Dragoon X Omega II [ROM Hack](NES)

Developer: Sliver X and Thaddeus

Release Date: 2007

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Turn Based RPG

Players: 1


Dragoon X Omega II is a ROM Hack of Final Fantasy that was created by Sliver X and Thaddeus. This hack completely overhauls the base game with new music, graphics, abilities, weapons, armor, monsters, and even an original story. It is also worth noting that this game is a sequel to Dragoon X Omega and has little to do with Final Fantasy outside of its battle engine.

Players control a lone hero named Sargon who has been betrayed by his ally, Tyris, while on a mission. Sargon must defeat Tyris and solve the mystery behind his betrayal. Players will explore dungeons, purchase gear, solve simple puzzles, and battle armies of monsters in this RPG. Like most RPGs, Sargon becomes stronger by gaining experience from defeating enemies. This title also features its own magic system known as PSI, which is not dissimilar to Final Fantasy’s magic system.

In addition to its main quest, Dragoon X Omega II features a side quest line that leads to a bonus dungeon. Sliver X also created an Easy Type patch for this hack that reduces the amount of experience needed to level up.

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