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Release Data

Developer: Blizzard/Climax Studios

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: August 31, 1997

Genre: Real Time Strategy

System: Sony PlayStation

Players: 1


Warcraft II: Dark Saga is a Real Time Strategy game where players battle AI controlled opponents for dominion over Azeroth. Players must train troops, secure resources, and battle enemies. The map is initially concealed, so players must have their units explore to reveal enemies and resources. This title allows players to choose between the humans and their allies or the orcish horde. Choosing the orcish horde will pit players against the human alliance, while those who choose the human alliance must battle the orcs. 

Regardless of what scenario the player chooses, he or she will start with a base that can produce workers. These workers must gather lumber and other resources for their base from nodes on the map. In turn, these resources can be used to generate other facilities and combat units that can hunt down enemies. Each of the two factions has its own specializations and weaknesses. There are roughly eighteen missions spread across several scenarios in Warcraft II: Dark Saga.


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