Dragoon X Omega II Walkthrough (NES)

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Dragoon X Omega II Walkthrough (NES)

~By tankMage (August 2022)

About this Walkthrough

Dragoon X Omega II is one of the best ROM Hacks I have ever played, so I was disappointed to learn that there is little info on this game. Hopefully, this guide will fill in some gaps for anyone looking for answers. However, I did not go into great detail regarding the dungeons and I may have gotten the names of certain locations wrong. Finally, this guide was written for the “Final 2” version of Dragoon X Omega II and the advice I give may not work for earlier versions or the Easy Type patch. At any rate, I will likely take an active interest in this game for years to come, so contact me in the comments below with questions, corrections, and/or new findings.

1. Tips 

Dragoon X Omega II is a fairly difficult game, even by the standards of 8-Bit RPGs and it’s smart to follow a few rules of thumb throughout the game. Some of these tips can be considered spoilers, so read at your own risk. Even so, I recommend reading them and keeping them in mind since they have nothing to do with the story.

a. Level Up… A Lot

It pays to be a high level in RPGs in general, but it is basically a necessity in this game. Always take some time to get a few levels after finding a new town, the extra stats and money go a long way. Sargon should be about level 35 to beat the main story and 50 for the bonus content.

b. Stock Up on Healing Items

Herbs, Pills, SRAMs, Antis, and Betas are all precious commodities in this game. Herbs are a cheap source of healing early on and retain their usefulness for healing between fights even at the end of the game. Pills are also good for replenishing HP and will be one of Sargon’s primary sources of healing throughout the adventure. SRAMS can be used to save anywhere on the overworld, which is always a wise move and Antis cure poison. Betas are especially good, because they fully replenish Sargon’s PSI points between fights, though they are costly at 5000 Arca a pop.

Keep a good supply of the basic healing items like Herbs, Pills, and Antis. The extra cost is well worth the effort, because these items can save Sargon’s life. This guide will often advise players to stock up on such goods early in the game, but the recommended amounts are consertvative estimates and it is a good idea to take more. By the late game, you should try to maintain a supply of as many healing items as possible, though 20 Herbs, Pills, and 2 or 3 Betas should be enough to get by in most cases.

c. Do Not be Afraid to Run from Battles

Random battles can be dangerous and running is a great survival strategy. Do not wait until it is too late to run from a powerful enemy. It also pays to run from most of the battles in dungeons, since you will want to save resources for the boss at the end of many dungeons. Sargon will even encounter a few enemies towards the middle of the game that are too powerful to defeat until later on, so it is important to watch out for such foes.

d. Upgrade Your Gear

Keeping weapons and armor up to date is always important, but even more so in Dragoon X Omega II. Always buy new weapons and armor in town. If you are not sure something is better than what you have, you can always save before making the purchase and reload the game if it is not what you want. Buy weapons first, since they will help you kill enemies faster, which will in turn make grinding for money less tedious.

e. Some Armor and Weapons have Special Properties

The Pulse Gun, Medula, and Myra Armor are a few examples of pieces of equipment that can be used in combat as an item to activate special powers that buff Sargon or damage enemies. I did not check every piece of equipment in the game to test whether or not it had special powers, so feel free to experiment, since it is likely other pieces of gear hold their own secrets.

f. Keep the Medula, Pulse Gun, and Rail Gun

You will eventually find a Medula after completing a line of quests. The Rail and Pulse guns can be found in a dungeon late in the game. While the Rail Gun may or may not come in handy (sorry I sold it before testing it much) the other items are vital if you want to complete the bonus content in Dragoon X Omega II.

2. Walkthrough Part 1: Hylis 

a. Hylis Keep

Sargon starts the game near Hylis Keep. Look around the castle and talk to all of the NPCs to learn that you have to go to the Marsh Temple far to the east. Be sure to talk to the NPC in the northeast part of the castle to get a Dart Gun from a chest in the room behind him.

Side Quest: Sargon can acquire an item called Picks much later in the game that will allow him to unlock the door in the northeast section of the keep and open the chest behind the door to receive 10000 Arca.

b. Hylis Village

You will want to set out for the Marsh Temple after talking to Higa. Go south from Hylis Castle until you see a river to the right. Cross the bridge and you will see Hylis Village to the east. This town is a bleak place, but you can rest and save at the Clinic. There are also a number of shops that sell weapons, armor, healing items, and PSI powers.

Buy a Needle Gun as well as a set of Steel Armor. You should also get the Stare and Shadow PSI powers. All of this stuff is expensive so you will need to fight monsters around town until you can afford everything. In fact, I recommend getting to about level 4 or 5 before moving forward. Buy 5 or 6 Herbs and a few Antis, which cure poison status.

c. Marsh Temple

Sargon will be ready for the Marsh Temple after you buy everything you need. Look for a narrow passage south of Hylis Village. The pass leads to the swamp in the east. You should see a small temple on an island in the swamp after going through the pass. Cross the bridge and enter the Marsh Temple. 

The monsters in the Temple are a bit tougher than those on the overworld. Watch out for PSI attacks from Snipers and Shogonites. Try to save your level 1 PSI points for the boss, so use Herbs to heal. 

Side Quest: Look for a broken section of floor that resembles a finger or arrow pointing north on the lowest level of the Marsh Temple. Walk over the extended “finger” to find a secret passage that leads to the Watch, which you can trade for another special item later in the game.


Boss: Tyris 

Tyris can use some PSI abilities like Bolt, but he should not be hard to defeat if you are around level 4. Casting Bolt on Tyris can end the battle really quickly, so use it from the beginning and finish him off with your gun.


Talk to Kia, who is just north of where Tyris was standing, after the battle and Sargon will return to Hylis Castle. Talk to Higa and Kia to get the Sun Key.

d. Endengard 

Leave Hylis Castle after getting the Sun Key and walk south. Continue south when you see the bridge to Hylis Village and you will pass through some forests bordered by an eastern coastline. Look for a bridge south of the forest and cross it. A ruined bridge should be visible in the southeast. 

Head west until you see a narrow strip of land that leads to a larger landmass to the southwest. Be careful after crossing the land bridge, because the monsters on the other side of it are a bit stronger. Keep west and look for a long bridge to the north. Go across the long bridge and you will end up in a forested area with a hill that’s topped by a ruin. You will find Endengard on the other side of a bridge some distance north of the ruins. Talk to the townspeople to learn that most of Endengard’s inhabitants were poisoned by the Varion and only the Zefroom can cure them.

Despite all of the chaos, Sargon can still buy stuff at the shops and use the Clinic. Get a Shot Gun, Plate Helm, and Plate Armor. You should also learn PSIBlock and GeneRot. Get GeneRot first, because this PSI power can wipe out several monsters at once.

Try to get to level 8 or 9 by fighting monsters near Endengard before attempting to slay the Varion. You will also want to stock up on Anti at the item shop, because poison is really common in the Varion’s Lair. About 9 Antis should be enough to get through the lair safely.

Side Quest: Return to this town after getting the Picks from Sihn in Sansia. Approach the cemetery gate in the lower left corner of town and open it with the Picks. Search the bones next to the tombstone in the upper left to get a Medula. When used as an item in combat, the Medula will protect Sargon from instant death abilities. Hold onto the Medula, because you will need it to fight a secret boss later on. Do not talk to the person in the cemetery if you haven’t saved recently; she is actually a dangerous boss. For more info on the cemetery boss, see Section 5 of this guide.

e. Varion’s Lair 

Varion’s Lair is north of Endengard and fairly difficult to miss. Be sure to explore the left and right sides of the lair to get a Lamia, which is another piece of armor for Sargon, and a Plate Helm.

The monsters in this lair will poison Sargon quite frequently. In general, it’s unwise to use an Anti in battle, since the enemy may end up reapplying poison to Sargon on the next turn, so save your Antis until the battle is over if you get poisoned. You should also save your level 1 PSI powers for the boss, so you can cast Bolt on it.

To fight Varion, step into the hole in the northern part of the lair, then examine the red eyes in the narrow passage.


Boss: Varion 

Varion is a lot tougher than the first boss. Hopefully you took my advice and saved all your level 1 PSI power, because you can kill this boss in 4 to 6 turns with Bolt. Otherwise, you will have to use your gun to kill him and maybe GeneRot, which you likely cannot cast much at this point. 

Watch Sargon’s HP during this battle. Varion hits hard, so heal up if you get below 60 HP. Do not waste turns using Anti to cure Sargon if the boss poisons him, because the 1 HP of damage caused by poison is fairly insignificant.


Open the chest behind the boss to get the Zefroom. Go through the door behind the chest to get back to the upper floor. This door is strange, because Sargon will be standing in the hole after going through it. Try to step on solid ground after going through the door or you will have to go back to the Varion’s den again if you fall. Return to Endengard.

f. Getting the Hoverbike in Endengard 

Talk to the doctor and nurse near the entrance to Endengard after getting the Zefroom. You can talk to the other townspeople now that they have been cured. Talk to Lehi and Dean in the house in the northeastern section of town to get the Hoverbike. Sargon can use the Hoverbike to cross swamps. Stock up on any supplies you may need before leaving town.

g. Pergador 

Go south from Endengard and across the long bridge, then head west. You will see a patch of swamp surrounded by forest after a short walk. Now that you have the Hoverbike, Sargon will automatically use it when you step into a swamp tile. Ride the bike west over the swamp and follow the narrow path north. Keep going north over land. Turn west when you see another patch of swamp and you should find Pergador on a small island in a ring of swampland.

Pergador has a lot of stuff you can buy. Get Sargon a set of Alloy Armor and a Flak Gun. It’s worth noting that the Flak Gun is not as accurate as the Shot Gun, but the increased damage makes up for its inaccuracy. You can also buy an item called the Pill from the doctor for 300 Arca. The Pill will prove vital in the coming battle, because it heals a large amount of HP. Be sure to earn enough money to buy 4 or 5 Pills.

You should also invest in the PSI Powers sold in town. Schism can confuse monsters, making it a good form of crowd control, while Agnost reduces the effects of PSI attacks made against your character. Auratap can wait until later, since you won’t be able to cast it for a while.

Try to battle monsters in the vicinity of Pergador until Sargon is level 12. The next boss is really dangerous and you will need to be a decently high level and well supplied to defeat him.

Side Quest: Talk to Tao near the gate to Pergador with the Watch in your inventory and he will give you the Purify. Do not forget about this item, because it will come in handy later in the game.

h. Sia Castle 

Tip: This dungeon is really dangerous. Make sure Sargon is at least level 10 before attempting it. Bring plenty of Herbs and 4 or 5 Pills, which you will need for the boss fight. 

Sia Castle is far from Pergador. To get there, leave the Pergador region and go east, all the way back to Hylis Village. Make a rest stop at the village, then head south to the Marsh Temple where you fought Tyris.

Use the Hoverbike to go south through the swamp once you reach the Marsh Temple. Turn right when you hit the southern cliff, then walk south. Follow the coast line, which runs south, then west in a sort of zig zag pattern and you will see Sia Castle in the center of a small forest. 

The enemies in the castle are fairly strong, but Sargon should be fine as long as he’s at least level 11 and equipped with Alloy Armor. Several Sianite warriors stand between you and Sia. Be sure to save your PSI power for the boss if possible and use Herbs to heal between fights.


Boss: Sia 

Sia is a renowned PSI user and a decent fighter. Make sure Sargon is fully healed before talking to Sia after defeating his minions, because Sia can hit for 20 to 45 HP every round. He can also increase his speed with Shadow and poison Sargon. Start out by casting Shadow to increase the likelihood that Sargon will hit Sia or maybe even evade his attacks. After that, cast Bolt and GeneRot until you run out of PSI points. This should be enough to slay Sia, but you may have to finish him with your gun. 

Use Pills to heal when Sargon’s HP drops to about 70. Herbs and the Aura power are not enough to out heal the amount of damage Sia inflicts, so make sure you have a few Pills before talking to Sia.


Take the Air Key from the chest behind Sia after defeating him.

Side Quest: Come back here much later in the game after getting the Picks to unlock the door and get the AntiBio, which is an important item for another part of the side quest chain.

3. Walkthrough Part 2: Merkah

a. The Great Divide 

Return to Pergador after defeating Sia and getting the Air Key. With both the Air and Sun Key in his possession, Sargon can cross the Great Divide that leads to Merkah. Purchase a few Herbs and Pills at Pergador, then save your game at the Clinic before leaving. 

Head north from Pergador to a valley with a forest running through it. Follow the valley northeast and you will eventually encounter a cave, which is actually the Great Divide.

You will see a blue seal on the ground after entering the Great Divide. Go into your inventory and use the Air Key while standing adjacent to the seal to destroy it. Be sure to search this cave thoroughly, because you will find a Laser and a Globus on the first floor.

After going down the steps on the first floor, you will see another seal on the ground. Use the Sun Key here to remove the seal. From there you can simply walk north to leave the Great Divide and enter Merkah.

b. Sleg Mine

Warning: A creature called Feros will likely attack Sargon in the Sleg Mine and in the area beyond it. Run from this enemy, because it’s very difficult to defeat at this point in the game.

After leaving the Great Divide, go north until you reach a snowy plain. Continue north until you come to an impassable cliff, then head west. You should see an arrow shaped patch of green in the snow. There’s a small hole on the left side of the arrow, step on it to enter an ancient base populated by robots. 

Go through this ruin and talk to the robots on the way to get some clues. This area has random battles, so do not wander around too much.

c. Isenfort 

Sargon will emerge from the Sleg Mine in another wilderness. Stick to the rocky cliffs to the left while walking north. The cliff will eventually turn left, keep following as it sort of spirals westward. You will see the town of Isenfort sitting in a patch of snow. You should already have the Laser from the Great Divide, but you can buy one at the Isenfort weapon shop if you missed it. Purchase the Carbon Armor and Helmet as well. That said, it may be better to hold off on the Carbon Armor set, because Sargon will find some powerful armor in the next area.

The PSI shop sells Fission, Outwarp, and Shield. Buy all of these abilities, even if you cannot use them. 

Of course, all of this stuff costs a lot of money and you will need to grind to build up funds. Grinding in this area is fairly tedious thanks to Feros, so just get enough money together to buy what you need. In fact, it may be better to just skip to the next area after stocking up on Pills and grind there.

Talk to the people in the house next to the PSI shop. It turns out that Anna has bacterial bronchitis and will die if she doesn’t get medicine. Set out for Isenfort Tunnel to the south.

Side Quest: Sargon will find the AntiBio in Sia Castle, which can save Anna, after getting the Picks later in the game. Giving the AntiBio to Anna will also award Sargon with the AntiRad.

d. Isenfort Tunnel 

Isenfort Tunnel is a hole in the ground just south of Isenfort. This dungeon is fairly straightforward, but there is an optional area with a few secrets. 


Secret Room

Note: This area is EXTREMELY dangerous and you will need a lot of luck to get through it thanks to powerful enemies that attack Sargon. Be sure to run from any random encounters and heal up between fights.

There’s a secret treasure stash in this tunnel. Look for a skeleton on the floor near a bend in the corridor. You should see a dark gap in the wall above the skeleton. Stand next to the skeleton, step north, then west, then north again to enter a secret area. Examine the boxes to get an Opta and a Zeite Helmet. The Opta will increase Sargon’s stats when used. You will find the exit to this area north of the entrance.

A long tunnel west of the exit steps leads to a Zeite Armor, 3400 Arca, and a Fornix. I highly recommend leaving this area, going outside and saving before attempting to get this second set of treasures, because of the threat posed by the enemies here.


The exit to this dungeon is in the south end of the corridor.

e. Sansia 

Walk southwest after exiting Isenfort Tunnel. After a rather long walk, you will see a swamp. Ride the Hoverbike over it until you see a small island to the west. Dismount the bike on the southern side of the swamp when you get to the island and walk south a bit to find the town of Sansia. 

Sansia is an interesting and important town for several reasons. First off, you will learn that there have been issues with the Aqueduct if you talk to the inhabitants of this town. Secondly, you can buy an Opta at the doctor’s for 6000 Arca. In fact, you can purchase as many Optas as you like. Doing so can give Sargon a tremendous stat boost in the process, though it’s best to buy 5 or 6 since they seem to have a hidden cap that reduces their effectiveness after a certain number of uses.

The armor sold in Sansia is worth buying if you did not get the Zeite armor set hidden in Isenfort Tunnel. Finally, the Wave Gun is an expensive, though powerful weapon upgrade that’s well worth the price. Unfortunately, the PSI powers taught here cannot be learned by Sargon at this point.

I strongly recommend spending some time fighting monsters near Sansia until you are about level 21-22. If you get the Wave Gun first, you can kill things fairly quickly and save your PSI power for larger groups. 

Side Quest: Talk to the NPCs in the house near the entrance to Sansia after getting the Purify to obtain the Picks, which can be used to open locked doors in Hylis Keep, Sia Castle, and Endedgard.

f. The Aqueduct 

The Aqueduct is difficult to miss. Just go north from Sansia and you will come across a narrow strip of swamp bordered by two cliffs. Follow the strip of swamp further north to find the Aqueduct.

The Aqueduct is a maze of passages, but it follows a fairly logical pattern. Be sure to look around and get the Grenade from the southwest corner of the dungeon. You will also come across a switch blocked by bars in the northern section of this area. Sargon cannot reach the switch at the moment, but it will come into play in the near future. 

Exit the Aqueduct after acquiring the Grenade and set out for Isenfort.

g. Uris Desert Tunnel

After returning to Isenfort, look for a narrow valley north of town. Go north through the valley until you hit a crossroads. The path to the south is covered in swamp land. It also leads to the tunnel to Uris Desert, so follow it to your destination.

Some rocks block the tunnel just north of the entrance. Examine the block on the right with the Grenade in your inventory and Sargon will use the Grenade to demolish the block. The chests in this tunnel contain an Opta and 800 Arca. The northern exit leads to Uris Desert.

h. Tyris’ Base 

The Uris Desert is huge, but it is not difficult to find where Tyris is hiding. Walk north from the tunnel, then east, then north again and you will see a small fort after some distance. 

Tyris’ Base has a few treasures on its outer wall that include 5000 Arca, a Regal Helmet, and a Myra Armor. The Myra Armor is located north of the steps that lead deeper into the base. Try not to miss it, because it offers excellent defense without reducing Sargon’s Evade %. It can also be used as an item in combat to cast Agnost.


Boss: Tyris 

You will find Tyris waiting inside his base. Despite knowing a few buffs that speed him up and a direct damage PSI power called Sonic, Tyris isn’t much of a threat as long as you are prepared. Start the battle by casting Shadow, then soften him up with Fission. Bolt also works well in this fight, but you can use your weapon if necessary. 

Tyris will likely do about 45 damage per round if you have the Myra Armor, Regal Helm, and Globus, so you can largely focus on attacking. Use a Pill to heal if Sargon’s HP gets low since your level 5 PSI points are best spent on Fission.


Open the chest behind Tyris to get the Cutter, which you need to cut through the bars in the Aqueduct. Cast Outwarp to teleport all the way back to the entrance to the Uris Desert Tunnel when you are done.

k. The Aqueduct and Sansia Revisited

Warning: The Aqueduct is a lot bigger than most of the dungeons in this game. It is also home to monsters that can put Sargon to sleep, which can lead to defeat if they manage to do enough damage. Be sure to bring 18-20 Pills and a Beta or two. It is also wise to Outwarp from this dungeon and save once or twice as you explore it, since this can cut down on backtracking if you die.

Backtrack all the way to Sansia after getting the Cutter. Resupply in town, then set out for the Aqueduct to the north. Use the Cutter to clear away the bars blocking the switch, then step on it to warp to a new part of the Aqueduct. Look for some steps leading down in the southwest part of this section of the Aqueduct.

Beware the monsters on the lower floor of the Aqueduct, particularly creatures called Guardian, which render Sargon unconscious, leaving him open to attacks. Use Agnost or run from Guardians if you see them. The right side of this area is basically a dead end, but you will find a chest with 7340 Arca there if you explore it. The left half of this area also has a few chests, so look around to get an Opta. You should also find some steps that go to the lowest level of the dungeon north of the Opta. 

The third floor of the Aqueduct is really huge, so be prepared to spend some time searching it. Look for a corridor that runs south, then east to the left of the entrance steps to this floor. Follow it to find some boxes with a Regal Armor and another Opta. The Regal Armor has slightly higher defense than the Myra Armor, but its evade penalty makes it inferior to the Myra armor in my opinion. You will also find a Vulcan gun west of the Regal Armor. 

You will find another set of steps in the northwest. These lead to another long hallway where you will find some money and a chest sitting at a dead end. Heal up before examining the chest at the dead end, because the Serpent will attack Sargon the moment he touches the chest.


Boss: Serpent 

The Serpent cannot use PSI, but it makes up for this deficiency with bone crunching strength. A hit from this thing can do 45-100 damage. Cast Shield when the fight begins to mitigate some of that damage and do not be shy about using Pills or Auratap to heal frequently. Bolt is really effective on this boss and you can defeat him with it if you have 9 level 1 PSI points as well as some luck. If not, you can rely on your weapon to deliver the killing blow. 


Take the CardKey from the chest after beating the Serpent, then cast Outwarp to leave the Aqueduct.

4. Walkthrough Part 3: Unlocking the Ark

a. Sleg Mine

Return to Sansia and save your game after acquiring the CardKey at the Aqueduct. From Sansia, head east to go back to Isenfort. Make a pit stop at Isenfort, then set out for the Sleg Mine, which is to the southeast. Remember: You will have to go around the mountain range that partially encircles Isenfort to reach the Sleg Mine.

Once in the Mine, head over to the locked door with a robot standing by it. Talk to the robot and it will let you go through the locked door now that you have the CardKey. Heal up before doing anything in the room beyond the door, because an enemy will appear when Sargon examines the switch at the back of the room. The Mecha that attacks Sargon is not difficult and can be taken down fairly quickly with Bolt.

The Railjet will be active and ready for use after you defeat Mecha. Exit this area via the door to the south to return to the Great Divide.

b. Data Center (Optional)

With the Railjet active, Sargon is free to explore the world. Walk over to the Railjet east of the entrance to the Sleg Mine. Step onto the vehicle waiting in the white track, go north, then turn left at the crossroad. Follow this track to a small valley with a ruin to the north. 

A lone robot called X5 waits here. Sargon can talk to him and read the monitors in this area to get some background on the story. You will also see the secret dungeon called the Nuclear Plant in the forest just south of the Data Center. Sargon cannot enter the plant until a series of side quests outlined in Section 5 of this walkthrough have been completed.

c. The Armory 

From the Railjet Station in the Great Divide, head north until you can get onto the rail on the right, then go south. Soon the rail will fork, take the path going north to find a ruin. This place is a tangle of corridors, but you will find some nice stuff here. This includes an Opta, Beta, and 8135 Arca.

Go through the corridors northwest of the entrance and up some steps to a catwalk. You should see a discolored patch of ground here. Examine it to get the Nanite. Look for another set of steps in the far northwest section of this place and go along the catwalk they lead to in order to reach a hatch that goes deeper into the facility. 

Head over to the far right to find a box that contains a Rail Gun. The Rail Gun is powerful, but lacks accuracy. Personally, I prefer the Vulcan. Look for a red NPC west of the Rail Gun. Heal up and talk to him to battle Tyris a third time.


Boss: Tyris 

Tyris looks a bit different this time around. He is not terribly difficult at this point, but he can cast Rapid to give himself an extra attack, so be careful. Tyris can also heal himself, so use powerful attacks on him. Bolt does not work well in this fight, but Fission is fairly effective. Aside from that, you can cast Shadow and Shield to give Sargon a slight edge in this fight. Heal if your HP drops to about 200, because Tyris can get lucky with a critical hit.


Open the box behind Tyris after the fight to get the EMP. You will also find a Pulse Gun west of the EMP if you go through the winding passages. Walk into the black space to the east to leave this facility quickly.

Tip: Hang onto the Pulse Gun. It does double damage to mechanical and cybernetic foes when equipped. The Pulse Gun can also be used as an item to inflict bioelectrical damage on mechanical enemies.

d. Nanite Upgrade

Return to the Sleg Mine and talk to the robot wandering around the hallway after getting the Nanite in The Armory. He will upgrade Sargon’s PSI abilities. Now you can learn and use level 7 and 8 PSI abilities. Blitz and Fusion are sold at Sansia.

To find the level 8 PSI powers, go through the cave that leads to Uris Desert then walk north until you see some palm trees. Examine the cliff wall between two of the palm trees and a hole will appear. Step inside to find a secret PSI shop where you can buy Auraeus and Nova.

e. The Caves to Dead Pool

Bring a good supply of Pills, SRAMs, and Betas on this trip, because it will be a while before you can return to town.

Get on the Railjet at Railjet Station east of the Sleg Mine entrance in the Great Divide. Go north until you see a Railjet Station on your left, then take the rail on the right so you can go south. Follow this rail over the snowy mountains and you will eventually come to a fork in the road. Keep going left over a body of water. You should be able to dismount the Railjet in a swampy area after crossing the lake. 

Use an SRAM to save here, because the enemies are really dangerous, then ride the Hoverbike up the narrow part of the swamp to enter a cave. Explore the cave to get two Optas and 7900 Arca. Look for a switch on the wall on the left hand path in this cave. It’s hard to see, but it’s just left of a chest. Examine it and it will lower a bridge outside. Exit the cave via the northern door.

Exiting the cave will bring Sargon to a wooded area with a lake in its center. You should also see an island with a building on it. There should be what appears to be a tower north of the island. If you flicked the switch in the cave, there will be a bridge near the tower. Enter the tower to begin your quest for the power source in Dead Pool. Go through the narrow hallway on the lower floor of the ruin to reach the island.

f. Dead Pool

Like most of the dungeons in this game, Dead Pool is fairly linear. You will see a lot of doors, but most cannot be accessed. Watch out for monsters called Meta; their Bore ability can inflict upwards of 150 damage. For the most part it’s best to run from any Meta you encounter. Look for a chest with Spline Armor on the second floor of Dead Pool in a room with a large pit and a lot of bones.

Get the Grav Gun from the chest by a pit on the third floor. Eventually you will come to a door marked by a skull. The door will take you to a long corridor with a box at the end. Heal before touching the box, because it triggers a boss battle.


Boss: Karrion

Begin the battle by using Blitz to buff Sargon. This will make you get two hits instead of one per round if you use a standard attack. Hammer away at Karrion and heal when you get to about 200 HP.  You can also cast Shield to mitigate damage from this boss’s melee attacks, but he tends to cast Crash frequently. He can also remove the effects of Agnost, so it’s best to just attack directly.


Open the box to get the Source after beating Karrion, then Outwarp from this place.

g. The Ice Lab

Tip: This is a good place to level up for the final stretch of the game. It’s relatively close to Isenfort and the enemies here are worth a lot of experience points. Equip the Grav Gun for use on the biological foes in the Ice Lab and use the Pulse Gun as an item to damage groups of machines.

Ride the Railjet to the extreme north and you will find a single ruin at the end of the line. This is the Ice Lab, which leads to the Ark. Do not come here until you’ve obtained the EMP from The Armory and acquired the Source for the teleporter at Dead Pool.

Walk directly north to find some steps that lead down to a chest that contains the Vermis which can be used to combat to render the Stare ability ineffective against Sargon. To the west you will find a force field that can only be deactivated with the EMP found in The Armory.

Be sure to check the lower right hand corner of the huge room inside the Ice Lab to get the Argus Armor. You will also find the Spline Helmet in a box on the left side of a long hallway before the teleporter room. 

Sargon can simply go through the door with a robot standing by it to teleport to the Ark if he has the Source in his inventory.

h. The Ark

Note: Try to get up to about level 35 before attempting the final boss.

The Ark is huge, but very straightforward. It’s also an excellent place to level up, so be sure to fight here when the Ice Lab becomes too easy. Despite being the final dungeon, Sargon can use Outwarp to leave the Ark.

Sargon will meet Tyris once again as he explores the Ark. Tyris will talk to Sargon, revealing some of the secrets of the Ark, then disappear. This will happen several times until you see a demonic pair of eyes at the end of the corridor. This creature is the Neverborn, the final boss. Use a Beta to refill Sargon’s PSI points and heal him before talking to the Neverborn.


Boss: Neverborn 

Neverborn uses dangerous PSI powers like Bore and Stare, so cast Agnost at the beginning of the battle. You should also buff Sargon up with Blitz and Shield. Fission, Fusion, Nova, and even Bolt work fairly well on this boss, but you will have to fall back on Sargon’s weapon after a while. Carefully balance healing with Pills and attacking, because Neverborn heals himself fairly often. It’s best to heal when you get down to about 300 HP.

You may also want to re-apply Agnost if the boss nullifies it with Dogma. The biggest threats in this battle are critical hits (which shouldn’t be an issue if you keep your health high) and Neverborn’s Stare power. A bit of bad luck and Stare can knock Sargon out for many turns. The Vermis can nullify Stare if used as an item, but it’s unlikely you kept it, considering the tiny amount of inventory space provided in this game. Luckily, Agnost does a fairly good job of blocking Stare.

The battle with Neverborn will take quite a while if you are level 35 and have Grav Gun as a weapon, but players who completed the bonus dungeon (see Section 5. Walkthrough Part 4) should be able to defeat Neverborn rather quickly. At any rate, victory will be yours once the Neverborn falls in battle.


The game will end and the epilogue will play once Neverborn is defeated. Congratulations on beating this game. A special dungeon awaits if you have not found it already.

5. Walkthrough Part 4: The Nuclear Plant (Bonus Dungeon)

Sargon can reach the location of the Nuclear Plant after activating the Railjet. To find the plant, simply head west on the Railjet and you will come to an area northeast of Sansia. Two buildings occupy this area. The first is a sort of Data Center in the north that is maintained by a robot named X5, while the second is surrounded by a ring of trees. The building surrounded by trees is the Nuclear Plant. It is impossible to enter the plant without AntiRad, which can be obtained by completing a string of small quests, which are listed below. 

a. The Watch

You will find this item in the Marsh Temple near the start of the game. Go down to the last floor of the temple and look for a broken section of floor that looks a bit like a finger pointing north. Walk over the longer section of the broken passage and Sargon will go through a secret corridor. Continue north, then east, then north again in the hidden passage to find a chest that holds the Watch.

b. Purify

Bring the Watch from the Marsh Temple to Tao in Pergador and he will give you the Purify.

c. Picks

Sargon will meet an NPC that complains about the water quality in Sansia long after getting the Purify from Tao in Pergador. Check the house left of the entrance to town and talk to Tinh with the Purify in your inventory, then talk to his father to receive the Picks.

d. AnitBio

A locked door is located in the castle where you fought Sia. The Picks will open the door allowing Sargon to take the AntiBio from the chest on the other side of the door.

e. Endengard Cemetery

Visit Endengard after getting the Picks at Sansia and open up the cemetery gate in the lower left. The corpse near the top left tombstone has a Medula, which protects Sargon from insta-death if he uses it in battle. Keep the Medula, because you will need it for a special boss. Speaking of bosses, the woman in the cemetery is a special boss called SheBitch that will attack Sargon if he talks to her, so save before engaging her.

Note: I strongly recommend leveling up to 50 before attempting to fight SheBitch. The powerful melee attacks and PSI powers used by this boss can easily overwhelm Sargon if he is not a high level.


Boss: SheBitch

SheBitch is aptly named and more dangerous than the final boss of the game. Make sure you have the Grav Gun equipped if you want to fight this creature before clearing the Nuclear Plant. Immediately use the Medula to protect Sargon from her Fall PSI power, which can instantly kill Sargon. Next, cast Agnost, because SheBitch can use Nova. After that cast Shield to defend against her powerful melee attacks and Blitz to deal some extra damage to her. Finally, cast Shadow.

The rest of this battle depends on luck unless you have the best weapon from the Nuclear Plant. SheBitch will basically use melee attacks and try to disable Sargon with Stare. If she manages to put Sargon to sleep, the battle is likely over. The other big problem is the fact that SheBitch can completely heal herself with Auraeus. She seems to use Auraeus randomly and there is usually a gap of about ten rounds between casts, so you will have to try to kill her before she can cast Auraeus.

It took me about 10 tries to beat SheBitch and the only way I was able to do it was by casting all of the buffs listed above, then using Auratap to heal while waiting for SheBitch to cast her Auraeus PSI power. Next, I started casting Nova every single round (9 in total) to deal as much damage as possible to SheBitch. I did not heal the entire time and fell back on normal attacks to kill her. Once again, I did not heal while using normal attacks and was able to slay SheBitch with about 38 HP left.

As I said before, this battle feels more like a matter of luck unless you have the secret weapon and armor from the Nuclear Plant. It’s possible the Rail gun can make this battle easier, especially if Sargon is buffed with Blitz, but it has a really bad accuracy rate. Keep trying and you should be able to beat SheBitch before the Nuclear Plant if you really want to, otherwise, pay her a visit with the game’s best weapon.


You won’t get anything special for defeating SheBitch aside from the right to brag about slaying one of the toughest RPG bosses out there.

f. The AntiRad

Remember the sick girl named Anna in the small house in Isenfort? Sargon can cure her by talking to her after getting the AntiBio from Sia Castle. Talk to the nurse after giving Anna the Antibio to get the AntiRad, which will finally allow Sargon to enter the Nuclear Plant.

g. Preparing for the Nuclear Plant

You will need a lot of supplies for the Nuclear Plant even after getting the Anti Rad so make sure you have the following:

-All of the PSI powers, especially Blitz and Auraeus

-The Medula, which you need to cancel out the boss’s Fall PSI power

-A few SRAMs, tons of Pills, and several Betas

-Sargon should be level 50

-The Pulse Gun

While you likely have most of these things if you have been using this guide, getting Sargon to level 50 is no small task. It takes about 31k exp to level up after level 30 or so and most enemies only give about 2000 exp at the end of the game. The monsters in the Ark will flee from Sargon starting at about level 35, so it can get really difficult to gain levels.

In my opinion, the best place to farm exp is the tunnel south of Isenfort. Look for a secret passage behind Skiffles’ bones near the center of the tunnel. An enemy called Render will attack you here. Renders drop 700 to 1500 exp depending on how many are in the fight and the Pulse Gun works really well on them. Even better, they do not run from Sargon, so you will not waste time fighting battles that do not yield experience. It should only take two or three hours to get to level 50 fighting in this tunnel, less if you are using the Easy Type Patch.

h. The Nuclear Plant

Do not even think about coming in here unless you have all the stuff mentioned in the previous section, though you may be able to beat the boss without the Pulse Gun. The monsters in this area are brutal and not worth fighting, so run from any random encounters that occur. You will also notice the lights are out at the beginning. Walk up to the blue screen to turn them back on.

The lights will go out at certain points as you walk around the Nuclear Plant, so try to memorize the layout of the plant while they are on and keep an eye out for blue screens, which can be used to reactivate the lights.

After going up a long hallway, Sargon will suddenly be blocked by an unseen object. Equip the Pulse Gun when you get here. Heal up your HP and PSI points, then examine the space in front of you to start the battle with Pyro.


Boss: Pyro

Pyro will likely cast Fall near the beginning of the battle, so use the Medula right away to avoid getting instantly slain. After that, cast Blitz, Agnost, Shield, then Shadow. Save your level 9 PSI points for Auraeus. With the Pulse Gun equipped and the Blitz buff, you should do somewhere around 400 damage per round to Pyro.

Pyro casts Nova, which can be really dangerous unless you are buffed with Agnost, so make sure you recast Agnost if Pyro uses Dogma on Sargon. Pyro also hits like a truck and it’s a good idea to heal with Auraeus when Sargon is down to about 300 HP.

This fight may take a while, since Pyro can heal with Auratap and Rez, but you should be able to outdamage him with the Pulse Gun. 


With Pyro dead, you are free to loot the two chests behind him to get the Omega Gun and Gamma Armor. Both items are extremely powerful.

6. PSI Powers

Here is a list of the PSI abilities in Dragoon X Omega II along with brief descriptions of their effects. Keep in mind that some of the effects of the PSI abilities are only vaguely described in the game and it took a bit of testing and guesswork to figure out what they actually do, so the descriptions may not be accurate.

1AuraHeals a small amount of HP
1BoltInflicts low damage on 1 enemy
2StarePut one enemy to sleep for a few turns
2ShadowIncreases Evade and Hit rates*
3PSIBlockPrevents 1 enemy from using PSI powers
3GeneRotInflict a small amount of damage to every monster on the screen
4SchismCan cause confusion and affects multiple targets
4AgnostProtection from PSI attacks
5AuratapA more powerful healing ability
5FissionHeavy damage to one target
6OutwarpInstantly exit a dungeon
6ShieldIncreases physical defense
7BlitzSargon’s weapon gets an extra hit per round
7FusionHeavy damage to all enemies
8AuraeusFully heals Sargon
8NovaThe most powerful single target direct damage PSI power
*Effects not confirmed.

7. Items

This is a brief list of the items that can be found and/or purchased in Dragoon X Omega II. Most of these items can be bought at any Doctor’s shop in any of the towns, but some do not appear until later in the game. The “+” has been omitted from the names of the items and the HP amounts healed by things like Herbs are estimates.

HerbRestores roughly 50 HP
PillRestores roughly 100 HP
BetaRefills PSI points
SRAMAllows the player to save the game on the overworld map
OptaBoosts Psyche, Agility, and Luck 
AntiCures poison status

8. Mysteries

There are a few things I could not figure out about Dragoon X Omega, though not for lack of trying. Unfortunately, only Sliver X may know the answer to some of these questions and I am not sure if he is still interested in talking about this game so long after creating it. Hopefully, some clever person will figure these things out one day.

a. The Chest in Isenfort

There’s a very conspicuous box in Anna’s house in Isenfort. At first I thought the Picks or AntiBio were required to open it, but neither seemed to work. Next, I tried looking for a secret passage inside the house or a door that led into the treasure room from the outside and had no luck. What the box holds, if anything, is a mystery.

Update: An anonymous visitor and Silver X have confirmed that the weapon in this chest is a Dart Gun.

b. What does Psyche do?

The Psyche stat is presumably connected with PSI in some way, but I have no idea how. At first I thought it may boost damage, but after testing Bolt on weak monsters and seeing no difference in damage from level 1, I came to the conclusion that this was likely not the case. It may be that Psyche determines PSI defense, though I could not test this hypothesis, let alone find evidence to support it. 

Update: Psyche raises INT, which was bugged in Final Fantasy as well as in this hack. Special thanks to Silver X for sharing this info.

c. Is there an easier way to kill SheBitch?

There is a forum post (see the references section at the end of this guide) where Sliver X himself says the following regarding SheBitch: “The SheBitch is a litmus test for Pyro (She is the only other enemy in the game with the Fall PSI): If you can kill her, you have a fair chance of taking down Pyro.”. This statement really confuses me, because I think she is far more difficult than Pyro. It’s possible I missed some trick to fighting SheBitch or that Sliver X was doing a bit of trolling and I’m not sure which is the case.

When writing this guide, I tried all sorts of PSI powers on her and had no luck aside from the strategy mentioned in the Endengard Cemetery section of this walkthrough. As I mentioned in the guide on SheBitch, it may be possible that the Rail Gun (which I sold) may be the trick to beating her easily….or maybe I have really bad luck. 

Update: Silver X stated that the Rail Gun is effective on SheBitch.

d. Is there a cap on how many Optas Sargon can use?

This guide mentions the Opta, which increases Psyche, Agility, and Luck by a point. You can find these in dungeons and buy them late in the game in Sansia. While the Opta seems to increase Sargon’s stats when first used, it appears to stop working after about 10 or 15 have been consumed. I came to this conclusion, because Sargon’s Evade % stopped increasing after taking a bunch of Optas, even though it would still increase if he naturally gained Agility from a level up. Sadly, this really limits the usefulness of the item and prevents Sargon from having extremely high dodge and critical hit rates.

Update: It is likely that Optas stop having an effect on stats after a certain point according to Silver X. They were created with a custom routine, so the break point for Optas is unkown.

9. References

There is not much info on Dragoon X Omega II and this guide is based almost solely on my own findings without much to compare them to outside of a few forum posts. In fact, it seems that some of the info regarding this great hack has been lost over the years, so hopefully this guide fills in some gaps. That said, much of what I found and what has been possibly lost (specifically a bestiary that may have been made by Sliver X) in the way of alternative sources comes from Sliver X, who seems to have been the lead dev, so the info that is available is more than reliable.

This is an old forum post that talks about how to find certain quest items. I used this to find the location of the Watch. It also gives a bit of advice regarding the two secret bosses:


Another old forum post, used this to figure out where the Dead Pool switch was located:


Thanks for using our Dragoon X Omega (NES) Walkthrough!

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  1. Using FFHackster, I checked out the contents of that chest in Isenfort. It’s a Dart weapon, the starting gun you pick up at the very beginning of the game. Mystery solved!

  2. Thanks for checking that out. Figures it would be the Dart Gun, but at least we know. Guess that was what they used as a dummy item.

  3. A) As the other commenter stated, it’s a Dart gun that should never be obtainable: It’s just for decoration.

    B) Psyche is the equivalent of the INT stat in the original Final Fantasy. Thus, it does nothing, since it was bugged in the game originally (And I didn’t realize this during development so didn’t know to track down and fix the routine that deals with it): *Much* more is known about the game now than back when we did DXOII, including a full disassembly of its code.

    C) I always used the Rail Gun against SheBitch when testing the fight during development. I probably shouldn’t have given her Auraeus in retrospect, however.

    D) There may be a bug with the Opta beyond a certain level: That was a routine I made from scratch and it seemed to work fine, but I don’t recall ever applying a mass amount of them so I may have missed something?

    The archive I released for the hack contains the besitary, PSI list and a manual:

  4. You’re welcome, it was one of the more interesting things I was involved with in my life and I met a lot of really cool people during the process of creating it.

    I’m glad some people enjoy it, even to this day: 2008 was a lot longer ago that I care to admit to myself, lol.

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