Kirby’s Adventure (NES) Save Files

Kirby’s Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System) Save Files

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Download File: KirbysAdventureLevel4.7z

File Content

About halfway through the game, with parts of the fourth world or “level” completed.

Emulator Version: FCEUX 2.2.3

Download File: KirbysAdventureLevel7.7z

File Content

Starts the player out just before the final round of boss fights.

Emulator Version: FCEUX 2.2.3

Download File: KirbysAdventureFinished.7z

File Content

The game has been completed on this file and several bonus modes are unlocked.

Emulator Version: FCEUX 2.2.3

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19 thoughts on “Kirby’s Adventure (NES) Save Files”

  1. I can help, but I need to know what emulator you’re using. The most likely problem is that the name of the ROM and save file do not match, so changing the name of the save would fix that. You should also see what file extension your emulator uses for saves. Usually it’s.sav, but different emulators use different extensions. Outside of that, you may have a version of Kirby that doesn’t work with this save file, though I’ve loaded save files into games with translation patches and headers without issue.

  2. I am using nes.emu on android-

  3. Sorry for the slow reply, I usually check these once a day, so sometimes it takes time for me to get back to you. You’re using a NES emulator Android? I’m less familiar with those than I am with others. With fceux on Windows there’s a folder called “sav” if you look in the fceux folder. All of the save files for your games will be in there, so just transfer the save file into that folder. Also, you need to unzip the file in order for it to work, forgot to mention that. As for the emulator you’re using for Android, I’m not sure where saves are kept, so I can’t help much, but there should be a file path for it somewhere in the app.

  4. I just downloaded the game and played a little and there was a .sav file in the sav folder (this is fceux 2.2.3), then I downloaded the .sav from your site and put it in win rar. Then I put it in the sav folder, launched the game and it was not saved. If you can help me, I will be very grateful and will tell all my friends about this site.

  5. This save is for the North American version of Kirby’s Adventure, so it’s possible you have the PAL version or something. It sounds like the emulator isn’t detecting the save file at all. Try paying normally for aminute or two and making a save of your own and loading it just to make sure the emulator isn’t acting up. You probably did these things already, but make sure you move or delete any other Kirby save that’s in the sav folder and copy paste the name from the ROM to the .sav file so it matches exactly with the exception of the .sav extension.

    When I get a chance I’ll check to see if the save file on the site works with other versions of Kirby. It’s also possible the file got corrupted or something. I’m kind of concerned that it has something to do with headers. They used to insert headers into ROMs a long time ago to get them to work with the old emulators and it’s possible there’s a conflict, because my or your version of the ROM is headered, which would be a pain to figure out. That said, it’s unlikely that’s the issue, because I’ve often swapped saves between translation patched games just to see if they worked and had no problem.

    It sucks that it’s not working for you, so hopefully we can figure it out.

  6. Ok, I think I confirmed that it’s the version. Tried the save with the US Kirby ROM and it worked, then I tried it with the European ROM and it didn’t even show up in the file,, even after I changed the name. Sorry this has been such a headache for you. It looks like the save will only work with the USA version of Kirby, so you’ll have to grab that if you can find it.

    Someone else is checking the save on his PC to make sure it’s not a file issue, so I’ll let you know if he finds a problem. I’ll update all the save file pages so people know that Japanese and Euro versions of these games might not be compatible with the save files. Thanks for finding this problem, there’s a lot that can go wrong with save files and it’s not always obvious what the issue is, so you’ve helped us out.

  7. Glad it worked! RetroArch is really good and you should have no problem using it. As for the file extensions, I’m not sure why some use .srm and others use .sav. It’s probably just a matter of what the developer wants to call them. The good thing about native saves vs. save states; they work across all platforms as long as the emulator can find them, which is why I post them instead of save states even though they are more difficult to get working sometimes.

    Thanks again for your patience and good luck with Kirby, it’s a lot of fun.

  8. Why isn’t Kirby’s Adventure (USA) (Rev A) .sav in my saves folder, but Kirby’s Adventure (USA) (Rev A) .srm? How to fix it?

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