Heretic (DOS) Boss Guide: D’Sparil

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Heretic (DOS) Boss Guide: D’Sparil

By tankMage (December 2016)


   D’Sparil, the final boss in Heretic’s Dome of D’Sparil campaign, is a formidable opponent that can be difficult to defeat thanks to his large life pool and ability to summon disciples of D’Sparil. The purpose of this guide is to provide those who are having trouble beating this boss with an effective strategy. The first section of this guide, Preparation, provides the player with a list of weapons and items needed to fight D’Dparil as well as some pre-battle tips. The D’Sparil: Chaos Serpent portion of this guide details how to fight him in his first form and the D’Sparil section explains how to handle his final form.


   There are several weapons and items you should have before entering the final teleporter (which is located in a star shaped room in D’Sparil’s Keep) and engaging the last boss. These items include: Dragon Claw, Fire Mace, Phoenix Rod, Hell Staff, Tome of Power (at least two), Quartz Flask, Ring of Invincibility, and Plenty of ammo

   Be sure to grab everything you can and save your game before entering the teleporter to D’Sparil’s room. You’ll know you’ve opened up the last teleporter when each corner of the room has a teleport pad in it. Upon entering D’Sparil’s room, you’ll find yourself on a platform shaped like the crossed trident. Directly in front of your character is a Phoenix Rod. Behind the player on the right side of the trident is an Enchanted Shield (which probably should be saved until later if you already have some armor) and a Tome of Power is on the back left section of the trident. Be sure to at least grab the Tome of Power and drop down.

   There’s several items more you should obtain before engaging D’Sparil, who rides a fireball hurling chaos serpent here, so be careful. Scattered around the trident are multiple Quartz Flasks, which should be picked up. On the far north eastern end of the map is a pair of Wings of Wrath which can be used to reach the Fire Mace ammo on the raised dais next to where you find the wings.

D’Sparil Chaos Serpent

Recommended weapons: Hell Staff, Fire Mace, Phoenix Rod

   The final boss begins the battle mounted on a huge fire breathing reptile known as a chaos serpent. This creature has a lot of hit points and can spit fireballs; fortunately the serpent is rather slow and can be out paced. Due to the serpent’s lack of speed, the player can easily back peddle and keep this beast at a safe distance while hammering away at it with the Hell Staff and Fire Mace. You can also use the Phoenix Rod, but be sure to conserve about ten shots for D’Sparil himself. It’s tempting to use Tomes of Power and Invincibility Rings in this confrontation, but refrain from doing so, because the serpent is rather easy to kill if you are patient, plus those items will serve you better against D’Sparil himself.

   Players should maintain a distance that allows them to react to the Chaos Serpent’s attacks, while being close enough that their projectiles do not have to travel a great distance to hit the monstrosity and consequently miss (this is especially important if you use the Fire Mace). It’s also wise to avoid being pinned against the area’s walls, which makes it far more difficult to evade incoming attacks. The trident platform near the center of the arena can be used as an excellent means of cover, because the Chaos Serpent has some difficulty circumventing it. There are two attacks players should expect from this creature: The first is a single fireball that travels at medium speed in a straight line. The second attack is comprised of three fireballs that fan out, which the player will have to react to immediately by strafing left or right if they want to avoid the attack successfully.

   Keep the pressure on the Chaos Serpent while using the strafe buttons to avoid his attacks and it will die after a minute or two. The Fire Mace seems to be the most effective weapon to use against this beast, with the Hell Staff and Phoenix Rod tied for second. Run up to the Chaos Serpent immediately after it collapses. Prepare the Phoenix Rod and a Tome of Power while you intercept D’Sparil as he rises from the mangled body of his mount…


Recommended Weapons and Tools: Phoenix Rod, Dragon Claw, Fire Mace, Tome of Power and Ring of Invincibility.

  After the Chaos Serpent is slain, run up to it’s corpse while readying your Phoenix Rod and activate a Tome of Power. The Phoenix Rod will emit a lethal jet of flame with a short reach under the effects of the Tome. Begin using the powered up Phoenix Rod to torch D’Sparil the moment he appears. The final boss will try to move away from the spout of flame, but will be frequently stunned by it while taking massive damage. Try to keep him in your sights and apply the flame as long as possible. Eventually the Phoenix Rod will relent and you will have reactivate it. There’s a good chance D’Sparil will teleport away during the interim between your attacks, if not he will surely do so after the Tome of Power wears off.

   Be ready to avoid D’Sparil’s lightning ball attack by strafing left or right; you’ll know it’s coming when he raises his staff and electricity begins to surge about him. D’Sparil also summons his disciples (those annoying robed figures that fire energy balls) and will likely spawn a ton of them while getting blasted by the Phoenix Rod. Take the opportunity to use another Tome of Power and the Ring of Invincibility when D’Sparil teleports away. Switch to the Dragon Claw and use it to deal with all the wizards floating around. The powered up Dragon Claw will inundate the area with projectiles, quickly killing the disciples and possibly damaging D’Sparil himself. If the last boss is alive after the effects of the Ring and Tome wear off, switch to the Fire Mace or Phoenix Rod and take pot shots at him. Keep in mind that the Phoenix Rod’s normal attacks will prompt him to teleport, so search around for him the moment he vanishes.

   The method described in the preceding paragraphs should kill D’Sparil fairly quickly if done properly, but a small mistake or bad luck could cause the battle to drag out. If so, be ready to run around grabbing up the ammo and healing items scattered around the arena. The Wings of Wrath mentioned in the Preparation section are also helpful if you saved the Enchanted Shield on the trident platform or wish to grab the Fire Mace ammo hidden in the high alcove on the north end of the map.

   Once D’Sparil has fallen, all of his summons will vanish. Go to the southern end of the map to find a new opening in the wall with a switch at the back. Hit the switch and head north end of the arena to find the wall has lowered, revealing a final teleporter. Step on the teleport pad to end the game!

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