Eternal Filena [Eien no Filena] (SNES)

Developer/Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

Release Date: February 1995 (Japan only)

Platform: SNES

English Translation: Satsu

Genre: Turn Based RPG

Players: 1

Note: Eternal Filena was originally known as Eien no Filerna or Eien no Filena in Japanese.


    Eternal Filena is a turn based RPG that follows the plot of a light novel/anime known as Eien no Filena. Players control a princess named Filena whose kingdom was destroyed by the evil Bor empire. Filena’s parents had their servant, Zenna, whisk their daughter to the relative safety of the town of Dorah, where she was disguised as a boy and trained to be a Battler. As an RPG, a number of characters will join Filena in her quest and grow more powerful as they fight random battles. There are a number of weapons that can be wielded including spears, swords, and knives. Each character will learn special attacks that deal extra damage for certain weapons. Players will explore a number of towns, dungeons, and hidden areas in their quest to fulfill Filena’s destiny. Eternal Filena is about 10-15 hours long.

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