God of War (PS2) Save Files

God of War (PS2) Save Files

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Download File: GodofWarSaves.7z

File Contents

This file contains four saves made at different points in the game. The first save will take you to the very end of the God of War. Other files will start you off in the Desert of Lost Souls, Cliffs of Madness, and in the Final Battle. The Blades of Chaos are either fully or partially upgraded in these saves and Kratos has as many of the health/magic upgrades as possible. In the Final Battle file, the Blades of Chaos and Army of Hades spell are maxed out. God Mode is unlocked as well.

Emulator Version: PCSX2 1.6.0


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  1. Happy to help, that has happened to me in the past, which is one of the reasons I post these. Enjoy God of War!

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