God of War (PS2)

Developer: Santa Monica Studio

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: March 22, 2005

Genre: Beat ‘em Up/Platformer

System: PlayStation 2

Players: 1


God of War combines platforming, hack ‘n slash combat, and puzzle solving elements into its gameplay, while taking players to a fantasy version of ancient Greece. Kratos, a mighty Spartan Warrior who has made a pact with Ares, sets out to free himself from his pact and tragic past. His journey will take him from the Aegean Sea to Athens and even to the secret resting place of Pandora’s Box. The going will not be easy, because famous monsters like the Cyclops and Cerberus stand in Kratos’ way. Players will also have to solve puzzles and pick their way through lethal traps.

Weapons like the Blades of Chaos and Blade of Artemis will help Kratos topple the beasts that stand in his path. The gods will also grant Kratos powerful spells that allow him to throw lightning bolts, turn foes to stone, and even summon the souls of the dead to fight for him. Kratos will obtain red orbs from slain monsters that allow him to upgrade his spells and weapons, making them even stronger. Players can increase Kratos’ health and magic power by collecting items like Gorgon Eyes, which are hidden throughout the game. God of War is roughly twenty hours long and let’s players resume their quest with a built in save feature.

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