Cadash (TG16) Walkthrough

Cadash (TurboGrafx-16) Walkthrough 

~by tankMage (January 2022)

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About this Walkthrough…

About halfway through writing this guide I felt like I had wasted my time, because Cadash is not a difficult game by any means. I changed my mind after encountering a few mysteries and finding that I could not get clear answers to many of my questions. There were also very few guides available for Cadash. To make matters worse, many of the tips I found online seem to be based on the arcade version, which differs from the TG16 port in some ways. With this in mind, I set out to make a guide that is specifically for the TurboGrafx-16 port of Cadash. While I was not able to solve every mystery, I did figure a few things out and got a basic walkthrough together that should help players. Feel free to point out anything I missed in the comments.

I. Basics

This section covers some basic gameplay elements of Cadash, namely controls, rules, and items.

a. Controls

Directional Buttons: Move your character around by pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad. Press Down to crouch and Up to enter doors. You can climb up or slide down vines/ropes using the Up and Down Buttons respectively. Also used to navigate shop menus. 

I Button: Used to attack with your hero’s weapon or confirm choices in a shop. Hold this button down to activate spell selection for heroes that can use magic (the Mage and Priest) and release the I Button to cast the spell. Holding the I Button will cycle through spells if you have more than one.

II Button: Press this button to jump. Cancels a selection in shops and exits the shop menu if pushed with nothing selected.

Run: Pauses the game.

b. Gameplay

The rules for this game are fairly simple as Action RPGs go and should be familiar to most players. However, I’ll go over them since it helps to know exactly how the rules work.

1. Hit Points and Death

Like with almost all RPGs, your hero’s health is represented by a Hit Point (HP) meter at the bottom of the screen. Getting hit by monsters or touching certain dangerous obstacles will reduce your HP. Your hero will die when his or her HP reaches zero.

Having an Elixir or Medicinal Herb in your inventory will automatically resurrect your fallen hero with a set amount of HP. In two player games it’s possible to pay a small fee at an Inn to resurrect a fallen ally.

Max HP increases with every experience level. Life Bells increase the player’s max HP by 8. The highest HP total any hero can have is 255. Resting at an Inn fully restores HP. The Priest’s heal spells can also restore HP at the cost of MP.

2. Magic and Magic Points

The Priest and Mage can cast spells. Hold down the I Button to make a small speech bubble that displays a spell icon appear near the hero’s head. Release the I Button to make them cast the currently displayed spell. Holding the I Button down will cycle through all the spells your hero has learned. 

Using a spell costs a set amount of Magic Points (MP). Spells learned at higher levels are more expensive than low level spells. MP is only increased by gaining levels. The max MP for any character is 255.

3. Strength

Every hero has a Strength stat that determines his attack power with weapons. This stat increases with every level gained by the player. Equipping new weapons will raise your attack power.   

4. Defense

Defense determines how much damage your character takes from monsters and traps. Leveling up and buying armor increases the defense stat.

5. Agility

A hero’s movement speed and jump height are determined by the Agility stat. Gaining levels will make your hero more agile, allowing him to move faster and jump higher. There seems to be a cap on jump height and most heroes stop jumping higher at around level 10 as far as I can tell.

6. Experience and Gaining Levels

Killing monsters gives your hero experience points. Collect enough points and he or she will level up. Gaining an experience level will increase all of your hero’s stats.* It is not possible to view how much exp your hero has or needs to get to the next level nor is it possible to view stats outside of the demo that plays after the title screen. 

*Some stats may not increase every level for every hero.

7. Game Over

Cadash is not forgiving when it comes to death. Your hero will die permanently in a single player game if he or she takes enough damage and has no Herbs or Elixir to resurrect with. The Game Over screen will pop up if this happens. You can continue your game by entering this cheat: Wait for the title screen to appear then press and hold the I and II Buttons. While holding these buttons, press Run. If entered properly, the cheat will let you continue up to three times.

8. Shops, Inns, and Towns

You’ll find a few towns during your journey. These safe zones are free of monsters and offer helpful services. You can rest at an Inn to restore your HP or buy equipment and items in the shops. Simply enter the shop and talk to the person behind the desk by pushing the I Button to buy what you want. Not every town has every service, but all of them are worth visiting. 

c. Items

Here are the basic items that appear in Cadash. Weapons, armor, and quest items have been left out, because they are covered in the walkthrough.

1. Medicinal Herb

These Herbs can bring you back to life with 10 HP and can be purchased or found in chests. Some guides claim that the amount healed by the Herb is subtracted from the damage you take, which could lead to your hero dying despite being healed. While I did not test this claim thoroughly, I’m fairly certain it only applies to the arcade version of this game. 

2. Antidote

Cures poison. The effects kick in as soon as you take damage from poison. Players can buy these and find them in boxes.

3. Life Bell

Increases maximum HP by 8. Look for these in shops. A few are hidden in stages.

4. Elixir

The powerful Elixir will bring you back to life much like the Herb, except it will totally refill your HP.

5. Gold

Most monsters drop bags that contain gold. It’s also occasionally found in chests. Gold is used to buy items in shops.

6. Keys

Keys open locked gates and can be found in dungeons or bought.

II. The Heroes

Cadash allows players to choose from four playable characters, each of which has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The game can be completed with any of the heroes without much difficulty, but some are more powerful than others.

This section goes over the abilities of each hero and rates their stats on a scale of 1 to 10. In short, the Priest is the best hero with the Ninja coming in as a close second. The Fighter and Mage are both viable, but the Mage is extremely weak defensively and the Fighter lacks range.

a. Fighter

The Fighter is Cadash’s melee expert. While difficult to play at first, this hero becomes very hardy as he gets more armor, as a result players can practically ignore enemies at higher levels. 

Damage/Weapon: 6/10

The Fighter’s sword inflicts a decent amount of damage and can attack quickly, but lacks range.

Defense: 10/10

Out of all of the heroes, the Fighter has the best innate defense thanks to the fact that he can wear a helm, armor, and shield. His heavy armor also makes him more resistant to knock back than the other heroes.

Agility: 6/10

While not slow, the Fighter isn’t particularly fast either. Players should not have much trouble moving and jumping around, even at low levels.

Range: 1/10

Lacking any means of hitting enemies from a distance, the Fighter has to get up close to all of his foes. Fortunately, his high defense offsets the need to get in close, but there are situations where his lack of reach makes it difficult to mount platforms or deal with flying monsters.

Special Ability: Can block projectiles with the shield

Players can buy their Fighter a shield about halfway through the game. Projectiles that hit the shield directly will not harm the Fighter, though things like lightning will penetrate his defenses.



Tips for the Fighter

-Keep your armor and weapons up to date in order to benefit from the Fighter’s high defense.

-Try to hit monsters with the tip of the sword to maximize the Fighter’s reach.

-Spend a little extra time leveling up in the first stage when the Fighter’s defense is still weak.

b. Mage

The Mage is the glass cannon of the heroes. His powerful magic can wipe out regular enemies and bosses, but he lacks defense. Speed is also an issue for the Mage, but it becomes less of a problem as he levels up. Play the Mage if you are looking for more of a challenge.

Damage/Weapon: 10/10

It goes without saying that the Mage has powerful magic spells that put him head and shoulders above every other hero in terms of damage. However, his staff is rather mediocre and his spells do not work on undead, so players will have to fight carefully.

Defense: 1/10

Robes are the Mage’s only means of defense and they make a poor substitute for armor. Even low level Ninjas take less damage from monsters than the Mage and no amount of leveling can fix this problem.

Agility: 4/10

Players will find the Mage sluggish early in the game. By level 15 he becomes reasonably fast and can jump well enough to clear most obstacles without trouble.

Range: 10/10

The staff has very limited reach, but the Mage’s spells can hit enemies off-screen.

Special Ability: Magic/Regenerates MP at level 19

MP regen is a game changer for the Mage. He’s still fragile, but the ability to cast the mighty lighting spell with reckless abandon makes his journey much easier.


Fireball: A small fireball that deals little damage, but is cheap and can hit enemies from afar.

Swords: A circle of swords spins around the screen. Powerful early on, but less effective at high levels.

Flame Wave: A wall of fire crawls along the ground, dealing moderate damage to anything it touches. Good for ground based monsters.

Blue Flames: A circle  of blue fireballs that spread out in front of the Mage. Deals a fair amount of damage even late in the game.

Lightning: Powerful chain lightning that follows the Mage and lashes out at his foes for a few seconds. Expensive, but deadly.

Tips for the Mage

-Take advantage of the staff’s wide hitbox. The staff isn’t a great weapon, but it has more reach than one would think.

-Get used to keeping a spell charged up for when you encounter a strong monster.

-Try to get to level 19 ASAP. The Mage is really squishy and having MP regeneration will allow him to spam spells, killing monsters before they kill him.

-Use lightning when you get MP regen. Killing things before they can touch him is the Mage’s primary means of defense, so have the lightning spell up whenever possible.

c. Priest

Cadash’s strongest hero is arguably the Priest. She has decent all around stats, a good weapon, and a spell that makes her nearly invincible. It’s really hard to lose if you are playing as this character.

Damage/Weapon: 7/10

The Priest’s flail is somewhat mediocre in terms of raw damage. However, it can attack in three directions and hits enemies a second time when it retracts, so she can dish out respectable damage with it.

Defense: 5/10

If you ignore her mighty barrier spell, the Priest does not have excellent defense, especially near the start of the game. That said, she is far tougher than the Mage.

Agility: 5/10

Like the Mage, the Priest starts out kind of slow and speeds up with levels. Unlike the Mage, she starts to get fairly nimble around level 10.

Range: 7/10

The Priest’s flail has a surprising amount of reach and is the second best weapon in terms of its ability to hit distant foes.

Special Ability: Magic

Aside from her ability to cast spells, the Priest can’t do anything special. That said, her powerful defensive magic is more than adequate.


Heal 1: Restores 10 HP.

Antidote: Cures poison status.

Barrier: Creates orbs that protect the Priest from damage. Very useful.

Heal 2: Restores 60 HP.

Tips for the Priest

-Use Barrier magic, it will protect you from everything.

-Rest at Inns frequently to refill your MP so you can use more Barrier magic.

-Make upgrading her flail a top priority, the Priest has trouble dealing damage. As an added bonus, higher quality flails have more reach than the starter flail.

d. Ninja

If Cadash has a dark horse hero, it’s the Ninja. He starts out fairly weak and slowly becomes very strong as he gains levels. In fact, the Ninja is second only to the Priest in terms of raw power by the end of the game. This is largely thanks to his throwing weapons, which can hit enemies that aren’t even on the screen. 

Damage/Weapon: 9/10

The Ninja’s weapon isn’t great at first, but by the end of the game it can dish out damage rivaling that of the Mage. Even better, his weapon can hit enemies from afar and does not need MP to work.

Defense: 8/10

Once again, the Ninja is pretty weak in terms of defense early on and becomes very tough later in the game. That said, his defense seems to come from his armor and hood, so you’ll need to update his equipment whenever possible.

Agility: 10/10

Unsurprisingly, the Ninja is the fastest of the heroes. In many ways, his blazing fast speed is almost a waste, because you only really need to be as fast as the Fighter or Priest to have an easy time. However, speedrunners may appreciate the Ninja’s quick feet.

Range: 10/10

Yes, the Ninja is outstanding in terms of range as well as everything else. His weapon can hit monsters offscreen and can be fired at an angle, in front of the player, and upwards. 

Special Ability: The Ninja’s strongest and second strongest weapons can penetrate enemy defenses

Being able to penetrate shields may sound like a great ability, but there are only two monsters in the game that use shields. The second strongest weapon the Ninja gets is arguably better, because it can pass through monsters.

Tips for the Ninja

-Take advantage of your long reach and slay monsters from afar.

-Try to avoid getting hit at low levels when your defense is weak.

-Spend time leveling up to boost the Ninja’s damage.

-Buy equipment upgrades when you get the opportunity, you’ll become drastically more powerful with each upgrade.

III. Tips

Here are a few tips to make life in this game easier.

1. Play as the Priest or Ninja if you want a powerful hero.

The Priest and Ninja are the strongest heroes in the game. The Priest can heal herself and become temporarily invincible with the barrier spell. However, her damage output is mediocre. The Ninja starts out a bit weak, but is always easy to play, because he can shoot monsters from a great distance. At high levels, the Ninja has great defense and deals tons of damage.

On a side note, players looking for a challenge should go for the Fighter or Mage. The Fighter is very strong, but he has to get in close to damage monsters, which makes certain portions of the game slightly more difficult than usual. The Mage is slightly harder to play than the Fighter, thanks to his low defense. Enemies will take relatively big chunks out of the Mage’s health even with the highest level and best armor. That said, this game is not very difficult and playing as the Fighter/Mage is not much of a challenge.

2. Do not keep the Fireball Sword or Staff.

The Fighter and Mage can purchase weapons that shoot fireballs at the end of the second area. I’ve seen some debate over whether or not players should hold onto these weapons later in the game. While the ability to hit enemies from a distance is nice, especially for the Fighter, the projectiles fired from these weapons are extremely weak. Consequently, it will take forever to kill stronger monsters with the fireballs alone, so you’re better off buying new weapons when they become available.

3. Level Up.

Cadash may be an ARPG, but it’s extremely skewed towards stats and equipment rather than skill. In fact, there are a few attacks and monsters that are impossible to avoid as far as I can tell, which means you need high stats to tank the damage. Taking five minutes to level up here and there will make life a lot easier. The walkthrough section of this guide recommends levels for each area and points out good grinding spots.

Alternatively, players looking for a challenge can try to run through the game without grinding exp. Doing so will result in your hero being very weak and you will have to use a lot more skill to survive.

4. Backtrack when you need to heal.

It can be difficult for most heroes to replenish their HP. The only healing items in the game kick in AFTER you take enough damage to die and they tend to be weak (the Herb only heals 10 HP) or very rare as in the case of the Elixir. The Priest can heal herself, but doing so requires MP. Luckily, there’s almost always an Inn that can be reached by backtracking a bit. While running back to an Inn whenever you get injured may sound like a chore, it will save time in the long run.

5. Buy new equipment as soon as possible.

Gear is very important in this game and you should buy new weapons/armor as soon as they are available. It may seem like a waste to upgrade gear at certain points in the game if you find another shop not long afterwards, but the saying “Better safe than sorry.” applies to this situation. There are quite a few scenarios in this game where a little bit of extra damage or defense goes a long way.

6. Buy a few Life Bells.

Life Bells become available in the third area. They increase your max HP by 8 and cost 900g a pop. Money is really easy to come by for all of the heroes if you make the effort to pick it up after killing a monster, so these bells are not at all hard to purchase. I recommend buying four or five of them when you reach Area 3 to get a nice HP boost. Anyone playing the Mage may want to buy six or seven Life Bells, since he tends to be weak. Thrifty players should note that there are three of these bells (that I know of) hidden in Areas 4 and 5.

7. Stock up on Antidotes.

There is only one negative status effect in this game: Poison. A poisoned hero loses HP every few seconds until he or she obtains an Antidote. Enemies that poison the player are common, so you’ll be dealing with it at least a few times in your playthrough. Antidotes can be bought in every tool shop for 40g and I think the player can hold 8 of them, though not being able to see the inventory makes it difficult to be certain. Stock up on these life saving items whenever possible.

8. Keep a Medicinal Herb or two on hand.

Medicinal Herbs will bring a fallen character back to life if he or she has one. They only bring you back with a palty 10 HP, but it’s better than nothing. Buy them in the shop when you see them.

IV. Secrets

Cadash has a few hidden items that I’ve excluded from the main walkthrough, because I didn’t discover them until after I finished it. Usually I’d edit the secrets into the body of the walkthrough, but I think there are enough mysteries and confusion surrounding this game (people seem to mix it up with the arcade version) that these secrets deserve their own section. They are mostly limited to Life Bells, which aren’t all that great. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

1. Area 4 Life Bell

I stumbled upon this while searching for the “Amulet of Dragon”, which is a valuable item that some sites claim is hidden near a rock and rope in the fourth dungeon. I found no such amulet at first, but I did find a Life Bell hidden in a secret passage just under the lava lake near the hidden town. Simply press against the wall to the right after crossing the lava lake to find the Life Bell.

2. Area 5 Life Bell A

Jump up from the steps in the castle in the room that has a Medicinal Herb to grab onto a hidden rope. From this rope you can jump right on another rope and a few invisible platforms to find a Life Bell. It’s difficult to find these ropes and platforms, because your character has to be lined up with them almost perfectly to reach them. I managed to cross the hidden ropes by moving up and down while tapping the jump button.

3. Area 5 Life Bell B

Another free Life Bell is up for grabs in the final castle. There’s a chain with empty space next to it just after you rescue a certain character. Shimmy down the chain and stop when your feet are level with the bottom of the wall to the left. Jump right and you should reach a secret area with a box that has a Life Bell inside. 

4. Area 4 Amulet of Dragon

This secret is hidden in Area 4: The Cave of Skulls, but I put it in this list last, because I had great difficulty finding it. In fact, I had so much difficulty finding it I thought the Amulet of Dragon was a rumor.

The Amulet of Dragons is a treasure item that is worth an insane 64,000 gold. To find it, climb down the first rope in the Cave of Skulls and cross the bridge with the skeleton wizards. You will see a dog sitting by a grave. 

Another vine is just right of the dog, climb about halfway up the vine (you probably went too high if you see a green dragon to the left) and try to jump into the wall on the right to enter a secret passage that blends into the rock wall. Your hero has to be lined up perfectly with the passage to jump into it. I managed to jump into this passage by basically moving up and down while mashing the jump button.

Walk right a few paces and you’ll see a door that will take you to a small room with a chest. The chest is submerged in lava, so you’re going to take a few points of damage when you open it. At any rate, the box will give you the fabled Amulet of Dragon. To be honest, this item is only worthwhile if you are trying to do a low level playthrough where you would hypothetically be short on gold or if you are a completionist that wants to collect everything since most playthroughs shouldn’t have money problems.

V. Walkthrough

This walkthrough gives step by step instructions for each area. I wanted to include maps, but the only ones available are for the arcade version of Cadash, which differs from the TG16 port in a few significant ways. With this in mind, I settled for including screenshots of some of the more difficult parts of the game to serve as reference points for readers.

I also tried to find the name of each area and went with those used in the arcade version for many places, though it should be noted that these names may conflict with those in the manual.

a. Area 1: Deerzar

1. Deerzar Palace

ItemsMedicinal HerbGold

Deerzar Palace is a simple, safe area where you can talk to NPCs and get used to the controls. Open the chests left of the king for some Gold and a Medicinal Herb. You’ll see a set of steps behind a gate in the palace, but you cannot open the gate until much later in the game, so ignore it for now. Press Up to go descend the steps left of the throne, then make your way to the first dungeon east of the castle.

2. Cave of Stones

Recommended Level: 4-6


The Cave of Stones is really dangerous for a first dungeon, because your hero can’t really heal at this point. Be very careful not to take damage and try to get to level 6 or so to raise your defense enough that you can fight the boss safely.

Walk east through the first floor of the cave and use a crouching attack to kill the slimes that drop off the ceiling. Bats sometimes fly across the screen in this section of the cave. They are hard to hit, so try to avoid them by ducking. Climb down the vine at the end of the path to reach the next section.

You’ll have to head west through B2 of the cave. Pig men will show up as you approach a waterfall. These guys are a great source of experience, because they are easy to slay. Stay in the area just before the water and spend some time walking back and forth killing the pig men that spawn constantly for experience. You’ll also make a lot of gold. Level 6 or even 7 is a safe level to move on from the pig men.* The Priest and Ninja can get away with level 4 thanks to their long reach, but they will have to keep the number of hits they take to a minimum.

*It takes a good ten minutes of grinding to get to level 7, but it’s worth the extra work if you’re playing as the Fighter or Mage.

You will have to cross a pool of water after the pig men. It’s very important to carefully jump on the moving islands and not fall into the water, because you’ll take damage every second that you are submerged. Stand on the edge of the ground and the islands to jump further. Jump on the vine to the left and press left while jumping to reach solid land beyond the second island. Look out for the bat that pops up just past the vine. Go left a bit more to reach the door to the next part of the cave.

Skeletons will appear as you head left after going through the door, duck and attack them. They will block your attacks, but you’ll eventually kill them. Just take the hit and keep going left when you get to the slope or the skeletons will overwhelm you.

Climb down the vine at the bottom of the slope to get away from the skeletons and walk right. Jump on the second vine you see and immediately climb up to avoid the eye that spawns near the upward slope. There’s a steep drop just right of the slope. The drop leads to some spiders that can shoot webs at you. You can try to jump over the webs, but it’s not easy. Push right as fast as possible to get away from the spiders if you get webbed. A fast Ninja, Mage, or Priest can kill the spiders before they get a chance to attack.

There’s a bridge over some lava after the spiders. Rocks will fall from above and bats will come at you on this bridge. Run through as fast as possible if you have a lot of HP. If not, watch the rocks closely and walk between them. Continue right and talk to the fallen warrior who warns you of the boss, then enter the door to battle the first boss.


Boss: Black Pudding

The Black Pudding hops around the room and can stick to the ceiling. It also spawns smaller puddings that bounce towards you. The Mage, Priest, and Ninja can kill the boss really quickly thanks to their reach. Just cast a spell if you are the Wizard and spam your attacks if you are the Priest or Ninja. You can hit the Black Pudding when it’s on the ceiling by pressing Up and the I Button. 

The Fighter will have a harder time with this boss, because he has to get in close and can’t reach it on the ceiling. Charge forward and start stabbing the Black Pudding to kill it fast. Play defensively when it sticks to the ceiling. Step back and duck to avoid the small puddings.

Collect the gold the boss drops when it dies and enter the door to the right.


Keep walking east and talk to the wizard who will open the gate, then press Up to enter the blue portal to the right.

b. Area 2: Marinade

1. Town of Marinade

ItemsBlue Key
Equipment ShopSword (80g)Fighter Armor (100g)Staff (50g)
Mage Robe (40g)Flail (70g)Kunai (50g)
Tool ShopMedicinal Herb (20g)Antidote (40g)

Marinade Town is a safe haven after the ordeal you have just come through. Additionally, the game get’s way easier from here, because you can level up, then return to this town to heal. Talk to the NPCs to learn about a girl that was kidnapped by Kraken. Be sure to visit the house near the bridge in town and talk to the old lady inside to get the Blue Key

Use the Inn to heal up and buy any weapons or armor your hero can use at the equipment shop. I highly recommend stocking up on Antidotes at the Tool Shop and maybe a few Herbs. Poison is really bad in this game and Antidotes automatically cure it, so having a few of them can save your life. It’s possible to carry 8 Herbs and Antidotes. Walk east to enter the Catacombs.

2. Catacombs and The Tunnels of Brick

Recommended Level: 12

ItemsGoldMermaid Scale

The Catacombs and Tunnels of Brick are the second and third dungeons in Cadash. I’m not sure where one begins and the other ends, so they are combined in this guide. This dungeon is not very hard thanks to the fact that you can access the Inn, but there is a “point of no return” about halfway through the dungeon, so it’s important to be prepared.

There’s a vine to the west of the entrance to this dungeon, take care when climbing down it, because there’s a pool of water at the bottom. Jump onto the dry ledge left of the vine and walk west.

You’ll encounter frogs that jump at you as you travel west. Step back and crouch to attack while dodging them. Jump up a set of steps of sorts after the frogs and get ready to battle some ghouls that throw bones. Use these ghouls to grind up to level 12. It takes a few minutes to kill enough ghouls to reach 12, but this dungeon is long and you will not be able to use the Inn for a while, so the extra work pays off.

Take a moment to stop at the Inn after you hit level 12, then return to the hallway with the ghouls and go through the door to the west. An octopus creature that shoots bubbles will spawn a few steps west of the door after you pass through it. These things can be dangerous, but they should not present a challenge at level 12. 

Continue west down a steep hill. Ghouls will pursue you down the hill, don’t stop to fight them until the ground levels out, because they tend to respawn quickly. Enter the door at the end of the tunnel, then go right and stop when you see stone hands.

Wait for the hands to retract and step forward, then stop to avoid getting hit by another hand. The hitboxes for the hands are small, so you can get close to them without taking damage. Continue east to a vine and climb it to a treasure chest that contains some gold to the left. Walk east from the vine and get ready to fight some small black puddings. You can hit these things with diagonal attacks or magic with everyone except the Fighter who will have to step back and stab them as they hop.

Climb down another vine to the right and walk west. Use the door to get to a room with a gate. The Blue Key given to you by the old lady in the town of Marinade will open the gate.

Warning: The gate marks a point of no return. The ledge beyond it is very high and your hero will not be able to jump back up after falling off of it. Visit the town and get anything you need before dropping from the ledge.

The ledge beyond the gate is guarded by three octopus creatures. Strike quickly to take them out before they can act. There’s a door to the right, just under the ledge. It leads to a room that’s currently empty. Keep this room in mind since it becomes important later. To the west there is a door that leads to the boss.


Boss: Kraken

The Kraken is not much of a boss. All it does is wave a pair of tentacles around that spit bubbles every few seconds. A level 10-12 hero can safely ignore damage and swipe at the tentacle to kill the boss. Walking towards the door on the right, then back to the Kraken and slashing it is a good way to avoid its attacks. Otherwise, you can just crouch down and bash it to death or blast it with magic.


With the Kraken dead, you can rescue the girl tied to the pole in this room. Stand next to the pole and use your weapon on it to cut the rope. It can be hard to hit the rope with certain weapons, so try moving a bit if you are having difficulty freeing the girl.

Follow the girl back through the door you entered from to the room under the ledge. Walk up to the pond in the room and the girl will talk to you before giving you the Mermaid Scale.

With the Mermaid Scale in your possession you can enter water without taking damage. Return to the boss room and enter the door on the left.

The halfway on the other side of the door is home to spinning ball-and-chain traps. Walk under the balls just as they pass you and stand in between them to wait for openings. These traps do little damage to high level characters and you can just run through them if you are at least level 10. Alternatively, you can hop over the balls when they get close, but this has to be done near the center of their arc when the ball is close to the floor.

Go through the door at the end of the ball-and-chain hall, then follow the path in the next room to a vine. Ascend the vine and go right. You’ll encounter some wasps and more octopus monsters. Kill the wasps by attacking at an angle or swinging upwards. Go down the vine on the far right to a watery area.

Keep moving east and try to kill the weird fish things before they can shoot their fireballs at you. Hitting the fish things in the eye seems to deal extra damage. There’s a chain you can climb on the east end of the watery room that leads to a blue portal. This portal will take you to the Maze of Roots, however, you should use the door west of the portal first.

Weapon ShopSword (300g)Shield (60g)
Staff (200g)Priest Robe (60g)Kunai (240g)

The weapon shop has some upgrades for your heroes. The Fighter sword and Mage staff in this shop shoot fireballs, which are really helpful in the upcoming stage. You can also buy a shield that blocks small projectiles for the Fighter. The door west of the weapon shop leads to another watery area that will take you to the pool near the entrance to the Catacombs. From there you can return to Marinade and use the Inn. Go back to the portal near the weapon shop in the Catacombs to enter the Maze of Roots when you are done in Marinade.

c. Area 3: Grove of Gnomes

1. Maze of Roots

Recommended Level: 15

ItemsThreadElixirFlower of Maiya

There are several paths you can take using the vine. Going up and left will take you to the Grove of Gnomes. There isn’t much to do in the Grove of Gnomes right now aside from talk to the gnomes. Walking left in the Grove will take you to the Trackless Forest, which cannot be entered at this point. Attempting to enter the Trackless Forest will result in your character walking left forever until you decide to turn around and walk back to town.

The second path leads to a door left of the vine. You cannot reach this door without a special item. Climb down the vine to the third and final path. Entering the door at the bottom of the vine will take you to a small area where gnomes live. Talk to the gnomes for a few hints and speak to the one standing over the horse like creatures to purchase stuff at the tool shop.

Tool ShopMedicinal Herb (20g)Antidote (40g)Life Bell (900g)

The shop sells some very useful items including the Life Bell and Antidote. Bells are very helpful, because they increase your max HP by 8. You can buy as many as you like until you reach the HP cap of 255.

Leave the gnome cave when you are done and head west. You’ll run into some rock monsters after taking a few steps. The rock monsters are easy to grind for exp since they move slowly. However, they take a lot of hits and speed up when you turn around, so be cautious around them. Do not go too far west while farming exp from rock monsters or you will encounter a spider that spits poisonous webs, not cool.

Try to get to about level 15 and buy a few Life Bells if you haven’t already, then return to the Inn at Marinade to heal up. If you buy about 10 Bells and rest at Marinade, you can return to this area with about 240 HP which will make the rest of the dungeon trivial.

Go left from where you were fighting the rock monsters and through the door past the spider.* The ground slopes in this hallway and rock monsters will attack from both sides. Rush down the ramp and jump on the ledge to safety. More of the fish monsters that shoot fireballs line the hallway past the slope. Push west and go into the door to fight the Giant Worm boss.

*Make sure you have some Antidotes in case the spider poisons you. More can be bought from the gnome cave near the vine.


Boss: Giant Worm

Hopefully you took my advice and got up to level 15, because this boss is irritating if you are weak. The Giant Worm will spit at you and curl up into a ball that rolls around the floor if you damage it. Hitting a wall will make the Giant Worm bounce and roll to the other side of the room while it’s curled up. Do not follow the boss while it is rolling or it will keep bouncing from the walls and never unfurl.

Hit the boss as much as you can and just take the damage. Wait for it to stop rolling in the center of the room, then attack it rapidly. I’ve tried jumping over the boss, but it seems impossible to avoid it while it’s rolling. Luckily, having high defense and HP from your levels/Bells make any damage the Giant Worm deals negligible. Defeat the boss and pick up the Thread it drops. 


Backtrack to the vine near the entrance to this area and climb up to the ledge under the portal. Your hero will automatically use the Thread to create a rope that leads to the previously inaccessible door.

The area beyond the door features a looping path. You can take the high road or the low road, both lead to the same boss and connect to one another. The low road will take you past some harpies and plants that spew acid, so I recommend the high road, which features a handful of monsters.

To take the high road, climb up the first vine you see west of the door to this area and continue west. Watch out for a wasp that attacks and poisons its victims while climbing the vine and moving west. You’ll also run into mud men that are easy to kill and some spiked snails that are invincible as far as I can tell. Just jump over the snails. Enter the door to the left and get ready to fight another boss.


Boss: Crawling Kelp

Vines line the ceiling of the Crawling Kelp’s room. Use them to jump over to the boss, which is located on the ceiling. Crawling Kelp fire clusters of spiky balls that fan out in every direction. It also sends out creeping vines that damage the player. You can avoid the balls by climbing up or down and jumping away from the vines.

To be honest, this boss is a joke. Just grab onto a vine and hit it a few times to kill it before it even has a chance to hurt you in any meaningful way. Take the Elixir it drops and leave via the left hand door. 


After exiting the boss room through the western door, climb down. A wasp will attack you when you near the end of the vine, luckily there’s a vine that leads to a chest with an Antidote that can cure you if you get poisoned at the top of a vine to the right. Return to ground level after opening the chest and enter a door under a ledge to the east. Run past the spiky monsters on the other side of the door and slide down the vine at the end of the hall.

There’s a room with floating islands left of the vine. A harpy guards the islands, so be prepared to kill it when it swoops down at you. Hop up to the topmost island and jump onto the ledge to the left when the island gets close to it. The jump is tricky, because you’ll have to run towards the ledge a bit to make it.

Plants that vomit acid on the floor block the way forward from the ledge. Wait for a gap in the acid and stand near each plant after passing under it, because mud men also rise out of the ground here. Cross the bridge beyond the plants and climb up the vine on the other side. The door at the top will take you to the Trackless Forest on the other side of the Gnome Grove and you will find the Flower of Maiya on the ground after walking right a bit.

2. Grove of Gnomes

Weapon ShopFighter Sword (800g)Fighter Armor (1000g)Mage Robe (600g)
Flail (1000g)Tiara (48g)Ninja Armor (180g)
Tool ShopMedicinal Herb (20g)Antidote (40g)Silver Key (800g)

Walk right a few paces after getting the Flower of Maiya and you will enter the Grove of Gnomes. Trying to enter the area with the flower from the gnome village will just result in your character running into an invisible barrier. 

Your hero will automatically use the Flower of Maiya to shrink down to gnome size when he/she gets close to the village. In gnome form, your hero cannot jump or attack, but will be able to enter the buildings in the Grove of Gnomes.

Buy any weapons or armor your character can wear. Strangely, the new sword for the Fighter is somewhat of a downgrade, because it does not shoot fireballs. Buy it anyway, the damage increase is worth the loss of range. 

Be sure to visit the Inn, which costs 100g and the Tool Shop. Buy the Silver Key and anything else you need. Use the Silver Key on the gate next to the shop counter and go through the portal to the next area when you are ready.

d. Area 4: Ruined City

1. The Ruined City

Recommended Level: 16-18

ItemsAbel’s Pendant*
*This item can only be acquired after exploring the Cave of Skulls.

The ruined city is exactly as the name suggests: a city that has been ravaged by Baarogue. There are no shops or Inns here and enemies infest the western end of town. Pushing the I Button when standing near one of the hanging skeletons by the entrance to town will open up a dialogue box and many of the skeletons have something interesting to say.

The eastern end of the town is impassable thanks to a lake of fire, so head west. You will see a tombstone marked “Abel’s Grave” with a dog sitting next to it. Nothing can be done here so continue west. Zombies will rise out of the ground and approach you beyond Abel’s grave. Duck and hit the zombies’ legs. Hitting them in the torso will just destroy their top half and the legs will still walk towards you. Incidentally, this is a good place to get some experience and money.

Lighting will come down from the sky as you move forward. The lightning forks in the same pattern with every strike, so walk between the bolts and stop in a safe spot. Do not try to run past the lightning in one go unless you are super fast, because it will hit you before you clear it. Keep moving left to enter the Cave of Skulls.

Pro-Tip: You can revisit the Grove of Gnomes very quickly from the Ruined City. This makes the area a great place to earn money/exp, since you can quickly return to the gnome village to heal up.

2. The Cave of Skulls

Recommended Level: 16-18

ItemsAntidoteGina’s Charm
Magic FluteLife BellDragon Amulet*
*The Amulet of Dragon and Life Bell in this area are not listed in the walkthrough section of this guide. See Section IV for instructions on how to obtain these items.

True to its name, the Cave of Skulls is full of dead things. Liches, zombies, and even dragons will attack the player in this area. The liches are especially troublesome, because they fly around while casting spells. Strike a lich and it will disappear for a few moments, then return. Liches can also poison you, so be careful. Hopefully you bought a few Bells and got up to level 16+ or these monsters will wear your hero down. You should also restock your Antidotes and Herbs if needed.

Climb down the vine west of the entrance to the cave (ignore the area left of the vine, it’s a dead end for now) and rush past the spikes that line the wall before they can damage you much. Take care to avoid the manticores that run around at the bottom of the vine. They are hard to avoid on the ground, so wait on the vine until you have an opening.

The ledge left of the vine is currently unreachable, so walk right. A bridge protected by liches and more manticores is to the right of the vine. Run past the monsters. A mysterious figure will run past you on this bridge.

Climb the hill beyond the bridge and you will see the dog from before sitting by a different gravestone. Ascend the vine near the dog, but stop about halfway at the top. A fire breathing dragon is on the ledge near the top of the vine. Wait for it to breathe fire, climb up and attack the dragon, then walk left. Enter the door.

Note: The Amulet of Dragon is hidden by this vine, see Section IV of this guide for details.

You’ll come to another high road/low road option after emerging from the door. The lower path is pointless and leads to the same place, so climb up the vine to the high path. Look out for the fireballs that bounce around the hallway. They can be destroyed with a basic attack, but move quickly. Climb the first vine you see, then head right when you reach the ceiling to find a chest with an Antidote.

Return to the vine and look for a door to the left. Run right after going through the door past a lich and over a bridge. You’ll see a dragon at the end of the bridge, so be ready to stop to avoid its fire. Yet another vine is just beyond the dragon. Use it to get to a series of vines and a spinning fireball trap. Jump across the vines to get past the trap.

Climb down the vines on the other side of the fireball trap. You’ll have to pass a few more traps of the same nature. Keep going down, then head left when you hit the bottom of the room. Enter the door and get ready for a dangerous trek over lava. Consider returning to the gnome village to heal if you are low on HP.

You’ll have to cross lava by jumping from one floating platform to the next. Time your jumps around the flames that spurt out of the lava. There’s a spot about halfway through where it takes one of the platforms a long time to reach the player. Wait for it and hop onto it when you get the chance. After that, there’s another pillar of flame that can hit you while you’re on the platform.Try to dodge the flame, but don’t worry if you get hit. Solid ground is very close and you can just walk left through the lava to safety. Enter the door to the west of the lava lake to find a hidden town.

Weapon ShopShield (380g)Helmet (800g)Staff (800g)
Priest Robe (480g)Kunai (600g)Ninja Hood (620g)

Don’t bother with the Inn unless you are desperate, it costs 500g and you can reach the gnome village easily from here. The weapon shop sells some good gear, so be sure to equip your hero. Visit the house on the west end of town and talk to the woman inside to get Gina’s Charm. Gina will ask you to place the charm on Abel’s grave, so off we go to the Ruined City.

Leave the town via the door to the left and climb up the vine on the other side to go back to the Ruined City. Walk up to Abel’s Grave from earlier and your character will place the charm on it. Abel will speak to you, then give you Abel’s Pendant.

Backtrack through the Cave of Skulls until you find the dog from earlier on the other side of the bridge. Talk to the dog as you would any other NPC and he will inform you that the bandits are hiding in a secret passage. Push against the wall on the right to find it.

There’s a boss on the other side of the door, so make sure you’re ready before going through it.


Boss: Fire Elemental

There’s nothing to fear from this boss if you have been keeping up with your levels. The boss hangs around while fireballs bounce around the chamber. He has to stay in the lava on the left and right sides of the room, but your weapon can reach him if you stand near the edge of the platform or if you have a long reach. Do not worry about falling into the lava, there’s an invisible barrier.

The boss will teleport to the other side of the room after you hit it a few times. It takes a few seconds for the Fire Elemental to reappear after teleporting, so take the opportunity to clear out the fireballs by hitting them with your weapon.

The Fireballs should not damage you much and the boss has no other attacks, so this fight should end quickly. Those playing as the Mage may have some difficulty with the boss, because the fireballs hit him pretty hard. However, lightning magic will kill the Fire Elemental quickly.

The Magic Flute will drop down from the ceiling after you defeat the Fire Elemental.


Walk to the left side of the Fire Elemental’s room after getting the Magic Flute and your hero will use it to create a bridge that leads to a door. The door will take you to the top floor of the Cave of Skulls. From there you can walk right to reenter the Ruined City. Make your way to the fire pit on the far right end of the Ruined City and your character will use the Magic Flute to create a bridge that leads to the Castle. Stop off at the Grove of Gnomes and buy a few Antidotes before entering the Castle.

e. Area 5: Castle

1. Baarogue’s Castle Part 1

Recommended Level: 20

ItemsMedicinal HerbElixir
Gold KeyLife Bell x2*
*The Life Bells are hidden in this stage and not covered in the walkthrough. See Section IV for details on how to get them.

The Castle is a maze of stairways and corridors that’s easy to get lost in compared to the other dungeons. Additionally, the monsters in this area are really dangerous thanks to poison and their high damage output. Anyone playing the Fighter is going to have a tough time jumping onto ledges occupied by monsters, so make sure you are ready for this area.

Enter the Castle’s front door and walk right through a hallway filled with poisonous slimes that drop down from the ceiling. These slimes are hard to hit for some heroes, so step back and attack them when they jump. You’ll come to a gold gate and steps leading up at the end of the hall. Remember this area, because it’s a good point of reference.

Ascend the steps and enter the first door on the left. Take the door to the right in the new hallway and go right to find a box with a Medicinal Herb.

Go back through the door after grabbing the Herb and climb the steps to the right. Walk west and you should see a blue dragon in a hallway with blocks near the ceiling that are occupied octopus monsters. Keep going left and look for a chest with an Elixir at the end of the hall. 

Backtrack down the steps you entered the hallway from (it’s the only way you can go from here) and go back through the second door on the left. This will take you back to the room just above the one with the gold gate. Head left and you should see a green skeleton.

Take care fighting the skeleton, it can deal a lot of damage even to high level heroes and knock you back very far. It tends to crash into the wall near it after jumping, which is your opportunity to destroy it. Despite being dangerous, the skeleton is worth a lot of experience and it’s easy to kill, so take some time to grind up to level 20. You can always backtrack to the Gnome Village if you need health since you are near the steps that lead to the Castle exit.

Continue past the skeleton and go through the door at the end of the hall. The next room has some steps leading up to the next floor, take care not to walk into the spike that pops out of the wall by the steps. After ascending the steps, use the door to the left (watch out for another spike by these stairs) and walk east over a bridge guarded by some flying snake things. The door at the end of the bridge will take you to some spinning ball-and-chain traps similar to those from the second dungeon.

These traps shouldn’t be able to damage you much and you should have some Elixirs on hand, so do not worry about them. Enter the door at the eastern end of the hallway after you clear the traps and prepare yourself to fight a weak boss.


Boss: Jelly Giant

Remember the Black Pudding from the beginning of the game? Well, the Jelly Giant behaves just like its predecessor, though you have to fight it in a tiny room. Try to kill it as fast as possible with weapons or spells, because it is really tough to dodge in the room the Jelly lives in. You get absolutely nothing aside from exp when you kill this boss.


Slay the Jelly Giant and the steps on the right become accessible. Use them to climb upwards again then enter the door on the right. Follow the hallway east to a grey gate that will open automatically for you.

The princess is on the other side of the gate. Cut her chains by jumping up and hitting them with your weapon. Talk to her and open the gate behind her, then slide down the chain.

Things get complicated from here, because everything looks the same. Enter the door on the left to reach a maze-like area. This spot can be confusing so it helps to have a point of reference. The screenshot below is the entrance to this section of the castle and you can return to it in order to get your bearings if necessary. 

Make your way to the steps by the right hand wall, which lead to a room with a skeleton. Take the skeleton down and jump up to the steps on the ledge above you. Take the steps on the ledge up to the room you just came from. 

A row of platforms is just left of the steps you just ascended. Octopus monsters will emerge from the platforms when you approach them. They won’t be much of a problem for most of the heroes, but the Fighter will have to jump onto the very end of each platform and quickly kill each octopus monster before he gets knocked off by their attacks.

Go down the steps on the left and be careful not to fall off the ledge to the right by accident or you will have to backtrack through the platforms again. Walk left and slay the blue dragon. Ignore the door near the dragon and continue left. Jump up the platforms (watch out for the spikes) and go in the door on top of the ledge to the right.

Look for a door left of the steps and go in to enter a weapon shop.

Weapon ShopSword (1800g)Fighter’s Armor (2000g)Shield (800g)
Helmet (1200g)Tiara (600g)Kunai (1000g)

The equipment sold by the shop is basically the best stuff you can get for the Fighter, a Tiara for the Priest, and the Ninja’s best weapon. It’s all worth buying for your character despite the price.

Return to the room you came from after visiting the shop and kill the octopus creature on the platform so you can jump over to the door on the right. Enter and you’ll be back in the shop, except on the other side this time. Hop up to the chest and take the Gold Key from it.

Now it’s time to backtrack to the entrance to the Castle. Go back to the room you just came from, drop down and go down the steps. You should find yourself back in the room with the blue dragon. Go right and past the steps, then drop from the ledge I warned you about earlier.

Ascend the steps to the east and enter the door to the left when you get to the room with the octopus creatures. From there you can climb up the chain back to where the princess was held. Jumping into the princess’s chamber from the chain is tricky, you’ll have to face the left wall and make sure your hero’s feet are level with the floor across from the chain in order to jump over to the opening.

Make your way back down to the room with the spinning ball-and-chain traps, then to the door on the far left. It’s likely the traps will hit you, so just rush across the hallway. The path from there is straightforward and should be familiar. You will eventually reach the room with the skeleton, which is right above the gold gate. Just take the steps on the right and you’ll be there.

Once at the gold gate, you are free to visit the Grove of Gnomes and heal up. In fact you probably should heal up, just watch out for the poison slimes.

2. Baarogue’s Castle Part 2

Recommended Level: 20


The final stretch of the Castle is less jumbled, but full of dangers. Make sure you are level 20 and have all the best gear for your hero.

Open the gold gate and rush across the hallway. Giant eyes will start rolling at you from behind. Keep running and drop into the first indentation in the floor you see, then duck to avoid the eye. Jump out of the trench and run to the next one. Continue this process until you can reach the steps at the end of the hallway.

Enter the door by the left hand wall after going upstairs and get ready to fight a boss.


Boss: Giant Worm

The Giant worm is the same as he was in the third dungeon. Don’t follow him as he rolls and attack him when he unfurls. It should only take a few hits to kill this boss and the only reward you get for it is the ability to move on.


Enter the door to the east after killing the boss, then follow the path. There are no detours and you’ll soon be in Baarogue’s inner sanctum after climbing up a few flights of stairs. Prepare to battle Baarogue when you reach the room with red carpeting.


Boss: Baarogue

Baarogue can warp around the room, but stays still otherwise. He will shoot lightning that can track you and is unavoidable. However, he won’t stick around if you hurt him, so hit him as much as possible to get him to flee and minimize the amount of damage your hero takes.


The princess will speak to you briefly after Baarogue flees and take you back to Deerzar. It’s pretty clear that something is wrong when you enter the castle. You can explore a bit or go up the steps next to the portal. Talk to the “king” to fight the final boss.


Boss: Baarogue (dragon form)

Baarogue isn’t much of a challenge even in dragon form. However, touching his body or the fire he breathes does a lot of damage even if you are maxed out and it’s extremely difficult to avoid him. I just crouch and attack with my weapon to kill Baarogue. You don’t even have to worry about him killing you if you have an Elixir. Hit the boss about ten times and victory will be yours.

The Mage will have to take care when fighting this boss, because he can take big chunks out of his HP, but lightning magic will make quick work of him. The Priest should keep her barrier spell up throughout this fight, because it takes a long time for her to defeat Baarogue.

Note: The Dragon will not spawn until you walk into the room a bit.


Congratulations! Defeat Barrgoue and you’ve beaten the game.

VI. Mysteries

Cadash has a few mysteries that I was unable to solve. None of them are ground breaking, but they are puzzling nonetheless.

1. Where’s the Status window?

RPGs and ARPGs almost always have some sort of status window that displays the player’s items, current exp, etc. I could find no such thing in this game and was a bit puzzled by its absence. A friend told me there’s documentation on the existence of a stat window in the game’s code, but my searches turned up nothing. Another walkthrough briefly mentions something about the window popping up if you stand still for a bit, though I’ve tested it and nothing seems to happen.*

2. Where’s the Explosion Spell?

Another mystery that’s based on a rumor; a guide mentions a Mage spell called Explosion that unlocks at level 20.* No such spell became available for my Mage at level 20. It’s possible that the author was confusing versions of the game, since the arcade release has a few substantial differences from the TG-16 port, but maybe I missed it somehow.

3. What are the Ninja Hood, Helm, and Tiara for?

Players can purchase head wear for the Fighter, Priest, and Ninja. I’m not 100% sure what these items do, though the small amount of testing I did suggests that they reduce the amount of damage the player takes when equipped as one would assume. They may have other properties that are unknown.

4. Are there more passwords?

Cadash lacks a traditional save/password system, but entering certain names for the player character will start you off with higher levels and at different points in the game. The famous “TORU” code is an example of this. There’s also the AGAG code that starts players off later in the adventure. I was curious about this makeshift save system and tried testing it a bit when I noticed one of the devs is called Toru in the credits. There are a few other four letter names on the dev team (Yuji, Kubo, and Hiza) but entering them had no noticeable effect on gameplay. It would be interesting to know if there are any other codes that change the game.

5. Is the door hidden in the Cave of Skulls (Area 4) just a shortcut or part of a bigger secret?

There’s a false wall on the far right hand side of the room with the spinning fireballs in the fourth Area. You can jump through the wall to find a door that leads to another door lower in the room. The lower door is also behind a false wall. It’s likely that this is just a shortcut for players who accidentally go the wrong way in this room, but the doors are odd nonetheless.

*See the References section of this walkthrough for the link to the guide.

VII. References

Information on this game is sparse at best, but there are a few resources worth looking at. The walkthrough by VEpitropou is helpful and served as a reference for this walkthrough, though he seemed to conflate certain aspects of this game with the arcade release. I’ve also included a link to, which I referred to while attempting to confirm some of the rumors and questions I had about this game.



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