Xardion (SNES) Walkthrough

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Xardion Walkthrough

~by tankMage (January 2020)


Xardion is not a very hard game, though it does seem that way when it starts out. It’s also obscure, so I’m not really sure how much demand there is for a guide for it. That said, it’s worth playing if you can get past its quirks and I really like this game, so I wrote a walkthrough for it in hopes that it would help others enjoy it too. I also included a break down of basic commands, since equipping items and abilities is a little confusing at first. Finally, while I searched thoroughly for secrets, I did not find anything aside from a few cleverly hidden abilities, let me know if there’s something I missed so I can improve this guide and give you credit!

Thanks for using this guide and enjoy Xardion!


1. Basics

    a. Controls

    b. Saving and Continuing

    c. The HUD

    d. Leveling Up

    e. Items


    a. Level Up

    b. Collect Sub Tanks

    c. Use Abilities

    d. Switch Mechs



    b. Alcedes 

    c. Pantera 

    d. Xardion 


    a. Ocean Sphere 

    b. Hollow Sphere

    c. Fiera 

    d. Spaceship

    e. NGC-1611

    f. Obtaining the L-Arrow 

    g. The Final Battle (NGC-1611)


1. Basics

a. Controls

Movement: Players can move their mech around with the D-Pad.

Jump: Press B to jump.

Fire Weapon: Hit the Y Button to fire your mech’s primary weapon.

Use Item: The X Button activates the equipped item.

Use Ability: Abilities are activated by pressing the A Button or the R Button.

Menu: Press Select to bring up the status menu.

Selecting a Mech: On the menu screen, press Up or Down to highlight the name of the mech you wish to use. 

Equipping Abilities: Open the menu by pressing Select, then choose the mech you want and press the A Button to highlight the ability menu. Highlight the ability you wish to use and hit A to choose it or press Select to leave the menu screen with the ability equipped.

Equipping Items: Select a mech and press the A Button as if you were equipping an ability. Press the A Button a second time to highlight the Items panel and press Up or Down to select the item you want to use. Hit A one last time to confirm your selection and leave the menu screen.

Changing Stages: It’s possible to switch stages at any time by holding down the Start Button, then pressing Select. Use the D-Pad to choose the stage you wish to go to and press A to enter the stage. 

b. Saving and Continuing

Xardion automatically saves your progress when you complete a stage, change stages, or die. You can pick up from the last save created before you turned off the game by selecting continue on the title screen.

c. The HUD

Several important pieces of information are available on the Heads Up Display. The bars in the top left represent your current mech’s health and ammo. The top bar is your mech’s health and the bar under it is ammo. Your current mech’s experience and equipped ability are displayed on the right. 

d. Leveling Up

You will get experience for every enemy you defeat. Your current experience is displayed on the upper right hand side of the screen, in an XX/XX format. The first number is your current experience and the second number is the amount required to level up. 

Gaining a level will increase your total life and/or ammo capacity. Xardion and Alcedes’ damage will increase as they level up in addition to their HP/Ammo. The max level is capped at 12.

e. Items

Items can be found scattered around stages and can be equipped via the status screen. You can hold up to 5 copies of each item.

T-Bomb: A small bomb that explodes a few moments after being placed. Not very useful as a weapon, but it can be used to break certain blocks.

Ammo: Fully refills ammo when activated.

Save: Saves your current position in the game.

Missile: Launches three missiles that track enemies.

Sub Tank: Completely restores your health when used.

2. Tips

a. Level Up

Xardion is an action RPG and you’ll need to gain some experience levels to succeed. Take some time to fight enemies in every stage, especially if you are having trouble making progress. 

b. Collect Sub Tanks

Sub Tanks are very helpful in boss fights. Take some time to collect them in the first stage of Ocean Sphere and Fiera. Items always respawn when you switch levels, so you can take as many as you like. Ammo tanks also become important later in the game.

c. Use Abilities

Abilities like Grenade and Act Plasma usually work well on bosses. Later on, INV-Shield and N-Barrier will allow you to fight without worrying about your health.

d. Switch Mechs

It’s possible to switch mechs at almost any point in the game. Your mechs will not have a lot of life at first and some mechs can do things others can’t, so switch them when necessary. It also helps to make sure everyone has at least a few levels so they can do their part.

3. Mechs

a. Triton 

This mech has a simple arsenal of direct damage abilities. He is also the only unit that can fire his main weapons upwards aside from Xardion. Triton’s Act-Plasma and Grenades are very useful against many enemies and bosses early in the game, so take some time to level him up. He becomes less effective near the end of the game. Triton’s Shield and Reflex-L abilities are good, but not terribly useful later in the game when you get them.


Act-Plasma: Found in the first part of the Ocean Sphere, this ability will allow Triton to fire a short range beam that damages anything it touches. The beam has a lifespan of a few seconds and is generally good for clearing out regular enemies and fighting bosses, though it will require Triton to get close to his targets.

Grenade: Fires a slow moving projectile that passes through foes inflicting heavy damage. The Grenade will explode upon hitting certain surfaces. Triton can fire this weapon upwards, but will have to move out of the way, because it will drop back down and explode, potentially harming him. Obtained in the first section of the Hollow Sphere.

Shield: Blocks projectiles in front of Triton. Found in the caves of Fiera.

Reflex-L: Shoots a laser beam that bounces off of walls and other surfaces. While it has a few limited uses, Triton is nearly obsolete by the time you get it. Look for this weapon on NGC-1611.

b. Alcedes 

At first, Alcedes is terrible and only useful thanks to BL-Force, which can wipe standard enemies from the screen. However, he is worth leveling up just for this and the long duration invincibility he gains from N-Barrier. He cannot aim his standard attack, but it can hit things close behind and in front of him. Try to level up Alcedes in every area so you can take advantage of his great abilities and increase the effectiveness of his main weapon . All of his abilities have long animations that freeze the game for a moment.


BL-Force: You will get this ability in the first stage of Ocean Sphere. Alcedes can destroy everything on the screen with BL-Force, which makes it great for clearing stages, but it appears to be useless against bosses.*

SI-Force: Creates three icicles that fly in a straight line. Hidden near the end of stage 1 of the Hollow Sphere. 

Black Hole: Creates a black hole that sucks enemy projectiles in. Very useful against some bosses, but becomes pointless after you get N-Barrier. You can pick this ability up in the second stage of Fiera.

N-Barrier: This powerful skill renders Alcedes invincible for about 20 seconds. Located in the first stage of NGC-1611. Extremely useful.

* Note: I read somewhere that Alcedes will only get 1 point of experience from foes killed with BL-Force. This is incorrect, he gets full experience.

c. Pantera 

Pantera is unique among the mechs, because of her low profile, which allows her to squeeze into narrow spaces and hit small targets. While unable to jump as high as the other mechs, Pantera can jump farther, making it easier to reach certain platforms. 

Most of Pantera’s skills are nearly useless with the exception of INV-Shield and Scorch. That said, INV-Shield is amazing since it’s cheap to use and makes Pantera invincible.

Do not bother getting Pantera past level 6 or 7, because she will eventually leave the group.


Torch: Sends forth a ball of flame when activated. Not very useful, but it can help in some battles. Get this ability from the second stage of Ocean Sphere.

Scorch: Pantera leaps forth engulfed in flames. A nice ability for navigating stages, but it becomes pointless later in the game. Found on the first level of Fiera.

INV-Shield: This ability makes Pantera invincible for about 20 seconds. Unlike Alcedes’ N-Barrier, INV-Shield does not have a long animation. Acquired on the Spaceship stage.

Burst: Hold A to charge up a penetrating fireball. Found in stage 1 of NGC-1611.

d. Xardion 

Becomes available after completing the first stage of NGC-1611. Xardion is the most powerful of the mechs, but he starts out at level 1 when most of your other mechs are nearly fully leveled up. He is also unique in that all of his abilities and his regular attack become stronger as he gains levels.


Hyper Beam: A piercing laser that inflicts heavy damage. Xardion starts with this ability.

Lightning: A flash that damages everything on the screen. Useful for getting rid of smaller foes. Xardion starts with this ability.

Sphereon: Fires several energy balls that track enemies. Xardion starts with this ability.

Light Arrow: A piercing ray of light that deals decent damage. This ability is needed to finish the game. Obtained by collecting canisters in the Ocean Sphere, Hollow Sphere, and Fiera.

3. Walkthrough

a. Ocean Sphere 

Stage 1

Items: Missile x2, Act-Plasma, T-Bomb, Sub Tank, BL-Force

Walk east, taking out every enemy you see for the experience. Duck when firing on the snake headed robots, because they shoot back. Be sure to grab the Missile on the series of platforms leading up to an outside area. You will find a blue container that holds the Act-Plasma by some stone platforms near a few enemies.

Drop down the chute to the right after getting the Act-Plasma, then hop over to the platform to the left and get the T-Bomb. Jump down to the lowest level of the area and make your way east to the exit.

You’ll get a message about a transporter after entering this area. Switch to Pantera, then squeeze through the narrow passage to the right. Pantera will automatically hit the switch at the end of the passage to activate the transporter, which is to the left and looks like a beam of light. Ride it to an area with a lot of platforms and take the Sub Tank. There’s also a BL-Force and a Missile up here.*

Drop back down to where you hit the switch. Continue moving right to get to the boss.

* Make sure you get the BL-Force right away, because it’s very useful. It’s also possible to miss this ability entirely if you do not obtain it before visiting the second stage of NGC-1611.

Boss: Arms 

As its name implies, this boss has a pair of huge arms that it uses to protect the eye in the center of its body, which is its weak point. Stand on the platform on the bottom left and fire at the eye when Arms’ moves its arms. Watch out for the triple shot it fires, which should miss if you are on the bottom left platform. It will also fire orbs that track you, step into the middle platform to avoid the orbs. Sometimes this boss will shake and extend itself to the left, then start flailing its arms, jump onto the lower left platform when this happens.

Triton and Alcedes are best suited to this fight. Switch them out if you take a lot of damage. You can get a lot of shots in if you stand on the central platform while Arms’ orbs are flying around, just back off when the orbs disappear to keep from being hit by a follow up attack.

Stage 2

Items: T-Bomb x2, Life Up, Torch

Watch out for the fish that shoot triple bullets near the entrance to this area. To the right you will find a T-Bomb. A second T-Bomb is just a few steps past the first, by a breakable wall. Use two T-Bombs to break the wall and get a Life Up that will refill some of your health.

Stay underwater and go over the cliff to the east of the Life Up. You should see the underside of a boat above you with a hole below it. If you drop into the hole, you will get a message saying you are not strong enough for this area yet and be returned to the ocean floor automatically. Pantera’s Torch weapon is just to the right of the hole.

You can explore the upper area of the ocean, but there isn’t anything special near the surface, aside from a few interesting enemies. Far to the east you will find a barrier on the surface that blocks the way to the boss. Drop down into the water and carefully make your way past some mines to find a square shaped switch that will deactivate the barrier.

To reach the deactivated barrier, you will need to scale the cliff to the left of the hole near Torch, then cross over the ship. Watch out for the cannons mounted on both the ship and the cliff. Jump into the wall of water at the edge of the screen to fight the boss.

Boss: Water Sprites

This boss should not give you much trouble at all since it’s weaker than Arms. There are three platforms near the center of the room, stand on the one in the middle and rapidly shoot at the water sprites the boss spawns to eliminate them, then fire at the ball in the middle of the boss’s head to damage it. The boss will spit a ball of water at you, so jump up to the next platform to dodge it, then drop back down and start shooting again.

Triton and his Act-Plasma are great in this fight. Use it after the boss fires its ball of water. Switch to Pantera or Alcedes if you take too much damage. It will take a lot of hits to slay this guy, but the fight really isn’t hard.

b. Hollow Sphere

Stage 1

Items: Weapon Energy, Life Up, Grenade 

Drop into the huge pit on your right and be ready to jump over the boomerangs thrown by the creatures in the jungle below. Try not to fall in this area or you will end up back at the start. Have someone who is low on ammo grab the Weapon Energy from the tree to the right. There’s also Life Up below it.

The moths that cling to the trees in this stage explode upon death, so keep your distance from them. Pick up the blue canister near the middle of this area to get the Grenade for Triton.

Pantera is a good choice for this stage, since he can jump long distances onto the tree branches, but you may want to switch to Alcedes and use his BL-Force to clear away enemies that are out of reach.

Stage 2

Items: Ammo, SI-Force

This area is a cliff that you will have to scale by jumping onto the ledges that form it. The enemies here are pretty annoying. Triton is a good choice, because he can shoot upwards and take out the crabs that will circle you. Look for a round object on the right side of the cliff near the beginning, it’s Ammo that should prove useful. Stop when the screen will not scroll any further and you see two birds’ nests. Destroy the nest on the right to reveal Alcedes’ SI-Force. It’s hard to reach, but you should be able to snag it by jumping towards it from the lower ledge.

The boss awaits at the top of the cliff.

Boss: Giant Crab

This boss is a real nuisance. It stays planted in the center of the screen and will wave its claws at you, hitting you in the process. After a few seconds of claw waving, it will spawn smaller crabs, like those from the cliff, that will home in on you. 

I find it’s easiest to use Pantera, though you will need two or three sub tanks for this method. As Pantera, stand on the ledge just above the giant crab’s claw (left or right, it doesn’t matter) and start shooting its eye stalk, which looks like a ball on a stick. It’s hard to dodge the smaller crabs using this method, but it doesn’t really matter since you can just use Sub Tanks to heal. The boss will die once the eyes are gone.

Another, more finesse oriented method is to step to the left or the right while the claws are flailing around and shoot at them. Next, you will have to shoot the smaller crabs. After a bit of work, the claws will be out of your way and you can shoot the eye stalks. Triton is well suited for this method since he can aim upwards.

Stage 2 (Continued)

Items: Ammo x2, Weapon Energy, Save, Sub Tank

Everything will flip upside down after the battle. Jump carefully to get the items. For some reason it’s impossible to open the status screen while in this area, so I’m not sure about the exact position of the items on this cliff, but it’s worth trying to get them, since there’s Ammo, a Sub Tank, and a Save waiting to be picked up. The jumps are easy to make, but gauge them carefully since you only get one shot at the items. Fall down the waterfall at the base of the cliff to leave.

c. Fiera 

Stage 1

Items: Scorch, Life Up

Fiera is a war zone where enemy aircraft, tanks, and tiny soldiers constantly attack. Take Pantera’s Scorch ability from the foxhole near the half buried tank just right of where you start. There’s a Life Up a bit further ahead. A message will appear saying there’s a hole you can enter just past the Life Up. You can either stay on the surface to take the quicker upper path or enter the hole to get a few more items. 

Note: Take the lower path, the items in it are helpful.

Stage 1: Upper Path 

Items: Life Up

This route is faster, but the only thing you will get for taking it is a Life Up near the end. A huge building blocks the path about halfway through. Stand on the metal lift on the far right and wait a second for it to take off, then jump from it to reach the top of the building. Do not stay on the lift when it reaches the top of the screen or you will be sent back to the start of this area. From there you can continue onward to the boss.

Stage 1: Lower Path 

Items: Shield, Sub Tank, Life Up x2, 

There’s a wall that can be destroyed just left of a platform near the beginning of the shaft that leads down into this area. The wall can be destroyed with a T-Bomb, but there’s nothing behind it at the moment. At the bottom of the shaft you will see a canister on a ledge, destroy the eyeball worm thing and get the canister, which contains Triton’s Shield ability.

Fall down the shaft to the right and look for a green blob attached to the ceiling to the left. Destroy the blob so you can go under it safely without taking hits from the blue balls it drops. There’s a Sub Tank, Life Up, and Missile in the area to the right. You may want to use Alcedes’ BL-Force to clear the green blobs out before going for these items. There’s another Life Up in the tunnel to the right, just watch out for the blob above it.

The final leg of the tunnel is a series of platforms leading up and out. Watch out for the creatures that drop down on you and focus on hopping out of the hole. The tank turrets buried in the sand will drop you after you stand on them for a second, so climb them with quick hops. After that you can get the Life Up on the surface and head right to fight the boss.

Boss: Airship

The airship will slowly fly around the screen and shoot blue orbs that explode into pillars of flame. It also fires regular bullets from its nose and missiles that track you. On occasion it fires a piercing laser beam.

Don’t worry about any of this though. Just switch to Triton, use a Sub Tank to heal him if needed, and fire his Grenade at the airship when it comes in low. The Grenade will slowly pass through it, doing massive damage. Shoot upwards when the ship is above you. A few Grenades will destroy the ship pretty fast. If you are worried about taking damage, use the Shield ability to block the boss’s bullets and blue orbs.

Stage 2

Items: Ammo, Black Hole, Save, Weapon Energy, Missile x2

This entire section is a huge elevator. Highly durable enemies will constantly harass you in this stage and try to push you off of the lifts. Alcedes is a good choice for this area, because his BL-Force can clear out the screen when things get rough. Triton’s ability to shoot upwards is also useful here.

Go over to the blue lift on the left and stand on it for a moment to get it to levitate. You’ll have to jump over to a second lift to the right when you see some beams. Ride the second lift until you see an opening in the wall with an arrow to the right. Jump over to the opening and up the scaffolds to get an Ammo and Alcedes’ Black Hole ability. There’s a Save in the elevator proper just below the Black Hole orb.

There’s another item stash to the left. To reach it, jump from the lift which should be next to the platform where you got the Save, then make a short hop left to land on a circular platform below. Walk off the edge of the circular platform to reach a hidden lift. Ride it up to another opening with an arrow pointing left to find scaffolds that hold a T-Bomb, two Missiles, and a Weapon Energy. After that, you can fall back down onto the lift you used to get here and make your way up to the lift that will take you to the next section of the tower.

Boss: Demon Armor 

The game counts this as a boss, but it’s hardly a fight. After climbing the tower you will see a large mech bristling with guns perched on some platforms. Just jump up onto the platforms it’s standing on and wait a few seconds. It will start firing downwards and destroy the floor holding it up, then fall to its demise. Easy right?

Jump on the lift that appears after the boss dies to reach the next stage.

d. Spaceship

Stage 1

Items: INV-Shield, Ammo, Missile x2, T-Bomb x2

Take a few steps to the right to get Pantera’s ridiculously overpowered INV-Shield, which basically allows you to walk through the rest of the game. No I’m not exaggerating, INV-Shield is that powerful. Switch to Pantera and activate the shield, then head right. You may notice a swarm of annoying enemies in this stage, but they can’t do anything to you as long as you have the INV-Shield active. Keep moving east and be sure to get the Ammo sitting behind the first dome shaped turret in this level. 

You’ll find a Missile a little ways past the Ammo. Watch out for the yellow beams running through broken sections of floor in this area, they can do a small amount of damage if you are not invincible. Get the T-Bomb that’s next to a section of broken floor to the east. Keep pressing forward and drop down when you get to the edge of the ship, then go left. Don’t waste time on the enemies here, just go for the Life Up and the T-Bomb to the west.

There’s another Missile just before the boss of this stage.

Boss: Parasite

This thing will hover around the room and drop down on you. While dropping down, it will fire rocks at you. There are two main ways to deal with this creature. The first is to use Alcedes’ Black Hole ability to suck up the rocks and hit the boss at close range when it drops to deal maximum damage. That said, the graphic used for Black Hole is rather annoying, so you may want to use the second method.

Method two is just as easy, but it takes longer. Use Pantera and (you guessed it) her INV-Shield. The boss will be helpless against you as you shoot it.

The Parasite had a ton of HP, so it will take a long time to kill it, just be patient and you’ll win.

e. NGC-1611

Stage 1

Items: Reflex-L, Sub Tank, Missile, Burst, N-Barrier, Life Up x2

Even the trees and the ground itself will attack you on this world. None of that matters since you have INV-Shield. Go right to get Triton’s Reflex-L. Further to the east is another Sub Tank and a Missile. The enemies here can get annoying, so use BL-Force to clear them out. Jump into the hole when you get to the end of the line to enter the planet.

You can pretty much ignore everything in here with INV-Shield up. Deadly appendages that resemble villi and pools of acid are ever present, so stay out of them if you are not invincible. You’ll find Pantera’s Burst ability, Alcedes’ N-Barrier, and two Life Ups to the east after falling for a while.*

Fall down the hole east of the items and pick up the Weapon Energy, then go down the hole to the left.

*N-Barrier is just as insanely powerful as INV-Shield, so now you’ll have two invincible characters for a while.

Boss: Faces 

Note: Do not defeat the boss with Pantera or you will basically waste the experience you get from the boss when Pantera leaves the party.

The right-hand wall is lined with human faces that spit phlegm at your mechs. Use one of the invincibility skills and shoot each face. They will wince upon taking damage, but they all take a lot of hits to kill. Once all six faces are destroyed, a worm will emerge from the wall and shoot a white ball that tracks you. The worm tends to pop out of random spots, just try to get to its level and shoot it. It takes a lot of hits to kill the worm, but you’ll be able to move on once it’s history. 

Go through the gap in the wall once the worm dies to see a cutscene.

Stage 2

You will lose Pantera, but gain Xardion. Unfortunately, he will be significantly weaker than your other mechs. It’s impossible to proceed through this area without a certain ability, so hold the Start Button, then press Select to bring up the level select and go back to the second stage of the Ocean Sphere.

f. Obtaining the L-Arrow 

You will need the L-Arrow to destroy the sphere that blocks that path leading deeper into stage 2 of NGC-1611. There are a total of three parts for it that can be found in Ocean Sphere, Hollow Sphere, and Fiera. You will have to jump onto the platform above where you start and go right to a glowing ball to get the L-Arrow parts to spawn before leaving NGC-1611.

Note: You may want to take some time to level Xardion up, because he starts at level 1 and is very weak. The second stage of Ocean Sphere and the first stage of Hollow Sphere are good places to get experience points at first. 

Ocean Sphere Stage 2 (Revisited)

Items: L-Arrow Part

Remember the portion of this area you were unable to enter earlier? Now you can visit it. Search for a hole in the sea floor underneath the ship near the middle of the stage and jump in. 

You will encounter an octopus monster inside the hole. It will fire shots from its tentacles that move slowly and are easy to jump over. Its only weak point is the top of its head, which vaguely resembles a brain. Use Xardion’s Hyper Beam on the octopus to kill it in a few good hits. The monstrosity will drop an L-Arrow Part. 

Hollow Sphere Stage 1 (Revisited)

Items: Light Arrow Part

Go through the first stage of Hollow Sphere just as you did earlier. This time around you will see a L-Arrow Part on the branch hanging over the giant flowers near the end of the first part of the stage.

Fiera Stage 1 (Revisited)

Items: L-Arrow Part

Go down the hole near the beginning of the stage and look for the wall near the entrance of the hole that could be destroyed with a T-Bomb. In the past there was nothing behind the wall, but now you will see an L-Arrow Part.

Gather any Ammo and Sub Tanks you may need after unlocking the L-Arrow, then return to the second stage of NGC-1611.

g.The Final Battle (NGC-1611)

Get Xardion to level 12 and make sure you have at least four Sub Tanks and two Ammo Tanks before entering the last stage. You’ll need Xardion and all the strength you can get for the final boss.

Note: You do not have to explore the lower section of the entrance to this stage, I just included it for players who want the Missile or those who accidentally fall into the lower area.

Stage 2

Items: Missile, Weapon Energy

Use Triton or Alcedes in this stage to conserve Xardion’s strength.

From the entrance, fall down into the lowest area, grabbing the Missile on the way down. Walk east and you will see a tunnel leading to what appears to be a dead end, but it’s actually a passage that will take you to a different part of the stage if you walk into it. There are several more passages on the other side of the first one. Take the one in the upper left to be transported back to the start of the stage. Jump onto the platform above you.

Use the platform to reach a glowing ball. Activate L-Arrow to destroy the ball so you can pass. Head right until you come to a narrow shaft. Fall down the shaft and press against the left wall to avoid taking damage from the pink things below, then go left. There’s a Weapon Energy on the small ledge to the left, you can reach it by jumping from the ledge below it. 

Continue deeper into the bowels of the planet and the heroes will wonder where to go next when they reach three passages. Take the middle passage, which leads to the last boss. The other two will just force you to backtrack.

Boss: The Guardians of NGC-1611 

You will have to face a gauntlet of bosses in the final confrontation. Only Xardion can damage these foes and you should have him fully powered up.

Guardian 1

The first guardian is a small creature that marches forward while lobbing shots at you. Get close to it and shoot rapidly to destroy it as fast as possible.

Guardian 2

Orbs that home in on Xardion will emerge from this guardian’s back. Use the same rapid shooting tactic and ignore the damage it does. Heal up with a Sub Tank if you get low on life.

Guardian 3

This foe requires more finesse than the first two. It will shoot balls at you and fire bullets from its mouth. Stand to the far left and jump over its attacks. Fire the Hyper Beam at its head. It’s easiest to jump over the balls if you stand a step or two away from the stage of the screen. To get the most out of your Hyper Beam shots, fire it at the peak of your jump. You can also use the L-Arrow, but it takes so many hits to kill this guardian that I’m not sure which is better.

Guardian 4

The fourth guardian is actually easier than the one you just beat. Get close to it and rapidly tap Y to fire your main gun just as you did with the first two guardians. This boss will fire multicolored balls that spin around the room in different patterns, but it’s most efficient to just tank the hits from them and concentrate on dealing damage. The boss will die pretty quickly, leaving you to fight the final guardian.

Guardian 5

The last guardian will emit a shock wave that you can jump over. It also generates more multicolored balls. This time they will spin above you and fall to the ground. You can try to dodge all this, but there’s no point if you have a Sub Tank or two. Just walk up to him and mash the fire button to win the battle. Heal up as often as you need to, this is the last boss.

The ending will play once Guardian Five is defeated, congratulations!

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