Welcome FoxOne!

I’m happy to say this project has a new team member, FoxOne, who also happens to be my daughter. Lately she has helped out a lot with transcribing and testing the many cheats and passwords that are posted on this site every month. While this does not change a lot on the surface, it is a big help to me, since testing all this stuff can be difficult with just one person. Her assistance has also made it possible to post cheats for two games a week instead of just one, so thanks for your help FoxOne!

tankMage’s Game Queue and Social Media

I’m going to retire this post for a while. Family and work obligations have made it difficult for me to keep a schedule and I am just going to publish things when I can for a year or so. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone that was using this post to keep updated.

Here’s a list of games I’m currently working on and recently finished. Check out the links below to follow me on Twitter and Minds. This list will be updated from time to time.

Currently working on:

Shining Force Neo PS2 Guide

Recently Finished:

ZERO Sievert Guide (Published January 2023)

Shadow Hearts PS2 Walkthrough (Published January 2023)

The King of Dragons SNES Guide (Published October 2022)

Super Mario Bros. 3 Quick Guide (Published September 2022)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Melee Guide (Published September 2022)

Social Media





Service Upgrade and Possible Down Time

We’re upgrading our service to make RetroMaggedon.com faster and more secure. These changes should take effect in a day or two. Please be aware that there may be some down time while the upgrade is being implemented, but we’ll bae back within 48 hours. Thanks for your patience!

Added the Sega Game Gear Section

It took longer than expected (I have a cold) but the Game Gear section is live and can be seen under the Games by System heading or via the link below. Right now we only have some passwords for Ax Battler, but I’ll try to get more stuff together for it over course of the next week. Finally, I don’t know much about the game gear and would appreciate any suggestions for games to cover.


Working on a Sega Game Gear Section

Plans to expand RetroMaggedon continue with the addition of a Game Gear section. This will mostly include cheats and passwords at first, though we will add to it in the future. Everything should be ready in a day or two depending on how things go. Our goal is ten games for the section and we should have all of them ready in about a week. The Game Gear section will be the last new section added for a few months or so, though there’s still a lot of ground to cover. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some Dreamcast stuff together by the end of the year.

I know I say this a lot, but thanks to everyone who has made this site possible. There wouldn’t be a RetroMaggedon if not for the people who visit the site and I’m grateful for all of the support.

The Nintendo 64 Section is Live!

The long overdue N64 section is complete can be found in the Games by System menu on this site or accessed via the link below. Right now we only have info on three games, but that will change as I get cheats and passwords together. With any luck, I’ll be able to get cheats/passwords together for some of the more major games on the N64 together quickly.

February is going to be dedicated to fleshing out RetroMaggedon’s N64 library as well as that of the Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance.


Nintendo 64 Section Incoming!

RetroMaggedon.com has been around for nearly six years and I have yet to add a section for the N64. If all goes as planned, that will change in February when we add the iconic console to our list. While I want to keep the details of what games will be covered a surprise, I will say that a few of the most famous N64 games will have saves and/or cheat codes available on this site thanks to the efforts of Hirimaru.

The Sega Saturn will also get a bit of much needed attention over the next few months and I plan to add some stuff for Dreamcast before the year is out.

As always, thanks for using this site!

Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play On Hold

The Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play I started a while back is going to be on hold indefinitely due to technical issues. The save for it started crashing for some reason. I have backups, but I would have to replay the game for a few hours to get back to where the Let’s Play left off and I do not have a lot of free time at the moment. On top of that, it was supposed to be a hardcore run and reverting the save will ultimately change the way things panned out, though I don’t think that’s a big deal considering the circumstances.

Sorry if this disappointing to anyone following the Let’s Play. Hopefully I will figure out what is making it crash or have a little extra time to back track.

Kenshi Genesis Let’s Play

I’ve decided to bring back the failed Let’s Play of Kenshi Genesis from a few years ago, which I deleted from the site. If you missed the LP, it was about a faction that was trying to build itself up into an empire that could rival the United Cities and Holy Nation. Unfortunately, the saves for it became corrupted and I had to scrap the project.

This LP will be smaller in scale and I will be more careful with my saves. Admittedly, I got lazy and did not save as often as I should have, so the loss could have been prevented. You can find this Let’s Play in Miscellaneous Reviews and Articles or via the link below: