Doraemon: The Revenge of Giga Zombie Secrets

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By: Golden_Torizo, Skater43, and tankMage (April 2016)

*Japanese title: Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushū

Finding the Flute

    Defeat fake Hou in the dinosaur world to get the propeller. Then travel to Base Camp 1, head outside and go northwest. You should see the word “Epoch” spelled out in rocks. From there head west until you see a double bridge. Using the propeller, head north, then west, then south, following the river. This should bring you to a small, square island that’s covered in trees except for one bare tile. Search the empty tile to find the flute. Only Gene can use the flute, which does heavy damage to all enemies in battle.

Special Ending

    To date, Doraemon  has two known endings. The first, bad ending, is easy to obtain and occurs if you tell Doraemon “No” four times at the start of the game. The second, good ending, is obtained by answering “Yes” to Doreamon in the beginning and proceeding through the game as you would normally.

Hidden Room

    In the Seabed area, there is a section of the ocean floor that is shaped like a demon face. There is a hidden tile that randomly moves around the demon face that will transport the party to a hidden room. It is impossible to leave this room, so the player will have to reset the game after entering it.

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