The Pirates of Dark Water (Genesis)

Developer: Iguana Entertainment

Publisher: Sunsoft

Release Date: 1994

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


The Pirates of Dark Water is a platformer with some light RPG elements based on the early 90s TV show of the same name. Mysterious black water that destroys anything it touches is spreading through the oceans of Mer. No one knows how to stop the water and it threatens to destroy all life on the planet. A youth named Ren learns from his mortally wounded father that there are thirteen artifacts hidden throughout the land that can save the world from the black water. Soon after departing on his mission, Ren meets Loz and Tula, who join him on his quest.

Players can choose one of three characters that include Ren, Loz, and Tula to explore the game’s stages. Ren is a balanced character who is moderately strong and fast. Tula is quick, but not strong. Finally, Loz is the toughest and slowest member of the group. Players will find a variety of items that range from keys used to unlock doors in stages to throwing knives. Levels are nonlinear and progress is often blocked by locked doors or NPCs who want money, so players have to explore stages thoroughly. There are also a number of NPCs the player can talk to in order to get hints or further the plot. The Pirates of Dark Water uses a password system that takes players back to various stages in the game.

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