The King of Dragons (SNES) Cheats

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The King of Dragons (SNES) Cheats

Same Character in Two Player Mode 

Note: This cheat has to be entered very quickly before the Capcom logo fades.

Press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B, X, then A when the Capcom logo appears. This will allow both players to choose the same character on the hero select screen.

99 Continues 

Note: This code requires two controllers.

Begin a one player game and die until you run out of lives. Press Start on Controller 1 when the Continue prompt appears, then run out of lives a second time. Press Start on Controller 2 to join in when the Continue prompt appears for player 1. Do not choose a character on Controler 2, instead press Start on Controller 1 before the countdown expires, then choose a character using Controller 2. When both characters are on the screen you will see that you have 99 Credits.

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