Azure Dreams (PS1)

Developer/Publisher: Konami

Release Date: June 1998

Platform: Sony PlayStation

Genre: Roguelike, RPG

Players: 1


   Azure Dreams is a roguelike made by Konami and released for the PS1 in 1998. A giant tower filled with monsters has drawn treasure hunters to it for centuries. Koh, a young monster tamer, dreams of reaching the top of the tower and finding his father who disappeared while exploring it when Koh was very young. The procedurally generated floors of the tower are different every time the player enters and there are plenty of treasures to find in addition to dangerous monsters that the player must defeat or avoid. All of the monsters that appear in the tower can be found as eggs, hatched, and used as “familiars” that fight alongside the player. Familiars can even be fused together to combine traits, resulting in a more powerful creature. Koh can equip swords, wands, and shields that often have special powers. There are 40 floors to climb and players must be careful not to die unless they want to lose everything they took into the tower.

    Players can also explore the town of Monsbaiya and interact with its citizens. NPCs will give the player short quests, sell items, and some of them even become love interests for Koh if he engages with them enough. Money earned from exploring the tower and returning with loot can be used to improve the town. The townspeople will ask Koh to build a variety of things including a gym, bowling alley, and amusement center. Players can even improve Koh’s house and purchase decorations for it. Azure Dreams’ play time can vary wildly depending on what the player chooses to do, but for most people it will probably take 40-50 hours to finish.

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