Warlock’s Tower (PC)

Developer: Midipixel

Publisher: Whippering

Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: January 2017

Platform: PC (Steam)

Players: 1


   Warlock’s Tower is a puzzle game developed by Midipixel and released on Steam in 2017. Players control a mail man who must negotiate a dangerous tower filled with monsters and traps in order to deliver a letter to the warlock who resides on the top floor. Feeling scorned by the masses, the warlock has begun to destroy nature in his anger. The people have decided to reach out to him in a letter explaining that they have no ill will towards him and would like peace. It’s up to the mail man to climb up 100 deadly floors to deliver this important message. There is a twist, however: each space the mail man moves counts as lost life and the player must manage health refills carefully in order to survive!

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