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Release Data

Developer: Taito

Publisher: Working Designs

Release Date: 1991

System: TurboGrafx-16 

Genre: Action RPG

Players: 1-2


Cadash is an ARPG that originally appeared in arcades before being ported to the TG16. In Cadash, the princess of Deerzar has been captured by the evil Baarogue. Deerzar’s people fell into despair after the loss of their princess. Four heroes, a Fighter, Mage, Priest and Ninja, have risen up to save the princess from the evil Baarogue. These heroes will have to travel through the monster infested realm in search of the kidnapped princess and Baarogue. 

As an Action RPG, Cadash has several side scrolling stages that involve platforming and combat. Killing monsters will grant your hero a small amount of experience that will eventually lead to a level up. Heroes will see an increase to their defense, attack power, agility, and hit points with each level gained. Characters that can cast spells may learn new magic with each level and get extra magic points. Players will also find shops where they can buy new weapons and armor as well as helpful items.

Each of the four heroes has their own stats and specialties. The Fighter is a tough hero that specializes in close quarter combat, while the squishy Mage is a powerful spell caster. Those who want to play a defensive healer may like the Priest and the Ninja is a master of long range weapons. All of the dungeons in Cadash have small puzzles to solve and bosses to battle in addition to standard obstacles. Players will have to carry Medicinal Herbs or they will die permanently if enemies damage them too much.


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