Doraemon: The Revenge of Giga Zombie (NES)


Platform: NES          

Genre: RPG

Players: 1                   

Developer: Epoch

Release date: September 14, 1990 (Japan only)

Translation: Wakdhacks 

Original Name (Japnese): Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushū


    Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu (Doraemon: The Revenge of Giga Zombie) is a turn based JRPG released only in Japan and translated for an English speaking audience by Wakdhacks. Having been based on the popular anime of the same name, Doraemon features many characters and locations from it’s source material. Players can choose and name a generic Hero or Heroine upon starting a new game and will gather a party of popular protagonists from the series as the game progresses.  The max party size is four and many of the characters will eventually leave after joining. DtRoGZ features a number of weapons and spells that can be equipped on any character as well as consumable weapons and healing items. Magic is handled somewhat differently in this title: a character need only hold a spell in his or her inventory to cast it and spells draw upon the player’s gold reserves, rather than magic points. Experience points, random battles and boss fights are all standard RPG fare featured in this title.

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