Warlock’s Tower (PC) Review

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Review by Cowboy Yojimbo (April 2018)

    Warlock’s Tower is a unique and charming puzzle adventure, that is simple to learn but tough to finish, all wrapped in the style of classic Gameboy games. You play as a noble mail-man, who is tasked with delivering a letter to the top of the titular tower. The warlock, feeling shunned by the masses, has in his anger started to destroy all of nature. The letter contains a message that the people like him, and want to live peacefully together in hopes that good old fashioned love will stop his assault. And as we know “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” and neither will deadly traps, zombies and flying eye-balls either.

   Manoeuvring through the titular tower is no simple task as the core game is built around one rule: one move equals one life lost. You will have to move towards the next door, dodging enemies, hitting switches or grabbing keys while carefully managing life pick-ups that come in multiple point varieties.  It’s an easy to grasp system that has the ability to make crossing an empty, square room with no enemies a puzzling task. It continues to evolve, adding monsters that move toward the mailman every three steps, locked gates with corresponding switches, conveyer belts, trap-doors and teleporters until one false move can spell your doom. The game does a good job introducing you to each new hurdle, and letting things slowly mount over the 100+ levels to its tough final stages.

   Some of the later levels can at times feel like you are relying more on luck than anything. Going left, instead of right can give you trouble too far down the road leaving you unaware where you went wrong in the first place. Though I did find myself developing a sort of feel for the game, where you can get through some levels easily being guided by intuition. Warlock’s Tower is presented as a classic Gameboy game. From its 8-bit visuals, to its sound effects and soundtrack, it all feels quite genuine. Levels are spread over a few different areas in the tower such as the dungeon or chambers which are each given a corresponding two-tone colour, a touch that is sure to transport any gamer back to those days. Between its fresh, constantly evolving gameplay and its retro aesthetic, puzzle fans will enjoy Warlock’s Tower. It’s brisk level design makes it perfect for playing a bit here and there, across its 15+ hours of gameplay and its character will leave a memorable experience in the end.

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