Castlevania Special: I’m Kid Dracula!! [Akumajou Special-Boku Dracula-Kun!!] (NES)

Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun (Japan) [En by Vice v1.04] (~I'm Kid Dracula!!)-0

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Release Data

Literal Translation: Demon Castle Special – I’m Kid Dracula!!

Japanese: Akumajou Special-Boku Dracula-Kun!!

Genre: Platformer

Platform: NES

Release Date: October 1990 (Japan)    

Translation by: Vice  

Developer: Konami                                  

Number of Players: 1


Kid Dracula is a humorous take on the classic NES Castlevania games that follows a younger version of Dracula on his quest to reclaim his title as king of all monsters (which was presumably stolen while he was slumbering). Be prepared for some sidescrolling action that features a number of bosses, minigames, and special powers. Kid Drac must fight enemies and jump over obstacles to reach the final boss at the end of each stage. At first the player is given a simple fireball attack that can be launched at enemies directly above or in front of Kid Dracula and defeating a boss yields new abilities such as homing fireballs. Players must make good use of Kid Dracula’s powers to clear obstacles and advance in the game. Coins can be found in each stage which can be used to play a minigame between levels that reward the player with extra lives. Kid Dracula was never officially released in North America or Europe at the time this article was written, but English fan translations are available.


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