Breath of Fire (SNES)

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Square Soft (NA)

Release Date: August 10, 1994

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: RPG

Players: 1


Breath of Fire is a Japanese style turn based RPG for the SNES. Players control a young Light Dragon whose village has been burned by the Dark Dragons. The evil Dark Dragons were thought to have been vanquished in a war that nearly destroyed the world 1000 years ago, but have mysteriously reappeared in recent times. The hero, Ryu, must learn the secret of the Dark Dragons in order to put a stop to their war of conquest. On his journey he will meet other warriors that will join him as well as powerful servants of the Dark Dragon.

As an RPG, this game features random battles and dungeons that players must explore to advance the story. Players start with a lone hero named Ryu and can recruit seven more heroes to the party, but only four heroes can fight in battle at a time. Players can find or buy equipment for their heroes as well as gain experience from battles to make them stronger. Many characters can learn spells that heal wounds, increase damage, or harm monsters. Some characters, like Bo have special skills that allow them to hunt on the overworld or smash large boulders.

Breath of Fire also features side quests and plenty of hidden treasures. Dungeons often involve random battles as well as simple puzzles and many of them are guarded by bosses. Breath of Fire is roughly 40 hours long and allows players to use a built in save feature to continue gameplay sessions.

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