Arcus Odyssey (Sega Genesis)

Developer: Wolf Team

Publisher: Renovation Products

Release Date: June 1991

Platform: Sega Genesis

Genre: Action RPG

Players: 1-2


   Arcus Odyssey is an action RPG that places players in the role of one of four unique heroes whose mission is to seal the evil sorceress, Castomira, away. In order to complete their mission, the heroes must battle monsters and Castomira’s followers across eight acts. Killing bosses will yield a jewel that allows players to increase their character’s health or strengthen his or her weapon. There are also items which can be found scattered around stages that will heal the player or grant them temporary offensive powers. Arcus Odyssey even features followers that will aid you for a short period of time in some stages. A password system allows players to continue their adventure from where they left off.

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