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Release Data

Publisher: Id Software

Developer: Raven Software

Genre: First Person Shooter

Players: 1 and Multiplayer via LAN

System: DOS PC

Release Date: 1994


Heretic is a fantasy themed FPS game for DOS based computers. Players control a wizard whose people, the Sidhe elves, have been decimated by an invading demonic horde. The hero (known as Corvus in later games) sets out to avenge his fallen brethren using his impressive mystical powers and acumen. Unlike most FPS games, players are granted a number of magical artifacts, such as the elven wand and ethereal crossbow, in place of guns. Heretic is perhaps the first FPS game to implement an inventory system that allows users to store a variety of items. Like any shooter, this title is filled with beasts to blast to bits through three selectable campaigns across five difficulty levels.


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