Azure Dreams (PS1) Guide

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Azure Dreams (PS1) Guide

~by tankMage (January 2019)


   Thanks for checking out my guide for Azure Dreams on the Sony PlayStation. I set out to solve some of the mysteries surrounding Azure Dreams when working on this guide and playing the game. As such, there’s more of a focus on mechanics than item and monster lists, which were covered very competently by other FAQ writers. Detailed explanations of the dating SIM and the Monster Tower are also included, but this is not a full walkthrough, which is made impossible by the procedurally generated levels. I also use the default name, Koh, to describe the hero in order to avoid confusion. Those looking for more information on items and specifics on monsters should refer to the References section and the end of this guide.


1.General Strategy

   a.Save Frequently


   c.Grinding Levels

   d.Dealing with Traps

   e.Helpful Items

   f.Choosing and Upgrading Your Equipment

   g.The Power of Genus (Elemental) Weapons and Shields

   h.Training Your First Familiar

   i.Advanced Familiar Training and Fusion

   j.Your First Visit to the Tower

2.Monster Tower Walkthrough

   a.Floors 1-2

   b.Floors 3-5

   c.Floors 6-8

   d.Floors 9-11

   e.Floors 12-15

   f.Floor 16-19

   g.Floors 20-23

   h.Floors 24-25

   i.Floors 26-29

   j.Floors 30-34

   k.Floors 35-39

   l.Floor 40

   m.The Post Game

3.The Town of Monsbaiya


   b.General Girlfriend Tips


   d.Quests and Activities

4.Damage Mechanics




   d.Mixture Magic

5.Equipment and Familiars






   f.Recommended Familiar Traits

   g.Suggested Familiars

   h.The Evolution Trick

6.Myths and Mysteries


1.General Strategy

Azure Dreams is random and may feel merciless at first, but there are certain measures players can take to survive the Tower. Proper tactics and a few simple tricks can get players through situations they would otherwise lose. The following tips will make the learning curve that comes with this title less severe, so take some time to read up on them and experiment with your own strategies.

a.Save Frequently

Losing all your HP in the Tower will mean getting sent home without your equipment or anything in your inventory. While this doesn’t matter much early on, it will put a damper on your day if you lose that Mirror Shield +70 you spent 60 hours building up. Always save before leaving for the Tower, that way you can just hit reset if you die and save yourself some grief. You can also save in the Tower if you want to take a break, just make sure it’s in a secondary save slot in case something goes wrong.


Combat is turn based and takes place on a grid. Positioning Koh and his familiars effectively can turn the tide of battle. Be mindful of how you move your units and use the following rules of thumb in combat.

Don’t Let the Enemy get the First Attack: Koh (or one of his monsters) will often be the first to be hit if he blindly rushes enemies. Slow down when you see a hostile monster. Avoid stepping forward if there is only one space between Koh and the enemy. In most cases, the player can wait a turn and the enemy will step into attack range. This won’t work very well against crossbow wielding Trolls, Pickets, U-boats, and spell casters.

Elevation Matters: You will gain a bonus to your attack and defense (roughly 20%) when fighting a foe that is standing on a space lower than Koh’s position. Monsters get the same bonus when attacking Koh or his familiars from an elevated position, so don’t stand below a monster if you can help it.

Stay Close to Your Familiars: A familiar can easily get lost and wander aimlessly if Koh ventures more than a few spaces out of its line of sight. This can be disastrous in some circumstances so make sure your pets are following you at all times unless you are confident they can survive on their own. Traps like Warp, Blind, Crack, and Confusion can cause Koh to become separated from his companions, so tread carefully. Finally, Garudas will very rarely use their “Abduct” skill to take Koh’s familiar to a different area of the same floor. Using an elevator to go up to the next level or calling your pet with the Familiar Bell can fix this problem quickly.

Take the Time to Command Your Familiars: While you can (and should) let the game’s AI handle familiar movements most of the time, effectively ordering them to move and attack in dangerous situations can turn the tables in your favor. Place weaker familiars behind Koh or away from enemies to keep them from taking damage. In some cases you can place a strong familiar in front of Koh to act as a tank that will soak up damage for him.

Conserving MP: Monsters cannot move or attack if they run out of MP. Put a monster in the bag if you do not need it to keep it from consuming its MP. Even moving around drains magic and familiars with low reserves won’t last long. You can also feed most familiars fruits, seeds, and herbs to refill 3 MP, just be careful what you give them.

Dealing with Blindness and Confusion: Traps and some monsters can inflict these status ailments on Koh and his pets. If Koh is stricken with one or more of these negative statuses, wait until it clears by skipping turns, use a curative item, or try to get to safety if you are in danger. Things can get tricky if a familiar gets struck by a negative status. Follow or pick up a blinded familiar until it recovers. Try to pick up or avoid a confused familiar. Brainwashed familiars can be placed in the bag until the player finds a Cure-All Herb or reaches safety.

Throwing Items: Throwing an item will often have some sort of effect on its target. Many monsters will eat various fruits thrown at them, so try sending a Tumna fruit a dangerous foe’s way and watch it turn into a helpless frog. Scrolls will activate upon hitting a creature, making the Malicious Scroll very useful and even weapons can be chucked at monsters in order to deal damage from afar. Koh can also lift light familiars and throw them at oncoming threats. A very powerful familiar can be thrown far enough away from Koh that it wanders around killing everything it sees for him.

c.Grinding Levels

   While not fun, grinding levels while in the Tower is a great way to succeed early on when you do not have a decent weapon, shield, or strong familiar. Koh can stay on a floor for about 1100 turns before it starts to collapse (don’t worry, you’ll just be sent to the next floor if the ground crumbles from under you) and enemies will spawn continuously during that time. Hanging around each floor and killing enemies until you start to run out of time will guarantee that Koh has some power, but I do not recommend doing so on floors inhabited by vipers and pickets, who steal from Koh or lower his attack power. The max level for Koh and his pets is 99, while monsters in the Tower cap at level 39.

d.Dealing with Traps

Traps are often hidden in rooms in the Tower. Stepping on one will trigger some sort of unwanted effect, but sometimes the trap will fail to activate or a monster will step on it if you are lucky. Attacking a tile with your weapon or using the Trap Loupe will reveal hidden traps. Below is a brief list and description of the various traps found in this game.

Rust: The most hated of all traps, this one will degrade the quality of your weapons by 1 point. Using items that do not rust or having a familiar with Stealth’s Rust Proof trait is highly recommended, because these traps can whittle away at Koh’s equipment, making it useless.

Poison: Step on this and you will lose about 10 % of your HP every turn. Luckily Poison does not last long and cannot directly kill its victim, but be careful if your HP is low.

Warp: Moves the player to another area. Can place Koh in some bad situations, but not terribly harmful.

Confusion: Causes victim to move and attack erratically. Very dangerous, especially if it’s your mega powerful familiar that gets confused or if a lot of enemies are around.

Go Up: Sends Koh to the next floor, not all that bad unless you are weak and just barely getting by on the current floor or if you were about to pick up a rare item. Does not work on familiars.

Crack/Upheaval: More of a nuisance than anything, these devices can raise or lower the ground around them for awhile. Sometimes this can work in your favor by placing Koh above an enemy or trapping it in a pit.

Reversal: Very annoying, these traps will flip the screen upside down making everything disorienting. Just wait them out or move carefully.

Bump: The least dangerous of all the traps thanks to its situational nature, this one will wake up any nearby sleeping monsters if you step on it.

Bomb: I hate this one almost as much as rust if not more, because there’s little that can be done about it. Step on a Bomb Trap and it will send a blast in four directions, damaging everything it hits. These things will often destroy nearby items and can kill weak familiars you are trying to level up.

Slam: A rock or spiked ball will drop from the ceiling, damaging the creature below it when triggered. Not very dangerous to players and familiars with decent defense.

Prison: Temporarily paralyzes the creature that steps on it, can be very dangerous.

Blinder: Will blind its victim, causing a fair bit of trouble for a few turns. It’s a good idea to wait until Koh’s vision returns if he steps on it, if circumstance permits or to carry a blinded familiar until it recovers.

Slow: Cuts the movement speed of anything that triggers it in half. Not much of a problem if there are no threats around, but can be deadly if there are foes about. A Mahell Seed will cancel this out.

Sleep: Puts the creature that steps on it to sleep for several turns. Not a big threat, but there’s not much you can do if Koh is hit by this device.

Seal: Supposedly blocks the victim from casting spells, but I’ve never seen it work.

Frog: Turn whatever steps on it into a frog. With diminished stats and the inability to use the command menu or inventory as a frog, Koh is in trouble if he gets hit by this. Luckily he can still run away.

Monster Den: Not really a trap per say. Stepping into rooms will very rarely result in a bunch of monsters spawning. Basically an experience boon for stronger players, but very dangerous for weaker characters. An Acid Rain Ball can clear these rooms really fast. Try to back out of the room and force the monsters into a choke point or use some other AoE attack if you do not have an Acid Rain Ball.

e.Helpful Items

Medicinal Herb: Heals a percentage of the user’s HP. Can also Permanently increase HP by 1 if fed to a familiar with full HP.

Cure-All Herb: Heals any negative status affecting the user.

Holy Scroll: When used, this scroll creates a barrier that will prevent monsters from attacking Koh as long as he is standing on the tile where it was activated. Koh can still deliver his own attacks, which makes this item a life saver in difficult situations.

Restore Scroll: Brings a a fallen familiar back to life, ‘nuff said.

Wind Crystal: Warps Koh out of the Tower with all of his loot. Use this whenever you feel you cannot push forward, better safe than sorry.

Hazak Herb: Useful later on (around floor 20) this herb will restore lost attack power. As far as I know, only Vipers can decrease Koh’s attack, but they can reduce it quite a bit unless you use really good tactics against them or can kill a Viper in a hit, so hold onto at least one Hazak Herb if you plan on climbing past the 20th floor.

Water Crystal: Fully restores the HP and MP of your active familiars.

Pita Fruit: Replenishes 50 MP to a familiar, be sure to have one or two on hand. Also permanently increases a familiar’s MP by 1 if fed to a familiar who already has full MP.

Big Pita: Works just like a Pita Fruit, but restores 100 MP.

Magic Balls: Acid Rain, Fire, Flame, Pillar, Binding, Sleep, and Poison Balls are all very useful. Acid Rain can clear a room full of monsters in a single use, while Flame and Pillar are single target fire spells. Binding can paralyze dangerous enemies. Try to pick up magic balls when you find them since these spells can save your life. Keep in mind that they have limited uses, so activate them a few spaces away from your target in case the ball is out of charges to prevent the monster from getting a free hit on Koh. Also, using white sands on magic balls to raise them to 10 charges and giving the upgraded ball to a familiar will teach it the spell. Does not work for Acid Rain unfortunately.

Trap Loupe: Reveals the position of traps on the floor it is used on.

Monster Loupe: Shows monster positions.

White/Red/Blue Sand: These sands are great since they can be used to make your items more powerful. Red and Blue Sands in particular will increase the attack of your sword and defense of your shield respectively, making them some of the best finds in the game.

Oleem Fruit: Feeding this to your familiar will destroy it and teleport Koh out of the Tower, which is probably something you want to avoid outside of certain situations. However, throwing an Oleem at an enemy will instantly destroy it, which can be highly advantageous.

Roche Fruit: If there’s a better item than the Oleem (as far eliminating enemies goes) it’s the Roche Fruit, which will turn a monster back into an egg, which also makes it great for nabbing rare monsters. Unfortunately, this item is extremely rare.

f.Choosing and Upgrading Your Equipment

   The weapon and shield Koh is using have a major impact on combat. A player with strong equipment can stroll through even the highest floors of the Monster Tower, while someone with weak or no equipment will struggle on the first few floors. Here is a brief list of the best gear you can get in my experience and some instructions on how to temper them into mighty pieces of equipment.

Gold Sword: Most Swords are prone to rusting, which makes rust traps a real pain unless you are ok with unequipping your weapon while walking around and putting it back on in combat. The Gold Sword is rust proof, however, and is easy to temper into a mighty weapon with Red Sands as a result. Unfortunately, it has low attack power at first.  

Wands: A great choice until you find a Gold Sword or if you use mixture magic frequently. Wands boost certain mixture magics, do not rust, and do not conduct electricity. In addition, some wands have special effects. The Paralyze Wand can prevent monsters from attacking or moving, the Life Wand heals Koh a bit with each attack, and elemental wands further boost mixture magic.The downside to these weapons is that they cannot be tempered with Red Sand and will always have a low base attack.

Trained Wand: Easily the best weapon in the game, the Trained Wand enhances mixture magic, doesn’t rust, AND it can be tempered by Red Sand. Hold onto this item if you find it, because Trained Wands are extremely rare.

Leather Shield: The modest Leather Shield is often overlooked by players thanks to its flimsy defense bonus, but it is rust proof and appears fairly commonly. Even better, it offers an evade boost that can save your life if you are lucky.

Mirror Shield: A perennial favorite of Azure Dreams fans, the Mirror Shield is rust proof, reflects magic occasionally, and looks cool. They are also somewhat rare, but not so much so that a patient player wont find one after a few tours of the Tower.

Diamond Shield: This shield offers high defense and is sort of common. It is also un-rustable, which is great. With that said, the Leather and Mirror Shields are superior to it.

   It’s a good idea to settle on the equipment you want to use early on and start saving sands for when you find them. Be sure to save a bunch of Wind Crystals if you do not get what you want immediately, because you can always take a Wind Crystal, three sands, and the item you want to temper into the Tower, upgrade it, then leave using the crystal. While rust proof items are the safest choice, there is something to be said for items like the Live Shield or Fire Sword, but players will have to care for these by removing them when out of combat or hope that they do not step on many rust traps. Alternatively, players can use a Stealth familiar, which has the Rust Proof trait, to protect their gear from rust traps. Finally, wand users may still want to hoard Red Sands on the off chance that they find a Trained Wand.

g.The Power of Genus (Elemental) Weapons and Shields

   The effectiveness of fire, air, and water genus equipment is often overlooked, primarily due to the fact that players prefer weapons like the Trained Wand. With that said, a weapon or shield that has a genus gets a 50% bonus against enemies weak against that genus. For a example, a player who normally does 10 damage is wearing a Fire Sword will do 15 damage to wind genus monsters. That same player will not receive the 50% damage bonus when attacking fire genus monsters (dealing the unmodified 10 damage instead) and will receive a 50% penalty vs. water genus creatures, dealing only 5 damage. Fire, water, and air genus shields work in the same manner, except the modifiers are applied to defense. Similar results can be achieved with  Stream, Gulf, and Scarlet wands, but they lack base damage, making them weaker.

   While genus shields have their uses, players are better off using a Mirror or Leather shield with high temper levels. However, an Ice Shield can prove very useful in the last five floors of the Monster Tower where players will face powerful fire genus monsters like Killers, Dragons, and Maximums. Out of the genus swords, Fire and Gulfwind Swords coupled with mixture magic (Flame Sword and Wind Cutter respectively) can produce phenomenal results, especially if the weapon has been tempered with a few dozen Red Sands. The Blizzard Sword is very useful in the last ten floors of the Tower, which is home to many fire genus monsters. Of course, players may want to keep a strong combat familiar, such as Arachne, on hand to deal with monsters that resist their weapon’s genus or carry a backup weapon.

h.Training Your First Familiar

   A strong familiar can carry Koh a long way and the game is kind enough to give the player one of the best familiars right off the bat. That’s right, Kewne is a great familiar who has decent MP, Stat growth, and a good fire spell. He is also unbrainwashable which means things like Blooms can’t turn him against you. Here’s a brief list of things you can do in the Tower to make him even more useful:

-Feed Kewne any extra Pita Fruits and Medicinal Herbs you find. They will add a point to his max HP and MP. This may not sound like much, but it adds up.

-Give him Hazak and Shomuro Seeds to boost his max attack and defense.

-Combine him with Cyclone when you find one, this will reduce his MP consumption by 50%.

-Use him frequently early on because, he will retain his levels even after leaving the Tower just like any familiar. In just one or two visits you can have a level 20 Kewne to help you blaze through lower levels of the Tower.

-Be sure to change his genus back to fire if you fuse Kewne with another monster and it becomes wind or water, because the Brid spell will no longer level up if Kewne isn’t fire genus. The easiest way to change a monster genus is to feed it a wind, light, or sea seed. In the case of Kewne, you’ll want to feed him a light seed.

i.Advanced Familiar Training and Fusion

   You may want to build up other familiars to use in the Tower. While Kewne is powerful and reliable, he isn’t the absolute best ally. Many familiars have useful traits that boost damage, defense, and HP, which can make them deadly. There are also plenty of support spells that can heal Koh or disable enemies. Some familiars even have special skills that can be very useful, like Barong’s ability to convert one item into another.

    Players will find the Blue Collar on the 12th floor of the Monster Tower, which will allow them to use two familiars simultaneously. It also allows for the fusion of familiars. Fused familiars will inherit the traits of the original familiars, resulting in a more powerful familiar. The following rules and tips are helpful to know when fusing familiars.

-It’s a good idea to save in town and take the monsters you want to fuse along with a Wind Crystal. This will allow you to reset your game without losing your hard earned pets if you do not like the result. You may also have to fuse 3 different monsters to get the mixture of traits you want, which can take up a lot of inventory space, making a Tower run inadvisable.

-It is usually a good idea to fuse two familiars that are level 1 and of the same genus to avoid any unforeseen complications, such as spells that won’t gain levels, because they do not match the monster’s genus.

-Fusing two of the same monster will simply result in the same monster, but it will unlock any latent spells that the species knows.

-The monster wearing the Red Collar will almost always be the final result of a fusion. For example, a player takes out a Flame with the Red Collar and fuses it with a Kraken, the resulting monster will be a Flame. If you decide to put the Red Collar on the Kraken and fuse it with a Flame, the end product will be a Kraken.

-Monsters can only have two traits and will lose a trait if you attempt to fuse a third trait.

j.Your First Visit to the Tower

   Be sure to tell Wreathe that you are leaving to get a very helpful Pit Fruit before you enter the Tower. Kewne will join you and act as a guide on the first floor of the Tower when you enter it for the first time. It’s a good idea to listen to what he has to say and pick up anything you find here. Get ready for some real action once you reach the second floor where more powerful monsters, like Trolls and Noises appear. You will need to watch out for Flames and Cyclones on the third floor, but it is likely that the Trolls here will also pose a threat unless you luck out and find a Diamond Shield or grind a few levels. It may seem like a good idea to have Kewne fighting alongside Koh, but I recommend putting him away if you can get Koh’s level up to 4 to conserve his MP, unless the enemies are really giving you a tough time.

   Look out for Wind Crystals while in the Tower, some should pop up on level 2 or 3. If you manage to find something nice like a Mirror Shield, Gold Sword, or even the fabled Trained Wand, use the WInd Crystal to leave right away, because one false move could cost you that super awesome item. Bring Kewne out once you get Koh to level 7 and have him gain some levels. If you move carefully and are maybe a bit lucky, you could get up to floor 10 or higher on your first try, though I do not advise going too far past floor 10 as the enemies get more vicious the higher you go. Do not worry if you die, the beginning of the game is the hardest point to get a foothold in, plus Kewne will at least keep all of his levels making subsequent expeditions more successful.

2.Monster Tower Walkthrough

Azure Dreams’ Monster Tower is procedurally generated, which makes writing a precise walkthrough for it impossible, but there are patterns to its design and players can prepare for upcoming challenges if they know what awaits them. I did not include a recommended level for Koh and his familiar for each floor, because it should usually match the current floor or exceed it. Also, enemies marked with an asterix (*) are particularly dangerous unless Koh has powerful equipment and/or familiars. I use the terms “equipment value” or “gear strength” in reference to the defensive and offensive power of Koh’s weapon/shield. For example, a player wearing an Iron Shield +2 and an Iron Sword +1 will have an equipment value of 4 for ATK and 7 for DEF. It is not necessary to have gear that meets the values I suggest, especially if you use good tactics, but it helps.

a.Floors 1-2

Enemies: Troll*, Noise*, Pulunpa, Ghosh

The first floor is different from the rest of the Tower and inhabited by weak enemies. Even so, an unarmed player should watch out for Trolls and Noises, especially in groups. It is possible to stroll through this floor with a level 6 familiar and/or equipment that adds 3 to attack and defense. The second floor is always the same aside from your first visit to the Tower where it has the same monsters as the first and third floor. Ghosh likes to hang around here and will talk to Koh when he enters. Telling Ghosh you’d “feel lonelier” if he accompanied you will anger him and he will challenge Koh to a duel. Ghosh wields a Fire Sword and can deal upwards of 12 damage per attack to poorly equipped players. Luckily, he will not kill Koh in the duel and you can just wait on the second floor until Koh’s HP is refilled since there are no monsters here. Defeating Ghosh will net the player a very helpful Medicinal Herb and the occasional Wind Crystal. Weaker players can lure Ghosh to their familiar and cast a powerful spell like Brid to win the fight without breaking a sweat.

b.Floors 3-5

Enemies: Flame*, Cyclone*, Troll, Balloon*, Pulunpa, Manoeva*

This is one of the most difficult phases of the game, although players with strong gear and familiars will have no problem with these floors. Less powerful players should use height to their advantage as much as possible and coordinate carefully with their familiar. Flames can be particularly deadly here thanks to their Sled spell, which can hit Koh or his familiar from a distance, dealing about 12 damage. Cyclones can also pose a threat, because they tend to be durable. Balloons and Manoevas appear towards the higher floors of this section, replacing the earlier enemies as threats, but you can power through them if you take time to level up a lot on floors 3 and 4. A weapon and shield strength of 7 is enough to comfortably explore these floors. Pick up any eggs you find here, because Cyclones are great for fusing with other monsters thanks to their Decreased MP Consumption trait.

c.Floors 6-8

Enemies: Blume*, U-Boat*, Manoeva, Balloon

Watch out for the Blumes that inhabit this section. Being water genus, they are resistant to Kewne’s Brid spell and mixture magic. In addition to their fire resistance, Blumes can use their Brainwash ability to turn the player’s familiar against him, which can place even well equipped players in great danger. You will encounter U-Boats starting on the 7th floor. U-Boats can sink into the floor, rendering them invincible and allowing them to get the first attack in most situations. The U-Boat’s high stats and water genus also make it a threat to weaker players, though you can overpower them if Koh is about level 8 and/or has gear that adds 10 to his ATK/DEF.

d.Floors 9-11

Enemies: Clown*, Bow Troll*, Volcano*, Griffon*, Dreamin, U-Boat, Blume

Most of the enemies in the section are dangerous, but Clowns pose a unique threat with their LoDown spell that can decrease the level of Koh or his familiar. While it’s not a big deal if Koh loses a level, it can be problem if your familiar loses several levels. The Bow Trolls that start spawning on floor 10 can cripple Koh with long range attacks, so try to take cover or use powerful attack magic if you see one. Volcanoes are hardy fire genus monsters that start popping up around the 10th floor, take care fighting them, because they deal heavy damage. Water genus weapons and spells work well against Volcanoes. Look out for Griffons on floor 11, because they are about as strong as Volcanoes and have a powerful spell called Rise that can inflict substantial damage. Be sure to eliminate any Griffons you encounter here as quickly as possible. Dreamins are not particularly dangerous, but they get an honorable mention here, because they can put their victims to sleep. An equipment strength of about 13 is almost necessary to survive in this area. The Mirror Shield is also really great to have here, since it will sometimes turn those nasty Rise and LoDown spells back on the caster.

e.Floors 12-15

Enemies: Kraken*, Griffon*, Sword Troll, Nyuel, Garuda

Be on the lookout for a Blue Collar the first time you visit floor 12. Krakens are the biggest threat in this area, because of their high attack and ability to shock players who use swords to attack them. Griffons stop spawning after the 12th floor, but can cause trouble if one crashes the party while you are fighting a Kraken. The Nyuels and Garudas in this area are not that dangerous, but try to take them out quickly. Nyuels can heal themselves and Garudas will occasionally grab familiars and take them to a different part of the level. You may find Sword Trolls on the 15th floor, they can pack a punch, but are not very hardy. Players can get away with an equipment strength of about 15 here.

f.Floor 16-19

Enemies: Sword Troll, Manoeva, Barong, Picket*, Arachne*, Weadog

Players get something of a reprieve from tough enemies for a while, though this section has its own hazards and becomes difficult near the end. It’s best to run through these floors quickly, because of the Pickets that inhabit the area. Pickets are the biggest threat around here, because they can steal items. The fact that they get double turns further complicates matters. Pickets teleport to a random location after stealing and will run from Koh if they see him, which is bad news of they steal your Wind Crystal! Take Pickets out with powerful fire magic or have your familiar fight them. Also, having a Griffon familiar out will make it impossible for Pickets to steal from Koh. Manoevas make a comeback here and can now mimic items, so be ready to fight if you see two identical items next to each other. A rare creature called Barong can be found wandering around these levels. Try throwing items at Barong and it will spit something else out. You will start getting attacked by Arachne on the 18th floor. These spiders get a 2x boost to damage and can put a real hurtin’ on Koh and his familiar. Arachne are water genus and resistant to fire magic, so having a wind weapon or familiar is a real help here. The power of your gear won’t be much of an issue until you start fighting Arachne, which is when you want to have about +20 to your ATK/DEF from your gear or some means of killing it quickly.

g.Floors 20-23

Enemies: Weadog, Unicorn*, Viper*, Pulunpa,

The difficulty spikes a bit in this area and you’ll want a gear value of about 24 to survive here. A tough familiar helps too. Vipers are by far the worst thing in this set of floors thanks to their high damage and ability to lower ATK upon hitting Koh. Even worse, Koh or his pets can still be affected by the attack debuff even if the Viper misses. Wind mixture magic can destroy a Viper instantly, so use it if you have it. If not, try to fight with an elevation advantage. On a side note, Vipers eat eggs and will drop any eggs they have gobbled up when defeated. Unicorns are less dangerous, but still deal considerable damage and can occasionally blind you. Pulunpas return, though most of them are still level 1. However, there is a darker colored Pulunpa that can force your familiar back into the bag and will occupy your familiar’s collar slot until you kill it. An enemy called Block prowls the 22nd floor, watch out for their high defense and Bind spell which can paralyze its target. Fire genus magic works wonders against Blocks.

h.Floors 24-25

Enemies: Zu*, Block*, Stealth, Picket

Zu can paralyze Koh with its roar as well as change the AI presets of your familiars, so take care when fighting them. Each roar from a Zu directed at your familiar will set the AI down a notch until your pet is set to “stay”, but going  into lineup and switching back to the desired setting will fix the problem. A disappearing monster called Stealth can be found starting on floor 25. Stealths do not inflict heavy damage nor do they have great defense, but they can creep up on the player, try to pay attention to the direction of the attack if an invisible Stealth hits you to make fighting them easier. A special white Picket can be found on floor 25, kill it to get the Water Medal. Pickets will still continue to appear on subsequent visits to the 25th floor even if you completed the Water Medal quest.

i.Floors 26-29

Enemies: Snowman*, Zu, Barong, Mandara*, Manoeva, Naplass*, Killer*

The enemies in first floor of this area hit hard, particularly Snowman and Mandara, so try to have gear that adds at least 30 to ATK/DEF. Beware of Mandara’s Merry Dance ability which can confuse its target, though Mandara itself cannot take much of a beating. Manoeva will return on the 27th level, this time they can mimic enemies, which really isn’t a big deal. Look out for Naplass on the higher floors of this section, it has high damage and HP. They also tend to fall asleep at random, so take the opportunity to sneak past or kill a sleeping Naplass. You will encounter the aptly named Killer starting on the 29th floor. Killer can do roughly 50 damage to Koh unless he has a really strong (+40 and up) shield. Water  mixture Magic works well against Killers so use it or try to paralyze, blind, or put them to sleep. Gear that adds at least 30 to ATK/DEF is very helpful in this area.

j.Floors 30-34

Enemies: Naplass, Killer*, Tyrant, Dragon*, Glacier, Golem*

Strong equipment and familiars are highly recommended at this point, because we are nearing the final stretch. The Tyrants in this section are notable thanks to their berserk ability, which makes them just as likely to attack other monsters as the player. Killers are probably going to continue to be a hazard at this point. One of the most powerful enemies in the game, the Dragon, stalks these floors. They deal heavy damage and have ok HP, so try to take them out from a distance. Dragons can also cast Breath which is not very strong. The Glacier enemy is rather weak, but watch out for its ice block attack, which can push Koh into unsafe areas. Golems will start to confront Koh on floor 33, while not as deadly as Dragons, they can hit from afar. A Golem will raise its fist for a turn before executing a ranged attack, giving Koh a chance to move out of the way. Gear that adds about 35 to ATK and DEF is recommended.

k.Floors 35-39

Enemies: Maximum*, Golem*, Dragon*, Glacier

Pretty much everything in this area is savage, so your going to have to use your best strategies unless you happen to be walking around with +60 gear. The only new enemy that appears here is Maximum. While strong, Maximums aren’t any worse than Golems or Dragons and have no special abilities. They are also weak vs. water.

l.Floor 40

Enemies: Beldo

This floor is hardly worth mentioning even though it’s at the end of a long journey. The last boss waits here and it is impossible to lose this fight, because someone will save Koh when he nears death. Grab the egg after the fight to get HiKewne and leave automatically. You can revisit this floor after clearing it,  but it will be empty and you will have teleport out with a Wind Crystal.

m.The Post Game

The player is free to explore both the town and the Tower after beating Beldo. You can still build things in town, meet girls, and raid the Tower as if nothing has changed. You’ll also get HiKewne and the Seraphim Sword for defeating Beldo.

3.The Town of Monsbaiya

There is much to do and see in Monsbaiya. The following section of this guide is dedicated to quests, girls, and the various buildings that can be erected in town. Keep in mind your choices as a player can influence events and not everything will be the same for you as it was for me, so think of this portion of the guide as more of a journal that can be used as a reference than an exact map of events.


There are a grand total of seven girls the hero can date. Many of them are not available until certain prerequisites have been fulfilled. There are often multiple variables that impact whether or not the hero will meet many of the girls and there seems to be some confusion among other guides concerning how to get some of the girls to be Koh’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, I was unable to fully hammer out the details myself and the following instructions are based on what worked for me. If you are having trouble finding a specific love interest for Koh, try following the General Girlfriend Tips below this section.

Nico Southey

-Talk to Nico’s dad, who lives in the first house east of Koh’s house.

-Nico will be by the pond in the center of town collecting donations. Give her 1000g.

-She will mention the donation upon waking Koh up the next day. Tell her she is enthusiastic.

-Return to the pond and give Nico another 1000g.

-Visit the Monster Tower and get some sleep. You’ll see a fountain in the center of town where the pond used to be previous day.

-Talk to Nico and say “That’s good” when she asks you her first question.

-Ghosh will show up, respond to his comment with “Neither do you”  and he will walk away with Nico.

-Return to Nico’s house where you should find her and Ghosh talking. Talk to them and go back to the Tower. You may have to pass a day if Nico and Ghosh do not appear in her house.

-A musician will eventually appear by the fountain, talk to him and Ghosh will try to kick the musician out. Choose the “I’ll help you.“ option. Say “The music was so beautiful.” after that and Nico will be impressed by Koh’s actions*.

-Nico will apologize to Koh, respond with “Dad told me. “

-The next day Nico will wake Koh up again and start talking about culture. Answer her questions however you like since it does not seem to impact her response. Visit Nico’s house after she leaves to find Ghosh locked out. Nico will let Koh in, so talk to her.

-Let a day pass and speak to Nico yet again. She’ll try to talk to Koh in a ladylike manner,  say “It doesn’t seem natural.“ and Nico will be pleased.

-Visit her the next day and she’ll talk about how happy she is to see you, answer her how you like.

-At this point Nico should be unlocked as a girlfriend, though you may have to visit her frequently to get the event to trigger.

*Nico becomes upset if she sees you talking to Selfi and will not come to wake you up in the morning for a while. Don’t worry, this seems to help trigger the event that gets Nico to date Koh. Talk to Nico’s father if she is not talking to Koh.

Selfi Rode

-Selfi appears on the second floor of the Tower occasionally after you upgrade the temple.

-You may see Selfi in front of her and Ghosh’s house, try talking to her there if she doesn’t pop up in the Tower.

-Selfie will appear on the second floor of the Tower several times, be friendly to her every time you see her.

-Eventually, Selfie will need Koh’s help after about four or five encounters on the second floor. Say “I’m coming.” and Koh will kill the monster attacking her.

-Selfi should be waiting just south of the pond (or fountain if you upgraded it) in the center of town after you help her. Talk to her and pick the “Every life is precious.” dialog option and she will give you a Pulunpa egg. Ghosh will admonish her for talking to you afterwards, then storm off with Selfi.

-Check out the Rode residence and talk to Selfi who should be in front of the house. She’ll ask if you and Ghosh are friends, say “Yes” and she will be pleased.

-Talk to Selfi in front of her house several more times and she will eventually pop up on the second floor of the Tower. Selfi will say something about solving the mystery of Koh, answer her how you like.

-Koh will be attacked by a U-Boat on the second floor of the Tower next time he ventures into it. Selfi will save Koh, choose the “Are you ok?” option and Selfi will leave, wondering why she saved Koh.

-Speak to Selfi in front of her house again and say what you want when she asks why she saved you.   

-Talk to her on another day and she’ll ask why she saved you again, this time say it’s because she is in love with Koh. She’ll ask Koh if he feels the same way, say “That’s right. “ and she will run off. Selfi should appear as unlocked on the save file screen at this point.

Fur Gots

-Runs the general store just south of the weapon shop.

-Buy some items, preferably expensive things like tiger fur carpets, an aura bike, or a refrigerator.

-Visit Fur again after going to the Tower, she will be very rude to Koh the next time he visits, just ignore her and buy something else.

-Keep visiting her shop and buying things. Fur will often ask you questions. Choosing the humorous or flirtatious answer to her questions seems to work best.

-Go behind the counter and talk to her for more dialogue if the relationship does not seem to be advancing.

-Eventually, Fur will show Koh a music box when he enters the shop. Buy it if you want and talk to Fur who will talk about how she is becoming a better woman, tell her whatever you like, she reacts the same way to both options.

-You may see Fur at the pool if you did the Water Medal quest. She seems to get upset if you do not give her 100g when you talk to her at the pool, so shell out the money.

-Ghosh will be in Fur’s shop next time you visit, tell him he is blocking business, then talk to Fur. The dialogue tree will end with Fur getting angry at Koh no matter what options you chose, so just pick whatever answer you want.

-Talk to her behind the counter and say “I don’t like you now.”. She’ll go on about the argument, reply with “It’s what everyone tells me. “, then choose “But…”. Finally,  select “You made me sad Fur.” and she will apologize.

-Ghosh will be back in the shop flirting with Fur the next day, but she’ll reject him in favor of Koh. Say whatever you want to her after Ghosh leaves and talk to her behind the counter, choosing whatever response you want. Fur should appear on the girlfriend list on your save file now.

Vivian Merca

-Talk to Okami at the bar and get the Blue Cape from the 20th floor of the tower. Okami will close the bar after you give her the cape.

-Check back at the bar from time to time and Barten will eventually tell you to talk to Okami. Choose the “Get me some booze” option when you talk to her and ask for “something hard”. Drink it down and return to the bar the next day.

-The bar should be open the next day and Vivian will be on the stage in the center of the room. Talk to her and just say you are Koh.

-Talk to the Bartender and Okami another day, then talk to Vivian who will comment on how they would make a nice couple.

-Return to the bar again and you’ll find Vivian “dancing”. She’ll go on break and talk to Koh. Tell her that her dancing was “Really lively”, then she will ask if you feel like a gorilla escaping from a cage. Say “I have” and she will react positively. Talk to her again and she will mention how much she likes casinos.

-Vivian won’t be at work the next day if you’ve built the casino. Head over to the casino and she will be at a slot machine. Ask her if she needs to work, then choose “I’d really like to see you dance. “. Vivian will leave the casino.

-Check out the bar the next day and Vivian will ask if you have a dream, say “Yes I do. “. Vivian will talk about how she would like to dance on a big stage.

-Go to the bar on another day and you will see Fon who mentions that he is considering hiring Vivian at the theatre. Tell her “That’s great. “.

-Check the theatre every day until you walk in on Vivian dancing with other girls on stage. Walk up to her and tell her “You did great!”. Then select “I sure look forward to it. “.

-The same thing will happen with Vivian the next day. Choose the same answers you gave her yesterday.

-You’ll find Vivian standing by the wall one day when you go to the theatre. Ask her “Why don’t you dance?” and choose “Let’s go for a walk! “. Next choose “Let’s go to the restaurant.” and Ghosh will pop up. Choose “Let’s go to the bar! “ and say “Of course she would. “ when she asks if Okami would let her return to the bar. Ghosh will comment on Vivian’s dancing, agree with him and say “That’s true, and not bad. “. Vivian will regain her confidence and return to the theatre.

-Head back to the theatre the next day and tell Vivian she did a great job, then ask her “What was the 2nd thanks for? “. Ghosh will interrupt as usual and Vivian will go to the changing room.

-Keep visiting Vivian everyday for a while and she will ask you to go to the pool, accept her offer. Vivian will ask if you can swim, choose either answer and Koh will swim around a bit. Say “Let’s go.” when she asks if you are done. Respond to her with “Even you didn’t swim?” (whatever that means) when she comments on how much fun she had at the pool.

-By now Vivian should be quite smitten with Koh and will appear on the girlfriends list when you save.

Cherrl Child

-Give Hush at the clinic 4000g and explore the tower.

-Cherrl’s house is just north of the clinic. She should be in the window looking out after the clinic is upgraded.

-Walk up to her and she will drop her “Chuppy”. Pick it up and talk to her while holding it.

-She’ll invite you in for tea, accept her invitation and enter her house.

-Be nice to Cherrl and tell her your name. Also, choose the “That’s a cute name. “ option next time you’re given a cue to respond to her.

-Nadia (Cherrl’s mom) will tell you she needs the Healing Herb from the Tower. She’ll also ask you to talk to her from time to time.  Say “I’d be happy to. “.

-Visit her again and she will ask if you will be her friend, just say “I’m already your friend. “ Then say “I want to be your friend too.”.

-Next time you see Cherrl, she will mention how she is always getting tired and will probably be that way for the rest of her life. Cheer her up by saying “You’ll be fine. “.

-See Cherrl the next day and her mom will be getting ready to go out.  She’ll ask Koh to stay with Cherrl, accept the offer. She’ll talk about how she can only watch people through her window, respond to her with “I came through this window. “, then say goodbye for now.

-Cherrl will ask you to go on a walk with her next time you see her, accept the offer. She’ll ask what people would think if they saw the two of you walking around together, answer with “Maybe…lovers?”. She will collapse soon afterwards and you’ll end up at the clinic. Leave when the doctor asks you to and the scene will change to her house. Talk to her and her mom then leave for now.

-Talk to Hush at the clinic the next day and ask about Cherrl. He will mention that the Healing Herb can cure her.

-You will find the Healing Herb on the 29th floor of the Tower.

-Take the Healing Herb to the clinic and select the have command to hold it while talking to Hush. He’ll ask you if you want him to tell Cherrl, say “Don’t tell her anything. “.

-Cherrl will be in the hospital the next day. She’ll ask if you will come visit her, say you will.

-Keep visiting Cherrl in the clinic every day for a while.

-She should recover completely after about three tours of the Tower. Cherrl will be in her house and will mention becoming a nurse when Koh talks to her. Tell her “That’s a great idea.“, then respond with “Yes.” when she asks again.

-Cherrl will be working at the hospital as a nurse right after she leaves her house. See her frequently.

-Eventually, she will be away from the hospital when you enter and Hush will mention the Healing Herb. Cherrl will walk in at that point, say “Sorry.” and she will thank you.

-See Cherrl at the hospital again and she’ll talk about her feelings for a “certain someone”. Cherrl is now in love with Koh.

Mia Myria

-Talk to Dr. Hal who lives just south of the pool every day until he asks you to build a library. Have it built by the carpenter for 8000g and you’ll meet a shy girl with glasses when you first explore the library.

-You’ll have to speak to her three or four times to get her to open up to Koh, but she’ll talk quite a bit when she does, then ask if she was boring you. Say “No, it’s quite interesting. “ and she will happily walk off.

-You’ll find Mia in the library again, this time on the eastern side of the building. Talk to her and she will ramble again. Answer her with “Actually it’s pretty amusing. “.

-Ghosh will enter the library next time you visit. He’ll bump into Mia and knock her down, then leave. Pick up her glasses and talk to her. She’ll say she said some scary things, choose “Yeah it was kind of scary. “.

-See her at the library after visiting the Tower again and Mia will finally introduce herself. I’m not sure if this matters, but choose “I’m Koh.” as your response. Mia will start to ramble again, tell her she’s interesting and she’ll be overjoyed.

-Mia will be at the library again the next day. Choose the “You’re usually talkative. “ option, then say “Talk what you want to. “.

-Mia will ask you to take her to the pool the next time you see her at the library, accept her offer. She will ask about her swimsuit, say “It’s cute. “. Ghosh will crash the party and Mia will leave.

-Pay Mia another visit and she will talk to Koh briefly.

-After a few days of talking to her, Mia will start to follow Koh around. You can catch her upon exiting the library and ask her why she is stalking you. She’ll ask if it’s OK, respond with a “No.” and visit her again at the library another day. Oddly enough, Mia will become Koh’s girlfriend after this.

Patty Pan

-Eat at the restaurant everyday and order one of everything on the menu. After trying the entire menu, Patty will be alone at the restaurant the next day you visit.

-She’ll ask if you want her to make you something, choose “Will you? Please?”. Pick “I’ll tell you what I’d like.” next. Ask her to make Fried Prawns. Say “Yum, yum, yum.” when she brings the food out. Of course, say “It’s delicious.” when she asks about her cooking.

-The next day you go to the restaurant, Patty will talk to you a bit about your “secret relationship” with her. Tell her “Let’s take good care of it.” when the option comes up and order something.

-Ghosh will hit on Patty the next time you go to the restaurant. She will ask if you’d like something she cooked, agree to her offer and order the prawn. Ghosh will storm off, tell Patty “He left. “ when she returns. Be nice to her and tell her the food looks good and let her talk to you while you eat.

-The next day you’ll find Ghosh talking to Patty. Approach her and order more prawn, be sure to thank her for the extra something she included with them. At this point she should be unlocked as a girlfriend.

b.General Girlfriend Tips

Followed the steps above, but couldn’t unlock the girl or get her to date Koh? Azure Dreams can be fickle, so try the following methods to get the results you desire.

Save Before Talking to a Girl: It’s possible to ruin a relationship before it starts by doing or saying the wrong thing…I think. The wonky translation can also make it difficult to choose the right answer at times, so save your game before you begin a courtship and have a backup save ready.

Wait: Sometimes you just have to visit the Tower and come back to trigger events in this game, which is often the case with the ladies.

Go Higher in the Tower: This has a massive impact on how things progress in the game. Sometimes you’ll just have to go a few floors higher in the tower to get a girl to notice Koh.

Talk to Everyone: Monsbaiya may seem like a small, static town, but the NPC population will do and say different things as various requirements are met. Talking to an NPC may unlock a necessary quest or trigger an event that will in unlock or further a relationship.

Do Quests: There’s a number of quests that are available in this game. Some of them will unlock girls, so be sure to complete them.

Buy and Build Everything: Buying certain items and constructing buildings is a great way to advance the story in general. It will also at least make it possible to talk to many of the girls or get them to like you.

Give them Gifts: Presents can hurry the process along, plus they are a good indicator of how much a girl likes Koh, since she will not accept expensive gifts unless the relationship is strong.


Octopus Ball Stand: Return the Guru’s Oil to Isaac. Octopus balls cost 100 and restore some HP when used in the Tower.

Temple: Wreath will suggest helping the temple out a bit after you upgrade your house for the first time. Visit the Temple northeast of Koh’s house and tell Jorda you want to build a bigger temple. Give him 4000g. Selfie will start to appear in the Monster Tower once the Temple is upgraded and Jorda will Suggest Building a Bowling center of you talk to him again.

Theatre: Talk to Fon who hangs out in front of the carpenter and he will tell you he wants a theatre built if you answer his question with “I am the entertainment!”. The theatre costs 8000g and you can tell the carpenter where you want it built.

Hospital: Talk to Hush at the clinic in the western end of town. He will ask for 4000g to renovate the building. Give him the money and a shiny new clinic will appear next time you return to town. Hush will sell you Medical Herbs for a measly 7g once the new clinic is built. Cherrl Child will also appear in the house north of the clinic.

Casino: Jorda will suggest building this sometimes if you talk to him after the temple has been renovated. The carpenter Charges 100,000g to build the casino.

Bowling Alley: Upgrade the temple and Jorda will ask you to build one. Give the carpenter 40k and he will construct the Alley.

Pool: You don’t really build this, but it’s not available until you talk to the pool owner and retrieve the Water Medal from the 25th floor.

Library: Visit Dr. Hal frequently and he will talk about his books. After about 7 or 8 in game days (if you visit him each day) Hal will ask Koh to build a library. It costs 8000g to build the library, you’ll have to see the carpenter to get the project under way of course. Mia can be found browsing the books in the Library.

Race Track: Check out the house in the northwest corner of town and talk to Silver, who owns some Nyuels. Talk to him a few times and touch one of his horses. He’ll ask why they are so calm around you,  say “It’s the scent of monsters.”. Silver will bring up the idea of a race track, offer to build it.* As usual, go to the carpenter and give him 30k to build the race track, which comes up as a “circuit” in the menu.

*You may have to visit Silver more than once to trigger this dialogue.

Gym: Converse with Barry the blacksmith (whose shop is north of Fur’s shop) on a regular basis and he will eventually suggest building a gym. It costs 30000g to have one constructed by the carpenter.

Amusement Center: Speak to Pen at the carpenter’s shop everyday and he will eventually ask if you would give him 30,000g to build an amusement center.

d.Quests and Activities

NPCs will sometimes ask you to fetch items from the Monster Tower. Doing so will build Koh’s reputation and unlock new content. There are also a number of activities the player can engage in, though only two of them really require explanation.

Guru’s Oil Pot

Talk to the guy (Issac) standing by the windmills on the eastern side of the river. He will ask you to find the Guru’s Pot which is on floor 15 of the Monster Tower. The pot will be sitting on the floor and should stand out, because it’s an unusually shaped clay vessel. Take the pot to Issac, go into your inventory, then select “Have” and talk to him to return the pot. The Octopus Dumpling  Stand will become available after the Windmill restarts. Talk to Isaac again to get a free Big Pita Fruit.

Water Medal

Visit the pool in the northeast section of town and talk to Wotta. He will tell you a Picket stole the Water Medal and took it to the 25th floor of the Tower. Look for a White Picket on floor 25 and kill it to get the medal. The pool will be open again once you give the owner the medal.

Blue Cape

Talk to Okami, who runs the bar southeast of the carpenter. She will mention a warrior in a blue cape who left for the tower many years ago and never returned. You will find the cape on the 20th floor of the Tower. Talk to Okami again with the cape in your inventory and she will close the bar after a few days. After that, Vivian will come to town and dance at the bar.

Theatre Stand Up Comedy

This is more of a mini game than a quest, but I threw it in here anyway, since it may have an impact on certain events. At any rate, Fon will ask you to assist him with his show after you build the theatre. You’ll have to respond to his lines by pressing X or O. The correct sequence is O, X, O, O, X, O, O, O, O, X, O, X, O.

Nyuel Racing

It is possible to bet on and participate in Nyuel races once the racetrack is complete. You can alter the outcome of a race if you bet on a rider and have Koh join the race. Use Koh to block the rider you didn’t bet on and throw the race, letting your rider win. This is a good way to make extra money if you need it.

4.Damage Mechanics

The combat mechanics in this game are simple, but the sheer variety of weapons and spells along with the fact that they can be combined can make understanding how attack and defense works confusing. Through long hours of playing this game, research, and testing, I’ve come to a fair, but not precise understanding of the damage mechanics, which I have outlined below.


Melee damage is treated very simply in this game as Koh’s ATK power is subtracted from the enemy’s defense to get damage. Elevation is taken into account, however, so a player attacking from a higher position will get a 25% damage bonus to ATK and DEF. For Fire, Water, and Air genus weapons and familiars, a bonus or penalty is applied to enemies of a different genus.


   The vast majority of creatures the player will encounter have an elemental genus that renders them more powerful against one genus and weak against another. A monster will deal 50% more damage to enemies weak against its genus and take 50% more damage from enemies strong vs. its genus as well as deal 50% less damage to the monster it is weak against. Creatures of the same genus will deal and take unmodified damage. This rule also applies to mixture magic and direct damage spells. Koh and HiKewne are completely neutral and deal/receive standard damage. Koh is considered to possess the genus of any elemental Sword or Shield he is using when offense and defense are calculated. Here are the general qualities of each genus and the monsters that possess it.


Weak Vs: Water

Strong Vs: Wind


Weak Vs: Wind

Strong Vs: Fire


Weak Vs: Fire

Strong Vs: Water


This guide does not provide descriptions of each spell, because they are sufficiently explained in other guides and within the game itself. With that said, there are certain rules that apply to magic that are helpful to understand.

How Spell Levels Work

Spell levels are sometimes dismissed as unimportant, but this cannot be further from the truth. Here are the basic effects of spell level:

-Determines the amount of damage inflicted by attack spells like Brid and Sled.

-Impacts the success rate of spells like Sleep and LoDown.

-Determines the damage of ALL mixture magic.

-Affects the duration of spells like Paralyze.

Teaching Spells to Familiars

There are three ways familiars learn spells. The most simple way is to fuse one familiar with another, which will often unlock a spell that is latent in the resulting familiar. Sometimes fusing two familiars will result in a familiar that knows multiple spells. Finally, increasing any magic ball’s charges to 10 (doesn’t work with Acid Rain) and giving it to a familiar will teach that familiar the spell. Keep in mind that the highest number of spells a familiar can learn is 3.

Genus and Spells

A familiar’s genus can greatly impact how spells function. Keep the rules that apply to spells and their genus in mind when fusing familiars or feeding them seeds that change genus.

-Spells have a native genus. Changing the genus of a familiar will also change that of the spell. This often results in the spell not gaining levels as the familiar levels up. Changing the spell back to its native genus will result in the spell gaining extra levels as the familiar levels up, allowing it to catch back up to the familiar’s level.

-Spells often have a prefix that indicates their genus. For example, the LoDown spell is wind by default and is called LaDown if changed to fire.

-The effects of a spell can change with its genus, which can be highly desirable. Leveling a familiar up a bit before changing its genus can ensure that the resulting spell will still be effective. You can even switch it back to its native genus using the appropriate seed and level it up a bit to allow the spell levels to catch up from time to time.

d.Mixture Magic

Mixture Magic is the most complex type of damage in the game. Not only is it affected by the same variables that apply to standard melee (in some cases) but the enemy’s elemental genus, the level of the spell, the genus of the player’s weapon, and even Koh’s ATK value (in some cases) decide the outcome of a mixture magic attack. It is very important to note that while the game implies that wands improve the damage of mixture spells, this is only the case for certain families of mixture magic. Using a wand with mixture magic spells like Flame Sword will increase damage by 25% for non-elemental wands and 50% for the wand of the same element. IE: A Stream Wand will grant a 50% damage boost to Blizzard Sword, but not Flame Sword. Elemental Swords also increase mixture magic damage by 50%. Below is a list of the various classes of mixture magic along with the spells that belong to each class.

Sword Mixture Magic (Base MP Cost: 0.5)

Highly effective single target attacks that are combined with direct damage spells. The damage of Koh’s weapon is calculated with the spell’s damage, but the game seems to treat these as purely elemental attacks. As a result, enemies that belong to the opposite genus of the spell will take below average damage from the mixture magic attack, while monsters that are of the genus that is weak against the spell’s element will take significantly more damage. The primary strength of these spells is that they scale with Koh’s ATK. Wands and elemental swords enhance the damage of the following mixture magic spells:

Flame Sword/Flay Finger = Breath, Brid, Rise, Sled, DeaForth, and DeaHeal

Blizzard Sword/Ice Finger = NeoBreath, NeoBrid, NeoRise, NeoSled, DeForth, and DeHeal

Wind Cutter/Thunder Finger = NoaBreath, NoaBrid, NoaRise, NoaSled, DeoForth, DeoHeal

Wave Mixture Magic (Base MP Cost: 0.75*)

These spells hit Koh’s weapon and travel towards a distant enemy. Capable of dealing considerable damage, especially when modified by Clown’s Increased Magic trait. While less expensive than most ranged spells, Wave Mixtures are more expensive to cast than Sword Mixtures. Wave Mixture Magic damage is independent of the player’s ATK and his weapon element. Consequently, it is only affected by spell level and the target’s genus.

Heat Wave = Poison, LaDown, LaGrave

Snow Wave = NeaPoison, LeDown, LeaGrave

Thunder Wave = NoaPoison, LoDown, LoGrave

*”Grave” spells cost 4 MP to cast, but deal considerably more damage.

Blade Mixture Magic (Base MP Cost: 0.5)

Something of a fusion of Sword and Wave magic, Blade Mixtures generally inflict status ailments, making them highly effective even if their target is resistant to the spell’s genus. In some cases, the spell will deal melee damage followed by secondary elemental damage. Blade Mixture attacks are modified by Koh’s attack power to some degree, but the genius boost from wands and elemental swords has no impact on them. All of these attacks are relatively cheap to cast and useful, but Thunder Blade is arguably the best of the bunch since it can paralyze targets.

Burning Blade = DeaWall, DeaMirror (Inflicts Blind on target)

Aqua Blade = DeWall, DeMirror (Deals extra water damage)

Thunder Blade = DeoWall, DeoMirror (Paralyze the target)

AoE Mixture Magic (Base MP Cost: 4)

AoE Mixtures may appear weak at first, but they can hit entire groups of enemies. The only variables that seem to affect these spells are spell level and enemy genus. While useful against groups of enemies, their damage vs. a single target is middling. As such, these attacks are situational and should be used in rooms with two or more monsters to see any real benefit. It’s also worth noting that the range of these attacks is limited in hallways.

Mt. Burn = LaBind, LaBlind, LaSleep

Aqua Wheel = LeBind, LeBlind, LeSleep

Earth Shaker = LoBind, LoBlind, LoSleep

Summon Mixture Magic (Base MP Cost: 2)

Probably the flashiest of the mixture magic classes, these spells call forth an elemental to attack groups of enemies. Gaia and Fire Shoot travel in straight lines, while Snow Shoot can hit an entire room making the former spells more useful in hallways.

Fire Shoot = DeaRock

Snow Shoot = DeRock

Gaia Shoot = DeoRock

Dark Shoot = Dark Wave

5.Equipment and Familiars

Here is a short list of equipable weapons and important items that appear in this game. I left out the consumable items for the sake of brevity, plus they are fairly well detailed in the game itself and need no explanation. A list of the more useful consumable items can be found in Section 1e. Helpful Items. Those looking for more detailed item lists should visit the FAQs in the final section of this guide.


Blizzard Sword***: ATK 5 (Water)

Copper Sword: ATK 2

Fire Sword***: ATK 5 (Fire)

Gold Sword: ATK 1 (Rust proof)

Gulfwind Sword***:  ATK 5 (Wind)

Holy Sword*: ATK 7 (Divine Protection)

Iron Sword: ATK 3

Steel Sword: ATK 4

Seraphim: ATK 8 (Guy’s keepsake sword)

Vital Sword: ATK 5 (Prevents enemy from splitting)

Dark Sword**: ATK 10 (Cursed, chance to miss increased)

*The Holy Sword is rumored to gain some sort of bonus from its “Divine Protection” trait. I tested this sword quite a bit a noted no special qualities in it, aside from the fact that none of the handful of Holy Swords I found were cursed.

**The Dark Sword supposedly has a higher chance to get critical hits along with its high miss rate. My testing confirmed that this weapon has a roughly 10% chance to miss, but there was no observable increase in Koh’s critical hit rate while wielding it.

***These swords increase the damage of Flame Sword, Blizzard Sword, and Wind Cutter mixture magics by 50% if the the sword is of the same genus as the spell. They also deal increased damage to enemies weak against their genus, normal damage to enemies of the same genus, and decreased damage to enemies strong against the sword’s genus. For example, a Fire Sword will boost Flame Sword mixture magic, deal extra damage to wind monsters, and deal less damage to water monsters.


Wands cannot be upgraded and do not rust. While they only have an Attack power of 1, wands increase the power of mixture magic and sometimes have special properties. Hitting an enemy like Kraken with a wand will not result in Koh taking shock damage.

Gulf Wand: ATK 1 (Wind)

Life Wand: ATK 1 (About 20% of damage dealt to an enemy added to HP, rare)

Money Wand: ATK 1 (About 20% chance of turning slain monsters into money, very rare)

Paralyze Wand: ATK 1 (Occasionally paralyzes enemy)

Scarlet Wand: ATK 1 (Fire)

Stream Wand: ATK 1 (Water)

Wooden Wand: ATK 1

Seal Wand: AKT 1 (Occasionally prevents enemy from casting spells)

Trained Wand: ATK 1 (Can be upgraded with Red Sand, Conducts electricity, Exceedingly rare)


Copper Shield: DEF 4

Diamond Shield: DEF 7

Earth Shield: DEF 5 (Wind elemental, Blocks Kraken’s shock effect)

Ice Shield: DEF 5 (Water elemental)

Scorch Shield: DEF 5 (Fire elemental)

Iron Shield: DEF 5

Leather Shield: DEF 1 (Raises evade, rust proof)

Live Shield: DEF 5 (Sometimes reflects about 50% damage back to attacker)

Mirror Shield: DEF 3 (Rust proof, occasionally reflects spells)

Wood Shield: DEF 2 (Rust proof)


Red Collar: Awarded to the player upon entering the Tower for the first time.

Blue Collar: Found on floor 12 of the Tower, allows player to control a second familiar.


Monsters from the Tower can be randomly found in eggs and can be hatched in the Tower or Koh’s house. Hatched familiars will follow Koh around and assist him in combat. Familiars that “evolve” will change form when they reach level 20 and have the best stat growth out of all of the monsters.

Fire Genus



Flame (evolves into Ifrit)

Griffon (evolves into Grineut)

Kewne (joins Koh at the start of the game, will not be lost if Koh dies in the Tower)

Kid (evolves into Dragon)








Wind Genus

Block (evolves into Metal)

Clown (evolves into Death)








Unicorn (evolves into Univern)


Water Genus

Arachne (evolves into Ashra)






Nyuel (evolves into Battnel)


Snowman (evolves into Saber)



All Genus

HiKewne (obtained on the top floor of the Tower)

f.Recommended Familiar Traits

Here are a few of the better traits that can be fused into familiars. This is by no means a comprehensive list of traits, but rather a selection of the traits I find most useful.  

Decreased MP Consumption (Cyclone) – Cuts MP usage in half. Very useful.

Rust Proof (Stealth) – Makes both Koh and the familiar immune to the effects of Rust Traps.

Hard (Block) – Doubles defense.

HP Increased (Naplass) – 2x HP.

Strength Increased (Arachne) – Doubles attack power.

Magic Increased (Clown) –  Doubles spell levels.

g.Suggested Familiars

The following familiars have served me well in the Tower and are worth trying out. Players should experiment with using their own familiars and builds, but can rely on these suggestions if they wish.


Pros: Decent Stat Growth, Good attack magic, High MP, Unbrainwashable, Not lost if Koh dies, Easily obtained

Cons: Mediocre HP, Fire genus is weak to water

I praise Kewne a lot in this guide, because he really is a great familiar. Combine him with a Cyclone for decreased MP consumption and you will have a companion that can back Koh up with magic and physical attacks for floor after floor. Clown’s increased magic trait and Arachne’s attack boost are also awesome fusion choices. Kewne’s HP growth isn’t that great, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed him Medicinal Herbs to boost his max life.


Pros: Found early on, Evolves into Ifrit, No native traits

Cons: Flame eggs are not common, Sled spell is the weakest fire magic

Flames are great familiars, especially since they are a blank slate in terms of traits and the player is free to give Flame any two traits he/she likes. The downside to this familiar is his Sled spell, which is the weakest of the fire genus spells.


Pros: Excellent direct attack, Evolves into the more powerful Ashra

Cons: DeMirror is not very useful, Not a common familiar to find

Arachne can really dish out the damage and becomes even more powerful as it evolves. Combine it with a Block and it will become difficult to damage in addition to its high attack power.


Pros: Healing spell, Evolves into Battnel

Cons: Middling stats at first

Nyuels have a very helpful healing spell and eventually turn into Battnels. They can benefit greatly from traits like attack up and decreased MP consumption. Do not bother with the magic increased trait unless you use a lot of mixture magic, because Nyuel’s evolved form can fully heal Koh.


Pros: Gets double turns, Can restore MP by eating just about anything, Able to steal items, Used in item duping trick

Cons: Terrible stats, LoDown is worthless aside from using the evolution trick

Picket is a bottomless well of MP thanks to its ability to eat just about anything. Players can spam mixture magic and whatever spells they decide to teach Picket. Combine a Picket with Stealth to get the rust proof trait and the player can use elemental swords without fear of them rusting, which can enhance mixture magic like wind cutter and flame sword. Unfortunately, Pickets have awful stats and die easily, especially to fire genus monsters. Players willing to feed this guy a few dozen medicinal herbs, hazak, and shomuro seeds will be able to turn Picket into a killing machine, however.


Pros: Can morph one item into another, high luck stat makes rare items appear more commonly

Cons: Terrible stats, useless in combat

Barongs are great to have if you want a troll bow or a training wand, because you can throw items at it and it will spit something else out. A great way to get things like red sands. Fuse this monster with a Cyclone to stretch his MP. Barong has the highest luck in the game and you will be more likely to see rare items with him following Koh.


Pros: Ultimate Power!

Cons: You’ll have already completed the Tower by the time you get him

HiKewne is the most powerful monster in the game. His DarkWave Spell makes Koh invincible and insta-kills enemies when used as mixture magic. His stat growth is also excellent. In fact HiKewne even gains MP as he levels up! Do not use Dark Wave if HiKewne is in the frontal arc of Koh’s line of sight, the blast from the mixture magic is likely to hit and kill HiKewne.

h.The Evolution Trick

Monsters that evolve (Arachne, Nyuel, Griffon, Clown, etc) have tremendous stat growth in their advanced form. It’s possible to drop an evolved familiar’s level back down to 1 so it can benefit from an extra 19 levels of evolved stat growth if you follow these steps:

-Combine a Clown with Cyclone to get decreased MP consumption. It also helps to get the Clown to level 20 to make LoDown more powerful.

-Take your monster of choice and train it to level 20.

– Bring your evolved familiar and the Clown/Death familiar to the Tower along with a Pita Fruit or two.

-Keep casting LoDown on your evolved familiar until it is level 1.

-Now your familiar will get extra stat growth from the very start and be extra powerful by level 20.

6.Myths and Mysteries

There are quite a few rumors and myths surrounding Azure Dreams. While writing this walkthrough, I set out to get to the bottom of these mysteries and had limited success, which was mainly in the form of figuring out the rather poorly understood mixture magic mechanics. Here is my take on the rumors and mysteries in this game, some of which I did manage to solve. Hopefully, someone will get to the bottom of these, but in the case of many of these rumors it boils down to trying to prove a negative and we all know how difficult it is to accomplish such a feat. Special thanks to Ness EggMan, who has assisted in debunking the “marriage rumor” with his extensive knowledge of both the NTSC and Japanese versions of Azure Dreams.

The Holy Sword: Out of all the rumors, this one bothers me the most, because the Holy Sword seems like it should have some sort of special power. It was rumored that the attack animation changes when the Holy Sword reaches +20, which has been disproven. That said, the “divine protection” quality in its description may have a real effect. This is just conjecture on my part, but out of the handful of Holy Swords I’ve found while playing this game, none of them have been cursed, which may be a result of the “divine protection”. Unfortunately, the four or five swords I’ve found aren’t enough to prove my theory.

Guy’s Ghost: It is said that the player can randomly encounter the spirit of Guy on the 38th floor of the Monster Tower. Having visited the 38th floor many times, I’ve never seen such a ghost and most veteran players are skeptical of its existence. I have found gameshark codes that allow Guy to be spawned into Koh’s inventory, but this proves nothing as the developers could have written code for Guy and decided not to implement him for some reason. If anything, the Guy gameshark code may be the origin of the rumor, since someone could have easily seen the code and assumed that Guy appeared in the Tower at some point.

Atrocious: Killer has the Atrocious trait and I have been unable to figure out what it does. Many of the older FAQs claim that it increases his critical hit rate, but were unsure if this was the case. I did not notice any difference in his likelihood to get critical hits, which isn’t surprising considering how rare they are in the first place.

Dark Sword: Rumor has it that the Dark Sword increases Koh’s chance to get criticals as well as miss. It certainly makes him miss, A LOT, but I doubt it has an effect on Koh’s crit rate having not seen any difference when using the sword. To be fair, I could be wrong since the chance to get a critical in this game seems miniscule and even a 100% bonus would not make a tremendous difference.

Marrying the Girls and/or Ghosh in the Japanese Version: There are claims that the player can marry one of the girls or Ghosh in the Japanese release of Azure Dreams and the ability to do so was removed from the NTSC localization on the grounds that it was too risque for a western audience. This is a myth, because there is footage of the Japanese version of the game and none of it demonstrates any kind of marriage mechanic. There are also people who completed the Japanese release that claim Ghosh is not datable nor is there any marriage. It is likely this rumor stemmed from the existence of a ring in Fur’s shop, which implies engagement and statements made by the fortune teller who will tell Koh to find a boy if he answers questions a certain way. On a somewhat unrelated note, the Japanese Azure Dreams did feature voice acting for many characters, including Kewne.

Seraphim Making Monsters Drop Eggs: The Seraphim Sword does not make monsters drop eggs. This myth most likely came about from someone killing a Viper that had ingested an egg with the Seraphim.

Placing Items in the Safe Makes them Appear More Frequently: I played through the entire game with 3 Red Sands and 3 Blue Sands in my safe and saw long stretches of the Tower that yielded no sands. This rumor is likely a misunderstanding of how luck works in this game. All monsters have a hidden “luck” stat, which probably impacts the quality of items that appear in the Tower. If you want high quality items to spawn more frequently, try taking a high luck monster like Barong or Flame along.


Here are the FAQs, Wikis, and Guides that I referred to while playing this game.

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