Diablo Belzebub [Mod] (PC)

Creator: Noktis

Release Date: 2014

Base Game: Diablo (Hellfire Expansion)

Type: Content and graphical overhaul

Genre: Hack and Slash RPG

Status: Incomplete (cancelled)

Players: 1


   Diablo Belzebub is an adaptation of the original Diablo by Noktis that not only allows the game to be played in widescreen format, but also features new content and classes. Players can choose from six characters that include the Assassin, Barbarian, and Necromancer along with the originals from Diablo. There are also new types of gear that include set items, belts, and uniques. A crafting system has also been implemented which allows players to break down undesired gear and use the components to create high quality equipment. Even the user interface has been overhauled and modernized to resemble later games in the series. Players looking for new adventures in Tristram will also be treated to a number of new quests fraught with danger.
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