Castlevania Special: I’m Kid Dracula!! Passwords (NES) [English]

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    These passwords are specifically for Vice’s English translation patch of I’m Kid Dracula!! and may not be compatible with other versions of this game. To enter a password, simply select the “Password” option on the start screen and use the D-Pad to select the appropriate letter. Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure each letter is lower or upper case as shown below. Press start once you have entered each letter and the game will begin at the designated stage. The final stages cannot be accessed via password and have to be unlocked by completing the seventh level.

Stage 2

Password: jfl

Stage 3

Password: Hin

Stage 4

Password: JKh

Stage 5

Password: eUR

Stage 6

Password: ALP

Stage 7

Password: lAI

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