The King of Dragons (SNES)

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: April, 1994

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Beat ‘em Up

Players: 1-2


In The King of Dragons players control one of five heroes as they set out to defeat the dragon, Gildiss and his minions. This Beat ‘em Up is split into sixteen unique stages that are populated with fantasy style monsters and bosses. Much of the action is centered around players whacking orcs, lizardmen, and reanimated skeletons with their weapons, but magical spells are also available to players lucky enough to find a magic orb or those willing to sacrifice some HP to cast a spell. This game is also somewhat unique in that players will find better weapons and protective items for their character as they defeat bosses. Additionally, collecting enough points by grabbing treasure and beating enemies will grant the player a level up that increases their HP once they reach certain predetermined goals.

Each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses, so gameplay will vary depending on who the player chooses. The Fighter is a tough melee expert with a good balance of speed and defense. The Elf is a skilled archer that can hit enemies from afar. Players looking for a powerful, but slow magic user that can blast enemies with fireballs will appreciate the Wizard. Finally, the Cleric and Dwarf are slow, but sturdy fighters. 

This game features a limited number of Continues and it is Game Over if you run out of Credits. Luckily, more can be found hidden behind pillars and other places if you are willing to search for them. The King of Dragons also allows for two player Co-Op and has several difficulty settings. 

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