John Madden Football (Genesis)

Developer: Park Place Productions

Publisher: EA Sports

Release Date: December, 1990

Genre: Sports/Football

System: Sega Genesis

Players: 1-2


John Madden Football is a sports video game based on American football. It was the first console installment in the long running “Madden” series. The game loosely follows the rules of football (as of 1990) and features a standard season as well as the playoffs in which qualifying teams are matched against each other with the losers being eliminated. The last two teams left standing face off against one another in the Super Bowl.

As an early football game, John Madden Football lacks official NFL teams and instead uses generic teams named after cities that include Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and Kansas city along with many others for a total of sixteen teams. Teams lack unique players and instead have general strengths and weaknesses. For example, one team may have an excellent quarterback and running game, while another team may have a strong defensive line.

Players are free to choose what teams they play and can play in single player or two player vs. modes. It is also possible to pick from the regular season or playoffs, choose teams, and adjust the length of each quarter. Players are given passwords for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

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