Super Nintendo (SNES) Save Files

Click the links below to download saves files for the SNES. Click here to return to the Save Archive main page.

SNES A to DRelease TypeRegion
Act RaiserOfficialNTSC
Breath of FireOfficialNTSC
Brain LordOfficialNTSC
Cyber KnightFan TranslationPAL
Donkey Kong CountryOfficialNTSC
Dragon ViewOfficialNTSC
SNES E to HRelease TypeRegion
EarthBound HalloweenROM HackNTSC
Eien no Filerna (Eternal Filena)Fan TranslationPAL
Feda: The Emblem of JusticeFan TranslationPAL
SNES I to LRelease TypeRegion
Illusion of GaiaOfficialNTSC
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, TheOfficialNTSC
Live A LiveFan TranslationPAL
Lufia II: Rise of the SinistralsOfficialNTSC
SNES M to PRelease TypeRegion
SNES Q to TRelease TypeRegion
Secret of EvermoreOfficialNTSC
Soul BlazerOfficialNTSC
Star OceanFan TranslationPAL
Super Mario WorldOfficialNTSC
Super MetroidOfficialNTSC
Tecmo Secret of the StarsOfficialNTSC
SNES U to ZRelease TypeRegion

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