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Note: The extension for these files is .srm and may need to be changed to .mcr to work with some emulators.

Download File:  AzureDreamsMidGame.7z


Koh has plenty of gold, an upgraded Leather Shield, upgraded Gold Sword, and plenty of familiars. Many of the girls have not been unlocked and the town has not been completely built up

Emulator Version: PCSX ReARMed

Download File:  AzureDreamsEndgame.7z


Beldo has been defeated in this save. Koh has HiKewne, a Gold Sword +40, Leather Shield +56, all buildings are complete, and all girlfriends unlocked. There are tons of familiars in the monster hut, including a rust proof Picket, high level Kewne, Kraken, and Killer. The safe is stocked with every elemental wand, Holy Sword, Dark Sword, and a Mirror Shield as well as other stuff.

Emulator Version: PCSX ReARMed

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