Cyber Shadow Walkthrough (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One)

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Cyber Shadow Walkthrough (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One)

~by Cowboy Yojimbo and tankMage (January 2021)


Thank you for choosing this guide, which is a work in progress due to Cyber Shadow being a very new game. We plan on updating this walkthrough frequently to include more areas and corrections. If something is missing, check back in a few days and it should be available. Feel free to contact us in the comments if you find any mistakes or wish to add something to this guide.

Update: This walkthrough is just about done, but it’s possible Cyber Shadow may evolve over the years, so I’ll keep an eye out for any relevant changes.


I. Items, Weapons, and Abilities

    A. Items

    B. Abilities 

    C. Weapons 

II. Tips

III. Walkthrough 

    A. Intro 

    B. Chapter 1: Geothermal Towers

    C. Chapter 2: Disposal Facility

    D. Chapter 3: Mekacity 

    E. Chapter 4: Reactor 

    F. Chapter 5: Research Lab

    G. Chapter 6: Robot Factory

    H. Chapter 7: Outskirts 

    I. Chapter 8: Return to Mekacity 

    J. Chapter 9: Mekacity Docks

    K. Chapter 10: Meka Island Spaceport 

IV. HP Upgrade, SP Upgrade, and Ability Locations

    A. HP Upgrade Locations 

    B. HP Upgrade Piece Locations 

    C. SP Upgrade Locations

    D. Ability Locations

V. References

VI. Download PDF

I. Items, Weapons, and Abilities

Shadow will find a number of items, special weapons, and abilities over the course of his journey. These resources are extremely useful and can make the game less difficult if used effectively. This section examines the tools at Shadow’s disposal.

A. Items

A number of different items that range from like refills to Essence that can be spent like currency can be acquired in-game. Keep an eye out for boxes, enemies, and other objects that contain the following items.

1. Essence

Essence looks like orange-yellow ovals or balls and acts like currency that can be spent at Service Pods. A yellow +1 or +2 will briefly appear near Shadow upon gathering Essence.

2. Life Refills

These red semi-rectangular canisters restore some of Shadow’s HP. Life Refills come in a number of sizes, with larger ones replenishing more HP than smaller ones.

3. SP Refills 

SP Refills are blue and vaguely resemble an inverted raindrop. Pick these up to restore SP. Small SP refills give shadow +1 SP and large ones give him +3.

4. HP Upgrade Piece

Shadow will occasionally find silver canisters that contain an orange-reddish orb. Picking one up will fully restore his health. Picking up three HP Upgrade Pieces will increase Shadow’s max HP by 1.

5. HP Upgrade 

Usually dropped by bosses, increases Shadow’s max health by 1. Looks like a cluster of three reddish orbs.

6. SP Upgrade

A blue canister that adds an extra bar to the SP meter.

B. Abilities 

Shadow will learn several abilities over the course of his journey. Most of these abilities require SP to activate and can be used to solve simple puzzles as well as dispatch enemies. While some abilities cannot be deployed without SP, some will still work to some degree. Towards the end of the game, Shadow’s powers will get a further upgrade that will allow him to charge them up to unleash even stronger attacks or perform new feats.

1. Shuriken

This is the first ability Shadow will learn. After acquiring it, you will be able to launch a small shuriken that travels in a straight line. While the shuriken does little damage, it should not be underestimated, because it can be used to eliminate distant threats, activate switches, and harry bosses from afar. Throwing a shuriken consumes SP and Shadow cannot use this ability when out of power. 

Charged: Shadow will throw a kunai that explodes a second after contact if the player holds the attack button down for a few seconds before pressing Up and releasing attack.

2. Rising Flame

Shadow will swing his sword upwards, releasing three fireballs that fan out above him. This ability is great for hitting enemies and containers above Shadow. Each fireball deals its own damage, which makes it possible to hit enemies with large profiles 2-3 times. While this ability requires SP to function properly, Shadow will still swing his sword upwards without launching fireballs if this ability is used while his SP meter is empty.

Charged: Holding attack until Shadow flashes will transform rising flame into a stronger ability that will travel a greater distance.

3. Air Strike

Air strike is a powerful downwards attack that is activated in the air. Once activated, Shadow will thrust his sword downwards and drop straight down. Air strike works with or without SP, but using it with SP will cause fire to surround the blade and lightning to radiate from it, which will allow Shadow to damage enemies in a wide area. Pressing down again will force Shadow to dive downwards even faster. This move can be used to break special floors, blocks, and “pogo-hop” over enemies. To pogo-hop over an enemy or series of enemies, use air strike and hold left or right to move in that direction after hitting the enemy. It takes careful timing, but Shadow can cross pits and reach high places with the pogo-hop.

Charged: If charged up, an aura of energy will engulf Shadow as he executes air strike. This has little use for pogo jumping, but is effective offensively. 

4. Wall Slide

Shadow can slide along walls by jumping or falling into them once he has this ability. If Shadow jumps again while sliding, he will spring from the wall. Shadow can only slide along a wall for a few seconds before falling, but he can wall slide repeatedly by jumping up or back onto walls. Wall slide does not require or utilize SP.

Double Jump: Later in the game, players can execute a second jump in mid air by hitting the jump button again.

5. L2 Katana

The L2 Katana is a more powerful version of Shadow’s standard sword. This weapon deals 2 damage, even to bosses, and has an extended reach. It requires no SP to use.

Charged: Hold attack until Shadow flashes then release it to increase the range and damage of the Katana.

6. Parry

Originally called deflect evil, parry activates when the player presses forward in close proximity to a projectile. Shadow will block the projectile with his blade, creating a blue ball or energy in the process. Hit the energy ball with the sword to send a shockwave forward. Parry requires careful timing, but can be a great form of defense and even offense. Shadow can even parry bullets while falling or jumping. Parrying a projectile will also refill the SP meter slightly and requires no SP to activate.

Charged: If charged up, parry will turn enemy projectiles into smaller bullets that home in on foes.

7. Sprint

Press forward twice after getting this ability to make Shadow run faster. Press attack while sprinting to perform a charging slash that cuts through enemies and makes Shadow cover a lot of ground. Shadow can also charge slash while jumping. Sprinting does not expend SP, but charge slashing does use SP.

Charged: An after image of Shadow that hits his target a second time will appear behind him as he performs a charge slash.

C. Weapons 

Service Pods and containers often drop special weapons that can be used in conjunction with the sword. Weapons vary in form and function, but all of them vanish after Shadow is hit three times. Sadly, the availability of these weapons is extremely limited and players will rarely have a choice between multiple weapons.

1. Blade Extend

The most basic of the special weapons, the blade extend increases the range of Shadow’s sword. While it doesn’t make the sword inflict more damage, the extra reach can be helpful and it stacks with the katana upgrades.

2. E-Field 

One of the best weapons in the game, the E-Field shields Shadow from projectiles. Not only is this a great defensive item, it’s also a powerful weapon, because it fires a burst of energy when the player swings the sword. This energy wave not only destroys enemies, but also cancels out projectiles in its path. However, it takes the E-Field about 3 seconds to reactivate after it discharges its energy wave.

3. Charge Blaster 

The charge blaster is a small gun that hovers behind Shadow. Using the sword will make the blaster fire a shot. As the name implies, this weapon slowly charges up and can release a powerful shot when fully charged.

4. Swag Blade

Out of all the weapons, the swag blade is the most fun to use. This rotating blade acts like a deadly yo-yo that follows Shadow around. Jumping, switching directions, and hitting the swag blade with the sword will make it move. While jumping or running around merely make the blade orbit Shadow, a well timed sword slash will propel it forward into the enemy. Using rising fire on the swag blade can launch it upwards. 

5. SP Dispenser

This handy weapon floats behind Shadow, refilling his SP by 1 point every second, allowing him to use his special abilities as much as he likes.

6. Ningun 

This powerful gun flies around behind Shadow and automatically targets enemies before firing a volley of bullets. Pressing Up or Down will make the ningun aim upwards or downwards. Keep in mind, the ningun lacks accuracy and few of its bullets will connect with a distant target.

7. Orbiter

Shadow will be surrounded by a rotating circle of stars while the orbiter is active. A single star inflicts a modest amount of damage, but the fast rotation speed of the weapon causes multiple stars to hit in a second. The stars despawn after contact, but they return quickly. A swing of the sword will cause the stars to expand their orbit for a brief period, which can allow the player to hit enemies that would otherwise be in his blind spot.

8. Salvager 

The salvager’s ability to intercept and convert projectiles into SP make it an asset in almost any situation. While the salvager can react to threats quickly, it cannot be in two places at once, so keep an eye on your surroundings.

II. Tips

Cyber Shadow puts players in a lot of dangerous situations where they will often die if they make even small mistakes. Players who master the following techniques will have a much easier time completing Shadow’s mission.

1. Time is NOT of the essence…

Rushing headlong into unexplored territory is a great way to get killed; it’s also unnecessary, because there’s no timer. Proceed cautiously in unfamiliar places to avoid needless headaches. 

2. Save your Essence!

Shadow will be able to purchase HP/SP refills and special weapons from Service Pods fairly early in the game. Purchasing these services costs Essence, which is dropped by enemies and containers. Essence only comes in small denominations of 1 or 2 units and your average service costs about 50 Essence to unlock, so it’s best to be stingy with this stuff. Don’t unlock a service you don’t need.

3. Learn to parry.

A player who is good at parrying bullets is more likely to survive boss fights and trips over harsh terrain. The window for a parry can be small, but it’s possible to parry your way through all but the most powerful energy bursts with a little practice. Shadow can also send a powerful shockwave towards his attacker after successfully parrying a projectile, which makes this ability even more effective.

4. Collect all of the HP and SP Upgrades.

Try to get as many of the upgrades as possible as soon as possible. A single bar of life or SP can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

5. Master air strike.

The air strike ability is both a mighty attack and a useful tool. Shadow can bounce on top of certain enemies to reach distant ledges or effortlessly destroy foes. Air strike takes a second to activate, so get a feel for how it works so you can time it properly. You should also wait a second (or more accurately half a second) before trying to air strike again or double jumping after bouncing upwards so you can get maximum lift. The timing of this skill is tough to get used to, but practicing it pays off.

III. Walkthrough 

A. Intro 

After a brief cutscene, Shadow will exit the Incubation Chamber and you will be able to control him. Get used to Shadow’s moves, talk to L-Gion (the blue bot to the right of the capsule) then go right to proceed to the next area.

-Destroy the orange boxes next to L-Gion and collect the life refills that pop out of them.

-L-Gion will give you more life when you reach the next screen.

-Walk over the Service Pod (checkpoint), which will light up when activated to save your game, then head east.

-Flashing terminals that can be examined line the background of this hall. You cannot reach the ledge to the right of the third terminal with a normal jump. Instead, jump to the platform to the left of the terminal, then jump right to get into the ledge.

-Slash the flashing button under the ledge after jumping onto it to open the gate that leads out of this area.

B. Chapter 1 – Geothermal Towers

The Geothermal Towers are home to various robots and threats that can harm Shadow, but they are also a good place to practice the fundamentals of the game. Be on the lookout for more orange boxes that contain life, Essence, and upgrades.

Chapter 1-1

-Activate the Service Pod to the right and keep moving in that direction, but watch out for enemies.

-Steam vents that damage Shadow are common in this stage, jump over this one.

-You’ll encounter green turrets that fire beams at Shadow. Wait for the turret to fire, then move in with your sword to destroy it. Keep in mind that these turrets can adjust their height.

-After moving forward a bit, you will meet a big purple robot that fires a triple shot that fans out. It also launches bombs from its back. The bombs tend to arch and deal quite a bit of damage, so jump away from them. Use the depression in the floor as cover from the robot’s shots and slash away at it with the sword between its attacks.

-Slash through the fan behind the robot after defeating it to move on.

-L-Gion will talk to you briefly after you enter the next screen.

-Jump over the steam vents in the area beyond L-Gion and up to the long platform.

-A red turret will emerge from the background once you jump on the platform above the steam vents. You can destroy it, but these turrets tend to respawn. 

-Hit the grey wall just under and to the left of the red turret to get a Blade Extend.

-Sometimes you will run into broken turret hatches that won’t open. Avoid destroying these, because turrets will not spawn from them unless you hit them.

-Keep climbing upwards while jumping to dodge turret fire, then destroy the fan at the top of the shaft.

-Moving turbines act as platforms in the section beyond the fan. Wait for the bird robot to get close enough for you to slash it before attempting to jump on the turbines.

-Bust through another fan after clearing the pit with the turbines and activate the Pod right of it.

-Go down and to the right and smash though yet another fan.

-You’ll come to an open field with lots of steam vents. Watch out for bomb dropping bird bots and keep moving forward.

-Wait a moment when you reach a long line of vents and run across them just after the one nearest you emits steam to get to the other side unharmed.

HP UPGRADE PIECE– After the field of steam vents, break through the fan on your left before heading to the next screen.

-Stand on the platform above the big robot after getting the HP Upgrade Piece and drop down to attack it between shots/bombs. 

-Go through the door by the robot to get some life refills and move into the next area.

-Climb up the tower with rotating platforms quickly to avoid damage.

-Activate the Service Pod and get ready to fight your first boss afterwards.

BOSS – Smasher

Smasher is a giant machine that occupies the center of the room. It’s guarded by two red turrets that flank it and a pair of cannons that are positioned just above the turrets. Smasher will extend it’s “leg”  in the center of the room and smash into the ground every few seconds exposing an orange orb, which is the only part of the boss that can be harmed. 

To defeat this boss, hit it as much as you can while the orange orb is visible. Destroy the turrets and walk between the cannon shots. Sometimes the cannons will rapid fire shots that cover the entire area under them and you will have to hide under the leg to avoid damage. Just be sure to get out from under the leg after the cannons finish their rapid fire, because it will come down hard, sending flames that you will have to jump over across the floor. Defeat this boss and you will get an HP Upgrade.

SP UPGRADE – Return to the level after completion and you’ll find a path has opened up to the left of the starting point. Hit the switch, hop across the gap, and throw a shuriken at the same switch so you can hop on the platform as it comes back and reach the second switch. You will see the upgrade behind a wall with a small gap in it. Jump and throw a shuriken through the gap to open the door.

Chapter 1-2

-A large, orange crate occupies the space just left of the entrance to this stage. Nothing can be done with it at this moment, so move onward.

-Strike the orange devices that line the walls here to get them to open into footholds that can be used to climb the elevator shaft.

-It’s possible to break the wall on the left after reaching the top of the elevator shaft, but this only reveals a gate that cannot be opened right now, so head right.

-Look out for tiny robots that emerge from holes in the walls and crawl along the floor.

-After a few seconds, you will come to a narrow passage that is blocked by a boxy machine that moves left and right. This machine fires a laser every few seconds. Jump onto the platform just below it and attack it after it shoots its laser. A few hits will destroy the laser machine and allow Shadow to slip through the passage.

-You’ll encounter a second laser machine shortly after destroying the first. Fighting this one is more difficult, because more of the crawling bots will come out of the walls if you drop down to the machine’s level. Stay on the ledge just above the machine and strike it when it gets close, then quickly return to the ledge to avoid its lasers or any bots that may spawn.

-Proceed right for a while and you will find another orange foothold that you will have to activate with the sword. Strike the bottom right wall under the foothold to get a Blade Extend. Use the foothold to get to the next area.

-Jump on the rotating platform right away to avoid the robots that come out of the wall in the lower right. Two red turrets will begin firing at you in this spot, so be ready to step away from or jump over their bullets.

Pro-Tip: A red turret will stop respawning if you destroy it twice. A larger than normal explosion will occur once a turret is completely destroyed.

-Hit the foothold in the upper left to activate it after jumping onto the shelf above the rotating platform. Cross a series of moving platforms above some steam vents and go upwards to reach the Checkpoint.

HP UPGRADE PIECE– Break the wall in the upper left corner above the Checkpoint. The HP Upgrade Piece is guarded by a purple robot that’s difficult to fight thanks to the deadly spike pit in front of it and smaller robots that emerge from the wall to the right. Destroy the little robots before attempting to eliminate the larger one. Run to the ledge near the entrance to this room to get away from the big robot’s bullets and move in with your own attacks.

-Return to the Service Pod (Checkpoint) and go east, killing anything that gets in your way, until you reach a pair of moving turbines. 

-Get rid of the mechanical fly before trying to jump on the first turbine. Several turrets will fire at Shadow, so jump onto the lower platform, which will shield you from the bullets. After that, wait for the second turbine to rise from the pit and hop onto it. From there you can grab a life up from the orange box and/or go to the next area using the door above it.

-This next area is basically an upward shaft with a giant pit in the center. Carefully climb the rotating platforms, taking time to destroy the bird bots and red turrets you encounter to keep them from harassing you on the way up.

 -Eventually you will reach a turbine that moves across the screen from left to right. Jump onto it from the highest rotating platform and use it to reach a ledge in the upper right. Try not to bump into the bottom of the turbine, because it will damage Shadow.

-Climb a few more platforms and you’ll see another turbine that moves from right to left this time. A red turret makes it difficult to mount this turbine, so get rid of the turret when you have an opening before attempting to ride the turbine.

-Head upwards and go through the door above the last turbine. Walk east, watch the cutscene, and talk to L-Gion, then get ready to fight Apparitor.

BOSS – Apparitor

Apparitor is a lot more mobile than the first boss and you will need to wait for openings to attack him if you wish to win. He has three moves that loosely follow a pattern.

Large Shurikens: Apparitor uses this move first. He’ll stay on the ground, hold his hand out, and throw two large shurikens that travel horizontally across the screen. Watch them closely and jump over them, then get ready for his next move…

Charge: Three shurikens will appear in front of the boss and he will dash across the screen. Back away from him after he uses his large shuriken attack, because he always follows up with this charge. Jump over him and watch him smash into the wall, then go in for a few hits while he is stunned. 

Jumping Shuriken Toss: He usually performs this move after charging. Apparitor jumps into the air and hovers for a moment before aiming a barrage of shurikens at Shadow. Run away from the boss after he jumps and stay by the opposite corner of the room where his projectiles cannot reach you.

Apparitor repeats his moveset faithfully, so it’s easy to fight him defensively. Don’t try to attack until he has hit the wall after charging, then back away when he jumps and you can get through much of the fight unscathed. Watch out when Apparitor gets down to about 30% of his health, because he becomes faster and more aggressive. He’ll fire three large shurikens that move faster, charge more quickly, and throw shurikens that travel farther once weakened. 

The jumping shuriken attack is the biggest threat when Apparitor is nearly defeated, because it can’t be avoided by hiding in the corner. Run under the boss or away from him to avoid his shurikens and you should be safe. Win this battle and you will get the Shuriken.

C. Chapter 2 – Disposal Facility

Chapter 2 features stronger enemies and more environmental hazards than the first chapter. Shadow is still weak at this point and lacks some important tools, so tread through this stage cautiously.

Chapter 2-1

-Throw a shuriken at the switch across the gap to activate a bridge. Beware the spikes in the pit near the switch and throughout the stage, they will instantly kill Shadow on contact.

-The new enemies with the green fuel packs can be destroyed in one strike if attacked from behind. Look out for the bullets they fire when they spot Shadow.

-Trash cubes fall from certain spots in the ceiling. While the cubes can be used as a stand to reach higher places, they can also damage you if they hit you while they are falling. The cubes often fall into toothed machines on the floor that grind them up. Avoid touching the grinder machines, because they will instantly kill you.

SP UPGRADE – When you begin to descend and arrive at the wall of trash to your left, break through and you’ll see the upgrade behind a gate. Wait for the trash to build up, climb up and strike the switch to open the gate.

-Ahead you will see a small sphere on the ground, as well as one being held by the flying enemy. These are eggs and if broken by being attacked or stepped on, release smaller versions of the fliers. If broken, wait for them to fly in their loop before striking.

-After passing through a short hallway full of eggs, you will see more of the footholds that can be activated with the sword. Climb upwards through an area with more falling thrash and eggs. Take your time here and you can get through unscathed, especially if you use the shuriken to eliminate threats from afar.

-Pass through a Service Pod checkpoint and go to the upper right. You’ll see a stack of orange blocks that has sealed off the path going right. Head left and destroy the trash in your way (watch out, more trash will fall from the chutes a few seconds after you destroy a cube) to reach a door.

-The room beyond the door is home to a strange orange pod that clings to the wall in the background. You must eliminate the pod in order to activate a laser that will clear the blocks you saw earlier. Before hitting the pod, clear away the eggs on the floor so you can move freely, then start attacking the pod. A small fly will emerge from this thing and chase Shadow every time he strikes the pod. Back away and wipe out the flies after a couple of hits to keep them from getting out of hand. Ten hits will cause a giant flying insect that spawns a smaller fly every few seconds to burst free from the pod. Keep the small flies at bay and jump up to attack the queen. Four or five hits will kill it and free up the mechanism that activates the laser.

-A giant laser that destroys everything in its path will fire as soon as you leave the fly room. Head right to pass through the now broken stack of orange blocks. Stay low to avoid the laser, which fires every five seconds. Needless to say, touching this thing is deadly, but it also kills enemies. Keep going through the hallway and through the door at the end.

-A short hallway with more trash chutes and grinder machines lies beyond the laser hall. Getting through this area shouldn’t pose a problem as long as you watch out for the flies, spikes, and falling trash. A few well placed shurikens can clear the platforms in this area of enemies.

-You’ll end up in another laser hallway after going through the door in the trash room. There’s a switch at the end of this hallway that opens a gate that leads to a life refill which is guarded by enemies. The laser will take care of the enemies for you if you hide in the gap just left of the gate, but you’ll have to be quick to get the life refill before getting blasted by the laser yourself.

-Proceed downwards after clearing the laser, through a section with a few fuel tank soldiers and spikes to get to a Service Pod. L-Gion will inform Shadow that he managed to fully reactivate the Service Pods. Now you can spend Essence at Service Pods to unlock SP and HP restoration as well as special weapons. Once unlocked, these functions are permanent, but they only apply to a particular Service Pod and different pods offer different accommodations. The pod in this area can restore HP/SP and give you the Blade Extend upgrade. Be sure to unlock the Blade Extend.

-Enter the door in the room above the pod to fight Laser Brain.

BOSS – Laserbrain

Laser Brain is a cybernetic brain that occupies the center of the room flanked by two laser turrets. Shadow will not take contact damage from the brain or turrets, so don’t worry about touching them. However, getting hit by lasers fired from the turrets or the energy balls that the brain shoots will hurt. A few trash cubes can also be found on the floor here.

This boss follows a simple pattern. First, the brain in the center will shoot 2-4 energy balls that travel downwards (usually in Shadow’s direction) that destroy any trash cubes they hit. Next, the turrets will start shooting lasers. The turrets will rotate a few degrees before shooting, then rotate a few more degrees and fire again. They’ll repeat this process five times and they always rotate in the same direction, so it’s not difficult to take cover behind a trash block or jump away from the beams, though they will obliterate any trash they hit. After that, trash will fall from the ceiling. You can either step away from the falling trash or hide under the brain for cover. If you hide under the brain, be ready to jump away quickly and clear any trash that may block your exit, because it will fire its energy shots soon after the trash lands. Laser Brain repeats this pattern throughout the battle, but it becomes faster as you damage it.

It’s possible to destroy the turrets, but I prefer to focus on the brain, because the turrets do not count as part of the boss and they help keep the trash cubes from stacking up so high that Shadow gets trapped. That said, get rid of them if you have trouble dodging the beams. Keep the trash blocks under control in this battle, because they can lock you into bad situations if there are too many of them. They also serve as platforms that allow you to jump up and hit the brain, so don’t destroy the ones next to it unless they start to pile up too high. Overall, this boss isn’t too hard and you can defeat it without much hassle as long as you stay clear of the falling cubes. You can also hit it with the sword by swinging it at the height of a jump from ground level, which can speed up the battle. Eliminating Laser Brain will open a door near the top of the room that leads to 2-2 and earn you an HP Upgrade.

Chapter 2-2

-Slash the blue wall left of the entrance to this stage to get some Essence.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Head right from the entrance and you will see a bee spawner over some spikes. After destroying the bee spawner, stand on the block of garbage to the right, then fire a shuriken at the switch that appears where the spawner was to create a bridge over the spikes and lower the wall blocking the HP Upgrade Piece.

-Shadow will have to cut his way through the trash in this stage. Take advantage of the fact that the trash cubes respawn to create platforms you can jump from.

-Blue bug bots spawn from a pipe in the ceiling just east of the trash blocks. They tend to drop SP refills, so farm them if you need SP. When you’re ready, use a shuriken to hit the switch on the ceiling to the right of where the bugs spawn. Once activated, the switch will raise the floor below it and Shadow can move forward.

-Climb up and you will see a laser mounted on the underside of a platform. You can neutralize these lasers with a slice of the sword or a shuriken. Make a mental note of this and go through the door above the lasers.

SP UPGRADE – At the next checkpoint, destroy the wall to the left of the Service Pod, and make your way up the next room. You’ll have to jump carefully over the spikes and activate a switch above them to get a lift in the center of the room to move upwards. Use the lift to reach the orange footholds, then use another shuriken on the switch above the foothold on your right to activate another lift. Jump over to the foothold under the switch very carefully to avoid touching the spikes above the lift, then climb up the series of orange footholds next to it. Ignore the switches to the left when you get to the top and use the foothold on the right to reach the platform that holds the SP Upgrade. Use the lifts and switches to the left to get back to the checkpoint safely.

-An elevator sequence awaits you in the room right of the Service Pod checkpoint. Activate the switch on the elevator to get it moving and be ready for a wild ride. Trash blocks will fall from the ceiling as the elevator rises and flies will attack Shadow. The elevator will also break the eggs that line the walls as it pushes upward, causing tiny flies to swarm you. On top of that, you will have to contend with spikes and more lasers like the one in the previous room. Pay close attention to your surroundings and focus on clearing away the flies. A single shuriken can render a laser harmless, so use them to take out any that present a threat. Most importantly, move quickly to keep from being impaled on the spikes. This section can be tough, but it’s not bad as long as you take out any threats that appear before they can get you killed.

-The elevator will halt at the top of the room. Beware the spiked ceiling. There’s a breakable wall that conceals some SP refills in the upper right of this room, but you cannot reach it unless there’s a trash cube near it. Head left when you are ready for the last leg of the stage.

-Activate the checkpoint and continue left. The next hallway is dense with flies and fuel tank soldiers. Don’t forget that you can kill the soldiers quickly by attacking from the rear. Dangerous gas that you should keep away from comes out of broken points in the pipe that lines this area. Destroy the wall under the first soldier to get a chest that contains a Blade Extend.

-Keep going left, hacking through a wall of trash on the way, then follow the path up. You’ll encounter a turtle-like enemy that spews green gas, but you can get close enough to it to slash it with the sword if you are careful.

-You’ll have to go through a narrow passage at the top of the shaft that is constantly under fire from a laser and guarded by a fuel tank soldier. To make the situation worse, gas is leaking from the pipe in certain places. Use the shuriken to quickly kill the soldier and stay low to keep out of the laser’s hit zone.

-Take out the laser at the end of the passage, then destroy the gas turtle on the ledge above it. Get ready to go downwards.

-The wall just under the turtle can be broken for an HP refill.

-You’ll have to fight a few fuel tank guys on the way down. Eventually you’ll reach a series of pits with lasers over them. Wait for the lasers to fire before attempting to leap over the pits. 

-After clearing the pits, Shadow will come to a shaft going upwards and two stacks of trash. The trash blocks can be used as a staircase of sorts, just stand on one, wait for a cube to fall on the one next to it, then jump over to the other stack. After that, jump back to the first stack after a cube falls onto that one and you will reach another Service Pod near the boss. Of course, you’ll have to time your jumps so that you aren’t standing on a trash stack when a cube falls onto it. You’ll also want to destroy the lasers that line the wall on the left.

-Examine the body on the floor a few paces east of the checkpoint to get story related info.

BOSS – Scrambler

Scrambler is tough compared to the bosses you’ve fought so far. He’s heavily armored, has a varied moveset, and is relentless in his onslaught. He also has three distinct phases that change as he sustains damage. 

Phase 1

Scrambler will frequently jump towards Shadow using a jetpack during this phase. He tends to raise his fists and smoke puffs out of his back before he jumps. Walk away from him or walk under him while he is jumping. It’s very important to walk under him if he jumps before you get pinned to a wall, so be sure to walk under his jump after he passes the center of the chamber.  Scrambler tends to counter your attack by slamming his fists onto the ground, which sends jets of flame into the air. Hit him once or twice, then leap away from him to avoid getting hit by this counter attack. Additionally, his ground slam will make trash blocks fall from the ceiling, so stay mobile or get squished.

Scrambler’s most dangerous move in this phase is his beam attack. He will raise one of his hands at chest level, then fire a laser beam. A second later, he will raise the other hand at hip level, firing a lower beam. This move is hard to dodge, because it has strange timing and resembles another move. Pay close attention to his motions and jump over the beams. 

Finally, the boss will sometimes raise his hand like Iron Man and shoot a fireball that sends flame along the ground. Run or jump away from this attack. It’s important to time your attacks carefully, using openings in the boss’s defense as an opportunity. Scrambler is vulnerable just before he jumps and after he lands. He also pauses between attacks. However, it is very important to jump away from the boss after every hit or two or he will nail you with his ground slam or another move. You can also use the blocks that fall from the ceiling as cover from his projectiles, but many of his attacks destroy blocks, so you cannot rely on them for long.

Phase 2 

After losing about 80% of his life bar, the armor plate over Scrambler’s top half will explode, exposing his cockpit. In this phase, he will change his tactics from offense to a more defensive style. Instead of pressing Shadow with lasers and jumping towards him, the boss will jump away from him and use fireballs. He tends to aim the fireballs and shoots two at once, so be ready to jump over them. Any remaining trash cubes make for great cover from the fireballs. You can get more aggressive with Scrambler in this phase, but don’t get so greedy that you forget to dodge.

Phase 3

Get Scrambler’s life down to zero and his suit will explode, revealing a robot that moves quickly. He’ll leap around the room, shooting the occasional fireball. Don’t rush him in this form, because he will likely plink away at you with fireballs or crash into you. Use shurikens or time your attacks so they land just as Scrambler touches down after jumping. Hit him about ten times and you’ll win the fight. Oddly, Scrambler’s head will survive and crawl up the wall. It can be hit with weapons, but it doesn’t seem to be destroyable. 

Walk right after beating Scrambler and slash the capsule to free one of your clan mates, who will give you the Rising Flame ability. Go further right to reach a Service Pod and map console that will allow you to travel to other stages.

D. Chapter 3 – Mekacity 

Once a glorious metropolis, Mekacity now lies in ruins. Shadow will obtain a powerful new weapon called the Swag Blade from Service Pods in this chapter and face deadly new obstacles. The bosses in this stage are not terribly difficult, but you’ll have to maneuver through deadly hazards and ferocious enemies to reach them. Beware of lethal acid pools, crumbling blocks, and powerful laser barrages from the sky while picking your way through the remains of the city.

Chapter 3-1

-Shadow will have to enter Mekacity through the sewers. The first area you’ll explore is a shaft leading upwards. Watch out for toxic fumes leaking from the pipes as you travel upwards. You’ll also encounter green, cylindrical bots that match Shadow’s movements. Luckily, these bots can only move horizontally or vertically, which makes it easy to predict their patterns.

-Take note of the orange blocks in this shaft, they crumble if you step on them.

-Look out for the acid pools and acid dripping from the ceiling. The pools of acid will kill Shadow the second he contacts them, while the drops merely cause damage.

-Carefully make your way left over a small lake of acid. Take care crossing over the orange blocks, because they fall away after a couple of seconds and can send you into the acid before you know it.

-You will see a small green robot whizz past Shadow after he crosses the large acid pool. Stay on solid ground and face the side of the screen the robot flew off to, because it will soon come back on a collision course with Shadow. Slash it when it gets close. Be sure to stop in a safe spot every time you see one of these robots, because they can knock Shadow to his demise when they loop back around.

-Keep going left across the acid and get ready to deal with another flying robot. You’ll also see an orange item container high above you. Use the rising fire to crack it open for some Essence.

-Eventually you will reach solid ground and the screen will shake. A blue tube will crash through the ceiling and police bots will drop out of it. These guys are smarter than most of the basic enemies you’ve fought thus far. They tend to fire three rapid shots and make attempts to take cover or dodge your attacks. Best way to deal with the police bots spawned by the tubes is to slice them up as they come out. You can also destroy the tube using regular attacks or rising fire to get a random powerup.

-Go left and drop down into the lower area. You can help yourself to some HP refills in the orange box to the right after you land, but you’ll have to contend with some acid drops and a spider bot to get it.

-You’ll come to a Service Pod after going west a bit more. A new weapon, the Swag Blade is available for 50 Essence points at this checkpoint. Spend the points, because the Swag Blade is well worth it. The Swag Blade is basically a yo-yo of death that follows Shadow around, slicing up any enemy it touches. Jumping and moving around will make it orbit Shadow. Hitting the Swag Blade with the sword will propel it forward into anything in front of you. Needless to say, you can wreak havoc with this weapon.

-Slash the orange door on the train car near the Service Pod to open a secret path; you can also access this path by walking along the roof of the train. Take the low road, if you want to deal with fewer enemies and no dripping acid. Take the high road to get some Essence, though you’ll have to deal with the aforementioned acid. Fire breathing robots inhabit both the roof and inside of the train, but they are no match for the Swag Blade.

-Collect some Essence from the chests outside the train after exiting it and look for an orange wall to the left. 

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Break through the orange wall after going through the train and collect the HP Upgrade Piece in the room on the other side. You can also check the bed and corpse in this room for some story development. Return to the checkpoint after getting your prize.

-Hop up the platforms above the Service Pod and go left. More boring tubes will bust from the ceiling, but the Swag Blade will make quick work of them. 

-Keep going past an acid pool with a brittle row of blocks above it to a series of platforms that will take you upwards and to the left to another Service Pod. Be sure to unlock the services at the checkpoint and keep pushing on.

-After reaching a relatively intact silver train car, you’ll see a blue robot that shoots energy pulses at a 45° angle. The energy pulses will ricochet after hitting the floor. Don’t try to fight the bot from a distance, instead, jump over the energy pulses and swipe it with the sword.

-Keep going left, fighting more of the police bots and blue robots on the way, until you see a switch on the ceiling. Hitting the switch will cause a lift on the left to descend, which will allow Shadow to reach the orange chest on the ledge. Do not bother with the chest unless you want a Blade Extend, though I recommend keeping the Swag Blade. In fact, it’s probably best to just return to the checkpoint if you need a new weapon and get the Swag Blade rather than collect the Blade Extend.

-A blue robot is on the other side of the pit under the Blade Extend. Use a shuriken to take it out from a safe distance before jumping the pit.

-The path will bend upwards, then double back to the right. Push through the narrow hallway and eliminate any of the floating blue robots you encounter. After moving forward a good deal, you will see another switch on the floor. Activate it to open a path that will allow you to access the Service Pod near the silver train car. Take a moment to use the pod, then go into the screen transition to the right of the switch.

-Examine the body near the entrance to get a warning about the open air ahead. Look out for the mines mounted on the background near the body, they explode if you get close to them.

-Follow the zigzagging path to get topside and watch out when you step into any area that does not have a roof over it, because a target will appear over Shadow. Seconds after the target appears, a powerful beam with a large hitbox will strike the ground. Jump out of the way the moment the target reticle appears. Floating robots that fire downwards at Shadow occupy this area, use shurikens to take them out.

-You’ll only have to go right a little bit before you can drop down to safety. The hallway leading down is pretty safe aside from a few mines, but you will meet some red robots that throw boxes at Shadow when you reach the bottom. You’ve probably seen these guys before and they are not tough, but try to kill them before they grab up all the chests.

-Another outside area is just beyond the red robots. This time you’ll have to not only deal with the sky beam, but also deadly fire pits. Wait for the laser to fire, then jump over the pits. You’ll have to kill or evade the enemies that guard the platforms here quickly to stay alive, but the Swag Blade makes doing so less daunting.

-Keep going right and you will come to a Service Pod that’s safe from the laser beam. Take advantage of the checkpoint, then get ready to fight a boss.

Boss – Hunter Tank

The Hunter Tank is just right of the checkpoint. Jump onto its front end the moment it rolls in, because it will cover the pavement below it in deadly fire a few seconds after entering the area. Use the sword and Swag Blade to destroy the turrets mounted on its surface. Every now and then the Hunter Tank will launch a volley of missiles that rain down on Shadow. Walk away from the missiles as they fall. Get rid of the turrets, then start slicing the blue dome on top of the tank.

A few hits will shatter the dome’s protective outer layer and reveal an orange dome that extends from the tank to fire blue energy orbs that track Shadow before bursting into small shock waves that travel horizontally. The tank will continue to fire missiles as well. Jump over the orbs and focus on hitting the dome rapidly. You can also use the rising fire to deal extra damage.

A few solid hits will obliterate the top half of the tank, exposing an orange core that will rapid fire blue orbs. You can jump over these orbs, but it’s better to be aggressive at this point. Attack rapidly with the sword and the core will shatter after five or six hits. Shadow will earn another HP Upgrade for his efforts and will be free to move to the second half of the chapter.

Chapter 3-2

-Walk east after sending the Hunter Tank to the scrap heap. The enemy will resume its laser barrage once the tank has been defeated, so beware the reticle from earlier.

-Cross over a couple of fire pits and you will see a gun that shoots a horizontal fireball mounted on a wall ahead. These guns are easy to destroy, but they are often placed in difficult to reach spots. 

-Remember the relatively harmless green cylinders from the beginning of the chapter? They’re back and now they are working with wall guns like the one placed near the fire pit. This time the cylinders will catch any fireballs from the guns mounted in this area and shoot them at Shadow when he gets into range. Take out the cylinders as you see them so you can proceed safely.

-Climb up the ruined building (taking out a couple of guns on the way) to the surface again. Look out for more sky beams and fire pits. More of the floating robots that shoot bullets guard this area. Use shurikens or rising fire to get rid of them before they knock you into a pit.

-Descend into the ruins of another building and check the body in the bottom left to trigger a cutscene, then go through the screen transition to the right.

-Watch out for more sky lasers when you step into the screen after the cutscene room. You can grab a Blade Extend from the item capsule at the top of this room (the laser will likely destroy the capsule for you) if you need a weapon.

-You’ll drop down into the sewer again as you go through the building wreckage. This section is short, yet dangerous thanks to the bots that shoot at you and fast enemies that charge in from behind. Move slowly, checking for threats, and use your shurikens to eliminate the hovering bots.

-Shadow will emerge from the sewer again after going right a bit. The building he ends up in is fairly safe from the sky beam, but you’ll have to deal with it again soon enough. Check the wall to the left before going forward.

SP UPGRADE – After leaving the sewer, destroy the cracked wall to your left and enter the room behind it. A hopping droid that fires bullets down at Shadow is hiding in the background of the room. Rapidly slash it to destroy it before it can cause too much trouble, then grab the SP Upgrade to the left.

-Leave the SP Upgrade room and head east. The police bots from before are back along with the sky laser. This time, the police bots will take cover and toss grenades at Shadow. They will also roll away from him when he approaches. Simply jump over them when possible, because the sky beam will obliterate them for you more often than not.

-The floating robots in this area are a big threat, because they are hard to reach and you’ll have to deal with the laser beam at the same time. Dodge the beam, waiting for the floating robots to stop shooting or hit them with rising fire to get past them without getting thrown into a fire pit.

-Keep moving right to reach a Service Pod. Activate the Swag Blade for 50 Essence and go into the depths of the sewers yet again. 

-Break the wall on the left after dropping into the sewer to get some Essence. Carefully go right, but watch out for a red robot that rolls towards Shadow from the left. The Swag Blade is pretty good at taking out the enemies in this place. Don’t stand on the orange blocks over the acid for long either, because they crumble.

-Shadow will come to another orange crate with three flashing dots on it like the one from the first chapter, but there’s nothing that can be done with it right now.

-Continue through the sewer after a screen transition and you’ll see more boring tubes. Take a moment to defeat the enemies that come out of the tubes, because rolling red bots that can make life annoying for Shadow emerge from them.

-Smash the wall on the right when you get to the end of this sewer to get an E-Field, a handy weapon that will protect Shadow from projectiles.

-Travel upwards and use the E-Field to block fireballs from the mounted gun. Using the sword will make the E-Field fire a powerful energy wave at enemies, but your defenses will drop for a few seconds afterwards.

-Check the corpse under the fireball gun, then head left to a switch on the wall. Tap the switch and a pair of lifts will rise, allowing Shadow to reach a series of platforms above. Be careful when you get to the top; the sky beam will start attacking again.

-Jump back to the platform behind you to dodge the beam and try to push forward quickly, because there’s a safe spot up ahead. 

-After crossing the platforms and slicing through some police bots, you will enter a building with sections of cracked orange floor. You can’t do anything to this floor just yet, so go upwards.

-Use rising fire to clear away the bouncing red bots on the floors above Shadow as he climbs up, then go through the door on the top floor.

-You’ll get a message from another spirit if you examine the body in the room beyond the door. Go up to a Service Pod and activate all of its features for the boss ahead, then enter the door above it to fight Biohunter 

Boss – Biohunter 

Get out of the way as soon as you step onto the roof, because Biohunter is the culprit behind the sky beams that have been tormenting poor Shadow throughout the stage. He’ll fire a beam that destroys the roof door before you even see him, which is why you should step away from the door. Biohunter has two phases, but is a lot less difficult than the chapter 2 boss.

Phase 1

Biohunter will start off flying from one side of the screen to the next, shooting a stream of bullets at Shadow when he reaches one side of the screen. He’ll drop a series of bomblets as he flies to the other side of the screen, so watch closely and step between them. He’ll often land after firing his gun. Upon landing, Biohunter will launch a few bombs from his back, so don’t try to get behind him. After landing, the boss will flash for a few frames before shooting his gun at Shadow, so be ready to jump over the stream of bullets. If you’re close to him when he lands, Biohunter will slam his gun down on you. 

Use the rising fire to damage this boss while he’s in the air. The Swag Blade is great for hitting him as he lands and you can get a couple of sword swipes in before he takes off  if you jump towards him over his bullets. Overall, it’s easy to dodge this boss’s attacks as long as you watch him and don’t get greedy trying to damage him.

Phase 2

When Biohunter’s health gets down to about 13 bars, his gun will break and he will fly off the screen. You’re not out of danger yet, because 3 target reticles will appear near the center of the roof just before Biohunter demolishes it with his sky beam. Needless to say, you should move Shadow out of the blast zone. Shadow will fall as the roof collapses and Biohunter will land in the middle of the room inside of the powerful beam he used to demolish the roof. Try to run up to him as he lands, because you can get three or four free hits in on him before he can react. 

Biohunter will draw a large sword that he will swipe at Shadow with, so try to keep your distance from him. This boss will frequently leap, dropping a few bombs as he passes over Shadow, then follow up with a downward chop as he touches down. While on the ground, Biohunter will charge forward slightly, swinging his blade in a two piece combo. He can also use the sword to block.

Stay away from the boss and move in to attack after he lands or uses his combo, then jump away after a hit or two. Rising fire and shurikens are great for getting shots in if you still have SP. If not, the sword works fine, especially if you have the Swag Blade. Just like the first phase, this fight is easy as long as you are not over zealous in trying to damage Biohunter. Drop his life bar to zero to win the battle.

-Shadow will find another capsule with one of his clan mates trapped in it. Strike the capsule to free him and get the Air Strike ability, which lets you thrust downwards with the sword while airborne.

-Use air strike to smash the orange floor on the right. You’ll return to the tall building you were in just before the boss fight. Use air strike again to smash the slabs blocking your way. Go all the way down to an orange slab to the left and break it to enter a secret area.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – After you make your way to the bottom of the tower take the path on the left. Air strike the orange floor to find a hidden room. Use your new power, Air strike, to pogo hop on the enemies and get across the gap to get to the door on your right. It’s easier if you jump straight to the second enemy. You should also wait for the bots to get to near the apex of their jumps before making an attempt. This may take some practice, because you’ll need to push forward while using air strike to get Shadow to bounce to the next enemy and falling into the hole means death. Enter the door to the right after getting to the other side to get an HP Upgrade Piece.

-Back at the bottom floor of the building that leads to the boss, go right to find a Service Pod and the next chapter.

E. Chapter 4: Reactor 

Shadow will encounter a slew of new enemies and traps in the Reactor. He will also gain the ability to slide on walls in this chapter, which really changes the way the game is played. Make use of your abilities and proceed cautiously to get through this stage.

Chapter 4-1

-Look for a dock on the screen left of the Service Pod. The area is filled with orange drones that turn into platforms if they fall into water after being damaged. Ignore them and go down into the water below the dock, then swim over to a cave in the lower left. 

-The cave zigzags a bit, but you can only really follow a simple path that will take you to a waterfall. Swim left once you land in the pool under the waterfall and you will see a green monkey shrine. Press Up to enter the shrine. 

-Shadow can speak to the members of his clan that inhabit the shrine, but the true goal is behind a door in the upper portion of the building. 

-The room on the other side of the door is home to a ghostly blue monkey that will begin scaling the tall chamber once Shadow steps on its platform. The objective is to beat the monkey to the door at the top of the chamber. Here’s a few tips that will help you win this race:

    1. Do a test run and break all of the orange crates in your way while you’re at it.

    2. Use air strike to pogo-hop on the orange lamps to get a height boost.

    3. The lamps respawn after a few seconds and the monkey will reappear on the lowest platform if you fall to the floor, so don’t leave the room if you lose.

    4. Many of the jumps in this race are difficult, so make sure you leap when Shadow is on the very edge of each block.

    5. Air strike can sometimes save Shadow from falling all the way to the ground if he uses it to boost a bit even without a lamp to bounce from.

-Win the race and Shadow will learn how to Wall Slide, which will allow him to briefly stick to walls and jump up them. 

-Use wall slide to climb out of the cave after exiting the shrine. You’ll see a dead ninja by an orange C4 pack at the top of the cave. Strike the C4 to open up a new passage to the docks.

HP UPGRADE PIECE- After obtaining the wall slide ability, return to the surface and climb up the orange pillar. Drop down on the other side for the upgrade.

-Return to the Service Pod west of the docks and use wall slide to climb up to the door above the Service Pod to enter the Reactor.

-You can go left or right after entering the Reactor and dropping down a long chute. You have to hit switches at the end of both paths to open a door in the central chamber. Activate the Charge Blaster at the Service Pod near the entrance, you’ll need it for the next two rooms.

-Go through both rooms and hit the orange switch at the end of each room to open the door in the Service Pod chamber. Both rooms are guarded by bots, but the charge blaster makes short work of them as long as you let it power up fully before attacking. Watch out for serpent-like robots attached to the walls near the switches. They move erratically and spit bullets at Shadow. Use charge blaster shots or air strike to defeat these things.

-Go through the door under the Service Pod once it opens and make your way down a shaft that’s defended by spikes and laser drones. The spikes are easy to avoid, but you’ll have to slip past the drones between laser bursts. You may also want to destroy some of the drones. Watch out for the bullets they fire after taking damage. Air strike and rising fire work really well on these enemies.  

-After reaching the bottom of the shaft, walk right and you will see a bullet shooting turret. Destroy the turret to open a path going downward. Cling to the wall to dodge bullets from an orange gun bot under the turret, then go down into a watery area where you will find a door.

-Talk to the hologram beyond the door, then activate the Service Pod behind it and unlock all of the services it offers.

-Head right to an electrified floor with platforms that float over it. Use the wall in front of the turrets as cover and destroy the orange robot hovering over the floor before trying to cross the electrified area.

-Watch out for an electric spark that comes from the ceiling and the orange bot to the right as you ride the platforms. 

HP UPGRADE PIECE – There’s a spike lined wall right of the electrified floor with a silver pipe in the upper right corner. Use air strike to bounce off the item pod near the wall to get to the silver pipe, then hit the glowing red thing in the center of the pipe to make it explode, clearing the way to a hidden room. Carefully cross the electrified floor in this room and destroy the pipes blocking the way by hitting the red fuses. Use a shuriken to destroy the pipe that blocks access to the HP Upgrade Piece  at the end of the room.

-Return to the previous room and drop down the shaft by the pipe. Shadow will encounter a new obstacle in the form of a metal tube with a red eye at the top that blocks the way down. Hit it with the sword or air strike, then use the wall slide to follow it down.

-A bit further to the right you will see a pair of bots orbiting around a device attached to the background. It’s possible to destroy this thing, but it’s easier to just slip past it.

-Continue onwards past a pair of electrodes to another device like the one you just encountered. There’s another one of those metal tubes beneath the device and it’s up to you whether or not you want to destroy the device before dealing with the tube. Either way, use air strike to push the tube down.

-If you push the tube all the way down, you can slash the wall right of it for an HP refill.

-Go left to a locked gate with a dead scientist in front of it. Search the area under the gate to find a flashing computer console. Interact with it to enter cyberspace. Go up (You’ll have to kill some eye bots in here) and strike the object in the upper right to open the gate on your left. Hit the object that was behind the gate to exit cyberspace and open the gate in the real world.

-Continue west once the gate near the dead scientist is open. Shadow will have to cross a spiked pit with orange bots guarding it, but it’s not difficult if you use the shuriken or charge blaster to clear the way.

-Aside from an electrified floor and a few laser bots, the rest of this area is straightforward, so follow the path up to a door and go through it.

-Shadow will find himself in a long hallway with a spiked floor after passing through the door. Head west, but watch out for the crab bots that fire upwards at Shadow. These things can walk on spikes, but the platforms in this area will block their projectiles.

-You’ll see a Service Pod at the end of the hallway. As usual, purchase the charge blaster and consider unlocking the SP recharge function, then go down to an area filled with water.

-Look out for the octo-bots in this area; they conduct electricity generated from a node on the ceiling and will shock Shadow if he gets too close. This is where the charge blaster comes in handy.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Hard to miss. After the checkpoint by the two waterfalls, descend until you see the upgrade in a mess of pipes. Air strike the first exposed area on the left, and attack the others on your way to the upgrade.

-Keep going left and you will end up on top of more silver pipes. Take cover behind the walls so you can safely snipe at the octo-bots and other enemies using the charge blaster.

-You can destroy the pipes in this hallway, but it’s safer to leave them alone, because they protect you from the crab bots and spikes below them.

-Beyond the pipe hallway, you will find more octo-bots that you should eliminate from a distance. Go left a bit more and you can strike a metal tube to get to a chest that contains a blade extend if you need it, otherwise push left past a crab bot to a section with more of those rotating devices.

-Once again, you can smash these things if you want to, but it’s easier to just sneak through them since they follow a predictable pattern. Watch out for the spikes as you make your way through this area.

-After clearing the spikey area, use air strike to push another metal tube down. Grab the HP refill from the chest to the left while you’re air striking the tube if you need health.

-Go east after pushing the tube all the way down and get ready to deal with more octo-bots, an electrified floor, and an orange gun bot as you proceed. Eventually, you reach a serpent-like machine attached to the wall that’s like the ones in the beginning of the stage. Hit it from afar or use air strike on its head to get rid of it.

-Another annoying gun bot is waiting for Shadow just beyond the serpent bot. Take it out from range and get ready to fight another one as you cross the electrified floor on your right. 

-Destroy the pipe and go up the winding path to a Service Pod and another hologram. The E-field will be really helpful in the next section, so unlock it before moving on.

-Stay on the platforms when possible in the hall beyond the hologram, because the water on the floor will frequently be electrified. Use the E-Field to block shots from the enemies in this area and you’ll have no problem.

-After going down through an area with waterfalls, you’ll see a chest behind a pipe in the lower left corner. Hit the wall above the pipe to destroy it for an HP refill.

-Push forward using the E-field as protection from the enemies in this area. There’s a lot of gun bots and electrified surfaces in this section, but it’s very straightforward and easier to navigate than the rest of the stage.

-You’ll eventually see a green gate with two blinking lights on it. Shadow can’t open it yet, so keep going east to a final Service Pod. Activate all of the pod’s functions, you’ll need them for the battle ahead.

Boss – Mekadragon

Mekadragon will test your patience more than it will your reflexes, but this boss isn’t much trouble if you use a solid strategy. The room you fight this monstrosity in is filled with water and you will have to cut the orange drones that constantly spawn from above in order to make solid footings for Shadow. It’s very important to be diligent about chopping down drones, because they get in the way and Shadow really needs solid ground to fight on. They also drop SP on occasion, which really comes in handy. Watch out for the spiked walls that block Shadow in when the fight starts.

Mekadragon itself will spawn when you get about halfway through the room. He will open the battle by emerging from the water, making an 8-Bit roaring sound, and breathing fire at Shadow. Get as far away from him as possible when he performs this move, because it’s hard to avoid. If you are too close to dodge the fire, you can drop into the water and swim away. After breathing fire, the boss will dive forward, which makes it unwise to be in front of him.

The boss will do one of two things after breathing fire. He will either leap upwards, then drop down, or leap out of the water horizontally before doubling back at Shadow. Look for bubbles that indicate the spot he will surface and focus on destroying drones while staying mobile to make it difficult for Mekadragon to hit you.

For the final attack in his pattern, Meka will surface as if he is about to breath fire, but this time he will emit electricity that will zap Shadow if he is in the water. Stay on the drone platforms and try to hit the boss’s mouth at this point. Mekadragon will repeat his pattern of breathing fire, leaping, and emitting electricity after this attack.

Do not try to attack this boss up close unless he is performing his electricity attack, because you’ll almost certainly take damage otherwise. As previously stated, cutting drones down is really important and you should stay mobile. Use the shuriken and charge blaster to pick away at Meka from afar if you are out of his fire breath range or if you cannot get close while he is emitting electricity. Remember to jump away after he performs his electric attack if you do engage him in melee. It takes a while to beat this guy, but you will do fine if you bide your time.

Chapter 4-2

-Shadow will find the Ikuchi Shrine to the right after defeating Mekadragon. Press Up while standing in front of the shrine to enter the Ethos.

-Explore the shrine and talk to the various characters within. There are two doors in this shrine, the lower one leads to a room with a few NPCs Shadow can converse with, while the upper door leads to a seemingly empty room.

-Enter the topmost door to reach the empty room and slice the torches to make a large ice crystal appear. 

-Hit the crystal to make it spawn phantom ninjas that first appear as glimmers of light that rise upwards before becoming ninjas that attack Shadow. 

-The phantoms will often dodge Shadow and counter with a lunging strike of their own. Attack the phantoms as they fall to the ground or after they make a move to destroy them.

-Fire that crawls towards the center of this room makes this fight more difficult. Try to keep one side of the chamber clear and jump over the flames when they get close.

-The phantoms spawn rapidly, but you can keep up with them if you’re careful and back away after each attack. Destroy enough of them and the crystal will turn into the L2 Katana, which greatly extends the sword’s damage and reach.

-Exit the shrine and run left back through the boss room, past the Service Pod to a green wall with two flashing lights that previously barred your path. Slash it to bust it open.

-Continue through a watery area with more of the orbiter devices from before and you will see a route leading up. Watch out for the spikes and talk to the hologram at the top of the room.

-Drop down the shaft left of the hologram and watch out for the spikes that line the wall.

-Plow through the enemies as you go down, then go through the narrow passage on the left after you reach the bottom.

-Continue past more gun bots and orbiters to reach another hologram with a Service Pod above it. Save your Essence by skipping the Spirit Recovery service and buy the E-Field Item Synthesis, then go through the door above to reach the boss.

Boss – Vessel Defense System

The Vessel Defense System (we’ll just call it the VDS from now on) is a security system composed of an orange device that guards the Vessel (the glowing diamond on the left) and six plasma cannons mounted in the background that look like bright red circles. Shadow cannot hurt the VDS unless he first destroys the plasma cannons, which will shoot at him from the start of the battle. A simple sword slash will destroy a cannon and the E-Field is great at blocking their projectiles. Once all of the cannons are gone, the “eye” in the center of the orange wall on the left will open and turn to Shadow, then fire a volley of bullets that fan out. After that, two electrodes will emerge from the floor and ceiling in the center of the room, then the eye will fire balls of electricity at the electrodes, which will make them electrify the floor and ceiling. Slide along the back wall to get out of the way of the electric discharge and get ready to avoid another burst of bullets from the eye.

After that, the eye will retract, the plasma cannons will return, and Shadow will have to clear them again. When the eye opens a second time, it will perform the same bullet attack, however, a pair of guns positioned above and below it will fire at Shadow instead of the eye using the electric attack. Slide on the back wall to avoid the guns as well. When the VDS gets low on life, it will fire a wide laser that can destroy Shadow after it discharges its electricity or fires the guns. You will have to slide on the back wall, but remain level with the plasma cannons or drop down just after the guns fire to stay clear of the laser. VDS will repeat the same pattern until destroyed.

The only time the VDS is susceptible to damage is when the “eye” is open. Run up to it and attack as soon as you destroy the cannons to damage the boss before it shoots, then back away to the right hand wall for safety. You can clear the cannons more quickly if you use rising fire and they drop SP, so don’t be stingy with your special attacks. 

-Defeat the Vessel Defense System and a cutscene will play, then go through the hole in the wall to the left. -Slash the capsule in the center of the room to get the Parry ability, then go left to start the next chapter.

F. Chapter 5: Research Lab

The Research Lab is packed with traps and monsters that make it more difficult to traverse than the previous stages. Spikes that instantly kill Shadow are common in this stage and you will have to move quickly to evade them. You’ll also have to fight a tough boss who requires careful timing to beat, so make sure you’re ready to do some platforming.

Chapter 5-1

-A body covered in purple goop guards the entrance to this stage, slash it rapidly to destroy the robot that comes out of it.

-Shadow will find the path forward blocked by a strange enemy that shoots purple energy waves. Press forward while facing an energy wave just before it hits Shadow to parry it, then press the attack button to send the wave back at the creature. Three hits will kill it.

-Slice through the purple blocks in the passage behind the creature you just killed to clear the way. Take note of the purple vine that is positioned in the background of the passage going down. Passing by it will trigger a mass of spiked tendrils that grow rapidly towards the wall on the right. Drop down before they impale Shadow and keep an eye out for more of these vines.

-Go though the passage (destroying a few turrets on the way) and you’ll see another, larger vine after passing by more purple goo. This time, the tendrils will come in from the left and pose a greater threat. Stop before passing by the vine and kill anything you see, then get ready to run through the area. You’ll have to destroy a hopping robot and jump over a pit, then slash through some blocks to get to safety. Don’t rush too much or the enemy may knock you into the spikes.

-After clearing the spike trap, you’ll see a growth coming out of the wall in the background by a ledge with a chest on top of it. Use the air strike to bounce off the eye thing and take the blade extend from the chest, then go through a shaft leading down. Use air strike to deal with the turrets below and cut through the blocks.

-Once you leave the shaft, you’ll come to yet another spike trap. Leaping crab robots that fire vollies of bullets make it difficult to clear this area. Wait by the vine before triggering it and kill any crab bots that come your way to make it easier to navigate the area. You’ll have to jump over a number of pits and deal with flying enemies as you make your way through this area. Luckily, the tendrils aren’t fast and the shuriken can destroy the robots quickly.

-Go upwards, cleaving your way through more blocks and enemies until you reach another energy wave shooter like the one at the beginning of the stage. Use parry to get rid of this one as well, then activate the Service Pod behind it.

-The room behind the Service Pod has another energy wave shooter as well as a wall that will thrust spikes into Shadow, damaging him if he gets too close. You don’t have to kill the purple thing this time and you can just go through the blocks below it if you wish.

-The next section is merely a hallway with some spikes, but the constant stream of crab bots that come through it can be dangerous. Watch them closely so you can line up your attacks. Be sure to grab the HP refill in the chest at the end of the hallway and activate the Service Pod checkpoint above it.

-Another purple energy wave shooter blocks the path above the checkpoint. You’ll have to use aerial parries to kill it. Luckily, you can use the Service Pod to heal up if you take too much damage.

-Yet another spike tendril trap is just right of the checkpoint. This time you’ll have to do some climbing and jump onto moving platforms as you flee the spikes. It’s not difficult as long as you move at a normal pace and trust your reflexes as you jump onto the platforms, because they are all timed to be close to each other when you jump. Be sure to climb upwards when you get to the end of the hall, because the spikes won’t stop until they hit the wall.

-Smash the wall to the left after you get to the top of the shaft to find an HP refill, then get ready to go through another spike trap. This one is short and easy to avoid, but you’ll have to air parry more energy waves when you reach the end.

-Parry your way through yet another energy wave shooter to the left, then get ready to climb upwards quickly when you see a vine above Shadow. Go through the door above the trap to a Service Pod.

-There are several computer terminals to read in this room as well as a switch on the right wall that opens a secret door. The room beyond the door has some plot related stuff behind it. Buy the SP Dispenser at the Service Pod and enter the area on your left when you are ready to move on.

-This next area is a hallway that forms a square. While it’s filled with enemies, it’s not hard to navigate. When you get to the far left end of the square, you will see a red button that will open the door to the right. After going through the door, hit another button just beyond it to open the way to the Service Pod you came from as well as a tunnel that leads down to the boss.

-Drop down the hole and Shadow will encounter a lumbering monster. You can attack it, but you cannot harm it. After a few moments a cutscene will commence, L-Gion will show up and give you some health.

-Head left and down a tunnel with some purple blocks you’ll have to break with air strike.

-Shadow will come to a hallway guarded by more crab bots as well as a new enemy that’s a big ball on a stalk. Do not destroy the stalk part of this enemy or the ball will float around and chase Shadow. Destroy the ball instead. 

-Climb up the shaft to the left and air strike hop over more of the balls at the top. You can destroy the wall right of the balls to get an HP refill.

-Be careful when climbing up the shaft above the breakable wall, another tendril trap vine will send spikes surging upwards.

-After clearing the shaft, you will see yet another vine. This time there’s an energy wave shooter far left of the vine, just out of your field of vision. Use air parries to eliminate it from a distance before attempting to pass the vine. You’ll have to jump over a bunch of spikes as the tendrils chase you after destroying the energy wave shooter, but it’s easy to get to the end safely with the enemy gone. Activate the Service Pod and get ready to fight the boss.

Boss – Subject Alpha

This boss will jump around the room, throwing massive energy balls at Shadow. These balls can be parried or hopped over. Parrying the balls is also a good way to get a few easy hits on Subject Alpha and build up SP. Watch out when the boss jumps over you, because he will slam straight down on you with his fist and send shockwaves across the room. Either jump away from this attack or parry it. You can also scale the wall to get away from Subject Alpha’s ranged onslaught, but do not stay on the walls for more than a moment, because the boss can perform wall jumps as well and use a special body slam move to smash into you when you’re on the wall.

Subject Alpha is open to attack after he throws an energy ball and after he lands, so get some hits in on him then. After losing about half of its life, this boss will start firing off a dart after throwing a ball, which makes parrying harder. You can either jump over the ball and parry the dart in mid air or jump over both moves. You can also triangle jump from the walls to stay safe. Keep moving and using hit and run tactics on this boss to win without too much fuss. Remember, parry is a great defense in this fight, but you will still need to run and jump away from most of Subject Alpha’s moves.

Chapter 5-2

-The floor will break away after Subject Alpha is defeated, revealing a passage that goes into the depths of the lab. Follow the passage to some purple blocks that can be destroyed for an HP refill.

-Pass through the winding hallway, which is lined with spikes that can damage Shadow, and you will come to another one of those purple balls growing on a stalk. To destroy this one safely, jump on the ledge next to it, then jump away and turn in mid-air to slash the ball. With the ball gone, you can proceed to the next part of the hallway.

-You’ll come to a row of the purple stalk things behind a stack of blocks. Break the blocks to get more HP, then use air strike to pogo-hop over the balls. It’s pretty tricky to pull this move off, thanks to all of the spikes on the ceiling, but it can be cleared safely if you make short jumps. There are also safe spots that have no spikes on the floor that you can land on if you mess up.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – This upgrade is out in the open and impossible to miss. Just go up the tunnel past the purple balls and you’ll see it sitting on a metal platform.

-Go left and down to a Service Pod. You can activate the blade extend if you like, but it’s not terribly useful. Do not bother with the spirit recovery, because you really don’t need it. The boss is just to the left.

Boss – Subject Alpha (Rematch) 

Subject Alpha is back and completely different this time. If anything, this fight is easier than the first. The boss will shoot energy balls and spawn flying eyes that pursue Shadow, but it won’t leave its perch on the back wall. The energy balls send waves of fire along the floor if they hit the ground and the flying eyes can be destroyed for extra SP. Try to keep the eyes under control or they will swarm you. Every so often, the boss will drop a spiked sphere that falls to the ground. More spikes will emerge from the sphere and spread towards the walls. Luckily, the spikes aren’t lethal and vanish after a few seconds. The lower part of Subject Alpha’s body will open up before dropping the sphere, so you have plenty of time to get out of its way.

Use the walls for safety and air strike the eyes to keep them under control. Try to parry the energy ball, because it’s pretty helpful if you can turn it against the boss. Subject Alpha has only one week point: an eye in the center of its body that opens and closes. You cannot hit the eye if it’s closed, so use that time to destroy the flying eyes or position yourself under the boss so you can hit it quickly. You’ll have to bound from the floor to the walls, getting hits in when possible to beat this boss. Otherwise it will overwhelm you with attacks. 

-A purple body will crawl from the shattered remains of Subject Alpha after you defeat it and a cutscene will start. Head left and up after the scene. You can destroy the body, but doing so does not appear to affect the game.

-Slash the capsule in the chamber above Alpha and go down the hole it reveals. Shadow will land in front of the falcon shrine and a few computers that can be examined.

-Enter the shrine and destroy the green plant in the center to get Sprint. Talk to the people in the shrine if you wish, then return to the lab.

-All of the purple goo that was infesting the lab is gone now. Return to where you destroyed the capsule and wall climb up the shaft above it.

-You’ll see another computer terminal at the top of the shaft. Smash the doors to the right and use the Service Pod next to them. 

-The ledge east of the Service Pod can only be reached by using the charge slash. Press forward twice while running along the floor left of the ledge, jump, then press the attack button to charge over to the ledge.

-Charge slash over the pit of deadly spikes after getting to the top of the ledge, then head right.

-The floor of the next room is lined with lethal spikes. Hit the switch on the ceiling near the entrance, then sprint across the bridge that appears. Be quick, because the bridge will lower Shadow into the spikes after a few seconds. Jump and charge to get over to solid ground when you get near the end of the bridge.

-Climb up after destroying a few bots and you’ll see a turret and another switch. Hit this switch to extend another temporary bridge and perform another charge jump. Don’t worry about the turret, your charge will destroy it.

-Do the same thing with the switch above it and go through the door at the top of the tunnel.

-Examine the body by the door, then smash the door above it. Hit the switch to make the elevator behind the door rise and go through a final door to reach chapter 6.

G. Chapter 6: Robot Factory

The robot factory is a brief, yet harrowing stage that’s chock full of booby traps and murderous machines. You’ll have to use the charge slash effectively in the factory. Careful timing and nearly pixel perfect jumps are also required to get past many of the deadly spikes that line the surfaces of this place.

Chapter 6-1

-Take note of the moving pistons as soon as you enter the stage. These things often mash together crushing anything in between them, including Shadow. The good news is they always follow a simple pattern that makes them very predictable. You should also keep an eye out for laser tripwires like the one left of the door in the image below. Setting one off by passing through it will activate the factory’s defenses, causing turrets and a flying buzz saw to pop out of hidden panels. Both the turrets and the saw can be destroyed, but it’s best to either sneak by or charge slash through the trip wires for obvious reasons.

-The wall right of the entrance to this stage conceals a large SP refill, just be wary of the piston in front of it.

-Charge slash over the spike pit left of the entrance and get ready to destroy a green bot that fires bullets in an arc. Activate the Service Pod behind the bot, but save your Essence for later.

-Another large SP refill is hidden behind a breakable wall left of the Service Pod. Climb upwards, watching out for spikes and another laser tripwire. Charge slash over the tripwire pit at the top of the vertical hallway after destroying another green bot.

-The next hallway is essentially a long spike pit with a few conveyor belts and laser tripwires over it. Use charge slash to cross this hallway. Look out for flying robots when you get to the pistons near the end of the hall.

-You’ll have to climb another shaft after the spike hallway. Stick to the left-hand wall to bypass most of the dangers in this shaft.

-The next screen features a room with two laser tripwires that flank a small patch of safe flooring. A green bot makes it difficult to land on the safe spot. Use charge slash to pass over the bot and land behind it or air strike it. Remember, you can always just run to the previous screen if you accidentally trigger the security system.

-A new type of soldier bot guards the passage above the spike hallway. This one uses a gun that fires a purple sphere that tracks Shadow. The spheres are really annoying to try to dodge, so get used to parrying them. Break the fan in the upper right corner near the soldier bot to open up a shortcut. 

-You’ll find another breakable fan to the left while climbing up the shaft. If you’re not afraid to brave a few spikes, you can get some HP refills from the pod at the top of the room hidden behind the fan.

-Slide along the wall and wait for the tripwire lasers to deactivate as you ascend the shaft. Destroy the fan to the right when you get to the end of the passage and follow the vent to a Service Pod and a map console. Activate the ningun weapon synthesis and check out the map console if you are interested in backtracking to chapter 5 to get an HP Upgrade Piece.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – This upgrade piece is technically in chapter 5, but you can’t get it until chapter 6 as far as I know. Return to the entrance of the 5th chapter to find all of the purple stuff gone. Go left from the Service Pod room and you’ll see a new pathway has opened up. Go through the passage to a hallway with a purple energy wave shooter that you can kill pretty quickly with parry or the ningun. Enter the door behind it to find a room full of computers you can read and an HP Upgrade Piece. Return to chapter 6 using the map console near the Service Pod when you are done here.

-Return to the second Service Pod in chapter 6 if you went to get the HP Upgrade Piece and go left past a few pistons to the next screen.

-You can destroy the barrier generating robot next to the piston near the entrance to get a few powerups. Afterwards, scale the shaft above the piston.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Destroy the machine on the right at the top of the shaft to open up a secret room. Spikes line the walls of this room and you’ll have to do some careful jumping and charge slashing to reach the HP Upgrade Piece in the lower right. Slash the contraption with the flashing green light on it next to the canister after you get it to leave the room safely.

-The hallway left of the HP Upgrade Piece room is pretty deadly. Be sure to use the ningun or a few careful air strikes to destroy the soldier bot near the start of the hallway. You’ll need to plan out your jumps really carefully to clear the spikes and laser tripwires in this area. Use the ningun to take out enemies on the pillars so you can jump without being harassed.

-The next area has more soldier bots, tripwires, spikes, and conveyor belts, but it’s easy if you take your time. Use the ningun or shurikens to eliminate threats from a distance.

-Activate another Service Pod after passing through a screen transition and destroy the barrier bot to the left. With any luck, the remains of the barrier bot will crash into the green robot guarding the pistons behind it. If not, use a few ranged attacks to get rid of it.

-After crossing a row of pistons you’ll see even more spikes, tripwires, and pistons that close together completely. Slide along the side of the pistons to stay out of harm’s way as you cross this trap.

-A final row of pistons awaits Shadow at the end of this hallway. Many of them will crush Shadow if he stands under them, but some do not go all the way down and are safe to stand under. 

-The final hallway before the boss is filled with tripwires that turn on and off. Wait for them to turn off to go past them. Watch out for red bots that come rolling out of the ceiling as you proceed.

-Eventually, you will reach a train with a Service Pod. Activate all of the pod’s features and go left to fight the boss.

Boss – Tunnel Cleaner

Tunnel Cleaner will smash through the back of the train. Attack the eye in the center to destroy it when the eye is uncovered. This boss will fire bullets that travel in a 45 degree angle from the claws on the top and bottom of its body. Just back away when it starts to shoot. It also creates a giant ball of energy that it fires at Shadow. Parry the energy ball after it releases it and send it back to the boss.

After firing the energy ball, Tunnel Cleaner will spawn a barrier bot. Focus on destroying the bot, because it will slowly move towards Shadow, which can cause problems. Get ready to deal with a volley of missiles that can be swatted away with the sword as well. Tunnel Cleaner sticks to the same pattern throughout the fight, but will start spawning two barrier bots instead of one once it gets low on health. When this happens, try to destroy the bot on the right first, because it will crash into the boss, damaging it. Be aggressive and take advantage of parry to win this battle. Tunnel Cleaner drops an HP Upgrade upon defeat.

-Go west to exit the subway tunnel.

H. Chapter 7: Outskirts 

Shadow will get a massive power boost at the end of this stage, but getting there won’t be easy. Spikes and bomb tossing enemies are plentiful in this stage. You’ll also have to contend with acid bubbles and dangerous new foes.

Chapter 7-1

-You’ll find a Service Pod near the start of the stage. Be sure to get the E-Field upgrade, you’ll need it for the enemies ahead. 

-Watch out for the green gun-bots in this stage. They fire down at a 45 degree arc and are usually placed near spike pits. Charge slash through them or use ranged attacks to destroy them. Be careful if you happen to destroy both of their guns, because they tend to ram into Shadow as a last ditch effort.

-A large mechanical gate will block Shadow’s way after he crosses a spike pit. The gate is made up of two turrets on the top and bottom as well as a head that tracks Shadow’s movements. The turrets will fire a steady stream of bullets at you, while the head tends to move out of your reach. Play it safe and take the turrets out with the E-Field or parry. You can use the chunk of concrete in the center of the screen as cover. Once the turrets are gone, you can take out the head fairly easily as long as you watch out for its shots. You can also destroy the head with air strike if you are good at using it, though you may want to destroy the top turret first.

-The area beyond the gate features even more spikes and bomb throwing robots. Take advantage of your long range abilities to get through safely.

-The path in this stage branches slightly when you reach a fan. You can either brave the high road or destroy the fan and go through a tunnel filled with rolling red robots that attack Shadow from behind when he gets to the halfway point. Either route is fine to take and both lead to the same place, so choose whichever one you prefer.

-Watch out for a bomb tossing bot that throws purple fire when you exit the tunnel or clear the spikes. The fire takes a while to dissipate and presents a major obstacle if you try to destroy the robot at close range.

-The third screen of this stage has quite a few bomb throwing robots that can really put a hurtin’ on Shadow. Take your time here and use your ranged attacks again to defeat them. Use charge slash if you run out of SP.

-A Service Pod is located near the center of the stage. Unlock the SP refill and Orbiter features at the pod, you’ll need them. You can also get some SP from the false wall above the pod, but it’s not very helpful.

-The area beyond the Service Pod is rife with spikes and enemies. Pick off the enemies as you proceed and take advantage of the orbiter’s ability to deal damage up close. The orbiter will expand its damage radius when Shadow swings the sword, making it great for removing the bomb tosser left of the pod.

-Shadow will have to battle another set of gate turrets here. This one is made more complicated by three moving platforms. Stay on the middle platform and parry any bullets that come your way. Focus on the head in the center and ignore the other two turrets for a quick victory. If you’re good with the orbiter, you can line it up with the head and use its ability to expand to hit the head even if it’s out of reach.

-Use caution when navigating the area behind the gate turret after you beat it. Acid dripping bots and more spikes make traversing this area dangerous, but a few well placed shurikens or rising flame will solve your problems. You will reach a smaller, orange version of the gate turret at the end of this tunnel. Parry will come in handy again and you can destroy the turret without a problem if you are good at parrying.

-Another Service Pod is located in the hallway behind the turret. Activate all of its functions, especially the orbiter, to make the next stretch of this chapter more tolerable.

-After climbing up a shaft with a few enemies, you’ll see a turret that fires acid balls. These acid balls explode when they hit a surface, so try to eliminate these things quickly with a charge slash, shuriken, or well timed parry. You’ll have to fight a few more acid turrets including one mounted on the wall to the left after dealing with the first one, but the same tactics work regardless of the situation.

-Pools of acid await Shadow just behind the turrets. Acidic bubbles tend to float out of the pools. While both will damage you, neither one is deadly. Shadow will also have to watch out for purple skulls that are hidden inside the larger acid bubbles. Attacking or even leaving one of the large bubbles alone will make a purple skull emerge from it. These skulls will pursue Shadow. It’s best to stay still, let the skulls come to you and destroy them when they are in range.

-More turrets and flying enemies are located in the area above the bubbles, deal with them as you did the others.

-Climb up the shaft on the next screen and look for a cracked metal wall in the upper right. Destroy it to get an HP refill, there’s also an SP dispenser in the chest.

-The rest of this cave features the same obstacles, so continue left using the same method. After a screen transition, you’ll see another Service Pod with a breakable door left of it. Activate all of the pod’s amenities and check out the computers behind the door for some more plot information.

-The final section of the cave has a moving platform over an acid pool. You can cross this pool fairly quickly if you jump to the platform then charge slash to solid land, but you run the risk of getting hit by the purple skulls that rise out of the acid. Alternatively, you can stand on the platform and use your sword as well as the orbiter to get rid of threats, then jump to the solid ground when the coast is clear.

-Shadow will arrive at a junkyard after climbing out of the cave. Go right and use rising flame to take out the acid dripping robots. Activate the services at the Service Pod when you reach it.

-Hopping enemies will assail Shadow in the area beyond. Move forward slowly and eliminate these enemies as you go. You’ll also have to deal with more acid robots as you proceed, but you can use the platforms in this area as cover.

-Another gate turret is located in front of a short tunnel. Jump onto the platform in the upper left and charge slash to the top of the tunnel to bypass the turret.

-After passing the gate turret, you’ll come to a huge chamber with two doors and a gate with three glowing lights that you cannot open yet. The first door is locked, so you’ll have to jump the series of blocks right of it to the door in the upper right. Go in the door, access the Service Pod, and go into the cyberspace capsule to the left.

-Cyberspace should be somewhat familiar to you from the Reactor. This time there are blocks that appear when Shadow nears them, so you’ll have to kind of feel your way through the stage. After going through the door, you’ll see an orange cube that you’ll have to destroy to make the orange blocks near it vanish. Do the same with the cube beneath it and go right to find the defense system.

-The defense system is a blinking light with a red cable running from it. Hitting the light will make four eyes spawn around it. These eyes will bombard Shadow with energy beams that can be parried. You will have to destroy the eyes before attacking the one in the center. Just parry their projectiles and use the platforms as cover. Once the four eyes are gone, the main one will drop its shield and rapid fire beams at you. Circle around the platform and parry the beams back at the eye or strike with the sword when you have an opening. A few attacks will destroy the eye and open the door in reality. 

-Return to the large chamber and go through the previously locked door. There are quite a few computer consoles to read in this area and they can give you a lot of insight into the story. Explore this area and you will find the Dragon Shrine. The dragon will speak to Shadow and upgrade all of his abilities (see Section I, Part B for a detailed description of the abilities) allowing him to exit the tunnel using double jump.

-Backtrack to the large chamber in the junkyard again and look for an orange door with three lights on it. L-Gion should be waiting in front of the door. Charge up your sword and swing at the door to smash it, then move onward. The final part of this stage has a Service Pod and the entrance to the eighth chapter beyond it.

I. Chapter 8: Return to Mekacity 

The eighth chapter of Cyber Shadow will test all of your skills. It adds a few new things to the game as well, specifically a motorcycle scenario that is reminiscent of those from the Mega Man X games. 

Chapter 8-1

-Shadow will have to deal with a new obstacle in the form of a hovering plasma blade that can extend its range when Shadow nears it. These things are immobile and are easy to simply jump over most of the time, though you may have to occasionally take one out with a charged up sword attack or shuriken. 

-A number of bomb throwers occupy the area after the first moving green platform in this stage. Use rising flame or a charged up shuriken to destroy them so you can proceed safely.

-A spike pit guarded by a bomb tosser is Shadow’s next major obstacle in stage eight. You cannot clear this pit with a normal jump thanks to a wall that blocks the way to the right. Slide down the wall and perform a double jump before you hit the spikes to reach the pavement to the lower right.

-Use the cement block under the bomb tosser just after the spike pit as cover and take it out with a jumping attack when you see an opening between its bombs. Use air strike to eliminate the soldier bot underneath it. You can also destroy the orange crate by charging up the sword.

-A charged sword slash will destroy the orange gate behind the soldier bot.

-Plasma blades guard the entrance to the next area, but a simple charge sword slash will take them out. The shield robot behind them is another story, however. He will block your attacks with an energy shield that he will occasionally let down to fire a series of shots at Shadow. When possible, take cover where he cannot shoot you and fire a few charged shurikens at him to send him to the junkyard. In some cases you will have to parry his shots or get behind him to defeat him.

-Go downwards after beating the shield robot and charge slash past the spike lined ceiling with a pit beneath it. Make your way past the plasma blades behind the pit using the charged shuriken and use charged parries to defeat the shield robot blocking the way up. 

-This next area features a lot of moving platforms, bomb throwers, and spikes. First of all, pick up some extra SP by destroying the wall to the left. Use charged shurikens to destroy the bomb tossing robot and wait for the flying green bots to come into striking distance before attempting to jump onto the platform. Another shield bot stands in your way just opposite the platforms. Use a combination of parry and shurikens to get rid of it.

-Shadow will come across another Service Pod after the shield bot. Don’t bother activating the SP refill, because you can get an SP dispenser that does the same thing from the pod.

-Another chasm spanned by a few moving platforms awaits to the right of the pod. Take advantage of your SP dispenser by spamming shurikens and rising fire at the plasma blades in this location.

-You can bypass the shield robot in this area by taking out the plasma blades under it, but you will have to attack it from behind so it can’t harass you. The rest of the chasm is easy to cross as long as you use your special powers to clear out the enemies. You’ll also want to use charge slash to reach the moving platforms. 

-Destroy the wall to the right to get a health refill after crossing the chasm, then go downwards.

-You’ll come to a turret gate after crossing some spikes. A few charged parries will make short work of the turret.

-Shadow will see a red motorcycle and Service Pod behind the gate. You cannot use the bike yet, so go into the door next to it.

-The building the door leads to is full of info on the motorcycle known as Exo. Read up on it if you wish and enter the cyberspace module at the bottom of the room. 

-This cyberspace is very simple and requires little explanation as long as you destroy the orange cubes. You’ll have to fight another security system like the one in the previous chapter. This time it’s really easy to fight thanks to Shadow’s new charged parry ability. 

-Shadow can ride Exo once the security system is down.

Chapter 8-2

-After clearing cyberspace you will be able to ride Exo and must do so in order to complete the stage. Press Up to mount the bike and use its gun to blast away the barrier on the right.

-The next portion of this stage is an auto-scroller that requires skill and some memorization to complete. It’s very important to learn how to rapidly fire the gun to clear out enemies. Holding the attack button down will charge the gun. Charging the gun up and unleashing a barrage of bullets is an effective way to clear the way of foes.

-Shadow will have to navigate the wreckage of a highway that is broken up by spike pits and uneven ground. Touching spikes or crashing into the broken highway sections will result in death. It’s best to hang back so you can see pits coming and rapidly shoot everything you see. You should also destroy boxes and capsules to get some health refills. Sadly, there’s not really a good way to explain this stage, because it’s mostly about fast reflexes and memory.

-A tunnel that is infested with enemy bots lies beyond the highway. Stay a few body lengths away from the left edge of the screen and focus on destroying enemies as fast as possible. While most of the robots are easy to defeat, you will encounter bots that carry spiked shields that they will place in Shadow’s path. Blast the shield until the bots drop it and be ready to jump over it. Damage is a major threat in this phase, so focus on clearing the way and watch out for enemies attacking from the rear. Once again, this sequence is all about reflexes and memory, so keep trying it until you get it.

-Exo will eject Shadow at the end of the tunnel. Shadow will land in another wrecked area of Mekacity after being ejected. There’s no need to explain this area in detail, because there are few threats and nothing important to find. Just deal with the green bots as you head east and look for a Service Pod.

-Shadow will have to explore more of the highway after activating the Service Pod. There’s more enemies here, but this area isn’t worth explaining either, because it’s not difficult. You’ll find Exo at the end of the highway.

-Exo has turned into a power suit that Shadow can enter by pressing Up. This suit can walk, jump, and fire powerful bullets. Touch the Service Pod to the right and keep moving forward. 

-Exo and Shadow will have to battle a slew of robots ahead, but he is incredibly strong and can cut through enemies effortlessly. He can even destroy the blocks sealing off the exit to the area.

-Push forward with your gun blazing and you’ll eventually come to another Service Pod. Exo will jump down a pit and you will have to fight a battleship. Overall, this thing is kind of trivial and the game doesn’t even treat it as a boss. It will spawn tons of soldier bots and other enemies, so stay mobile. You should move if you see a target reticle, because missiles will rain down on that spot a second later. Keep shooting the battleship and it will go down after a minute or two.

-Another easy stretch awaits Shadow and Exo ahead. After going east for a while, you’ll see Apparitior again and a cutscene will play.

-Shadow will awaken with one life bar after the cutscene. He will not be able to ride Exo any longer, so go right to a tunnel that has a Service Pod. Activate the repair feature and keep going onward.

-You’ll see a laser bot further down the tunnel. A few attacks will destroy it and you can grab an SP dispenser from the crate above it.

-Go along the tunnel, destroying any laser bots you come across, and you’ll reach a shaft leading upwards. Watch out, spikes will rise from the floor once you pass the orbs near the top of the shaft. Make sure you charge up your sword as you climb so you can take out the laser bot at the top. You should also climb up the left side of the shaft to make hitting the bot a bit easier.

-Another set of orbs is located on the floor on the other side of the shaft. You can just run to the end of the screen to escape the spikes, but you’ll have to jump over some spikes that rise out of the floor on your way.

-Use long range attacks to take out the enemies over the spike pit in the next room. 

-Beware the tripwire lasers in the area below the pit. They flicker on and off, so watch them carefully and pass them when the way is clear.

-More spikes and laser tripwires are located near the end of this area. There’s also a soldier bot that shoots purple orbs, but a charged parry will make short work of it.

-The next hallway has several moving platforms that can be activated by hitting a nearby switch. You’ll have to avoid laser tripwires and deal with attackers as you ride the platform. Use a charged parry to get rid of a soldier bot as you ride along.

-You’ll see another rideable platform after you finish the first one. Wait a second for a green bot to fly towards Shadow before attempting to jump onto the platform. This ride is made more difficult by the spikes under it and more green bots that fly at Shadow. Jump over the tripwires and use air strike to get rid of the flying enemies.

Chapter 8-3

-This area is pretty simple and leads to a door that will take you to a room with a gate that has three glowing lights on it. Destroy it with a charged sword swipe and hop on the Service Pod in the next room. Be sure to get the salvager from the pod, it will defend Shadow from projectiles.

-Drop down from the checkpoint (stay away from the spikes on the wall) and get ready to deal with another moving wall of spikes. This time you’ll have to make your way past some conveyor belts and laser tripwires. Use charge slash to your advantage and scale the shaft at the end of the hallway.

SP UPGRADE – After climbing the shaft near the moving spikes, look upwards for a glowing purple mass. Attack it and it will spawn energy balls that track Shadow, but the salvager will absorb them. Destroy the purple lump and you’ll get an SP Upgrade.

-If you keep going upwards after getting the SP Upgrade, you’ll see a break in the ceiling. Jump up it and run right (Shadow will not be visible on the screen) to find a room that contains boxes. The first box on the left has another salvager inside of it, the center box has a charge blaster, and the third box holds an SP dispenser. Take whatever you like (The salvager works best in this stage in my opinion) and go through the hallway in the area under the place you got the SP upgrade.

-There’s a section with more soldier bots and laser alarms in the next part of this stage. All of this should be old hat by now and easy to get past with a few shurikens. Beyond that you’ll come across a Service Pod. You’ll have to negotiate a tricky upwards climb that will force you to jump over some spikes. The toughest part of this area is a narrow ledge blocked by a wall of spikes. You’ll have to slide on the block to the right of the spike wall and carefully double jump over to the clear wall just under the spiked wall. The best way to do this is to jump off the block when you get near the bottom, then jump a second time just before you touch the spikes in the center while holding left to safely land on the clean wall.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Once you’ve cleared the room with the spikes, you’ll see a door that you’ll have to use a charged sword slash to destroy. Behind the door you’ll meet another purple mass, killing this one will grant you another HP Upgrade Piece.

-Go up and right after killing the purple blob (destroying a few soldier bots on the way), then attack the orange barrier with the green light to proceed.

-You’ll have to climb through a room that is reminiscent of stage 3. Bust down the gate on the right with a charge attack. Fight your way through a hallway with more boring tubes to a Service Pod and check the body next to it. Take a moment to watch the cutscene, then go down the tunnel to the right.

-The next area is full of pipes that can be destroyed by hitting the orange fuse in their center. There’s also a few spike pits, but double jump and charge slash make these obstacles trivial.

-Continue through the stage and you will arrive at a wall with purple stuff that partially obscures a pipe. Hit the orange fuse on the pipe to get a few health refills if you need them. Right of the pipe you will see another set of orbs that trigger more growing spikes. Run right and drop down to escape the spikes.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Another purple blob like the ones from before occupies a platform just after the spikes. Stay on the metal foothold left of the blob and hit it with ranged attacks to get another HP Upgrade Piece.

-The rest of this section is just a hallway filled with bots that shoot at Shadow and electrified water. Just take them out with ranged attacks as you press on.

-Shadow will come to a set of fans after going through a long hallway. Destroy the fan on the top and go through the new passage to find a Service Pod.

HP UPGRADE PIECE – The area right of the Service Pod is a gauntlet of spikes that you will have to clear with carefully aimed charge slashes and double jumps. Get to the top to obtain another HP Upgrade Piece.

-Drop down the shaft left of the HP Upgrade Piece to return to the Service Pod. Head back through the fan tunnel to the left and go up a long corridor with moving platforms. Enter the door at the top to enter the next stage.

J. Chapter 9: Mekacity Docks

Shadow will explore the rest of the docks in this chapter. The first part of this section is dedicated to all of the items that can be acquired through backtracking, while the second covers the docks.

Chapter 9-1 and Backtracking 

This part of walkthrough is dedicated to collecting SP and HP Upgrades from earlier stages that were previously unobtainable. Many of these upgrades are difficult to acquire and are not needed to complete the game, but having them is helpful. Skip ahead to Chapter 9-2 if you are not interested in getting the upgrades

-Shadow will start at the docks from earlier in the game; this time you’ll be on the east side of the docks. Walk right to find a Service Pod and a Map Console that you can use to revisit earlier stages.

Chapter 1 Revisited 

-Go through the first chapter until you reach the second section where you will find an orange box near the entrance door that can only be destroyed by charging a sword slash. Climb up the wall to the right and destroy the wall in the upper left to reveal a gate with three lights on it. Destroy the gate with a charged up sword, then go through it.

SP UPGRADE – After going through the gate, you’ll have to navigate a really dangerous area lined with spikes. Hit the switch to the right and get ready to climb up the walls as two parallel rows of spikes move upwards. To make matters even worse, there are spikes lining sections of the wall and enemies in this trap. Be patient and climb up the walls carefully. Use the sword to dispatch the enemies as they approach. This trap takes careful movement and practice to overcome. Once you get to the top, you’ll have to cross a giant pit with steam vents on the few platforms that line it only to find a second spike trap like the one from before. Use the same skills to get through it and cross another pit. This time you’ll find a Service Pod, get the orbiter from the pod and go right. You’ll see an SP Upgrade that’s guarded by a flying head. The head surrounds itself with orbs that fire bullets. Use charged sword swipes to kill the head and try to stay away from it as it swoops at Shadow. About 20 hits should kill the head and allow you to get your prize.

-Head right after getting the upgrade and destroy the barrier so you can reach the next teleporter.

Chapter 2 Revisited 

-Run through the waste disposal area until you come to the giant laser. With double jump, you can go through the hole in the wall made by the laser. The hole leads to a secret area. Climb up the shaft to find an orange gate that can be destroyed with a fully charged sword.

SP UPGRADE – After passing through the gate you’ll have to ride a giant elevator that moves horizontally, then vertically. There’s a lot of spikes and enemies to get past, but the area isn’t too hard. After reaching the top, you’ll see an SP Upgrade that’s yours for the taking. 

-Go left and destroy the bulkhead to get to the next map console.

Chapter 3 Revisited 

-Return to Chapter 3 and proceed through the stage until you arrive at the final sewer area. Look for a shaft leading up and climb it to reach an area filled with fireball launchers. Use the swag blade, shurikens, and charged parries to get through this area.

SP UPGRADE – This upgrade is hidden behind a nasty gauntlet of shield bots and smaller enemies that will try to knock Shadow off of narrow platforms. Try to hit the shield bots from far away with the charged up shuriken, so you can proceed safely. After clearing the gauntlet you will be able to save at a Service Pod before fighting a flying head. This head is like the others, but the fight is made more difficult by the fact that there is little solid ground. What ground is available is also protected by enemies that circle the platforms. Stay on the walls and use air strike on this boss when it gets close. Shadow can bounce off of the boss repeatedly, destroying the orbs that protect it and damaging it heavily in the process. Use charged up sword attacks to finish it off once you run out of SP. Take your SP Upgrade and use the elevator to the right after you defeat the head.

Chapter 5 Revisited 

-This stage has changed a bit since you’ve last been here. Go through the lab as you did before and look for the room with a Service Pod and a bunch of computer consoles. Go left to an area with missile launching bots and climb upwards. You should see a path going upwards that was previously blocked by purple stuff after reaching the upper area and going left a bit. Use double jump to scale the walls and you’ll find a door.

SP UPGRADE – The upgrade is in a small room with a few things that shoot at Shadow growing in the background. Climb up to find the SP Upgrade and read the computers in here if you like.

Chapter 6 Revisited 

-Return to the robot factory and go to the subway tunnel at the very end of the stage. Head left through the green tunnel, until you see a crippled robot. Talk to it if you like, then use air strike to destroy the floor block just right of the robot. Go down the hole and take the E-Radar. Check the train by the body to find a hidden map console that will allow you to exit the stage.

Note: The E-Radar displays the location of HP and SP Upgrades on the map.

Chapter 9-2

Return to chapter 9 after gathering all of the upgrades scattered around the game and talk to L-Gion who is a few places right of the Service Pod. 

-The sea mines in the water can inflict some really grievous injuries on Shadow if he stays submerged long enough for them to home in on him. Use the drones hovering in the area as platforms.

-You’ll reach a ship after crossing the water. The inside of the ship is lined with machines that look like PC cooling fans. These “fans” shoot electricity and often block hallways. The red button found on the front of these machines serves as a weak point, but charged up shurikens can destroy them regardless of where they hit the fans. 

HP UPGRADE PIECE – Take the upper path after you enter the ship and you’ll see some metal crates of the upper right side of the deck. Destroy the crates and walk through the gap they once occupied to another section of the deck. Head right over more electric generators and you’ll see an orange crate. Destroy it to get an HP Upgrade Piece.

-Take the lower path in the hold of the ship to proceed through the rest of the stage. You’ll have to fight a machine that resembles the top of the tank from the 3rd chapter. Do not touch the jets of flame to the right and left of the machine or you will die. The machine itself will fire projectiles at you that split in two. The salvager is great to have in this battle, because it will absorb the projectiles. Otherwise, you will have to stay mobile and parry them. Hitting the machine with charged up attacks will end the battle fairly quickly.

-The hallway beyond the machine is full of turrets that you can destroy easily with shurikens or air strike. The next area has a Service Pod you should make use of before going forward.

-You’ll have to clear another water area that has even more mines. Destroy any enemies in the area before trying to move on and use the drones as platforms as you did before.

-Another ship lies in your path. This one is smaller than the first, but it features a shaft leading up that is clogged with electricity generators. Use rising fire to clear the generators near the bottom out, and finish the rest off with careful wall jumps and sword work.

-Cross the deck of the ship and you’ll see some large crates suspended by chains to the right. These crates have been corrupted by the ethos and have purple stuff covering them, so watch out for spikes. Look for a large yellow colored crate with spikes on top of it (it’s the second crate) and slide along its side to get over it safely.

SP UPGRADE – If you fall from the side of the yellow crate, you will bump into a few mines that are floating in mid air (Use air strike to get past the mines) and land on a metal platform with a door. Go through the door and look for a cyberspace computer pod. You’ll have to fight a few bots and activate some switches in this cyberspace. Doing so will open up a blocked off passage to the left of the virtual reality pod in the real world. Go through the passage to a Service Pod (I recommend activating its features) and through a sea tunnel to a room that’s guarded by a flying head like the ones from before. This head isn’t hard to destroy and you’ll earn an SP Upgrade that’s located in the upper chamber once you defeat it.

-If you bypassed the door that leads to the SP Upgrade, you’ll come to another ship after crossing a few crates. If you went for the SP Upgrade, you’ll still end up in the same part of the ship if you follow the tunnel. Take a look at the corpse and use parry to clear out the electrical generators that block the hallway going right. Use the Service Pod.

-Take a few steps right and you will come to a boat with a glowing purple blob on it. Get rid of the blob and the boat will start moving. While the boat is moving, soldier bots with rocket packs will start attacking. The normal ones simply fire down at Shadow, but the purple ones spray fire in sweeping arcs before landing. Their packs also explode when you kill them, so you’ll have to hit them and jump away. Hopping enemies jump out of the crates littering the deck of the boat, making the fight even tougher. Keep the enemies numbers under control with aggressive attacks. Eventually the boat will arrive at its destination: The beginning of chapter 10.

K. Chapter 10: Meka Island Spaceport 

Shadow will reach the end of his journey in chapter 10, but he will also have to fight his final battles. The platforming in this chapter can be difficult, so be prepared to use the skills you’ve honed throughout the game. 

Chapter 10-1

-Walk right, past a Service Pod to fight a boss waiting on the next screen.

Boss – Combinatron 

Shadow won’t have much difficulty defeating Combinatron, as long as he knows the trick to getting past his defenses. This giant mech launches rockets  from his shoulders that fall to the earth and leave fires where they impact. His hands fire slow moving energy pulses at Shadow and will occasionally try to smash him with a downward slam from one hand or catch him in a clap with both hands. All of these attacks telegraph slowly and are easy to evade. Hitting Combinatron’s head will take chunks off his HP bar. Problems arise when you get him down to about 50% HP, because his hands will heal him.

Start by attacking his hands with the sword or rising fire (getting the SP dispenser from the Service Pod makes this easier) to destroy them. Once both hands are eliminated, Combinatron will have no means of healing himself. Unfortunately, the broken hands can still smash Shadow and emit flames that linger on the ground. Once the hands are gone, focus on hitting the head with rising flame between the boss’s attacks. Spamming rising flames can destroy the head very quickly, but sword attacks work fine if you run out of SP. Shadow will receive an HP Upgrade after he defeats this boss.

Note: Watch out for the pillars of flame that flank the boss room. One touch and you’re dead!

Chapter 10-2

There are tons of obstacles in this area, but I’m only going to give tips for the tougher spots, because you should have a handle on all of Cyber Shadow’s tricks by now. The final boss fight can be tough and I recommend saving your essence for the Service Pod just before the last boss in 10-3 to make it less intimidating. 

-To the right of Combinatron’s room you will see a metal tube with what appears to have a pair of eyes on it. Talk to L-Gion when he lands by the tube and continue onward.

-There’s a Service Pod left of the reactor chamber. You can unlock blade extend at the pod, but it won’t help much, so save your essence for later. Further right there’s an engine on the ceiling that emits streams of flame and platforms that sink as you stand on them. There’s also enemies that leap up out of the pit and flying enemies. Jump up to get the platforms to rise and use air strike on the enemies to boost over the gaps. It’s a bit of a slog, but good timing with air strike will make all the difference.

-Getting to the end of the pit will bring you to a fence with a strange machine crawling around on it. The machine follows a set path and is not difficult to destroy or bypass. You can also destroy the floor just left of the fence to get a powerup.

-Beware the glowing blue walls on the next screen, touching them is lethal. You will also have to deal with more sinking platforms and flame spewing engines. Even worse, one of the floating platforms passes under a series of turrets that fire spread shots. Parry the shots or jump out of their way. Charge parries can also help get rid of the flying bots that harass Shadow as he rides the platform. If low on health, you can grab an HP refill from the nook to the right, just under a shaft lined by more blue walls.

-Climb up the shaft above the HP refill using the flying platform to the left and be ready to deal with one of those fence climbing machines from earlier. The remainder of the area is fairly simple, as long as you proceed over the spike pits slowly and get rid of the fence climbing bots from a safe distance. Drop down the shaft with two rocket engines that spray fire above it to find a Service Pod.

-A lift that is activated by a switch built into it lies just beyond the Service Pod. This lift is flanked by insta-death panels and the pit under it will lead Shadow to his demise, but riding the lift is pretty safe. 

-You’ll see a second switch platform that moves horizontally once the first one comes to a stop. This one will take Shadow under turrets that fire spread shots and past more fence climbing bots. Use charged parries to clear the way and stay near the middle of the lift to keep from being knocked into the blue death panels below.

-Double jump over the blue spike things when your platform reaches the end of the line to reach a third one that will take you to a lower area that’s infested with flying enemies. Slide along the wall to the right so you can hit the switch that opens the gate below it and use air strike or charge slash to get rid of the trio of purple bots on the other side. 

-The next area has another lift you have to ride. Destroy the wall above it in the upper left to get some SP and HP before getting on the lift. The rest of this area is another ride over spikes, with fence bots that will get in your way. It’s easy to just jump over these things and you only have to watch out for the occasional flying robot. Hit the switch above the gate when you get to the end of the ride and jump over the fence climber bots while you wait for the gate to open.

-Rest up at the Service Pod on the other side of the gate. You’ll have to smash your way through more turrets and fence climbers after activating the pod; charge slash works really well here.

-At the end of the hall you will find a path going up. Use charge slash to cross the spikey area at the top of the passage and look for a damaged spot of floor after crossing the spikes. Break the floor to get some HP and keep moving forward with parries to eliminate the bullet shooting monsters ahead.

-You will run into a gate with three glowing lights on it that must be opened with a charged sword swipe. Above the gate there’s a breakable wall that is filled with SP if you need it.

-The passage on the other side of the gate is a spiked chasm dotted with platforms that will slowly lower Shadow into the spikes unless he hops upwards to allow the platforms to rise. Fence bots also pose a threat here, but you can thin them out from a safe distance using the charged up shuriken. 

-Hit the fan at the end of the hall so you can squeeze into the narrow tunnel and charge slash past the purple bot/electric beam to reach the part of the tunnel that goes downward safely. There’s a switch at the bottom of the tunnel. Hit it and wait a few seconds for the gate to open. If you wait a few seconds extra, the gate sealing off the box to the left will open, making it possible to grab the HP refill inside of the chest.

-A second switch guarded by purple blobs that shoot at Shadow controls another gate. Hit the switch and use parries to keep the blobs under control while you wait. 

-Blast through the monstrosity blocking the way beyond the gate with a charge slash and a few swipes, then check the body on the next screen.

-Activate the Service Pod, then go through the door to the boss.

Boss – Spiderail

Spiderail hovers around the elevator alternating between spraying fire from the flame throwers on its underside, launching bombs from its top half that fan out across the floor, and firing beams from its smaller eyes. It will also unleash a batch of smaller spiders that crawl along the ground every so often. The smaller eyes can be destroyed, but do not count against the boss’s HP meter. The boss also changes its movement pattern and fires beams from the main eye once it starts to run low on little eyes. To damage this boss, hit the main eye when it is open. Rising fire works best, since it can hit Spiderail several times. You have to watch for its flamethrowers, which always fire directly under the boss and look out for beams, though these can be parried. The bomblets the Spiderail launches are easy to jump over. Aggressive players can outdamage this foe if they focus on rising fire, but it’s best to play it safe.

Chapter 10-3

One last gauntlet of enemies and traps stands between Shadow and his objective. This section isn’t as difficult as the previous one, but there are a few tricky areas. With this in mind, I’m going to hash over much of the stage and focus primarily on the bosses. Also, keep saving your essence for the final Service Pod; you will want at least 50 essence to activate a helpful item at the pod.

-Go through the door after beating Spiderail. Use the Service Pod, talk to L-Gion, and air strike the purple blob to reach the door above him.

-Shadow will have to climb a tall tower after passing through the door. You can dash jump over the spikes to the left to get a swag blade. However, its usefulness here is debatable at best due to the fact that the swag blade is apt to destroy enemies that you need to bounce off of with air strike. Speaking of enemies, you’ll have to air strike boost off a lot of blobs to get to the moving platforms in this area and deal with a multitude of flying foes. Take your time and focus on clearing the area of nuisances as you climb.

-An engine that emits jets of flame from both sides is positioned near the door at the top of the tower. Jump on top of the engine and dash jump over to the door to reach it without issues.

-Shadow will emerge from the door in a chamber whose walls are lined with glowing spikes. Use air strike on the blobs in this room to climb upwards. Use air strike again, then double jump onto the safe section of wall to reach the door when you near the top of this chamber.

-One last tower stands between you and the final boss. Stick to the right side of the tower, because it’s easier to boost up the right side using the blobs that grow from the tower. Activate the very last Service Pod when you get to the top and unlock the SP dispenser, you will need it. Jump on the orange thing above the pod when you are ready to fight.

Boss – Apparitor

It’s only fitting that the first boss would be in the final battle. Apparitor doesn’t have much in the way of new tricks, but he has some help in the form of laser beams that blast the platform after he flies away from it. The beams are preceded by target reticles that appear where they will hit, so they are easy to get away from. They also tend to sweep left or right, which is your cue to run in the opposite direction. Sometimes the beams strike both sides of the pinnacle of the tower, leaving the center clear. When this happens, be ready to step left or right after they dissipate, because the Apparitor will land in the center a moment later.

Aside from the beams, Apparitor uses the same old gimmicks and is easy to dodge. He usually opens with a dash in your direction, followed by a beam barrage, then lands in the middle of the roof. Next, Apparitor will fire off a few shurikens and either jump back or charge. If he jumps back he will leap up and fire another volley of shurikens while hovering, then repeat the process. Use shurikens of your own (especially the charged up variety) to deal with this punk.

If you’re good, you can beat him quickly without taking damage. The SP dispenser will help keep you at max SP to accomplish this. Use carefully aimed sword strikes if you could not buy the dispenser from the final Service Pod. Apparitor will drop essence upon defeat and I strongly advise using it to buy the SP dispenser if you happen to die on the next boss.

Boss – Progenitor (Round 1)

Kooky old Dr. Progen has built a hideous contraption called the Progenitor and sealed himself in it. This devilish device will bombard Shadow with fireballs that rise into the sky before zeroing in on him. A second type of fireball that adheres to the ground and generates a stream of flame that travels upwards is also launched after the main bombardment. If that’s not bad enough, striking the orange pod in the center of the machine, which happens to be its weak point, will push Shadow back, often knocking him into the fireballs. However, the shield that protects Progen’s pod will deactivate for a few seconds after being struck, leaving him open to attack. Luckily, our old friend Apparitor will throw Shadow some HP before he takes a swan dive off the edge of the tower.

There’s a few ways to battle Progenitor and its best to pick the one you can execute easily. Just be mindful that this boss will launch both varieties of fireballs more frequently as he weakens, which makes the fight that much more difficult. You should also be aware that there is one more boss after this, so make sure you have some HP left at the end. Here are the methods for beating this guy:

Rising fire spam: This one is my personal favorite, but you need the SP dispenser to pull it off. Stand under the part of the boss that houses Progen and use rising fire as fast as you can to rip through his HP. I like to stand a few paces back so the force wave from hitting Progenitor while the shield is up can’t shove Shadow backwards, but a shuriken from a distance works just as well. If you stand just under him after the first hit, you can get all of the fireballs to connect. While this technique will chew through Progen pretty quick, you’re still open to attack and you will need to be mindful of incoming fireballs as you fight, though simply repositioning Shadow will usually suffice.

Parries: Using Shadow’s parry ability is a good way to send the not-so-good Doctor back to the lab, but it takes a fair amount of skill. You will have to carefully parry or charge parry the fireballs and launch the beams from them at Progen’s pod. A few charge slashes can also round out the damage and move Shadow away from danger.

Shurikens: A charged shuriken can do a fair amount of damage to Progenitor and allow the player to focus on evading all the deadly projectiles flying around. However, you will need to have the SP dispenser to really make the best of this tactic.

Pro-Tip: I forgot to mention that charge slashing through the fireballs is a great way to move around the battlefield without taking damage.

Boss – Progenitor (Round 2)

Progen isn’t finished once you get his HP down to zero. Instead, he will morph into an even more monstrous being that’s been tainted by the Ethos. Progenitor follows a very strict pattern in this form, which makes the battle easy as long as you watch what you are doing. He follows three basic stages, the first one involves him launching spinning blades into the air that track towards Shadow. These blades can be walked away from and he only fires about three of them. The blades embed themselves in the ground and will damage you if you touch them, but a simple sword swipe will destroy them. As an added bonus, they sometimes drop SP, which can be really useful in this fight.

Next, Progenitor will rise into the air and rain fire down on you. This can be a real problem, but there’s an easy solution to it, which I will come to in a moment. Once the flaming rain of doom stops, the boss will send a pair of glowing spikes to the far left and right sides of the room. These spikes will latch onto the ground and send smaller ones towards you. They stop near the center of the room and there’s another cool trick that will allow you to clear them away. Finally, he will start launching spinning blades again.

The trick to beating this guy is hitting the glowing craters on his body. There’s one crater near the bottom of his body and two on his sides. As soon as the battle starts, hit the crater in the middle of Progenitor’s body. A few good slashes will destroy it, releasing a blue sphere that will hover in the corner of the screen. This sphere will impart Shadow with a shield that will protect him from the fiery rain until it ends. Even better, it will activate throughout the battle, completely nullifying the boss’s attack, though it will not protect you from his other powers.

Concentrate on destroying the glowing crater on the left after you break the middle one. A purple sphere will emerge from the crater after a few hits. This sphere will imbue Shadow with an energy wave that bursts from his sword when he swings it. The wave can destroy the spikes Progenitor creates and you should use it as soon as they touch the ground. The final crater releases a green orb that will create platforms that allow Shadow to reach Progen, who is in the center of the mass that serves as the boss’s body.

With all of the powers active, you need only focus on dodging the blades and clearing away spikes. Use the platforms to get a hit in on Progenitor when you have a clear opening. You can also use rising fire if you have some SP left to shave Progen’s life meter down, just be sure to charge it up so the fire reaches him. Keep pounding away at him and Progenitor will be history.

Chapter 10 Epilogue

With Progenitor dead, the game is effectively over. Stick around after a brief cutscene and Shadow will land in the capsule room from before. Have a word with L-Gion and the Elementals, then jump into the flaming ball in the center of the room. After that you need only hit a few switches and Shadow’s quest will be fulfilled. Congrats on beating Cyber Shadow!

IV. HP Upgrade and SP Upgrade Locations

A. HP Upgrade Locations 

1. Defeat Smasher in Chapter 1-1.

2. Dropped by Hunter Tank in 3-1.

3. Get this upgrade by beating Laser Brain in 2-1.

4. The Tunnel Cleaner in chapter 6 drops and HP Upgrade.

5. Beat Combinitron in the beginning of the 10th chapter to get this one.

B. HP Upgrade Piece Locations 

1. Hidden behind the fan near the end of Chapter 1-1

2. Behind a false wall near the first Service Pod in 1-2.

3. Near the entrance to Chapter 2-2, defeat the bee spawner nearby to reveal the switch that will allow you to get the upgrade.

4. Break through the orange wall after leaving the train to open up a hidden room with the fourth upgrade piece 3-1.

5. This upgrade piece can be obtained by destroying the floor in the tower of 3-2 after beating Bio Hunter and pogo hopping over a huge pit with air strike.

6. Climb up the orange tower in 4-1 after earning the wall slide ability to acquire this one.

7. This upgrade is locked behind a silver pipe in the reactor area of 4-1.

8. In plain sight behind a silver pipe after the checkpoint in 4-1.

9. Found sitting on the floor in chapter 5-2.

10. Return to chapter five after completing it and go left to find a hallway that was previously blocked by purple stuff to get this piece.

11. Destroy a machine built into the wall not far from the beginning of chapter 6 and go through a spike lined hallway to get this upgrade.

12. Dropped by a purple blob in chapter 9.

13. A second blob in the 9th chapter drops this piece.

14. Hidden behind a fan in chapter 9 near the final checkpoint.

15. Take the upper path on the first ship you come to in chapter 9-2.

C. SP Upgrade Locations

1. Return to Chapter 1 after you complete it and climb the platforms near the starting point to find.

2. Behind a wall of trash in Chapter 2-1.

3. Destroy the wall near a Service Pod in 2-2 to find a hallway filled with spikes that leads to this upgrade.

4. Found behind a cracked wall in 3-2 after the sewer.

5. Dropped by a purple monster in chapter 8.

6. Return to chapter 1-2 after getting the ability to charge the sword up and destroy a gate hidden behind a wall near the entrance.

7. Go back to the second chapter after getting double jump and go through the gap in the wall created by the giant laser. Head upwards to an elevator that will take you to an SP Upgrade.

8. Look for a shaft leading upwards in the sewers of chapter three to get this upgrade. You will need the double jump to navigate this area.

9. Head back to chapter 5 after getting all of the powers and look for a Service Pod that has a bunch of computer consoles around it. Look for a tunnel going upwards in the area left of the Service Pod to find this powerup.

10. There’s a submarine under some hanging crates in chapter 9-2; go through the sub to get the SP Upgrade.

V. References

As of the writing of this guide, Cyber Shadow it’s a very new game and there are few resources for it. Cowboy Yojimbo and I had very little to go on aside from our own testing, so we can’t recommend much in the way of further reading. That said, the Steam page and forums will likely turn out to be a valuable resource, so check them out at:

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