Diablo Belzebub (PC) Guide: How to Defeat Diablo

Diablo Belzebub [Mod] (PC) Guide: How to Defeat Diablo

~ by tankMage (September 2017)

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Diablo Belzebub varies quite a bit from the standard release and even veterans of the series may find the Lord of Terror in this rendition of the game to be difficult to the point of absurdity. This guide sets out to provide general advice on how to best approach the final battle. Because there are a plurality of classes and possible character builds, the following information is more geared towards strategy than specifics regarding equipment and ability use in the final battle. Readers should also be aware that this guide is written primarily for normal difficulty and those who wish to beat Diablo on higher difficulties will need to scale up their efforts accordingly.

1. Preparation

While it may seem as though your character is ready to confront Diablo after defeating Lazarus and opening the final portal in level 16 of the dungeon, he or she is most likely not well enough equipped or levelled, unless you have spent a lot of time grinding or have been immensely lucky with gear drops. Taking the following steps will ensure that you are not only properly geared for the final battle, but also know what to expect from the Lord of Terror’s domain, which is dangerous in its own right.

Grind, Grind, Grind!

It’s highly advisable to clear out Lazarus’ lair (and level 16 if you wish) several times before entering the final stage. The equipment (which will be discussed in greater detail in the next step), money, and experience that can be gathered here are all very helpful. This is also a good way to gauge how much your character improves with each new level or piece of gear. Once you have reached the point where you have decent equipment and feel comfortable fighting Lazarus, you should begin to explore or even grind in Diablo’s lair.

Diablo’s lair is a good place to find gear and grinding it has the added bonus of familiarizing the player with the area. A countdown begins once the player enters Terror’s Domain that gives him or her one hour to tag Diablo with an attack. Failing to do so before the hour is up will result in Diablo reaching full power and becoming nearly impossible to defeat (don’t worry, restarting the game resets the timer). Knowing exactly where to go and what to do allows the player to work at his or her own pace, so it’s wise to clear this area out a few times before making an earnest attempt.

Gear is the Key to Victory

Diablo may be an Action RPG, but it is still skewed heavily in favor of stats derived from equipment. Getting the best weapons, armor, rings, and belts possible will reduce the difficulty associated with slaying the final boss substantially. While uniques and set items can be effective, rare (yellow) items often provide the greatest benefit and players should try to get as many useful rare items as possible. It is also easier to find rare items with useful stats since they generally have three or more magical qualities.

Several defensive and offensive stats are vital in the final battle and players should try to find equipment that boosts the stats discussed in this section. Magic resistance is of paramount importance and players should have 75% (Max) fire resistance and substantial defense against the other elements (at least 40% is recommended). Those playing on higher difficulties should have all resistances maxed out.

Life (or mana for the sorcerer) is also extremely important and it’s advisable to have as much HP as possible. On normal difficulty, upwards of 400 HP is enough to comfortably battle Diablo, though some classes can get away with less. Armor class and Hit% are also very important and those playing on normal will want a score 150 or greater for both stats (once again some classes, especially the sorcerer and necromancer, can get away with less).

Spell penetration, especially items that reduce the target’s lightning defense (lightning works well on Diablo), is highly desirable for magic users. Archers and melee characters will of course want powerful weapons and a DPS upwards of 240 is recommended. Finally, rare items that have magical effects like regeneration, absorb damage, increased critical chance, walk speed, and/or leach life are helpful granted you have fulfilled the other requirements. Melee characters may also wish to use a shield, unless they happen to have high hit recovery and AC.

About three rare pieces of gear, some blues, and maybe a unique should be enough to help players attain the stats recommended above. It’s also important to make sure the base items are of decent quality and you are not using slow weapons if you rely on physical attacks. Killing Lazarus and his cronies usually yields a few rare items each run, which is why I recommend fighting him as much as possible.

Don’t Forget About Elixirs!

Elixirs grant a bonus to strength, dexterity, magic, or vitality for 10 minutes. This bonus seems to be a percentage of the character’s stat after magical bonuses from equipment are added, so it’s fairly substantial and can turn the tide of battle. I highly recommend drinking each type of elixir just before fighting Diablo so you’re character is as powerful as possible. Some classes can forego using certain elixirs (I.E. Sorcerers don’t need to drink the elixir of strength, barbarians don’t need magic), but everyone can benefit from elixirs of dexterity and vitality.

2. Setting the Stage

You’ll be ready to slay Diablo once you have the appropriate gear and have explored the Domain of Terror a bit. The area is split into quadrants with a central hallway running from east to west. An exit is located roughly near the western end of the hallway. The southwestern quadrant is where Diablo is holed up and the other three quadrants each house a boss that is in a sealed room. To unseal the bosses, go to the northeastern section and step on the four buttons that are located near a closed up room. A demon will emerge and you will have to kill it to proceed (watch out for it’s summons and heavy spike damage).

Go to the southwestern quadrant and slay the knight boss (I recommend using hit and run tactics to separate him from his minions and disrupt his frenzy attacks), then slay the necromancer boss in the northwestern room. There are several crucified skeletons in the necromancer boss’s room, destroying them will open up Diablo’s room. Be sure to take the following steps to ensure that the battle with Diablo goes as smoothly as possible.

Clear the Area

Make sure everything is dead before you unlock Diablo’s room. It’s best to kill all of the monsters wandering around the stage before unlocking the first room in the northeastern quadrant. Doing so will make fighting the bosses easier and save time in the long run.

Keep a Town Portal Open

Open a portal back to town in a safe spot every time you enter Terror’s Domain so you have a way to quickly flee to safety. It also makes returning easier if you die. Remember: once you enter his lair, you only have an hour to engage Diablo before he powers up, so anything that can save time is helpful.

Set Up Potion Stashes

Diablo can do some serious damage and you may find yourself burning through potions at an alarming rate. Full up your inventory with full healing potions (or whatever is useful to you) and choose a few spots scattered around Diablo’s lair to drop them. I recommend the main hallway, northeast, northwest, and southeast quadrants, since they have cover that can protect you from Diablo’s attacks. You can run to these stashes if your belt starts to empty out and pick up the potions to quickly refill your supplies. This is a good way to ensure that you can heal quickly. Moving potions from your inventory to your belt is too time consuming and will likely get you killed.

3. The Final Battle

Open up Diablo’s room by destroying the crucified skeleton in the northwest quadrant after you have finished preparing. Every class is going to have to combat Diablo in its own way, so it’s difficult to give specific advice. Knowing how the Lord of Terror fights and how to counter him is half the battle, however. It may also take a few tries to slay him, so don’t get discouraged if you fail. The following strategies should help swing the battle in your favor.

Diablo’s Attacks

The final boss uses a lot of fire spells. Fire wall, fire nova, flame wave, apocalypse, meteor cluster, and some sort of creeping fire wall that tracks your character constitute his fire attacks. Is generally helpful to move out of the way of these spells when attacking Diablo to avoid taking tons of damage. Fire nova can be especially harmful for melee characters, so be ready to heal at a moment’s notice.

Ranged characters can avoid many of the fire attacks, but apocalypse hits automatically and can prove to be their bane. Diablo can also use red lightning of some sort that should be avoided at all costs. Those who engage the boss in melee will find that he also uses physical attacks that inflict added cold damage. Finally Diablo will open portals that spawn demons and sorcerers. It’s best to fall back when he opens these portals; in some cases you may have to eliminate the creatures the portals spawn to avoid being overwhelmed.

Controlling the Battle

Diablo will doggedly follow you around his lair. This can be used to your advantage, since he sometimes has trouble getting around walls and barriers. Don’t be afraid to run behind walls and obstacles to avoid his fire attacks or kite him into one of the quadrants, then quickly run to another area to confuse Diablo while you heal, pick up potions, or let skills cool down. Phasing and Teleport are great spells to use even if you aren’t a spell caster, since you can pass through walls or move out of his attacks quickly. Forcing Diablo to fight you on your own terms is the key to victory, so stay calm and mobile.

Use Hit and Run Tactics

Ok I know, this is similar to the Controlling the Battle section, but it’s important to know how to approach Diablo, especially for melee characters who may not be accustomed to fighting in this manner. It’s very important to quickly close with Diablo, get a few attacks in and break away in order to conserve life, unless you happen to have really good AC and HP. This is best done when Diablo takes a short break from casting fire spells. Using hit and run has the added bonus of giving time for abilities like shield wall, inner fire, and stealth to cool down, which can give you an edge over the boss. Diablo tends to inflict cold damage with his melee attacks, so breaking away also allows the slow effect from cold damage to wear off.

Winning the Battle

Pounding away at the boss enough will kill him even though it may seem like a futile effort. Diablo doesn’t seem to regenerate HP at a noticeable rate, so players that bring enough potions along should be able to outlast him. Try not to go up to town or die, because he will heal fully in the meantime. Once Diablo is down to about 25% HP the battle is basically won, but you should be patient even then and fall back if necessary. Upon death, Diablo will drop some nice loot and you can move onto the next difficulty. Players may want to consider defeating Diablo on normal a few times to collect gear and practice for greater challenges ahead.

4. More Resources

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4 thoughts on “Diablo Belzebub (PC) Guide: How to Defeat Diablo”

  1. I tried every tactic i could think of as a lvl 30 necro, skelly atrition failed, hit and run was awful and failing, skelly hit and run also awful, eventually i put on high defense armor (all stats, res), gave up on skellies, and just spammed the living hell out of potions(including all 4 elixers) and chain lightning (happen to have found a staff that boosted it at some point and always carried it on off hand). I over powered him, and he became Thunderstruck! For real though kite and teleport are god sends in this fight. Advise to all with magic – build a magic + set of armor/weapons as you play. Save books you find, you can easily get +30-40 magic stats worth of levels out of books this way by swapping, reading and swapping back to your main gear.

  2. I haven’t killed him yet but i know some good tips. For Warrior class, invest in Vit, Str and some in dex. try not to rely on Mana but make sure you have a weapon that has both Life and Mana steal on hit. It is crucial to keep them full as you whale on him. Like the guide said, Fire Cold and Lightning Res will be your best friends so make sure they are maxed. if you got at least 350+ HP you have a chance. if you got 450, you got it. Charge in to him if you got the charge attack so you can close up the distance and just bash away with either Valiant Strike (equal to the Diablo 2’s Barbarian’s skill Concentrate.) since it gives knockback chance, power and above all MORE Defense. When he does his spells remember, while retardant you’ll take damage so dont let him interrupt you. Focus on items with Def, Fast Hit recover and REs so you have some back up. For weapon, remember he’s a demon so use a item that hurts Demon class monsters and gives life steal or mana steal so you dont run dry on your resources as you fight. Above all, DONT STOP UNLESS YOU NEED TO HEAL UP! Wait tillhe takes a breather, if you know either Phase or Teleport, USE em to pull out fast and heal up. More Phase since its faster and while random, it can save your life and cause an attack of his to miss. Just watch out for Meteor Cluster, Firestorm and Red Lighting. they hurt and they knock you back and will drain you if you stay in the flames TOO long. Also, its not said but DO NOT GO BACK INTO TOWN AT ALL. if you do he WILL be fully healed. Also remember the time frame from the Map. If you wannna clear the rooms first, focus on using Chain Lightning, Guardian(Hydra) and Dark Pact. They help clear out the weaklings. If you’re lvl 35 and have what i said, you have a chance. if your lvl 40, its like near one sided but still keep on your toes. Good luck and remember, DONT GO BACK TO TOWN WHEN YOU FIGHT THE BIG DUDE.

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