining Room

Items: Wax Candle, Rune Spear, Wood, Mallet (under dining room table)

Hazards: Bats, flying chairs

Tools: Vacuum, wood

   The enemies in this room are tougher, especially the bats flying around. You may need to have Akiko on board to cure poison from the bats. Use Taro’s Camera in battle to deal a little extra damage to the bats. Have someone equip the Rune Spear and take the Wax Candle from the table. Take the Wood if you do not have a piece. The doll in this room will talk to you if you look at it. Use the vacuum to clear the glass on the steps and climb the steps to the next room.

   The zombies that attack in this room are dangerous and I recommend running from them, because they can stun or easily kill one of your teammates at this point. Take the Old Sword and the Tonic from the table. Check out the area with the broken floor to the west. Give Taro the Wood plank and have someone else with an empty inventory accompany him. You should also give Taro a weak weapon. Save your game.

Fresco 3

Items: Rune Axe, Rope, Wood, Log

Hazard: Spinning Spirit

Tool: Camera

   Place the wood plank along the gap and cross it (remember you can only safely traverse the bridge twice with two people) and go into the room to the north. Look out for spinning spirits that follow you, they can send one of your characters to another room if they catch you. Run out of the room and reenter if a spirit shows up. You can also let the spirit take someone to quickly move that person to the dining room.

   Use the camera on the fresco to reveal this clue: “1-23 The mallet is under the desk in the room with a small beast”. Pick up the Rope on the table and get the Rune Axe. You can also take the Log and the Wood, which come into play later, though it may be best to just make a note of the log and come back for it. Read the note on the floor if you want, then return to the dining room. Stand in front of the northeast end of the table (next to where the Rune Spear was) and use the “Look” command, which will locate the Mallet.  

**Status Check**

Take some time to level up in the fireplace room before moving on. You should have three Tonics at this point, so get to level 5 or 6 and heal the party with a single Tonic by calling everyone into a battle while in the same room. Once everyone is in battle, use the Tonic to fully restore everyone’s HP and Pray Points. It’s likely the enemies won’t last long enough for everyone to join the party, so have your teammates use their tools to waste turns until all five characters are in combat.


Boulder Room (optional)

Items: Tonic, Pills, Camera, Wire

Hazard: None

Tool: Mallet

  To get to the boulder room, exit the fireplace room and go through the open door directly to the south. Visit this room if you want to test out the mallet and/or need the items inside. Rocks will fall from the ceiling, blocking your team’s way forward after you take a few steps inside. Use the mallet to clear a path. It’s likely you won’t need the Pills, Camera, or Wire unless someone in your party died. However, the Tonic on the table is worth taking and the Pills are useful even if Akiko is alive.

b.Activating the Generator

The generator is located in the eastern garden and you will have to solve a few puzzles to reach it. The enemies get tougher at this point, so save regularly. Life in the mansion will become a bit easier once you switch the generator on to illuminate the previously dark areas of the building.

Dark Hallway (north)

Items: Wood, FireX, Match, Broom, Club

Hazard: Spirit, Falling Statue

Tools: Wax Candle, Mallet, Wood x2, Key

   The next location you should visit is east of the entrance to the fireplace room in the north part of the entrance hall. Read the note south of the door in the northeast corner if you want. Stay in the doorway after you enter the dark hallway to avoid the spirits that fly by and use the Wax Candle to light up the room. Talk to the corpse by the wall to get some info on rune weapons, then use the Mallet to smash the rocks blocking the eastern half of this passage. To the right is a piece of Wood (which you will need for the next room) climb up the steps next to it. Get the FireX to the south. Further to the east is a Match and Broom which you shouldn’t need unless Asuka or Kazuo died.

   Continue through the door to the east and take a few steps south. You should see a Club in the darkness, but it’s blocked by a broken section of floor. Give someone who is still using an Oak Spear a Wood plank and a Wax Candle. Have that person split from their team and place the Wood over the gap, then give them a second piece of Wood. Cross the bridge you just made and place the second piece of Wood over the gap just above the Club. Swap the Club and Spear, then return to the rest of the team.

   There is a narrow corridor east of the entrance to this room, follow it and you will see two massive statues. Watch out for the falling light in this passage, it only does 3 HP of damage if it hits you, so just use duck or dive left/right since it isn’t a big deal if you fail. One of the statues will fall when you approach them, just try to dodge the 5 points of damage it inflicts. Three doors line the eastern wall across from the statues, unlock the middle one, which has a note a step north of it.

Fresco 4

Items: Shiv, Blue Wood, Rune Spear, F-Light

Hazard: Bats

Tool: Camera, Wood x2

   The room beyond the door you just unlocked has a purple floor that is strewn with rubble. The bats in here should not pose a threat at this point, so just plow through them. Pick up the Shiv (I suggest swapping it with a Rune Axe, then examine the Fresco on the north wall. Use the Camera on the Fresco, which says “2-3 Our 10th anniversary and our first child is born.”. Head through the doorway east of the fresco. There is a Rune Spear in the northwest corner of this room, but you probably do not need one at this point.

   Read the the note on table and take the Blue Wood. Go over to the skeleton, separate a character from the team and use the Wood. Save your game and walk over to the skeleton, then plop another Wood plank down to the right of the skeleton to make another bridge; you may have to backtrack to get the second plank. You’ll have to cross without the Candle unless you take a second person, but it’s easy to get to the F-Lite in the dark. A huge rock will roll your way when you cross, but don’t worry, it barely does any damage. Return to the room with the two statues when you are done*.

*Walk over to the table and go directly south of the note on the table to find the door to the southern part of this room to exit.

Dark Hallway (north) revisited

Items: Tonic

Hazards: Falling Statues

Tool: F-Lite, Vacuum, Key

   You may want to get to level 6 now that you have better weapons if you haven’t already. Use the F-Lite to clear the shadows northwest of the big statues, then continue north through the newly opened passage. Climb the steps and walk east along the platform. Put someone with high HP in front so your weaker heroes aren’t taking damage from the falling statues that line this path. You’ll see a friendly doll that has a cheerful message for you after a few steps. To the right of the doll is a Tonic as well as some steps leading down. Descend the steps and take the Tonic if you need it, then follow the passage directly south of the steps. You’ll pass under a bridge before reaching a door blocked by broken glass, have Asuka vacuum it up. Use Emi’s Key to unlock the door and enter the corridor to the garden.

Corridor to East Garden

Items: FireX

Hazards: None

Tool: Lighter, Key

   Welcome to the garden! Beware the Graves that attack in this area. They can stun and poison your characters. Keep both teams close to each other so you can take advantage of Akiko’s ability to cure negative status. Leave the FireX in the hallway alone for now. Enter the room that is directly east of the FireX and take a look at the blue knight near the window. Return to the southern end of the hallway, use Kazuo’s lighter to burn the rope blocking the door to the west. Unlock the door behind the rope with the key, which is a shortcut back to the area you came from.

Fresco 5

Items: Armor Spear

Hazards: Fire

Tool: FireX, Vacuum, Camera, Armor Spear

   Give one of your party members a FireX and split him or her from the party. Go into the second room from the top on the west side of the hallway. You should be in a blue room with statues that form a narrow path. A seal is on the floor at the end of the path, stepping on it will ignite the entire room, but fear not, you can use your FireX to extinguish the fire. If you brought a second or third character along, he will take some damage from the fire, so be quick about using the FireX.

   Bring Taro and Asuka in to clean and photograph the fresco on the north wall. The fresco reads “2-11 Where there is lightning. ..” walk down the narrow passageway to the west and you’ll see a skeleton and a suit of armor. Read the bloody writing on the wall which is a hint, then look at the Armor. Have someone with a lot of Pray Points (PP) use the pray command while looking at the armor. You should be able to get the spear by only using about 7 PP according to the testing I did, but it may take more.

   At any rate, pick up the Armor Spear (which cannot be equipped as a weapon) and return to the room with the Blue Suit of Armor. Look at the armor and select the item command, then choose the Armor Spear. You can now pray to open up a door in this room (16 points seems to do the trick) but hold off on entering the hole in the wall which appears in place of the Armor.

Fresco 6

Items: Tonic, Silver Axe

Hazards: Fire

Tool: FireX, Camera, F-Lite

   Return to the corridor and get the FireX. Split the person with the FireX from the team, then enter the fourth room down on the western side of the corridor (it’s just south of where the FireX was). Walk over to the seal in the center of this room and use the FireX to put out the flames. Examine the Fresco and use the camera to reveal the following message: “2-28 A knight needs a spear.”. Use the F-Lite on the shadows to the west and continue down the narrow hall. Swap a Rune Spear or Rune Axe with the Silver Axe at the end of the hall and take the Tonic.

East Garden

Items: Old Sword, Mallet, Gas

Hazards: Blue Spirit

Tool: Mallet, Vacuum, Lighter, Gas

   Bring both teams into the and east walk along the southern wall. A new monster, the Hound, appears here. Hounds can do a whopping 30 damage, which makes them dangerous, but they also award the heroes 30 Exp. There should be an Old Sword on the ground, replace the Rune Spear (if someone is still using it) with the Old Sword. Enter the building north of where you found the Old Sword and wait for the three blue spirits to pass while standing in the doorway. Take the Gas from the table. You should already have a Mallet, grab the one on the table if you do not.

   Now go up to the stones in the northwest, bringing the Mallet with you. Smash the rocks and enter the fenced in area. You will need to burn the rope to the east or vacuum up the glass to the west to reach the door to the building in this area. Use Emi’s Key to get inside. A large generator occupies the center of the room, use the Gas on it, then use the Look command and select “Yes” to turn it on. You can now drop your Wax Candles, because the lights are on! Take the Rope and the Tonic from this room.

**Status Check**

Everyone should be around level 6 or 7 by now. You should also have two Ropes and maybe a Log in your inventory as well as the F-Lite. Hopefully you also have a few Tonics, in fact if you are careful and use the Tonic trick, you probably only used one or two. This is a great time to grind some levels, because the enemies here give 13-30 experience per battle. Take some time to get up to level 8 before progressing.


c.Finding the Low Key

This is one of the longest stretches of the adventure. Your main goal is to acquire the Low Key so you can move on to learning the secrets of the Mamiya family and find a way to escape. Careful inventory management is helpful in this leg of the journey, because you will need a lot of Logs as well as the Gloves to traverse the lake.

Returning to the Dining Room

   Leave the garden and pass through the room where you used the Armor Spear, then follow the corridor to the southwest door. The southwesternmost door will take you to the room with the note and the two statues, which is lit up now. Go through the door to the left and back through the hallway with the boulders and the corpse. You should end up in a familiar doorway flanked by two statues. The fireplace room is through the nearby door to the west. Climb the steps in the fireplace room to reach the dining room.

The Blue Room and the Chasm Room

Items: Tonic, Pick

Hazards: Living Armor

Tool: Rope, Lighter, Vacuum

   Have Emi open the door just north of the table where you found the mallet and enter it. Walking suits of armor will chase you down and attack you in here. They can hit for upwards of 50 damage, but yield over 40 Exp. Note the Tonic east of the door. Make sure each team has a rope and proceed through the door to the north. Follow the hallway to the next door and walk up to the post in to the north. Use the rope to cross the pit then repeat the process with the other team. There’s a chasm leading to the courtyard, but you cannot access it yet. Vacuum up the glass on the west side of the chasm to make a shortcut, then enter the room across from the chasm.

Fresco 7

Items: Pick, Silver Axe, Long Sword

Hazards: Sticky Floor

Tool: Vacuum, Camera

Note: You cannot read the diary on the table right now.

   The green floor in this room is sticky and will trap any character who takes four steps on it. Luckily the items in this room can be reached in less than four steps. You can pull out stuck characters by walking up to them and using the “Team” command. Talk to the corpse in the southwest corner if you wish. Get to the table by taking two steps east over the narrow sticky patch by the door. Next take three steps north, which should place you right next to the skeleton.

   Equip the Silver Axe on the table (you can also read the note) then face south, take one step south onto the sticky floor, then take two steps east to get to the wood floor. Make sure you are alongside the northern wall and take three steps east across the sticky floor. Step onto the normal floor to the north and look at the Fresco after reading the note near it. Vacuum the Fresco and take a picture to reveal another message: “3-8 My wife. .. killed. .. our child. ..by. .. by accident.”. Be sure to get the Long Sword on the floor, then leave this room.

Veranda and the Sticky Room

Items: FireX, Soul Sword x2, Heavy Axe

Hazards: Blue Spirits, Living Armor

Tool: Lighter, Key, Vacuum

   The northwest section of the chasm room is filled with claw marks. There’s also a rope which you will have to burn with the Lighter in order to proceed. Take note of the Pick here and read the letter by the door, then use Emi’s Key to unlock to door to the veranda. Read the note on the ledge to the west. Use Asuka’s vacuum cleaner to clear away the glass to the south and open the door by the blue statues with the Key.

   Let the blue spirits pass by when you enter this room. The doll sitting by the steps doesn’t have much to say, so climb the steps and unlock the door to north. The green floor in the next room is sticky and you’ll have to reach the safe parts of the floor while dealing with the Armor enemies. Check out the note west of the entrance. Cross the bridge to the east and equip the Soul Sword, then descend the steps to the south.

   You’ll probably have to fight the living armor in this room at the bottom of the steps. Walk north over the narrow part of the sticky floor that is three spaces wide and get onto the wood floor just north of it. Take a step east and cross the sticky ground to get to the safe spot to the north. To get the Soul Sword on the floor to the west, just cross the sticky patch to the left of where you are standing and take two steps south.

   Return to the wood floor east of the sword and move over the sticky floor to the east to reach the wood floor by the wall, then go north. The Heavy Axe can be acquired by going around the  steps then taking a few steps west and approaching the axe from the north. Go through the passage west of the steps and take a few steps north. There should be a door to the east, unlock it and go inside.


Items: Tonic, Rune Spear,  Boots, Ladder

Hazards: Blue Spirits, Living Armor

Tool: Key

   Take a few steps north after entering this room to avoid the blue spirit that flies right through the doorway. Read the note and pick up the boots, which will keep your party from getting trapped on the sticky floor if one of your characters is using them. Head through the door to the east, fight another living armor, and go south to find a locked door. Have Emi use her key to open the door and enter the next room by walking south. The Ladder will be to your left, get it and return to the chasm room near the veranda. Be sure to grab the FireX and Pick on your way back.

The Courtyard

Items: Boots

Hazards: Water, Blue Spirits

Tool: Ladder, Vacuum, Lighter, Mallet, Pick

   Stand next to the two pegs by the chasm and use the ladder. Just walk into the ladder to climb down. The maniac enemies that attack here are pretty deadly thanks to their ability to deal large amounts of damage and curse victims, so be careful. Follow the passage as it winds north then west and go through the first open door you see. A ghost will call for help once you enter this water filled room.

   Use the Pick to walk through the swift moving stream without being washed away or taking damage, just avoid the dark blue water on the eastern end of the room or you will take damage. Head west towards the three statues spouting water and smash them with the Mallet. Exit this room after talking to the corpse and check out the locked door at the western end of the hall. You will need to vacuum up some glass blocking the hallway to proceed.

   Have Emi open the door with the key and stay in the doorway while the blue spirits harmlessly fly by. Talk to the corpses for some clues and take the Boots. Leave this room and head south, use Kazuo’s Lighter to burn away the rope blocking the way. There’s what appears to be a blueish green door southeast of the rope, Vacuum up the glass in front of the door, which is actually a mirror. Use the Mallet to smash the mirror; breaking all the mirrors in here will keep the enemy of the same name from attacking. Now walk west over the water and use the Mallet to smash the mirror west. Vacuum up the glass next to the mirror so you can reach the the room slightly southwest of the one you just broke, then use Emi’s Key to open the door.

Water Room (Optional)

Items: Pick

Hazards: Water

Tool: Pick, Mallet

Note: This room is rather useless unless you need a Pick.

   Remember the statues from the water room? You’ll have to use the Pick to cross the water in here and smash the statues. Make sure one person is holding both the Mallet and Pick and split them off from the party before stepping onto the water. There’s another pick in this room which you really don’t need. Use the Key to open the door to the west and reenter the courtyard.

Fresco 8

Items: Tonic, Mallet, Heavy Axe

Hazards: Water

Tool: Lighter, Mallet, Pick, Vacuum, Camera

   Destroy the mirror west of the water room and the mirror to the north. Go south towards the square formed by blocks and use the Lighter to destroy the rope blocking the hall. Smash the mirror before entering the room to the right of it. Take care when walking towards the items in the southern part of this room, two streams will appear and damage your party. In fact you may want to send someone with the Pick alone to retrieve the loot. There’s a Tonic in here, which you may want to use, as well as a Mallet, and a Heavy Axe.

   Use the Vacuum to clean the Fresco and the Camera to reveal the next clue. The message hidden in this Fresco reads “3-13 The statue. .. back to a lake. ..”. The writing on the north wall hints at something hidden behind a mirror, so let’s return to the courtyard. Look for a mirror on the courtyard’s north wall and use the Mallet to smash it, revealing a hidden passage.

Fountain Room

Items: Log

Hazards: None

Tool: Vacuum

A fountain dominates this room, it is possible to view it using the “Look” command, but you cannot do anything here yet. Vacuum up the glass north of the fountain and enter the doorway it was blocking.

Fresco 9

Items: Matches, Broom, Log, Gloves

Hazards: None

Tool: Camera

Take note of the Log in here and use the Camera on the Fresco which reads: “3-25 Blood will melt aged bronze. “. You may notice that the tile to the right of the door cannot be stepped on, this is because something is hidden here. Use the Look command while facing the square and you will see the Gloves, which can be obtained just like any other item. Return to the fountain room.

**Status Check**

The enemies here hit hard and I do not recommend grinding here, though they give enough Exp that you should level up while exploring. There’s a lot of Logs in this area, exchange your Boots for Logs and take note of where you left them.


The Bedroom and Passage to the Lake

Items: Log, Tonic, Pail, Pills, Wire, Camera, Pipe

Hazards: None

Tool: Pail

   Go into the door to the southwest of the fountain to get to the bedroom. The Pail is located between two of the beds, pick it up and carry it over to the fountain in the previous chamber. Look at the fountain and select the Look command again in the next screen. The game will ask if you want to drink from the fountain, say “Yes”. The water will change color. Use the Look command again, then select Item and use the Pail to collect the liquid from the fountain.

   Return to the bedroom and use the Pail on the green statue on the west wall. Swap the Pail with a log, then go through the door. There’s a bunch of replacement items in this room…hopefully you do not need them. The Pipe can be used in battle, but you’re probably carrying a lot of Logs at the moment, so save it for later. Continue west through the hallway to reach the Lake.

**Status Check**

The enemies in the lake are tough, so make sure everyone is healed up. It also helps to have everyone at level 10. You will need four Logs and two pairs of Gloves for the lake, so stash any extra gear in a safe place so you can carry these things.


The Lake

Items: Gloves, Ax, Shovel, Low Key

Hazards: Thorns

Tool: Gloves, Log, Ax, Shovel

   Watch out for the thorns in this area. Use the gloves to move over the thorns without taking damage. Take a few steps west, then south towards the tree by the water. Your party leader will say something about having a bridge, this is your cue to use a log to make a bridge over the water. The Gloves are waiting for you on the west side of the small patch of land after you cross the bridge.

   Return to the entrance and step on the thorns north of the bridge. Your party leader will comment on the thorns, use the gloves to neutralize them and go north to get the Ax which can be used to clear away wood. Now go around to the pile of sticks to the northwest and use the Ax on them. Continue north now that the way is clear. There should be another tree on the stream bank like before, stand to the right of the tree and use another log to make a bridge.

  More thorns are to the north, so use the Gloves. You can talk to the zombie in the north end of the thorn patch for a clue or just head west. Walk out onto the tiny peninsula and line your party up so that your lead character is to the right of the tree on the peninsula. Use another log to make a bridge.

   Cross the bridge and move west over some thorns, then turn south at the peninsula on other side of the thorns. There’s another place here where you can make a bridge, which will allow you to use the boats to the south. Only two people can get in a boat, so choose your strongest characters and shuffle items around so the team has at least two empty spaces in their inventory. You can also use another Log to make a bridge at the westernmost end of the lake, but it will only take you to a zombie with a hint.

   Row your boat to some land directly south of where you found the boats and you should see a dock north of some thorns. Disembark at the dock and proceed east over the thorns. Pick up the Shovel to the northeast, then return to the boat. Row back to the dock where you found the boat, then turn east. You should see a tiny island with a dock and a white structure on it, which is the memorial.

   Approach the memorial and use the “Look” command, then select look a second time. Use the Shovel next, then use the Pray command, about 39 points should be enough to trigger an event. Your character will dig up the memorial if you did everything correctly. Now use the Look command twice to find the Low Key. Exchange the Ax (which is no longer needed) for the Low Key, then return to the bedroom in the courtyard. Make sure you keep the Shovel.

d.Mamiya’s Secrets

A lot of plot development takes place at this point. The Diary Key is your target, but you’ll also find some more powerful weapons and your party’s levels will grow quite a bit.

Meeting Yura

Items: Tool

Hazards: None

Tool: None

   Someone will talk to you once you enter the bedroom with the Low Key. You will only be able to control the person holding the Low Key for a while and it is not possible to bring up the command screen or save. Fear not, enemies won’t attack you right now. Follow Yura to the fountain room and he will move the blue statue, then go into the passage to the east. Yura will explain some plot related stuff and push another statue, just follow him east down to the end of the passage.

   Go through the door to the south to reach a room filled with rocks. Talk to Yura at the southern end of the room and he will open up a secret door, follow him and talk to him after he gets pushed into the wall next to the ladder. Now is a good time to bring the party back together, but first look for the blue statue Yura pushed into the passage and push it back into the fountain room, then push the statue into the fountain to turn it into the Tool. Grab the Tool, it’s very important. Just take the same path you took following Yura and meet in the rock room to reunite the party.

Fresco 10

Items: Bow, Long Sword, FireX

Hazards: Boulder

Tool: Vacuum, Camera

   There’s actually a Fresco on the northwestern wall of this room, to find it go around the rubble to the southwest and go north. Swap the Rope for the Bow (they both do the same thing, but the bow is superior) on the way. Vacuum the Fresco to clean it, then use the camera. Here’s the message on the Fresco: “4-22 Use at the site with four stones.”. Now walk through the narrow passage to the northeast, then go south. Duck into the opening to the left once you see the sword to the south to avoid getting hit by the rolling boulder. Grab the Long Sword after the boulder passes.

Fresco 11

Items: Bow, Pipe

Hazards: Spinning Spirit, Large Blue Spirit, Collapsing Floor

Tool: Camera


It is possible to get stuck if you do not follow the directions to this room exactly. Save before entering. Those who do not want to take the risk are safe just getting the Bow and leaving.


   Backtrack to the tree lined passage Yura took you through and unlock the second door from the right with Emi’s Key. This room is really dangerous thanks to the collapsing floor and the spinning spirit, so save before going in. Also have Taro go in alone at first. Line Taro up with the Fresco and head straight for it, avoiding the blue spirit. The floor will give way, but Taro should be fine. Quickly look at the Fresco and use the Camera, then wait a second and let the blue spirit carry Taro back to Fresco room 10. Revisit this room and swap the Rope with the Bow. The Fresco says: “4-4 My wife… Killed a child…. For a playmate….”.

Fresco 12

Items: Long Sword, Heavy Axe,

Hazards: Blue Spirits, Spinning Spirit, Collapsing Floor

Tool: Bow, Camera

   Open the door east of Fresco Room 11 using the Key. Save your game and split Taro from the team again. Give him a Bow and Heavy Axe as well. Look out for the spirits and take the Long Sword by the door, now go over to the post to the west and stand to the left of it. Run to the south wall; the floor will collapse, but Taro will be safe if he keeps moving. Pick up the Tonic if you need it and use the Camera on the Fresco to reveal the message: “4-14 Melt the blue statue for a sign to the basement.”. Use the Bow to cross the gap and return to the passage. Now go back through Fresco Room 10 (the room with all the rocks) and go through the southern door.

The Basement

Items: Fork x2, Mace, Wood x2

Hazards: Fire, Spinning Spirits

Tool: Tool, Shovel

   Go south to get to the ladder and stand in the center of the square with a white stone in each corner. Use the Tool here to reveal the steps to the basement. Get ready to do a lot of backtracking, because you’re going to need a lot of items in here. Also, use Pray or run if you encounter a wraith, because they can send your characters to distant rooms. Move north and go into the open door just south of the blue statue.

  There’s a Mace and two Forks in this chamber, but you may want to just send in a lone character to pick up these weapons, because they are guarded by spinning spirits, which are easier to evade with one person rather than two or three. In fact, I just sent in each character that needed a new weapon one at a time. The Fork is a good upgrade from the Soul Sword. You should also carry a FireX info this room the second or third time you visit, because fire will start covering the floor when you enter. At first the fire isn’t much of a threat, but you may want to put it out after it has covered most of the floor. Unfortunately, the fire will return when you reenter the room, so only use the FireX if you really need it. Finally, the Mace probably isn’t worth getting if everyone has Long Swords and Forks, because it is a rather unbalanced weapon in terms of damage.

  Now save your game and send all but one of your heroes up to the courtyard, choose someone with high HP. Give the person you chose the Shovel. Now follow the hallway north and turn east, running from anything that attacks you. You’ll see fire and a piece of wood in a hallway to the north, you have to cross the fire to get to the hallway, but you need only take a single step over it. This is a good point to save again in case you get into a battle you can’t run from.

   Follow the hallway east and go through the hole in the north wall at the end of the hall. You’ll see a man in here who asks for a Shovel, give it to him and he will flood the entire basement with water, dousing the flames on the floor. You’ll also be washed to the eastern side of the basement and if you had your entire party down here, they would have been scattered everywhere. Save your game and walk over to the western wall, then bring the rest of the party back down.

Gem Room

Items: Flash Knife, Gem

Hazards: None

Tool: Wood, Key

   Remember the blue statue blocking the doorway in the western hallway? The statue is gone and you can now unlock the door with Emi’s Key. Take a piece of Wood in when you enter. The path in this room splits into a north path a a south path, be sure to get the Flash Knife at the end of the southern path. Use one of your heroes to place the Wood over the gap in the north road and cross it to get the Gem. Return to the hallway when you are done.

Fresco 13

Items: FireX, Wood

Hazards: Fire

Tool: Key, FireX, Camera,

Fire will fill this room the moment you enter, send Asuka and Taro in so you only have to make one trip. Use the FireX on the floor, read the note, then clean the Fresco with the vacuum. The Fresco will read: “5-5 I thought it was over after the suicide…” when you use the Camera on it. Exit this room when you are done.

Fresco 14

Items: Tonic

Hazards: Falling Light

Tool: Camera, Vacuum

   Walk east and you should see two open doors along the north wall. The first room from the west is home to some skeletons and a creepy note, while second room has another Fresco. There’s also a Tonic and a note in the Fresco room. The Fresco will reveal its message after you vacuum and photograph it. It says: “5-24 The blue fire… Pray with the gem in hand.”. Leave the Fresco room and look for a door to the south.

Fresco 15

Items: FireX, Mace

Hazards: Fire

Tool: Camera, Key, Vacuum

Use the Key to unlock this door and put the fire in this room out with the FireX if you have one. If not, have someone use the FireX in the northwest corner of this chamber. Clean and photograph the Fresco to reveal the message: “5-10 The blue gem is guarded by a statue.”.

Incinerator Room

Items: Diary Key

Hazards: Blue Spirits, Poison

Tool: Gem, Low Key

   There is a door on the east wall that is blocked by a blue flame. Stand in front of the flame and use the gem to make it vanish. Use the Low Key to open the door. Messages will pop up as you approach the incinerator in this hallway, do not let them distract you from the blue spirits flying in from the east. Duck down into the alcove to the south to avoid the spirits and talk to the doll if you wish.

  At the end of the hall is another door you will need the Low Key for, continue on after opening the door. Coffins fill this chamber. There are five in total and one holds the Diary Key, unfortunately which coffin has the key is random. Bring Akiko along, because the skeletons in the coffins sometimes poison you. Examine each coffin and select “Look” to open it.

   Swap the Low Key for the Diary Key once you find it and go through the door to the west. Read the notes and follow the tracks to a door that can be unlocked with Emi’s Key. It’s possible to ride the minecart in here, but there is no reason to do so. Go through the door to the west to reach the basement entrance. Climb the steps to back up to the courtyard and save if you haven’t already.

**Status Check**

An average level of 12-14 is sufficient for the next leg of the journey. Make sure you are holding the Diary Key, Low Key, Tool, and Bows. Take note of where you left the Gloves and Boots, which you will want later.


e. The Rings

You will find some of the items needed to complete the game in this area as well as some very useful weapons. Be sure to grab the Dress and the Silver Swords here. You may also want to take note of the locations of items like the Pulley and Tonics, because they can be very useful at the end of the game.

The Diary

Items: N/A

Hazards: Sticky Floor

Tool: Diary Key

Climb the rope ladder up to the room near the verandah and visit the room north of the ladder, which you will probably recognize. Use the Dairy Key and have a read. The party will be able to push the statue at the south end of the verandah after you read the diary, so leave this room and head west to the verandah. You will need the diary later on, but you may want to hold off on taking it, because inventory space is always at a premium in this game.

The Verandah (revisited) and Ice Room

Items: Flash Knife, Rune Axe, Silver Sword, Tonic x2, Cut Axe

Hazards: Rolling Boulders, Ice, Corpses, Falling Objects

Tool: Bow, Low Key, Pick, Key

   Walk to the southern end of the verandah and push the second blue statue from the right, use the bow to cross the gap. Exchange the Flash Knife and Silver Sword on the balcony with any Long Swords you have, use the Low Key to open the door to the right.  The hallway on the other side of the door has two rolling boulder traps. Send someone in alone and have them trigger the traps, then duck into an alcove if you do not want to be damaged by the boulders.

   Follow the hallway as it zigzags north and south and you will come to a point where the passage splits into an eastern and southern path after the second boulder. Go down the southern path and enter the first door you see to get to the ice room. Step on the ice in here and the party will slide into the corpses that line the south wall. The corpses will damage any one who touches them and the ice will split your teams up.

   The pick will keep you from sliding if you use it. You can also use the bow to latch onto a post or just walk over the corpses and take damage. The Tonic is about the only thing worthwhile in here, so take it and leave. Go back to the crossroads and take the eastern path, but get ready to dodge some falling lamps. There’s also a boulder at the end of this hall and you’ll have to run back to the west to avoid it.

   Turn south just past where the boulder was positioned and go up the steps to the west. The Cut Axe and a Tonic are on the platform at the top of the steps. You can exchange the Low Key for the Tonic if you wish, because the Low Key is no longer necessary. Trade in one of your Forks for the Cut Axe. There’s a door just south of where you found the Cut Axe. Walk down the steps leading to it and use Emi’s Key to unlock it.

Fresco 16

Items: Wire, Pills, Pulley, Matches, Shiny Spear, Broom, Camera

Hazards: None

Tool: Lighter, Camera

   You’ll come to a small chamber filled with items after going through the door. Just left of the entrance to this chamber is a Pulley, though it’s invisible you can still pick it up like any other item. Using the Pulley will make the party move slightly faster, not really worth the inventory space in my opinion. Walk down the steps across from the Pulley. Use Kazuo’s Lighter to burn the rope in the west end of the green hallway, then use the camera on the Fresco east of the rope to uncover another message: “6-17 A man awaits his master’s rings. “. Get the Shiny Spear south of the Fresco. There’s also a Broom and a Camera here, which you probably don’t need. Further to the east is a ring that is blocked by statues. You can’t get the ring yet, so go back up the steps and return to the hallway with the boulders.

Blue Candle Room

Items: Blue Candle, Rope, Bow

Hazards: Ice, Corpses

Tool: Pick

   A locked door and a corpse are just beyond the boulder, do not enter this door, go down the hallway that runs south instead. Open the door on the eastern wall with Emi’s Key and enter the second ice room, which is nearly identical to the first. Use the Pick to reach the Blue Candle by the first post to the south. The Blue Candle is very important, so hold onto it. Proceed down the icy path to the east to get to a locked door on the southern wall. Emi’s Key will unlock the door, which leads to a dangerous hallway.

Note: It is possible to safely reach the door in here without the pick. Just walk over to the Bow laying on the ground north of and stand on the space south of it, then take one step south onto the ice. The party will slide onto the wood floor just north of the corpses. Use the bow to latch onto the post to the east and make your way to the door. This is a good way to bring the second party in if they lack a pick.

Servant’s Quarters

Items: None

Hazards: Blue Spirits, Falling Objects

Tool: Key

   Stay in the doorway for a few seconds after entering this room and let the spirits pass. Follow the passage south, then east. Stick to the north wall when you reach the row of statues, the southern path leads to a dead end. Statues will fall every few steps as you go east, but the 5 HP of damage they cause is negligible at this point. Talk to the people in the chamber east of the statues, then use the Key to unlock the door to the north. Do not bother going through this door yet. Descend the steps in the corner instead.

Fresco 17

Items: Tonic x2, Shiny Spear

Hazards: Spinning Spirits

Tool: Lighter, Camera, Vacuum

   Burn the rope blocking the way east and take a picture of the Fresco, which says “6-7 The tomb was broken… She’s possessed the house…”. Use the Tonic south of the Fresco and talk to the ghost to the east. Climb the steps at the east end of the hall with Asuka (bring Taro along if you do not feel comfortable sending her alone) have her vacuum up the glass blocking the path just south of the steps. Descend the steps again to avoid the pesky spinning spirit in this room.

   Return to the hallway with the spinning spirits by going back up the steps and run straight down the hall going south. The Pulley comes in handy here for out running the spirits. Pick up the Tonic and change out one of Flash Knives for the Shiny Spear. Walk through the door to the south and grab the Two Key. Let the spirits carry your party off after you get the key, because they will take you back to the boulder corridor, which is your next destination.

The Three Blue Statues

Items: Tonic

Hazards: Living Armor, Falling Objects

Tool: Blue Candle x3

   Remember the entrance to the room where you found the Blue Candle in the boulder hallway? Head over to that part of the hallway. If you are coming from the servants’ chamber you can get there by going through the door to the north, walking west past the corpse, then turning south at the intersection. You only need walk down the stairs to the east in the boulder hallway and head south a bit, then east if you let the spirits transport the party.

   Two last boulders wait at the end of the hallway, walk up to them to get them to roll towards the party, then take cover by standing along the wall to the north. Armors patrol the hallway on the other side of the door, luckily they are not particularly difficult to defeat. There’s a Tonic tucked between the two staircases to the east. Odds are your inventory is packed with stuff at this point, so let’s get rid of the Blue Candle first. Head up the steps to the east and walk over to the northeast corner of the area. Three blue statues line the north wall here. Use the “look” command to examine them and use the Blue Candle. The candle will be removed from your inventory and placed in the statue’s hand. Head west, then south down the short hall. You should see an open door to the west when you reach the southern wall. Go inside.

Mouse Room

Items: Blue Candle

Hazards: None

Tool: None

You’ll have to push your way past the mice in this room to get to the Blue Candle in the corner. Place the candle in the hands of the second blue statue and return here if your inventory is full street getting the candle. Go down the the steps in the corner and take the Ruby Ring. You may recognize this area from before. Return to the Armor Hallway.

Fresco 18

Items: Tonic, Jade Ring, Pick x2, Cut Axe

Hazards: Ice, Corpses

Tool: Two Key, Pick, Bow, Key, Camera

   To the north is a blue door that’s part of the same structure as the mouse room. Use the Two Key to unlock the door and have Taro/Emi team up. Give one of them the pick and make sure they have a free inventory slot. Do not step forward when you enter the room, use the Pick first. Get the Tonic to the east and head over to the blue door to the south.

   Use Emi’s Key to unlock the door here and proceed through it. Mura will talk to you a bit when you enter. Take the Jade Ring from the bed and look at the Fresco. This Fresco reads: “6-25 When the two meet… FLASH! It’s yours…”. Replace one of your Forks with the Cut Axe. It’s time to leave the Fresco room. You’ll need the Pick to get out of the ice room. If you do not have a Pick and do not want to grab one of the Picks in this room, you can just stroll over to the sofa. Stepping on the sofa will transport the party to the room north of the fireplace room. Do not touch the sofa if you do not want to warp to the fireplace room, because you cannot warp back the other way.

Fresco 19 (Lady Mamiya’s Quarters)

Items: Gold Key, Dress

Hazards: None

Tool: Two Key, Ruby Ring, Jade Ring, Camera, Vacuum

   Set out for the southeast corner of the corridor after leaving the Fresco room. Use the Two Key to unlock the blue door. Place the Jade and Ruby rings in your team leader’s inventory. Walk north up the passage and use the “Look” command to interact with the creature blocking your way. Use the Ruby Ring and then the Jade Ring. You should get a message saying the rings are shining. Use the pray command (about 47 points will work) to make the rings sing and the guy blocking the passage will leave.

   Have the party with the least inventory space go north then west. A short cutscene involving Mura will take place, go through the door to the south and lady Mamiya will send the team to the fireplace room. Switch to your second team and have them enter Mamiya’s chambers. Take the Gold Key and go over to the bed. Stand by the east wall and look at the bed to find the hidden Dress. Use the Dress to restore a character’s pray points as much as you like.

   The Fresco in this room must be cleaned before you use the camera, it says “7-17 I need the Tool, Diary, Photo, and Coffin. “. Use the Gold Key to open the door next to the Fresco. This door will take you back to the hallway with the Armor. Head west back to the steps and look for a closed door just north of the staircases. Use the Gold Key to unlock the door. Go through it to return to the dining room area, which is just north of the fireplace.

**Status Check**

The enemies in this area are worth a lot of experience and you probably got to level 16 or 17 just by exploring normally. Try to get to level 17, because powerful foes await our heroes in the next area. Use the Pray command when you fight to speed combat up and reduce incoming damage. The Dress will refill your PP when you use it, so the Pray Command is your new best friend. You’re going to need a lot of spare inventory space in the next leg of the journey. Ditch the Mallet if you still have one and trade in one of your Bows for a Rope. It is also safe to leave the Pick somewhere.


f.Opening the Way to the Dungeon

Gather up the three Slides and use them in the projector room to open up the dungeon. There isn’t a lot of important stuff in this leg of the journey aside from more Silver Swords, which you should absolutely equip.

The Cave and Lightning Corridor

Items: Slide 1

Hazards: Blue Spirits

Tool: Gold Key

   Bring both parties to the fireplace room (one team should already be there) and walk into the fireplace, which leads to a cave. You cannot open the gate to the west, so pick up the square thing (Slide 1) next to the gate. Go through the hole in the wall to the south, then read the message by the spooky skeleton (optional) and return to the Fireplace room. The next area will be familiar, but I describe it in detail below, because it has been a long time since we’ve been here.

   Give the team with Taro and Asuka the Gold Key, then go through the door on the southern end of the fireplace room and walk east. Enter the door to the north and walk east down the hallway, watching out blue spirits. Keep moving east and you’ll come to the area with two statues. Enter the door in the southeastern corner by the statues to get to the lightning corridor. There’s a locked door on the west side of the corridor, use the Gold Key to unlock the door.

Fresco 20

Items: Slide 2, Tonic

Hazards: Ice

Tool: Vacuum, Camera

   Ice will appear on the floor and begin damaging your team once you get close to the Fresco. Luckily the damage is minimal, but keep an eye on your HP. Have Asuka vacuum the Fresco and take a picture of it. The Fresco reads: “7-13 The projector shows the way.”. Continue down the narrow passage to the west to find a ghost you can talk to and the second Slide. There’s also a Tonic next to the Slide. Return to the fireplace room entrance in the main hall of the mansion.

Fresco 21 and Projector Room

Items: Cut Axe, Slide 3, Silver Sword

Hazards: Spinning Spirit

Tool: Gold Key, Gloves (optional), Vacuum, Camera, Two Key

   Go west from the door that leads to the fireplace room and pass under the overhead walkway. Enter the room to the south when you get to the end of the passageway. You should find yourself in a familiar hallway that is occasionally illuminated by flashes of lightning. Follow the hall south and go through the door just below the skeleton.

   There’s a locked door to the east, which leads to the projector room that can be opened by the Gold Key. Look out for the spinning spirit if you enter the projector room. There isn’t much you can do in the projector room yet, so enter the door to the south and you’ll happen upon some water and two blue statues. Push one of the statues and get ready to cross some thorns. While thorns are not as dangerous now as they were early in the game, you’ll want to have high HP before traversing the thorny ground just in case something goes wrong.

   Walk east and take the third Slide. Use the vacuum to clean the Fresco to the north and take a picture of it. Doing so will reveal the message: “7-24 Three memories open the way. “. Return to the projector room to the north. Make sure one of your teams is holding all three slides and have that team use the “Look” command on the projector in the center of the room. Use all three slides on the projector to display an image. Pray once the image is complete and the wall will collapse revealing a passage. It took me 80 PP to open the wall, but it may be less than that.

   Enter the newly opened passage and hurry over to the steps to the north, which will take you to the second floor of the main hallway. Have someone equip the Silver Sword sitting on the bridge, then walk up to the door to the north. Use the Two Key to open the door which will take you to the dungeon

g. Obtaining the Photo, Coffin, and Final Blue Candle

The Tool, Photo, Coffin, Diary, and the three Blue Candles (two of which you should have already found) are needed to beat the game. Many of these items are acquired through the course of the game and should be in your inventory already. Be sure to get the two Pitct Forks, because they are the best weapons in Sweet Home. You should also have three Silver Swords. Take some time to level up in the dungeon if you want to get to the max level (20) though you should have no trouble with the final boss at level 17 or even 16.

The Photo and Fresco 22

Items: Cut Axe, Silver Sword, Iron Key, Tonic, Blue Candle, Photo

Hazards: Fire

Tool: Iron Key, Two Key, Camera

   Cross the bridge east of the entrance to this area and equip the Cut Axe on the floor. Return to the entrance then walk north and take the Silver Sword. You’ll find an Iron Key northeast of the sword, pick it up and return to the fireplace room entrance in the main hallway. Unlock the door northwest of the fireplace room with the Iron Key. Rush over to the door to the north after entering the hallway, because a torrent of fire will crash through the walls and damage your party. Follow the path west, then south and use the Two Key to unlock the door on the east wall. Fire wil also erupt from the walls of this chamber and form streams. Cross it quickly and grab the Photo in the southwest corner. Run through the fire a second time to get the Blue Candle in the east. It’s safe to exchange the now obsolete Two Key with one of these items. The fresco in this room says “8-2 Use the 4 items at signs of change. “.

The Dungeon

Items: Pitct Fork

Hazards: Fire

Tool: Iron Key

   Leave the fresco room and go down the steps to the west so you do not have to trudge through fire again. Use the Iron Key to unlock the gate to the east and enter the hole north of it. Unlock the other gate to the west. The first thing you should do here is head north towards the red river and get the Pitct Fork (yes, that’s how it’s spelled in the game) because it is the strongest weapon in Sweet Home. The skeleton near the Pitct Fork will warn you about quicksand. To the southwest is a note and a Rope. Just north of the Rope is a door, have Taro and Asuka go in, but leave the rest of the party in the tunnels.*

*It’s very important to leave at least one person with a rope in the tunnels, because you can get permanently stuck in the quicksand if all five characters go in the room.

Fresco 23 (Quicksand Room)

Items: Pitct Fork

Hazards: Quicksand

Tool: Rope, Vacuum, Camera

Note: This chamber is very dangerous and can be skipped to save time and reduce risk, but it is worthwhile to get the Pitct Fork.

  Taro and Asuka will be trapped in this room once they enter, luckily the rest of the party is outside waiting to rescue them. Take the Pitct Fork before you do anything else in here. Switch to your second team and make sure they have the rope. Save your game, because this next part can end in disaster. Move your team into the quicksand room by going through the door northwest of where you found the first Pitct Fork. They should be standing safely on a wooden plank when they appear in the quicksand chamber.

    Switch to Taro/Asuka and have a look at the Fresco, which will need to be cleaned. The Fresco reads: “8-14 Three stand in your way… unmoving.”. The quicksand will start pulling Taro and Asuka into the hole in the center of the chamber after you look at the fresco. Quickly switch to your other team and use the rope to pull each character out. You’ll have to stand at the end of the plank and hit the person you are trying to save with the rope to pull them out, so timing is essential. You can actually skip the Fresco and just pull your heroes out after they get the Pitct Fork.

Exploring the Dungeon

Items: None

Hazards: Spikes, Red River

Tool: Rope

   This portion of the game is a little different from the rest, because there are rooms here that you absolutely want to avoid and you will often have to split your teams up to cross the river. A red river is just north of the fresco room. Have Taro and Asuka split up and cross the river one at a time or the river will separate them, driving one of them into the spikes to the west. Push north while crossing the river and you should reach the other side safely. Run from any battles that pop up. It may be possible to easily cross the river using the Pick, but I have not tested this since it did not seem worthwhile to backtrack for one.

   DO NOT enter the room to the west of the spikes (it is rectangular and has three doors) unless you want to get caught in quicksand. Plus there is nothing in this room. Reform your team. Go west and ignore the two doors at the western end of the tunnel, they lead to another empty quicksand chamber. Split your team up again and cross the river to the south. Stand on the westernmost bank of the river, just under the door and press down to get to the southern shore.

   Cross your other party member over and follow the tunnel south to another river, this one is made of sand. Split Taro and Asuka up yet again if you haven’t already, then step onto the sand river. Press up to reach solid ground to the north (ignore the skeleton and the note to the south unless you really want to read the clue) and bring your other character over. This next part is tricky, because you’ll have to carefully cross the sand river to the north without stepping into the red river that runs parallel to it.

   Stand next to the post after you cross the sand and step back into the sand river while holding up. Stand next to the western post after you reach solid ground and step into the red river to the north. Hold up and you should reach the shore to the north next to another post. Bring Asuka or Taro over the same way. Hold down on the D-pad if you get caught in the red river and you should reach the shore to the south that leads to the first sand river. Team up again once you get into the solid ground to the north and walk north to a some steps…congratulations, you made it!

Fresco 23 (Coffin Room)

Items: Mallet, Coffin

Hazards: None

Tool: Camera, Vacuum, Mallet

   Talk to the zombie in the lower right for an important hint. Clean and photograph the fresco to reveal a message: “8-22 Blue flames in hand…”. Take the Mallet and use it to smash the mirror to the east, then go over to the upper left coffin and switch the Mallet with the Coffin. Go through the door hidden behind the mirror to reach the dining room.

**Status Check**

At this point your average level should be about 17 and you should have the Coffin, Tool, Photo, and possibly the Diary. Take some time to level up and exchange things like the Iron Key for Tonics.


h.Journey’s End

Obtaining the Diary

Items: Diary

Hazards: Sticky Floor

Tool: Rope or Bow

   Skip this section if you picked up the Diary earlier. From the fireplace room go north, through the dining room, and the room patrolled by suits of armor. Head through the hallway to the north and use the rope to cross the chasm. The door to the north leads to the diary room from earlier. Be careful of the sticky floor when you go for the Diary and return to the fireplace room.

The Final Confrontation

Items: None

Hazards: Spinning Spirits

Tool: Blue Candle

   Enter the dining room via the steps in the fireplace room and go through the door to the east. You’ll end up in the hallway with the walking armor enemies and the blue statues. Take a few steps east and use the last candle on them. Use Kazuo’s Lighter to light the candles, then pray. It’ll take about 90 PP to get the candles to flicker and the statues to vanish, revealing a hidden tunnel.

   Bring the Pulley along if you remember where you left it to make it easier to avoid the spirits in this room. Sending your party in one at a time also works. It’s possible to leave this area by stepping back onto the tile you spawn on even though there is no visible door. You can hide under the overpasses in this area to avoid the spirits who take you back to Mamiya’s Quarters, so place your characters in these safe spots when bringing them in or if they are about to get caught. Save regularly in this area. A clone of one of the heroes will attack when you reach certain points. Do not use Akiko to fight the clones, because they inflict statuses like poison and fear, which you’ll need Akiko’s med kit to heal. Finally, only the clones you absolutely must fight are covered in this walkthrough.

Akiko Clone

   Send your first character in and walk up the center path, then turn east and (you are going the right way if you get messages about the photo) follow the path up the steps to a dead end where the Akiko clone will attack. You can fight her alone or call for help which makes the fight easier. Use Pray if you fight her alone. About three good pray attacks should do the trick. Watch out for the clone’s poison attack.

Taro Clone

   The dead end will open into a path, follow it north then west, ducking under overhangs for safety. You should get a message about the diary if you are going the right way. Try to bring the rest of the party over the bridge that formed after you beat the clone and save when you get to a safe spot. Continue west from the overhang with your strongest person. The road will bend north and you’ll encounter the fake Taro. Once again you can fight this clone solo or as a group. Two good pray attacks can put the Taro clone down. Beware his fear attack.

Asuka Clone

Just take a few steps north and the Asuka clone will attack. Use pray again to beat her in two turns. Asuka can poison your characters.

Lady Mamiya (Phase 1)

   Save your game then walk north a bit after defeating Asuka and Mamiya herself will appear. Call for help as soon as the battle starts and bring the rest of the party in. Mamiya is not that tough, she only does about 80-150 damage. Just use regular attacks on her until she says “I will kill you all! Die!”. This is your cue to use the Tool. Mamiya will shout “Go away, be gone from here!” at the end of the turn in which you use the Tool. Use the Photo and have the rest of the team use Pray attacks on the next turn. The boss will transform after being hit with a pray attack…

Lady Mamiya (Phase 2)

   Mamiya does slightly more damage in her new form, so use a Tonic if anyone is below 300 HP. Fight her for about two rounds and she will say “Ich.. Ichirou loves m-me.”. Use the Diary after she says this. She’ll say “Ooh..” at the end of the round where you used the Diary. Hit her with more pray attacks on the next round and she will flash.

   She will either say “Gigi…die” or “My baby. “ at the end of the round after you hit her with Pray attacks. Hit her with regular attacks if she says “Gigi…die.” use the Coffin when she says “My baby”. She will finally say “My.. my… my baby! !” after you use the Coffin. Her defenses will be neutralized after seeing the coffin. Use pray attacks to defeat her. Congratulations! You beat Sweet Home!


Every character can wield just about any weapon with the exception of Rune Axes and Spears. Only males can use the Rune Ax and Rune Spears are exclusively for females. Weapons have two damage values and there is some debate about what this means. Some people think this has something to do with the hand the weapon is held in, while others believe it has something to do with there being two separate damage types. From my own personal experience, I would say it is likely that there are two different types of damage, with the first number being “Physical Damage” and the second being “Spiritual Damage” as the latter group claims. Ghost like enemies seem more susceptible to Spiritual Damage, while more corporeal creatures are weak against Physical Damage. While this may seem important, I recommend choosing weapons that have the highest attack, even if it is lopsided. This is because the pray command will boost a hero’s attack enough to make up for any deficit and the best weapons in the game have high damage values all around.


Fruit Knife: 3-0

Silver Knife: 0-4

Shiv: 20-8

Flash Knife: 77-32


Oak Spear: 6-2

Rune Spear: 5-3 (Prevents fear and curse, Akiko, Emi, and Asuka only)

Shiny Spear: 92-30


Rune Axe: 5-5 (Prevents fear and curse,Taro, and Kazuo only)

Silver Axe: 7-24

Heavy Axe: 38-14

Cut Axe: 112-45


Old Sword: 15-5

Long Sword: 55-25

Soul Sword: 15-36

Silver Sword: 132-65


Club: 30-0

Mace: 62-5


Fork: 25-65

Pitct Fork: 179-120

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  1. Hi,
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  2. Hmmm, it’s been nearly two years since I played, but I’m fairly certain you have to move Akiko into the team with the person you want to heal. There’s an Item called “Pills” that has a similar affect that anyone can use. Unfortunately, they can be used up IIRC. If you want to use Tonics efficiently, get into a fight with all of the characters in the same room, call the rest into the fight, then use your Tonic to heal everyone in one go. As for English manuals, I searched high and low for one in hopes that someone translated it and found nothing. Good luck and enjoy this great game!

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