Super Hydorah Secrets Guide (PC,Switch)

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Super Hydorah Secrets Guide

~By Cowboy Yojimbo (March 2019)

   Within each level of Super Hydorah is a secret collectible. Some of these are visible, but most are invisible until you touch them which often involves piloting your ship into a tight, out of the way spot. When you are near one, the star next to your score will flash and a chime will sound. Some are very out of the way and you may have to play the level multiple times to track it down. If you start to go mad, they are all listed below.

Outer Wall

Defend the Frontier

– After the cluster of destroyable asteroids, you will notice a small gap in the rock formation near the bottom of the screen. Squeeze through and the secret will pop up.


Secure Human Outpost

– As soon as the level begins there will be a few escape pods taking off, and a lone astronaut running next to them. Pick him up to obtain the secret.

Forgotten Lab

Secure and Advance

– After the two green worms strike from the water, you will notice a hollow area in the roof of the building, go up and fly backwards in to it, touching the green circle on the bottom right for the secret.

Orbital Tree

Appease a Natural Wonder

– Just before the end of the level, you will come to a series of the white flower enemies. There are two at the bottom in a ditch together. Destroy them, and quickly fly into the ditch and out before they grow back, to get the secret.


Follow a Mysterious Signal

– Near the end of the second part of the level is a hole with sand in the bottom. It is just before the area narrows into a corridor with turrets leading to the boss. Fly down to the bottom of hole for the secret.

Deep Space

Secure and Advance

– During the boss, don’t attack him, just dodge his projectiles. After a few attacks (four or five), one of his projectiles will be in the shape of a heart. Fly into that one to collect the secret.


Explore a Deadly Sector

– At the end of the level, after the boss fight, before you destroy any of the turrets, fly in to the small gap straight ahead between the large gold chunk and the small ship sized one.


Get Through the Bugs Habitat

– In the first area of the level, keep an eye out for what looks like a pterodactyl skeleton hanging upside-down from the roof. Fly into the space between its neck and the rock.

Galactic Inferno

Fight the Meroptian Fleet

– After defeating the boss, do not pick up the end-level reward. The room will begin to fall apart, eventually revealing a tunnel at the bottom you can go through. Go down and to the right to find the secret.


Attack Enemy Outpost

– When you get to the part with the spiky, red mines, there will be a pink elephant near the bottom of the screen. Destroy the ice over top him, which can be difficult depending on your weapon loadout, and collect him for the secret.

Storm Eye

Get Through the Vortex

– Similar to the secret in Deep Space. When you get to the boss, free the little guardian from the bubble and then wait for him to shoot a heart shaped projectile and collect it for the secret.

Besieged Moon

Attack Enemy Outpost

– When you reach the second ceiling turret, fly into the tight gap between the two rock platforms to make the secrete appear, and collect it.

Red Eden

Attack the Rolling Base

– When you see one of the transports carrying a statue from Dunarys, fly down into the gap between it and the previous vehicle for the secret.

Underground Base

Infiltrate and Attack

– In the third part of the level, where the lights flicker on and off, near the end will be some yellow, rolling machinery. There is a small space between two of the dark obstacles on the left, between the rollers. Fly into there for the secret.

Silent Tomb

Get Through the Debris

– Early on in the level, you will come across an upside down ship near the top of the screen. Fly into the nook between the bridge and the main body to get the secret.


Neutralize a Living Weapon

– After the green bubbles, the ceiling will begin to shift back and forth, look for an opening near the top and fly into it for the secret. If it doesn’t pop up immediately, you have to wait for the ceiling to move again, as it is triggered by a spot in the background. Homing missiles or mines help in this level.


Get Through the Gas Citadel

– When you reach the first set of spikey mines, there is a large, green sphere upwards and just past them before the next set of mines. Carefully fly into the tight opening on its left side for the secret. Having a shield is recommended as it is easy to get hit here.

Path of Scylla

Better Not to Enter

– During the second part of the level with the eels, the path will eventually split. On the left route there is a small indentation in the wall on your left that houses the secret.

Black Gate

Explore an Ancient Place

– In the second part of the level when you are descending in the dark, you will eventually be forced to go left, down, and then back right. There are three paths on the right. The first leads to a dead end with an extra life, and the second and third connect. Take the second path, and shoot the discoloured wall on the middle right. It will break open revealing the secret.

Note: Due to the light, a decent screenshot wasn’t easy.

No Mercy

Fight the Meroptian Elite

– When you reach the last boss of the level, it will appear as one of your own ships before morphing. Before it morphs, fly to the right up top to the bridge to get the secret.


Destroy Hydorah

– After the first boss, you will eventually come across a series of shifting tiles. The last set has a gap at the top that you can slip into which holds the last secret.

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