Heretic (DOS) Boss Guide: The Maulotaurs

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Heretic (DOS) Boss Guide: The Maulotaurs

By tankMage (ver 1.0 December 2016)


    The Maulotaurs, the final bosses of Heretic’s Hell’s Maw campaign, are encountered in the Portals of Chaos stage. These bosses are quite dangerous by themselves let alone in pairs. The following guide was created to advise players on how to deal with the Portals of Chaos Maulotaurs, but the following methods can be applied to those encountered later in the game. This guide is split into two parts: Preparation and The Maulotaurs. The Preparation section includes tips on how to ready the stage for the battle with the bosses, while The Maulotaurs lays out effective methods for battling the bosses.


   This stage is comprised of two concentric circles, with the outer circle containing an abundance of Nitro Golems and Undead Knights. The inner circle is home to a pair of Maulotaurs that must be slain in order to reveal teleporters hidden in the inner circle that lead to the next campaign. Players should first explore the outer ring and destroy its inhabitants to prevent them from assisting the Maulotaurs. Be quick about it, because the denizens of the outer ring will quickly flock to your position and overwhelm you if given a chance. Take the opportunity to collect any weapons, ammo, and items you find here, since they will be useful in the coming battle.

The Maulotaurs

   This demonic duo is quite deadly and some clever tactics are needed to defeat them. The best way to deal with the Maulotaurs is to separate them and lure each one to the pit on the southern end of the map (see picture). Stairways located on the eastern side of the inner circle of the map serve as an entrance to the Maulotaur’s lair. Use a Shadow Sphere if you have one on hand before climbing the stairs (it will make it harder for the creatures to spot you and their aim will become erratic) and have your Phoenix Rod ready.

   Take a potshot at one of the Maulotaurs from the staircase landing if you happen to see one, otherwise head down the other side slowly, fire at the first Maulotaur you see and run. With any luck only one of the bosses will pursue you. Maulotaurs use three attacks, the first one being a spread of projectiles. The second move they use is a dangerous hammer smash that sends a stream of fire along the ground in a straight line; avoid this attack, because it is quite deadly. The final attack is a shoulder slam from close range that is tough to dodge and knocks the player back a short distance. Be aware of the attacks and serpentine a bit while running to avoid them.

   The pit at the southern end of the stage can only be exited from the staircase from one side, so lure the enemy into the pit, double back up the stairs, and run around to the steep side of the hole. If done properly, you will have the Maulotaur essentially trapped in the pit as long as you stay on the steep side of it and it will not be able to shoulder slam you. Caution is still needed, because the boss can hit you with both of its ranged attacks. Blast away at the Maulotaur with the Hell Staff or Fire Mace until the belligerent bull is dead, then return to the inner circle and repeat the process. Don’t be afraid to use Tomes of Power or any other items you may have at your disposal, because the campaign ends with this stage and you start the next one empty handed.

   After killing the Maulotaurs, return to the inner circle one final time and enter the newly opened teleporter to end the campaign. It is possible to kite both bosses to the pit at once, but you’ll have to deal with projectiles coming from two sources, which makes life significantly more difficult. You will encounter more of these monsters in the third campaign and the same technique will work on them if you can find terrain they cannot traverse. The AI pathing that controls the Maulotaurs is rather crude and does not allow them to circumvent certain obstacles; the player can take advantage of this fact by quickly scaling stairs and running to any nearby steep walls while the boss is chasing them. The monster will simply follow the player by the taking the most direct route and will easily become stuck in some places, allowing the player to control the battle.

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