Eternal Filena [Eien no Filena] (SNES) Walkthrough

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Note: This title is also sometimes listed as Eien no Filerna or Eternal Filerna.

Eternal Filena [Eien no Filena] (SNES) Walkthrough

~by tankMage (April 2018)


This guide was written specifically for Satsu’s English translation of Eien no Filena (AKA Eternal Filena), names of places, enemies, characters, and events which take place in this game are all based on Satsu’s translation and may vary from the original Japanese or other English patches. Directions through towns, dungeons, and the overworld are the main focus of this walkthrough, though it also includes an enemy drop list as well as a few miscellaneous tips.

1. Walkthrough

This walkthrough uses absolute directions (east, west, north, and south) for the most part and is more geared towards collecting treasures than navigating dungeons quickly. The game has been broken into chapters, with subsections that are referred to as Parts for the purpose of organization. A list of items and gear that should be purchased is included in each Part when appropriate. Take note that the recommended purchases are in part a matter of opinion and the player is free to buy or not buy any of the items listed, since money is easy to come buy in this game.

Chapter 1: Dorah

Part 1: Battler Academy

ItemsAdrenaline (2)Antidote
Crystal ShoesCrystal KnifeLind Water

The game starts out with a tutorial battle against Zenna. Use your valiant on him as well as your flying attack and the battle will end after a few turns. Zenna will give you the Crystal Knife and Crystal Shoes afterwards. You are free to explore once the battle is over. Go through one of the doors leading out of the training room and take a look around, though there’s not much to see in these rooms aside from a locked chest. Walk east to find stairs leading down into a dungeon. There’s a door to the south of the steps that leads to a room with three chests. Open them to get Adrenaline (2) and an Antidote. After collecting the items from the boxes, press against the south wall of the room and head east past the barrels to find a secret passage. You’ll enter a small room with another chest inside that contains a Lind Water.

Return to the first floor and walk up the large set of steps in the north. You can walk around and talk to the other battlers up here. Enter the southeastern most room when you are ready and Filena will automatically go to sleep. Step out of bed and a guard will enter the room, then escort you to the rector’s chamber. Talk to the other battlers if you wish then speak to the rector who is sitting on a throne between two lamps. After some dialogue Filena will exit the room. Go back to Filena’s room to initiate another event. The rector will come see you, answer “yes” to his question to enter the colosseum.

Part 2: The Colosseum Battle #1/Filena’s House

Your battle with Big Elephant will begin after you enter the colosseum. This guy can take quite a beating, so hit L or R to select the Crystal Knife and use White Ray or regular attacks to defeat him. Big Elephant deals about 11 HP damage per attack, so use an item to heal if your HP goes below 20. Filena will level up once the fight ends, then another event will take place. Filena will wake up in a home of her own and talk to Lila. You’re free to look around town now.

Part 3: Town of Dorah

Recommended PurchasesFalco SpearFlash Sword
Chain HoodWoolen ArmorBattler Accessory

Be sure to exit town and fight some random battles to level up a bit in preparation for upcoming battles. Those with money to burn may want to consider buying a Falco Spear, Flash Sword, Chain Hood, Woolen Armor, and Battler Accessory from the shop near the center of town. Most of the services in town are off limits to you aside from the shops and inn.

Part 5: Battler Academy (revisited)/Colosseum Battle #2

Go back to the Battler Academy once you are done exploring. Get ready for battle and talk to Zenna who will release a honey bee from the box behind him that will attack Filena. The bee is quick and has high HP, but the Falco Spear’s double thrust does great damage against this enemy. If the bee wears you down or you don’t have the spear, just use a healing item. Winning the battle will net you a whopping 43 Exp. Not much has changed at the academy, but explore if you wish, then rest up at home in preparation for the next fight.

Double check your gear, then go over to the colosseum. This fight will be a breeze if you gained a few levels (level 4 or 5 is sufficient) and bought some armor as well as a good weapon. Talk to the gatekeeper and choose the “enter the next fight now” option to start the next battle. Balabas is waiting for you, watch out for him, he’s tougher than Big Elephant. This enemy will use speed up after you deal some damage to him, which (as the name implies) will make him get turns faster. Balabas’ primary attack is tomahawk, which can do upwards of 24 damage to Filena. Using the Falco Spear’s double thrust can defeat Balabas in 2-4 turns depending on your level, so he won’t be a threat if you are well equipped. If you are not geared up enough to defeat him quickly, use some healing items and the Crystal Knife’s white ray ability to beat Balabas. Filena will meet Nest, who will invite her to the pub after the battle.

Part 6: Battler Academy/The Pub/Colosseum Battle #3

Get some rest to heal up after the battle, then visit Zenna at the academy for a special training round against a hedgehog. The hedgehog has high defense and will sometimes defend against your attacks, raising it even further, he also hits about as hard as Balabas. His maximum HP is low, so he’ll drop after about 7-8 attacks if you use a special skill. Defeat the hedgehog to get 63 Exp.

Some of the townspeople will show Filena a little more deference if you talk to them now, especially the bouncer in front of the pub who will move out of your way if you converse with him after beating Balabas. You’ll hear some gossip in the pub and Nest will talk about himself a bit as well as give you a vague clue about the next arena match he has planned for you.

Get some rest, then talk to the gatekeeper at the colosseum again and accept the next fight. Golath and Fillardo are you opponents this time around. These guys look intimidating, but they are not that bad. Kill Golath first, because he seems to be able to heal himself and Fillardo. These guys tend to miss a lot, but keep an eye on your HP and try to keep it above 50 (which shouldn’t be a problem) in case they manage to get their attacks to connect. As usual, double thrust is king in this fight, so use it until your run out of TP if you have a spear. About 3 or 4 double thrusts will take down Golath. Fillardo will change his attack in response to his ally’s death, but still misses often. Keep striking Fillardo and the battle will end despite his high defense. Filena will get about 143 Exp upon victory.

Part 7: Pub/Academy/ Colosseum Battle #4

Go home again and talk to Lila, then rest. Talk to Nest at the pub to get some helpful info, then go back to the academy for more special training courtesy of Zenna. Another Battler is waiting with Zenna in his room. The instructor will remove your gear for this fight, luckily Filena’s opponent is weak. Use headbutt on him about 5 or 6 times to end the fight and get 43 Exp. Rest at your house, put your gear back on and go back to the colosseum.Make sure you are ready to fight when you talk to the gatekeeper, he will not give you the option to decline the battle this time. Fortunately, this fight is a joke and you will win against Ficos quite easily, netting a measly 5 Exp in the process. Get some rest if you took damage or used special attacks in this fight.

Part 8: Pub/Academy/Battle #5

Visit Nest who has some more vague, yet unsettling news by going to the pub, then head over to the Battler Academy. Once finished, set out for the colosseum yet again. You’ll face off against Zenna here, but this will be another easy battle. Just keep attacking and he’ll go down after a few turns. Filena will not receive credits or experience for this fight. Instead you’ll be given the Hope of Filosera Necklace and Zenna will tell you to visit the information bureau.

Part 9: Pub

Go see Nest at the Pub and ask him to come with you to the Information Bureau. The bureau is in the southern part of town, enter and Nest will join you.

Dungeon 1: Information Bureau

ItemsAdrenalineAntidote (3)
Renewal TeaLind Water (2)

Open the box to the east of where you start to get an Adrenaline. Go west, then through the arch to the south to find two chests that contain Lind Water and an Antidote. Now go back through the archway and you’ll see three tiles with arrows drawn on them that surround a greenish teleport pad. Step into it.

Go through the arch to the south to find three chests, which hold Lind Water and two Antidotes. Walk east and follow the winding path to find another teleporter in the northeast corner of the room, hop on. Go west and into the arch between the two gold doors to find a box that contains a Renewal Tea. To the southeast is a door with a red cross by it that has a healing bay, use this if you are injured. Go through the door in the southwestern corner of the room to get another Antidote. Finally, go through the door flanked by two red flags in the southern portion of the room to find the data analyser.

Nest will show Filena how to use the analyser, which will trigger a cutscene. An alarm will go off and Nest will rejoin you. You will have to be careful at this point, because enemies will randomly attack you in this area now. Take some time to fight and gain a level or two in preparation for the upcoming trials. Use the healing bay if you run low on health. Save the game before moving forward, the boss of this area can easily kill Filena and Nest if they are not well equipped and/or are under levelled.

Boss Fight: Barabba 2

Go back down to the first floor and you will encounter a Barabba 2, a Black Devil. This guy hits like a truck and can deal 90-100, maybe more if you do not have decent armor. Barabba 2 can also use Hypnotic Gas to put a party member to sleep. Use your most powerful skill on the boss, especially Nest’s hammer skill, Chain Buster and Filena’s Sword Skill Reverb Slash. Defeat Barabba to get 534 Credits and 164 Experience. Nest and Filena will flee the Information Bureau after the battle.

Part 10: Filena’s House/Academy

Approach Filena’s House and an event will occur involving Milika. Filena, Nest, Milika, and Lila will go to the academy and enter the sewers beneath. At this point both Milika and Lila will be in your party.

Dungeon 2: Sewers

ItemsLeather GuardAntidoteBone
AdrenalineLind WaterMagic AquaRenewal Tea

Tip: Filena’s vision is damaged at this point and will be for some time. If she is leading the party, the screen will blur as she walks, which is annoying and possibly disruptive. Go into the status screen press the A button on Filena’s portrait, use the directional buttons to select another character, then hit A again to switch them with Filena. The screen should no longer blur with someone else in front!

Floor B1

A few steps to the west is a chest with a Leather Guard inside, equip Milika or Lila with it. South of the chest you just opened is a healing spring. Take some time to level up a bit here, because both Lila and Milika are a few levels behind everyone else. Once you have Lila to about level 9, go down the ladder just north of the chest that you got the Leather Guard from.

Floor B2

Flip the switch that is against the wall just west of the ladder to lower the water level, which will reveal a box that contains an Antidote. Go down the ladder by the chest after opening it.

Floor B3

Walk up the steps and flip the switch, then cross the bridge to get a Bone from the box. Go through the passage created by the opened gate to get an Adrenaline. After that, take the western passage through the open gate. In the next room you will see two ladders, one on the western side of the room and one to the east. Go up the western ladder to a small room, push against the southern wall of this room to find a Renewal Tea, then climb the ladder leading up to get a Lind Water. Return to the room with the ladders and climb the eastern one. You will come to a small room with a ladder leading up in it, but press against the south wall before leaving to find a secret passage to a chest that has a Magic Aqua in it.

Floor B1

Climb up both ladders to get back to the first floor of the sewers. Follow the path north as it leads to two switches. Activate the switch near the eastern wall first, then the one on the western side to bring the ladder down. Climb up the ladder to exit the dungeon.

Chapter 2: Delacina

Recommended PurchasesLong HammerBright Spear
ChainmailLeather Guard

Part 1: Delacina Outskirts/Pub/Keel’s House

Filena and her friends surface on the southeastern outskirts of Delacina and decide to search for a doctor. You can explore the town if you wish, but by now you must be tired of Filena’s blurry vision, so ask the old man in blue who paces around on a bridge on the eastern side of town and he’ll tell you the doctor’s house is to the north. Enter the building with the red cross by the door just past the bridge and you’ll find that doctor Keel is not home. A citizen in the west near the two jugglers will tell you Keel hangs around the pub. Visit the pub in the south and the barkeep will inform you that Keel left shortly before you entered. Return to the doctor’s house and you will find Keel sitting at his desk. Keel will tell you that you need an herb from the ice cavern to cure Filena.

Part 2: Journey to the Ice Cavern

Be sure to visit the shop and buy some new equipment and curative items before leaving. It may also help to do some grinding outside of town. Talk to the man standing in front of the boat in the center of town twice to use his boat which will take you to the shore by the Ice Cavern.

Dungeon 3: Ice Cavern of Weeds

ItemsAdrenalineAntidote (2)Magic Aqua
Renewal TeaRefreshDela Herb

Walk over to the far western side of the cave after entering and go through the tunnel to the north to find a box with an Adrenaline inside. Take the path next to the one where you found the Adrenaline. This path branches out into three routes. Take the northern passage first to find a chest with an Antidote inside. The path in the northeast leads to another Antidote. Next go through the small pool of water to take the southern path and walk over to the eastern wall that is formed as the passage winds north. Push against the wall to find a hidden room that contains a Magic Aqua.

Continue to follow the tunnel as it leads north, then west to an open area where you will find a Refresh. Push against the wall west of the box that contained the Refresh to find another secret passage and a Renewal Tea, then go back to where the herbs are growing. You will have to find the right plant by pulling the herbs up. Some will actually be Dela Leafs that attack you when you uproot them, so be careful. To get the Dela Herb immediately, pick the plant indicated in the image below.*

*I did not test this thoroughly and the position of the herb could change from game to game.

Leave the Ice Cavern with your prize in hand after obtaining the Dela Herb.

Part 3: Keel’s House/Freddy’s Theatre

ItemsMedical BoxMeemez Mask

Head back to Delacina and see Keel, who will operate on Filena, which will keep the screen from blurring with every step…eventually. Keel will give you a Meemez mask as well and tell you to ask around town about learning the Meemez dance. Nest will leave the party, since he cannot disguise himself. As you leave his house, Keel will stop you and give you a Medical Box.

A Meemez can be found standing outside of the theatre near the boat, talk to her then walk up to the theatre. A guard will stop you and a brief cutscene will take place. Enter the theatre and go through the door in the lobby. Walk up to center stage and a platform will lower you into a secret room where you can learn the Meemez dance. Speak to the Meemez standing by the eastern wall to learn the dance.

Part 4: Northern Checkpoint/Goah Bridge

Set out for the checkpoint in the northwest part of town and talk to the Meemez standing in front of the guard, she will enter the checkpoint so you can approach the guard. Enter the checkpoint after speaking to the guard and the three will set out for Bor. The Meemez will eventually bed down for the night and Black Cat will ask you for some help scouting out the bridge to the west. Follow the road and the party will reach the bridge, then unmask. An event will take place and Milika will leave the party. Follow the road to exit the area.

Chapter 3: Little Laritenia

Part 1: Delacina Overworld North/Mountain Pass

Head north and enter the snowy mountain area. Keep going north until you come to a door. Look out for random battles, you’ll often be outnumbered and the enemy can kill off your party if you’re unlucky. Heal up before approaching the door. Laris will emerge from the door and a cutscene will ensue.

Part 2: Battle with Barabba 8

Barabba 8 can hit for upwards of 700 damage with his special attack, poison party members, and deal around 200 damage with normal attacks. He’ll also begin casting recover, which will restore 300 HP once his life gets low.  Luckily, Laris is a tough cookie and Barabba 8 seems to attack him more than anyone. Have Lila and Filena focus on healing while Laris uses C. Buster on the boss. You can backup Laris with double thrust from Filena and normal attacks from Lila if everyone’s HP is full, but try to conserve Lila’s TP for healing. The boss should drop after about six turns if you can keep your offensive going. Victory will get you 1040 credits and 173 experience.

Dungeon 4: Laritenia Cavern

Hunting SpearAntidote

This dungeon begins right after the fight with Barabba 8. There’s a healing spring to the northeast of where you start, so be sure to exploit it. You can go south to the cave entrance, but there’s nothing to see as far as I could tell, so take the northwest tunnel. You’ll come a pool of water with three chests just north of where the path ends. Push forward while facing the rock in front of the boxes to jump across the pool. Go to the western box and select “pull lever” after searching the box, then go to the eastern chest and select “push lever” which will make a beach ball spawn. Next, jump across the pond again, then use the beach ball to get to the chest in the south. Open the southern chest to make some rocks rise from the pool. Now you can reach the door to the west by jumping from the stone in front of the three boxes onto the stones to the west.

Go through the door and you’ll come to a room with five switches that line the northern wall. Walk up the steps and push against the small wall to the east of the switches to find a secret room that contains a box with a Needle in it. You’ll have to find the right switch to open the door, unfortunately you’ll fall into a pit if you hit the wrong one.

From west to east the switches are labeled:

A, TE, LA, RI, and NI

Activate switch A to fall into the pit and get a Mistwater and a Hunting Spear. Exiting the pit will take you back to the pool with the three chests. Return to the switch room and hit the NI switch to fall back into the pit and get an Antidote if you wish. Solve the switch puzzle by activating them in order so they spell: LA RI TE NI A. The wooden door will open once the switches have been activated in the right order and you will enter Little Laritenia.

Part 3: Little Laritenia

Recommended PurchasesPlate ArmorWood Shield
Blunt HammerHunting Spear

You can explore the town after speaking to Laris. Visit the weapon shop for some new gear, then talk to the residents of the town if you like. Enter the cave by the waterfall in the north once you are ready and talk to the man guarding the passage. Margotte will greet you and take you to the elder’s house.

Part 4: Elder’s House/Waterfall Cave/Herb Field

ItemsLind WaterMagic AquaOcule Herb

The elder will look at Filena’s eyes and prescribe the Ocule Herb to cure her blindness. Go back to the cave by the waterfall at the back of town. You can pick up a Lind Water while passing through the cave if you open the box by the pool of water. There’s also a Magic Aqua in the chest near the far western exit. Go through the closer of the two exits at the western end of the cave and you’ll receive the Ocule Herb after a cutscene.

Part 5: Church/Hidden Base/Elder’s House/Herb Field

ItemsHerbPouchCave Key

Walk back to the elder’s house. The elder and Margotte will ask where Laris is, so head over to the church and check the goddess statue behind the altar. The statue will move revealing steps leading to a secret base where you’ll find Laris. There are some beds you can rest in located in the southern end of the room. Talk to Laris twice and he will join you. Be sure to update his gear, though the equipment he has is good for this point in the game, then go to the elder. Visit Margotte at the herb field to get the HerbPouch and Cave Key.

Dungeon 5: Mine Cart Cave

ItemsRenewal TeaAntidoteRefresh
CarapaceArnel Herb (2)Rusty Cannon

To enter the cave, go back into the waterfall cave and leave through the westernmost exit. You’ll see a door shaped impression in the mountainside, go up to it and hit A to get into the cave. This cave is filed with minecarts as the name implies. Get in the first cart and ride it until it stops by the steps, then get out and grab the Renewal Tea from the box by the steps that should be to the right of the cart. Cross the track bridge south of the chest and go west to find an Antidote. Continue to follow the path as it turns north to get a Refresh. Go back down the steps and cross the tracks. Head west to find a switch and a box containing a Carapace north of the switch. Pull the lever, then head back to the cart.

Walk along the tracks near the cart and go south towards the entrance where you’ll find a chest with an Arnel Herb inside. Now follow the tracks north across a chasm (past where you got off the cart) and open the chest on the other side to get another Arnel Herb. Return to the steps and get in the cart just north of them. Ride the cart until you come to yet another minecart next to a light which should be blue.

Get in the next cart and push down, a spring behind the cart will launch you over the gap. Leave the minecart when it stops and follow the tracks south to find a chest with a Rusty Cannon. Return to the cart you just rode and follow the tunnel as it turns east. You’ll pass a waterfall before coming to a door, go through it. Take a few steps forward to initiate a cutscene. Return to the village once the cutscene ends.

Part 6: Little Laritenia/Secret Base

ItemsRenewal TeaArnel Herb

Make your way back to the base under the church (buy anything you need before entering the church) and have the party rest in the beds, which will trigger an event. The group will enter a hidden escape route after the cutscene and Laris will leave the party. Open the box to the west to get a Renewal Tea, the follow the passage north. You’ll reach a point where the tracks cross, grab an Arnel Herb from the box to the east of the tracks, then continue north. Filena and Lila will hop in a minecart and ride out of the area.

Boss Fight: Barabba 14

Barabba 14 is not much of a challenge. His normal attacks only hit for about 200 damage and his special deals about the same amount to both Filena and Lila at once. Use double thrust on him with Filena and have Lila heal or use her special attacks. Eventually he’ll start casting recover, which heal 300 HP, so keep your offensive up. Defeat the boss to get 1110 Credits and 290 Exp. Another cutscene will take place after the fight.

Chapter 4: Mon Shulay

Part 1: Old Man’s House/Mon Shulay Overworld/Black Market

ItemsFish Earring
Recommended Purchases (Black Market)Rubber HatThunder RingBattle Gauntlet

Filena will awaken in the old man’s house. Talk to him and his wife to find out about Mon Shulay to the north, then speak to Lila. The man will give a you a Fish Earring before you leave. Exit his house and walk north, then east, then north again between some mountains and the shore. You’ll come to a round patch of forest that you can enter to find the Black Market. Some equipment that may come in handy is sold here as well as items. There is an inn that you can use as well. Continue east, then north along the shoreline after you are done at the market. Head west once you get to the end of the shoreline and you’ll see Mon Shulay.

Part 2: Mon Shulay

Recommended PurchasesSilk SuitViking ShieldBurning Sword

Look around the town and buy some supplies, then visit the house near the steps leading up to the main part of town. The woman inside will let you stay the night and tell you about the wells, which can be used to sneak onto the docks. You’ll need a rope to do so, however. The gate to the lighthouse in the northwest part of town will open after you rest, so go check it out.

Part 3: Lighthouse/Well

ItemsE.G. RadioOdd Device
Rusty CannonRopeMolotov

Go up to the top of the lighthouse and talk to the man standing by the ladder twice. He’ll open a door that leads to the basement for you.  Enter the door and an elevator will take you down to the basement. The chests near the elevator contain an E.G. Radio and an Odd Device. Go north and into the hole in the back wall, then walk north, east, south, then finally west through the hidden passage to reach the chest that holds a Rusty Cannon. Go back into the hidden passage and press against the western wall to find a path to the steps where the Rope is sitting. Grab the Molotov from the chest before leaving the lighthouse. Go up the western steps to take a shortcut out of the building. There are several wells in town, but only the one next to the inn actually leads anywhere, so use the rope to enter it.

Dungeon 6: Well Cave

ItemsMist WaterMagic AquaAlmighty Herb
Lind WaterRenewal TeaScale

Pass through the doorway to the left of the rope and open the chest in the room to get a Mist Water. Go through the door south of the chest and climb down the rope. There are three ropes to the west, hop from the first one to the second and climb down to the bottom. Enter the room to the west and open the boxes for a Magic Aqua and an Almighty Herb. Leave the room, climb back up the rope, and hop onto the ledge above the room you just left. Inside the room on the ledge is a Lind Water.

Climb up the third rope and hop onto the ledge to the left of the rope. Enter the room a few steps away and open the box inside for a Renewal Tea. Go through the door left of the box to get a Scale from the next room. Return to the ledge and jump into the rope to the west. Climb down and take a few paces west, you’ll see someone exit the cave. Walk west to exit the dungeon and initiate a cutscene.

Part 4: Beach/Dock

Follow the person who just ran south and walk east once you reach the building to find some steps. Enter the building and follow the hallway to the door that leads to the dock. Once on the dock walk west a bit to start an event. Sneak aboard the ship and enter the door on the ship’s deck to start another cutscene.

Chapter 5: Eru Shulay

Part 1: Eru Shulay Beach/Eru Shulay Overworld

Leave the ship and go west along the dock to reach the overworld. Head north then west a bit to squeeze through the mountain pass to Mine Town.

Part 2: (Mine Town) Inn/Mine Building

Recommended PurchasesValsince SpearLamia Knife
Iron MailProtective Suit

Visit the shops and get some new equipment. Talk to the villagers to find out you’ll need the Almay Star and Protective Suits to enter the mine. Buy the suits from the item shop if you haven’t already. Talk to a woman staying at the inn twice to find out her husband, Nuno, has the Almay Star. Nuno’s friend, Volvic, was fired and is drinking at the pub. Go to the building in the northeast and talk to the workers to find Nuno, who will tell you to see Leppard.

Part 3: (Mine Town) Pub/Dormitory/Mine

ItemsAlmay Star

Go to the pub and talk to the man sitting at the table, who will tell you that the innkeeper will allow you to rest there now. Go see Leppard in the northern dormitory (the building with a man standing in front of it) and he will give you the Almay Star. Talk to the soldier in the northernmost end of town to enter the mine and head west once inside to enter Toma.

Part 4: (Toma) Kushka’s House/Ghost House /Dormitory (Mine Town)/Ghost House (Toma)

ItemsRusty CannonMolotov

Go into your inventory and put on the Bio Suit once you enter Toma, the air here is toxic. Talk to Toma’s inhabitants to find out about a “ghost house” in the northwestern part of town. Talk to Kushka twice to find out her grandad at the mine can tell you how to get to Bor. Check out the house at the edge of town and go up the staircase, then check the rooms to get a Rusty Cannon and a Molotov. Return to Mine Town and talk to the old man twice to learn about a secret passage out of Toma. Set out for Toma once again. Enter the big house at the edge of town and approach the double doors to initiate a cutscene with Kushka. Filena and Lila will find themselves in the Ghost House Tunnels after the scene ends.

Dungeon 7: Ghost House Tunnels

ItemsOdd DeviceE.G. Radio
Arnel HerbRenewal Tea

Go down the steps, then open the box at the top of the steps a few paces to the east to get an Odd Device. Now go down the flights of steps to the east to find a chest that contains an E.G. Radio and another box with an Arnel Herb inside. Return to the area where you found the Odd Device and take the central staircase that leads south. Go west along the path to get Renewal Tea from the box, then go back up the steps and take the western stairs.

Follow the stairs all the way down to find a healing spring. This is a good place to fight a bit and gain a level or two if you are having trouble with the monsters here. The exit is to the west, but be ready for a boss fight before approaching it.

Boss Fight: Barabba 17

Barabba 17 is a tougher opponent than his predecessors thanks to his Continuous Fire skill which can do about 800 to Filena. Have Lila use Recover nearly every turn to keep Filena’s HP topped off. By now Filena should have the Triple Thrust spear skill, spam it on Barabba. Like the rest of his allies, this Black Devil will begin to heal himself with Recover once he is near death, use this as an opportunity to really pound him with attacks. Defeat Barabba 17 and you’ll get 8000 credits and 1377 Experience. Walk through the exit and you’ll leave the dungeon.

2. Walkthrough Part 2

Chapter 6: Nomad Camp

Part 1: Overworld/Black Market/Eru Shulay Coast

Be careful when out in the field here, the overworld enemies use powerful skills and sometimes attack in large groups that can lay you to waste. Make your way west through the mountain pass to find a round forest that hides a black market. There’s some great gear at the market and I highly recommend buying at least one of each item, especially since money is easy to come by in this game. The Crystal Swords sold here are useful throughout the entirety of the game. Go west along the southern shoreline and you’ll enter a beach area. Keep walking west to meet Amanela and her dog. Take a few steps west to leave the beach after talking to her.

Part 2: Fifth Lighthouse

The lighthouse is just west of where you left the beach. The man by the door will want 1000 credits for you to enter. You can use the bed in the basement if you pay to enter. It’s probably not worth it unless you are in desperate need of healing, so continue west, then north until you see a gap in the mountains with a building in between, which is the Nomad Camp.

Part 3: Nomad Camp/Mount Pilkit

Recommended PurchasesCrystal SpearFur coat

Explore the camp and be sure to talk to Ekule in the northwestern tent,  she’ll give you permission to sleep in a tent to the southeast. Have a rest, then visit Amanela in the southwestern tent to start a cutscene. Go east up the sloped path to Mount Pilkit. An event will take place once you climb the mount a few steps, return to the Nomad Camp afterwards. Enter Amanela’s tent and speak to Ekule, then leave and Hunter will join you. Visit the shop before leaving and buy some gear. Set out for mount Oligot by going up the western ramp.

Dungeon 8: Mount Oligot

ItemsIron ClawAdrenaline(2)Renewal Tea
Thorny CollarAdrenaline PlusCarapaceFang

Amanela will join you near the entrance of the mountain. Enter the cave just north of your position and walk up to the water then turn left to find a hidden path that leads to an Iron Claw and an Adrenaline. Follow the tunnel east and go through the door to the south to exit the cave. Walk east a bit and enter another cave to find a healing spring, Adrenaline, Renewal Tea, Thorny Collar, and an Adrenaline Plus. Leave the cave and go up the ramp just north of it to find yet another entrance into the mountainside.

Enter the cave and grab the Carapace out of the box to the west, then take a few steps south to get a Fang. Go up the ramp to the north to leave the cave. Heal up after leaving the cave, then take the ramp to the north of the cave entrance and a cutscene will occur.

Boss Fight: Clechia Hunters

The clechia hunters will attack the party in a large group consisting of an Attacker, HunterLdr, Hunter, and a Killer. Use special attacks to take out the weaker enemies and hit the leader with Heavy Ray if you have Crystal Swords. Have Lila keep everyone healed, because the leader’s headbutt attack can deal 300-600 damage. Luckily he has low HP and will go down after four turns or so. Winning will net you 2800 Credits and 2800 Experience.

Part 4: Nomad Camp/Overworld/Black Market

Recommended PurchasesBulletprf VestEarth Ring

Rest up at the tent, then leave through the southern gate. Head west through the valley and turn south after passing a round patch of forest. Note the patch of forest tucked into where the mountain range bends in the southwest and walk onto it to find a black market. There isn’t much in the way of great stuff to buy here, but you can upgrade Lila’s body armor and rest the night.

Now head back towards the Nomad Camp and go through the pass that leads north, then turn west. You should see a little red house near the mountains at this point. Go south through the woods then take a few steps west to the coastline and follow it north until you reach the red house.

Chapter 7: Bor

Part 1: Flack’s House/Bor Ground Floor/Bor Basement

ItemsSword of Filena
Recommended PurchasesExceed KnifeMistral Spear
Metal JcktPrism Ring

Enter the house nestled in the mountains and a cutscene will take place. Filena and friends will automatically leave for Bor. Check out the shops on the ground floor and buy anything you need. Talk to everyone in the pub to the southwest then go down the steps next to the pub to enter the basement*. The old man in red who is standing in a room in the northeast portion of the basement is Uto, speak to him and he will engage you in battle. Just attack him a few times and the battle will end. Afterwards Uto will talk to Filena and give her the Sword of Filena. Uto will then rush Filena into a secret passage.

*I am not exactly sure what triggers the event that makes Uto speak to Filena, so try talking to everyone on the ground floor and even second floor if Uto will not talk to you.

Dungeon 9: Secret Passage

Adrenaline PlusTrials RingBoneJackal Claw

Head south to find a chest with an Antidote inside. Just west of the box is a healing spring. Just east of the spring is a secret passage that leads to a Jackal Claw, just push along the wall while facing south. Keep moving south from the spring then east to find another chest that contains a Refresh. Continue through the tunnel heading west until you reach some chests behind a wall. Press along the wall west of the boxes to get into the room. Open the boxes to obtain a Carapace, Adrenaline Plus, Trials Ring, and a Bone. Keep going west to find the exit, but heal up before approaching it.

Boss Fight: Barabba 22

Barabba 22 will attack once you get near the exit to the passage. He’ll hit you with Mine Shot, which deals about 200-400 damage to everyone and Double Thrust witch inflicts about 700 damage to a single target. This boss will start healing himself once he gets weak like the rest. Use Heavy Ray with the Crystal Sword to deal massive damage to him and end the battle quickly. Defeating Barabba 22 will get you 8551 Credits and 963 Exp.

Chapter 8: Belushi

Part 1: Black Market

Recommended PurchasesAida SpearCombat Armor

Go west, then south to find yet another black market hidden in some circular woods. Buy some new gear if you wish, then strike out for the next town to the southeast.

Part 2: Belushi

Recommended PurchasesBiseyla Clothes

Look around town as usual, there are shops here, but you’ve probably bought better stuff at the black market already. Talk to the man on the second floor of the inn to find out about the Biseyla Clothes, then head over to the shop and buy two sets for 10,000 Credits.

Part 3: Belushi Mountain Path/Hut

ItemsRusty CannonHyper MaterialRuby Ring
Wolf HeadRenewal TeaMolotov

There’s a ramp in the northeast that you can climb up, but watch out for random battles. Open the chest just south of the ramp after you climb it to get a Wolf Head. Walk east a bit more to find a Rusty Cannon. Continue east, then climb some steps and stay on the lower path to find a box with a Molotov. Go back to where you climbed the steps and walk up the steps just east of the tree. To the west is a chest with an Odd Device.

Follow the upper path east, go down the steps, and open the box for a Ruby Ring. Go all the way to the bottom of the steps and walk west to find a Renewal Tea. Now go back up the steps and walk behind the waterfall. Face north and take a step forward, then press A while behind the waterfall to open a hidden box with a Hyper Material inside. Follow the path as it turns south to reach the next section of town.

Part 4: Watermill Hut/Lucibeh

ItemsMagic AquaAlmighty Herb
NeedleAdrenalineOgre Claw

You’ll come across a hut, check the door to start a cutscene. Leave the area via the southern exit after talking to Sophica and her grandfather, Yakos. Walk south to find Lucibeh. You’ll automatically change into the Biseyla Clothes after taking a few steps into the base and a soldier will escort you into the building. Go through the hallway to the north and take the teleporter to the next floor. This area is a short dungeon, which I will not describe in detail, because it is very straightforward and the player can pillage the items listed above from the boxes without getting attacked if they explore the base before entering the security room.

Dungeon 10: Lucibeh

ItemsOdd DeviceMolotovRusty CannonGlass Boomerang
Turquoise RingAdrenaline PlusRenewal TeaE. G. RadioCure Water

After clearing out the base, go to the room with the red cross next to it (security room) and rest in the beds. After resting you’ll be attacked by some pretty weak security troops. The base will be on alert and enemies will attack at random, but this will not present much of a problem if you took all the loot from the upper floors. You can also use the medical bay in the security room to heal. Make your way up to the top floor and heal before getting on the fourth floor teleporter, because you’ll fight Guyras on the top floor.

Boss Battle: Guyras

Guyras is by far the toughest boss you’ve fought yet. He will lower your stats with Spirit Wave and deal damage to everyone with his Vibration Wave which deals about 700-1000 damage depending on your defenses. Recover Z (Learned at level 40) is really helpful in this fight, since Lila can fully heal the party with it. You’ll have to rely on Filena (who will need to equip a medical bag) to help heal or use items if you don’t have Recover Z. Have Hunter use his strongest attack and Filena/Lila use Heavy Ray when they can. Jump Ray is also effective against this boss, but Filena will not learn it until she is close to level 40. Guyras’ll drop 17000 Credits and 2800 Experience upon dying.

Use items to refresh your party or travel back to the security room before entering the control room to the north of where you fought Guyras. You can either operate the console in the northern part of the room, or enter the eastern wing to clear the treasures out of it, which are listed above. I recommend exploring the east wing AFTER Grand Brain is defeated, because there will be no random battles with both bosses dead. Like the rest of this dungeon, the east wing is fairly easy to navigate and lacks secrets, so it is not described in detail here. At any rate, Grand Brain, leader of the Black Devils will attack you after you touch the terminal.

Boss Fight: Grand Brain

This boss likes to use his Rajin Sword and Air Slash attack frequently, focusing his efforts on Lila. Luckily he only does about 200 damage per attack to her if she is in the back row. Rajin Sword can stun its target, so keep an eye on Lila’s HP. Use powerful skills like Drill Spear, Jump Ray, and Throat Crush on Grand Brain to end the battle ASAP. 1972 Credits, 3146 Exp are your reward for beating this boss. Head down to the first floor after beating him and go through the door to the south, but don’t forget to grab the treasures on your way out.

Chapter 9: Filosera

Part 1: Mamamia Bridge/Black Market/Filosera Beach

Recommended PurchasesWhite Spear

From Lucibeh base walk east and step into the bridge, then take the bridge south. To the northeast lies a circle of trees which is a Black Market. Rest up and get anything you need from the shops, then head over to the red hut by the beach. Walk up to the center of the shoreline and a cutscene will take place. You’ll need another Filoseran to open the door, so go see Yakos. Talk to the old man before leaving the beach and he will let you rest in his house.

Part 2: Watermill Hut  (Belushi)/Fortune teller

You’ll have to go all the way back to Belushi and talk to Yakos at the Watermill Hut, luckily you can pass through Lucibeh base without entering the building now that the fence is down. Yakos will tell you about a woman named Flora and Filena will suggest going to the fortune teller in Belushi for advice. Cross the stream via the mountain path (watch out, there are still monsters here) and enter the purple building. The fortune teller will make a cryptic remark, which is your cue to go back to Filosera beach.

Part 3: Filosera Beach (revisited)/Filosera Palace

ItemsFilosera DropTiara
Mermaid PrayerGlass BoomerangWolf Clothes

Return to Filosera Beach and walk up to the palace to initiate a cutscene. Once inside the palace, open the boxes to the east for a Filosera Drop, Tiara, Mermaid Prayer, Glass Boomerang, and Wolf Clothes. You cannot enter the room to the west…yet. Enter the throne room via the door to the north and walk up to the mirror behind the thrones to trigger an event. You’ll be told to visit six lighthouses and reignite their flames using the Hope of Filosera. Now go to the beach exit and another cutscene will take place. Leave the beach after the scene.

Part 4: First Lighthouse/Filosera Beach Hut

The first lighthouse is just north of the sea palace. Check out the book sitting by the entrance to the lighthouse, then go down the steps to the west. Rest in the beds if you like and use the elevator to get to the top floor. You can also walk up the steps, but there’s nothing to see, so it’s not worth your time. Read the second logbook which says the lighthouses have to be reactivated in the correct order to work, then climb up the ladder. Go up to the orb to activate it, then leave the lighthouse. Return to the hut on the beach by the palace and talk to Krim twice.

Part 5: Rye Island/Second Lighthouse

ItemsMarine Compass

Head over to the pier on Filosera Beach and get on the boat, which will take you to Rye Island. The second lighthouse is on the northern tip of the island. Use the elevator in the basement and activate the beacon the same way you did in the first lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper will give you the Marine Compass, which you can use in the beacon room by activating the beacon again to get back to the first lighthouse.

Part 6: First Lighthouse/Filosera Beach/Mamamia Bridge

Exit the first lighthouse after you teleport to it, then visit Krim at Filosera beach yet again and talk to him a few times. Set out for Mamamia Bridge and walk up to the middle of the bridge to trigger a cutscene. Nest will rejoin the party and advise Filena to go to Bor.

Chapter 10: Bor (Revisited)

Part 1: The Road to Bor

It’s a long walk to Bor from Mamamia Bridge. Start out by going northwest to Lucibeh, then walk north back to the Watermill Hut and take the waterfall path to Belushi. Next go north and east through the mountains and you will come to Bor. Reenter the cave just west of Bor and go through the passage you used to escape.

Part 2: Bor

Go through Uto’s room and take the elevator in the northeast part of the basement to the colosseum. Talk to the Megalo Battler standing on the center stage twice and he will tell you to get a Devis Emblem from his wife. Head back up to the basement and talk to the blond woman named Frente who lives by the stairs in the southwest part of the room.

Walk up the steps and take the elevator in the northeast on the ground floor, then talk to Muto in the southwest room on the 1st floor. After chatting with Muto, talk to the guard in the center of the room and ride the elevator up to the second floor. There’s a secret door that opens when you press against it to the northeast of the altar. Go through the door and hop on the teleporter. Walk north to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene walk up to the computer console in the northern part of the room to trigger another event. Filena will have to fight, but the battle ends after three turns and the enemy cannot harm you.

Dungeon 11: Devis Temple

ItemsMiracle AquaCure WaterHyper Material
Adrenaline PlusEnergy RingAurora Powder

Go through the hidden door behind the computer console that Fis came through, then step into the teleporter. Just above the statue along the east wall is a hidden path that leads east to a small room filled with treasure chests. Open them to get a Miracle Aqua, Cure Water, Hyper Material, Adrenaline Plus, and an Energy Ring*. Aside the secret room, this dungeon is simple and requires little explanation since all you need to do is follow the long hallway west, but a warning is in order. The enemies here are strong and can deal 2000 damage to characters that are around level 45 even if they are well equipped. It’s best to hang around the teleporter and fight if you want experience so you can easily return to the med bay in the computer room. Once you are ready, run down the hall and flee from random battles to conserve HP/TP.

*Players should equip the energy ring right away. It restores three TP per step and allows the player to use powerful skills more frequently.

Boss Fight: High Priest

This guy can lower the party’s stats with Spirit Wave and hit the entire party with Psychic Laser. The high priest’s attacks deal about 1000-2000 damage, so keep those heals coming, which should be easy since you probably have Recover Z by now. Filena should use Jumping Ray and Nest can rely on his Chain Buster attack in this fight. Of course Lila should heal and Hunter should use Throat Crush or Lunatic Act. Defeat the High Priest to get about 2500 Credits and 2360 Exp. The party will leave the temple automatically after the fight.

Chapter 11: Rekindling the Lighthouses

Part 1: The 3rd and 4th Lighthouses

ItemsToolbox Key

The fourth lighthouse is east of the Watermill Hut, go there and talk to Meat, who says he needs a key to open the door. See his brother, Loaf who is at the third lighthouse which is east of Bor. Talk to Loaf who will give you the key and then leave. Now you can enter the third lighthouse. As with the first two lighthouses, take the elevator in the basement to the top floor and go up to the beacon to relight it. At this point you can either use the beacon to travel to the first lighthouse and walk up through Lucibeh to reach Lighthouse 4 or walk through Belushi. At any rate, chat with Meat and he’ll unlock the door once you get there. Use the elevator in this lighthouse, just like you did in the others and ignite the beacon on the top floor.

Part 2: Bor/Nomad Camp/The Fifth Lighthouse

ItemsNeedleWolf Fang

Use the beacon in the 4th Lighthouse to travel to 3rd Lighthouse, from there go north to Bor. There’s some loot hidden in Bor, so go up the steps towards the main building and walk west (you’ll pass behind a pillar), then turn north. You should see a box next to a set of steps that is partially obscured by the building, the box contains a Needle. Go north some more and cross a narrow bridge, then go down the steps to find a chest with a Wolf Fang inside. Just east of the Wolf Fang is a causeway that leads to the town, walk over to it and press against the side of it while facing east to find a hidden path that leads to a box with a Carapace inside. Return to the city entrance and walk east, then north to find another chest by some steps that contains a Scale.

Leave Bor and follow the path northeast through the mountains to reach the Nomad Camp. The nomads have some new lines if you talk to them, but there’s nothing much to see here, so head through the north entrance. Follow the southern coast and you will find the fifth lighthouse east of the Nomad Camp. Make sure you have 4000 Credits before talking to the man in front of the door, he’ll charge you 1000 Cr just to get in. You’ll have to climb the steps to reach the top of this lighthouse and you’ll have to pay one of the man’s relatives another 1000 Cr every so often to proceed. Light the beacon once you reach the top and then return to the first floor to exit the lighthouse.

Part 3: The Sixth Lighthouse

Leave the fifth lighthouse and walk east along the shore to reach the beach where you met Amanela long ago. You’ll see old Muto standing by the water, chat with him and leave the beach by going northeast. Head southeast and you’ll see a cluster of circular woods south of Mine Town, the lighthouse is right by the woods. Enter the lighthouse after speaking to the traveler.

Dungeon 12: Sixth Lighthouse

ItemsAdrenaline Plus (2)Lassie HelmetGlass BoomerangCure Water
Miracle AquaOdd DeviceScaleGaia ShieldFilosera Drop


Pirates drop rare tradeable items like old coins and ship loot. Farm those items now if you want the rewards for them, because random battles will not occur in the lighthouse after the beacon has been lit.


Visit the basement after entering the lighthouse to find the following items: Adrenaline Plus (2), Lassie Helmet, Glass Boomerang, Cure Water, Miracle Aqua, Odd Device, Scale, Gaia Shield, Filosera Drop.  You’ll have to push against  the south wall to find a secret passage to get to two of the chests. Leave the basement once you’ve cleared the loot out. Go up the steps to the top of the lighthouse fighting random battles on the way. There’s a book by the ladder that leads to the beacon, read it for some info on how to reach the Devis continent, then go up the ladder and activate the final beacon.

Chapter 12: Iceburg

Part 1: Third Lighthouse/Iceburg

Use the beacon in the sixth lighthouse to teleport back to the third lighthouse, then walk back to Bor and turn south at the mountain pass. Go east once you leave the pass and you’ll see a snowy area. Keep going east to get to Iceburg. Stock up at the shops or rest at the inn if necessary. Then follow the narrow path north to the eternal iceberg.

Dungeon 13: Eternal Iceberg

ItemsLassie MailAdrenaline PlusE.G. RadioMiracle Aqua
ScaleCarapaceFilosera DropCure Water

This dungeon is basically a giant circle, so I have split it into two sections: Route 1 and Route 2. To get all the treasures, follow the instructions for both Route 1 and 2. Just go down to Route 2 if you want to complete the dungeon quickly.

Route 1

A box with a Scale in it is just east of the two Mermaid statues near the entrance. Return to the two statues and take the path that leads northeast, then go down the ramp with the ice rock near it. Walk around the pathway and open the chest northeast of the ramp to get a Carapace. Now return to the pathway and take a few paces east, then go down the nearest ramp. Walk north and you should see a room on your right that has no obvious entrance. You can walk through the wall to get in the room and open the chest for a Filosera Drop. Continue north through the hallway and go around the small peninsula with a chest near it’s tip to find another ramp on the western side of the peninsula. Go up the ramp and open the box to get a Cure Water. Go back to the two Mermaid statues to collect more treasures and find the exit.

Route 2

Walk past the two Mermaid statues and take the western path to a box that contains Lassie Mail. Step into the water using the small ramp to the south and walk northeast to the next ramp, then follow the path west past some sparkling water. You’ll come to what appears to be a dead end, just keep walking west to find a hidden path that you should follow as it turns north. You’ll eventually come to a box with an Adrenaline Plus. Now go north a bit more to find an E.G. Radio. You’ll see a small passage to the south to find a chest that holds a Miracle Aqua. Go back up the narrow passage and you should see a hallway with some more mermaid statues to the east. Follow the waterway east then north to reach the statues and trigger an event. Enter the doorway that opened up and walk north to find the ship.

Part 2: The Ice Ship

A pedestal with a sword shaped indentation sits on the ship’s deck. Go into your inventory, find the Sword of Filena, press the A button, and select insert. Filena will place the sword in the slot and the ship will break free from the ice.

Chapter 14: Dragonia

Part 1: Filosera Palace

ItemsFilosera DropFilena ShieldFilena HelmetFilena Armor

Sail south to the palace and dock at the pier. Enter the palace and you’ll see that the door in the northwest is now open. The boxes inside contain a Filosera Drop, Filena Shield, Filena Helmet, and Filena Armor. Be sure to have Filena equip the gear. You can also check out the mirror in the throne room for more instructions.

Part 2: The Dragonian Continent/Ron’s Cave

Get back in the ship and sail south from the palace. You’ll come to a large brown landmass. Sail around the eastern coast until you see a pier where you can dock. There is a cave on the northwestern tip of the continent, enter it and speak to Ron who has some helpful information. You can also use the beds in the cave.

Part 3: Preparing for the Final Battle

Dragonia is the final stretch of the game, so do anything you need or want to before entering the tower. The party should be at least level 48 before entering the tower. You may also want to visit the Black Market near Filosera and trade any items like Old Coins or Bones with the traders in red.

Part 4: Finding the Tower of Dragonia

From the cave walk north to the coast, then head east along the shoreline. You should see a finger shaped pattern (see image below) in the sand, step onto the finger to trigger an event. Use the Aurora Powder and the tower will become visible.

Dungeon 14: The Tower of Dragonia

ItemsAdrenaline Plus (2)Miracle AquaE.G Radio
Glass Boomerang (2)Odd DeviceMolotovAlmighty Herb (4)
Hyper MaterialRenewal Tea (5)King’s ManeSento Blade
Sapphire RingAdrenaline (4)Miracle AquaGoddess Statue

Ground Floor

Enter the tower and approach the capsule just north of the entrance to trigger a cutscene. Take a few steps east and go through the archway to the south, then go under the eastern bridge by pressing against it to find the hidden passage. There’s an Adrenaline Plus on the other side of the bridge, grab it and go through the archway north of the box to find another chest that contains a Miracle Aqua. Next go up the steps to the north, take the bridge south of the steps, and open the boxes to get an E.G Radio and Glass Boomerang. Now return to the steps and head west. There’s another bridge with two chests sitting on it, open them to get an Odd Device and a Molotov. There are some steps northeast of the boxes you just opened, walk down them and open the chest to get an Almighty Herb. Go through the archway to the south and take the Adrenaline Plus out of the chest.

Ascend the stairs again and walk east a few steps to the second archway. A few steps north of the second arch is a chest that contains a Hyper Material. Return to the second archway and walk east to the third. Follow the path north through the arch and descend the stairs. South of the steps is a chest with a Renewal Tea inside. You can pass under the bridge to the east to get to the chest that contains a King’s Mane on the other side. Ascend the steps and go all the way back to the first arch in the western end of the floor. Go through the arch and walk north to find a teleporter. Get on it to go to the first floor.

1st Floor

Head east until you see the hallway turn south and walk down the steps. Open the boxes to get an Adrenaline Plus and a Glass Boomerang. Walk south from the chest on the right to find a secret passage that turns east and leads to a Sento Blade. Go back up the steps and follow the hallway south, then west. Enter the room to the north once you come to the end of the hall and use the med bay to your right, then go north through the small hallway to the next teleporter.

2nd Floor

Walk south from the teleporter and take the steps to the east, then go east. You’ll see an archway and a path to the south, take the southern path. Press against the wall blocking the two chests to the east to find a secret passage. Open the boxes to get an Almighty Herb and Sapphire Ring. After that, go around the boxes (you can pass by them by walking south, then east) and follow the hallway that leads north. Go up the steps and go through the arch to the north, then walk west a bit to find a box that contains a Renewal Tea. Now walk east and go down the steps to the north. Open the boxes by the steps to find two Adrenalines. Go up the steps to the west, keep moving west a few paces and go down another set of steps. The box nearby contains another Adrenaline.

Take the steps west of the box and follow the path as it turns south to find another set of steps along with yet another Adrenaline. Ascend the steps, then head south, and turn east to find a chest that you’ll have to get by following the path as it snakes to the northeast. Inside the box is an Almighty Herb. Now go north to get another Renewal Tea, then descend the steps south of the box and head east. You’ll see the two chests behind the wall, which you opened earlier. Turn north at the boxes and go up the set of steps to the west, which will bring you back to the teleporter you used to enter the room.                   

South of the teleporter is another Renewal Tea, go onto the teleporter and rest at the med bay if you need to. Now go back to the pair of boxes in the southeast corner of the room and climb the steps north of them. Go south, then west and you’ll find some stairs that lead to a Miracle Aqua. Go down the steps west of the Miracle Aqua to find an Almighty Herb. Now climb the stairs and go on the teleporter to get to the next room.

Secret Information Corp Ops Room

Walk east from the teleporter and take the path north, then east to find some steps that lead to a box with yet another Renewal Tea inside. Go north to find more steps and use them to head over to the western side of the room. Walk south and you’ll see a med bay and a box behind the wall to the west. Push against the wall to walk through it and open the chest to get a Goddess Statue. Head north to the big staircase flanked by two statues to start a cutscene.


Make sure you grab the Goddess Statue from the Ops room and have Filena equip it before moving on. The final bosses will lower the entire party’s stats and you will be at a severe disadvantage without the statue, which protects from stat debuffs.


Boss Fight: Lubram

Watch out for Lubram’s powerful Shockwave attack that does roughly 1500 damage to everyone and resets their meters to zero, effectively canceling everyone’s turn. He also uses Vibration Wave which inflicts about 1500 damage on the party. Lubram’s most dangerous move is Psychic Laser, which deals a similar amount of damage to everyone and lowers stats. Use skills like Jumping Ray, Chain Buster, and Hunter’s lunatic act to injure the boss, while having Lila keep everyone healed. Lubram has a massive HP pool, but he will falter if you are able to keep up an offensive.

Room of Illusions

The party will be transported here after the battle with Lubram. The final battle will begin after a brief cutscene.

Final Boss Form 1: Hatred

Throw everything you have at this guy. He’ll use Spirit Wave to lower your stats, but he is so slow that he will not be able to get another attack off if you have everyone use skills like Jump Ray and Lunatic Act.

Final Boss Form 2: Hate Heart

The heart of hatred is a bit faster and uses a physical attack that his a single target for about 1200 HP. He can also lower everyone’s stats with Scream. Hate Heart will use Scream frequently and it’s effects stack. Consequently, most of your party members will die when he uses his Vibration Wave attack. Have Filena bring Lila back to life with Life Aid X, then put Lila to work resurrecting and healing the others. Better yet, you can use a Filosera Drop to bring everyone back. Keep hammering this boss with Filena’s Jump Ray and Hunter’s Lunatic Act while Lila casts recover Z to beat him. You’ve completed the game once the last boss falls. Congrats!

3. Enemy Drop List

The following is a brief list of enemies and the items they drop. Much of the information has not been tested thoroughly and there may be instances in the list where several enemies are listed together with a dropped item due to the ambiguity involved in discerning who dropped what item after a battle. This list should not be considered complete and enemies not mentioned here may drop items. Finally, enemy names are listed in order of appearance, so an enemy that is encountered early in the game will show up near the top of the list, while those that are find later in are found towards the bottom. Some foes appear in multiple areas, so check further down the list if you do not see the enemy you are looking for.

Drungle Dorah OverworldPara Cure
ZangrilasDorah OverworldMistwater
Security/Guard Information BureauImperial
Imperial/GuardInformation BureauHMaterial
Imperial Information BureauMistWater
Imperial/GuardInformation BureauArmy
Skullwing SewersSpeed Gel
MewDelacina OverworldBowgun
YarbaDelacina OverworldNeoturban, Lind Water
Mad Cur Delacina OverworldMistwater
Chinrootr Delacina OverworldGrenade
DethWinkr/Mad Cur/ChinrootrIce CavernLind Water, Magic Aqua, Mist Water, Fang, Mgcmushroom, Bone
Helium Ice CavernChlorine
Dela Leaf Ice CavernMistwater, Lind Water
Razzle Delacina Overworld North/Mountain PassFlash, Hmr.Bomb
Brunodon/SpidrMnky Laritenia CavernFlashball
Psn SporeMine Cart CaveAntidote, Speed Gel
LandWalkrMine Cart CaveMgcmushroom
TentaClawMine Cart CaveMiracle
Barabba 14Laritenia Escape RouteFire Ring
ManniMon Shulay OverworldBola
Camerona/Mad Air Ghost House TunnelsMistwater, Fang, Mirage Water
Axeman/Harpooner/Swordsman Nomad Camp OverworldViking Shield, Smoke bomb
GelshanonNomad Camp OverworldScale
Dead Tree/Mad Air Mount PilkitPara Cure, Antidote
Hunter/Killer/Attacker/BusterMount OligotSpeedball, Bola
TelbiBelushiSlingshot, Rusty Gun
ScisrFaceBelushiLind Water
ManHunterBelushiTurquoise Ring
GuhtBelushi OverworldNail gun
Assault/S.ForcesLucibehRusty Gun, Odd Device, HMaterial, Molotov
SniperLucibehSmoke Bomb, Bowgun
SoldierLucibehE.G. Radio
Donkey RexFilosera OverworldCarapace
RootvampFilosera OverworldChlorine, PanicStrm
Security (temple) Devis TempleHMaterial, Turquoise Ring
Temple Kn.Devis TempleSpark Hammer, Malachite Ring
High PriestDevis TempleArnel Herb, Prism Ring
SubSixth LighthouseViking Shield, Old Coin
Amazon Sixth LighthouseCarapace, Malachite
SharkSixth LighthouseOld Coin
ElmoSixth LighthouseShip Loot (?)
IceElektlEternal IcebergSpeedDwn
IceScorp/Ice BioEternal IcebergFreezeray, Needle
LongTungDragoniaBone, Antidote
RedScorpDragoniaGrenade, Carapace
DesertBioDragoniaFlashball, Arnel Herb
Sky BioDragoniaChampion (?)
Dsergeant/Security/D. Armour Dragonia TowerHMaterial, Smoke Bomb,  Hmr.Bomb, Banded (Tiara)

4. Miscellaneous Tips

a. Black Market Traders

The player will encounter a number of Black Markets hidden in circular forests throughout Eternal Filena. There are often NPCs dressed in red that will trade weapons or armor for certain goods wandering around these markets. Tradeable items are marked with a Star in the player’s inventory and can be given to the traders in stacks of 10. It’s a good idea to trade stacks in as soon as you complete them in order to take advantage of the powerful weapons and armor the traders give you. Unfortunately, the dialogue for the traders was not translated into English, so this list is mostly based on guesswork and is incomplete.

10 Carapace = Lobster Helm

10 Needle = Colichemrd

10 Bone = Boneblade

10 Hyper Material = Black Shield

b. Crystal Weapons

Crystal Weapons allow Filena and Lila to use skills like White and Heavy Ray, which are powerful attacks. While Crystal Weapon skills are powerful, they are also slow to execute and often cost a lot of TP, so these weapons are best equipped as side arms for boss fights or destroying dangerous enemies.

c. The Ring of Trials

Later in the game you’ll find the Ring of Trials, which will cause the party to be attacked after every other step if equipped. While this is something players will want to avoid, those trying to collect tradeable items or grind levels may appreciate the increased encounter rate.

d. Save, Save, Save

Eternal Filena certainly isn’t the toughest turn based RPG out there, but even regular enemies can be dangerous at certain points in the game. This is offset by the fact that the player can save at any time by using the Diary in the inventory. Save before leaving town or upon entering dungeons to ensure that some bad luck won’t set you back a few hours.

e. Changing Party Formation

It is possible to move characters around in the status screen by selecting a portrait, pushing A, moving the cursor to the character you want to swap places with, and hitting a again. You can also move a character to the back or front row by pressing left or right on the D-pad. Characters in the back take less damage, but inflict less damage. Moving party members around can also be helpful in situations where the lead character is blind, which makes the screen blur when he or she takes a step. Moving the blinded character will fix this problem.

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