Breath of Fire (SNES) Save Files

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Download File: BreathofFireSaves.7z


This file contains several saves made at different points in the game. Below is a list of the saves and what they contain.

Early Game Save File: Hero Level 8, Nina Level 5. Town of Romero, Map and over 4000 gold. Basic weapons and armor.

Mid Game Save File: Start in Gant. Nabal Castle has been explored, so head to Prima and talk to the NPC in the guild to advance the story. Party level ranges from 18 to 24. This save has the B.Rang, LightningRP, Clog, and about 40K GP as well as plenty of stat boosting potions.

Late Game Save File: Party is in Spring just before Spyre Tower. Every character has been recruited (Nina, Bo, Ox, Bleu, Karn, Gobi, and Mogu) and the average party level is somewhere around 30. This save also features some of the best weapons like Gobi’s Sleeper, Karn’s DarkDR and includes other power items like the AgileHT. The party also has over 130,000 Gold and a lot of unused stat potions.

End Game Save File:

In this save the party has everything it needs to enter Obelisk and beat the game.
The party level ranges from 31-41 and there are plenty of unused stat potions to buff the heroes with.
All of the best weapons and armor have been collected except for those in Obelisk.

Emulator Version: SNES9x 1.53 Win32 for Windows

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