Tecmo Secret of the Stars (SNES) Walkthrough

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Tecmo Secret of the Stars Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

~ By tankMage (June 2017)


   The goal of this walkthrough for is to provide the reader with detailed instructions on how to navigate Tecmo Secret of the Stars’ dungeons and defeat the many bosses found in the game. Consequently, this guide focuses primarily on directions and tactics. The drop lists/descriptions regarding spells and items are purposely kept brief, because they are intended for use as a convenient resource. Those who want more detailed information on enemy stats, magic, and the like should visit some of the links in the reference section of this walkthrough. The rudiments of gameplay are also not explained in this guide for the sake of brevity and players having difficulty understanding how to perform basic actions within the game are encouraged to consult the instruction manual or another guide.Thanks for using this guide and enjoy Secret of the Stars!


1. World and Upper Continent Maps- Labeled maps of the two overworld areas in Secret of the Stars. Features a legend, as well as marked town, dungeon, and shrine locations.

2. The Walkthrough- A full guide to the game including step by step instructions for dungeons and boss fights.

Part 1: Heart Island

Part 2: Old Hill and the First Continent

Part 3: The Second Continent

Part 4: The New Continent

Part 5: The Star Shrines and the Orbs

Part 6: Aqutallion Restored

Part 7: The Fall of Homncruse

3. Instructions- Information on how to use some of the less intuitive features of Secret of the Stars, such as Unity Spells.

a. Kustera and Aqutallion: About Party Swapping

b. Magic

c. How to Cast Unity Magic

4. Secrets, Hints, and Lists- Miscellaneous information about this game including spell descriptions, an important item drop list, and a list of special Old Hill recruits.

a. Quick Reference Drop List

b. Items

c. Spells

d. Unity Spells

e. Old Hill Special Recruits

f. End Game Gear Recommendations

5. References and Acknowledgements- Links to various resources that I used as references for this walkthrough and a list of those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for accompanying me on this journey.

1. World and Upper Continent Maps- The world of Secret of the Stars is quite big and these maps were created to make it more navigable. While I did label the locations and create the legend, the actual maps were taken from VGmaps.com which you should almost certainly visit via the link in section 5. You can also download a zip file containing both maps for your convenience by clicking the download link under the images.

Secret of the Stars Map Download: TSotSmaps.7z

2. Walkthrough- The game is broken into 7 parts to make the walkthrough easier for the reader (and myself) to use, since Secret of the Stars is a fairly long game by the standards of its time and even those of today. Some of the portions of this walk are optional, but only in the sense that you can put completing certain tasks off until later and I advise players to try to do the “optional” dungeons as soon as possible.  

Part 1: Heart Island

Sonya’s House (Start)

  Ray (or whatever you named the main character) wakes up here and can return to use the bed to heal up when needed. Check the dressers for some Plum-Plum and gold, then talk to Sonya. Leave the house and talk to everyone if you want some more background. The farmer will give you some more Plum-Plum if you say “yes” when he asks you a question. Once ready, leave the area to visit the overworld map.

The Field

   Upon leaving Sonya’s house, you’ll find yourself on Heart Island. The town of Likado lies just east of your position and you can enter at your discretion. This is also a good opportunity to start grinding, because the slimes and hedgehogs that populate this area are easy to dispatch. I personally would not grind past the third or fourth experience level here for the sake of efficiency (these monsters drop very little exp and gold). Don’t forget to visit Sonya’s house and rest in your bed if you run low on life.



   Walk around and talk to the residents to hear some rumors about strange goings on lately and get some hints on where to go next. There’s also a few shops and it’s highly advisable to buy two or three ANTIDOTES for later. BREAD is also a cheap way to restore HP, so grab a loaf or two for safety’s sake. The equipment shop offers a variety of weapons and armor, but it’s best to just buy a SHORT SWORD and maybe a HARDSUIT. The NOMALHAT (not sure what the devs had in mind with that name) isn’t really worth buying, since it only offers 2 defense and can be obtained for free soon enough.

   Be careful when exploring the big house in the northeastern section of town; there are two cats in this building, one of which is a Cat Boo that will attack you if you talk to it. If you levelled up a bit or just have full life, the Cat Boo should not be much of a threat, just be ready to use some Plum-Plum if your health dips below 10 HP. David of Kustera waits in the southeastern house and you can talk to him to get some background. Make sure you are prepared and then exit Likado in search of your first dungeon.

Hidden Shrine

   You can’t see the entrance to the shrine on the map, but it’s there. Just head north from Likado past the volcano and you’ll see two small clusters of hills. The shrine is hidden in the western cluster. Walk into the hills to enter the shrine. The enemies in here aren’t much tougher than what you’ve encountered in the field so far and the cave is just a linear path. Eventually you will come to a room with a yellow tile and a golden door behind it. Step on the tile to obtain the star crest and the rank of PENNON. Now you can use magic, yay. David will also join you and you can switch parties by hitting B and selecting the swap command. If you enter the door north of the tile you’ll find yourself in a room that you can’t do much in right now. Go back to Likado and have David buy a few antidotes. You may also want to explore and see how NPCs react to the Kustera.

Jeep Volcano

   To enter Jeep, return to the area where you found the shrine and walk into the eastern hill just as you before. Make sure both Kustera and Aqutallion have a few antidotes and some BREAD or PLUM-PLUM in their inventories. The bad slimes that appear here can poison you and the monsters deeper in the volcano can be vicious depending on Ray’s equipment/level. You can bring David to gather a few insignificant, items early on in the dungeon, but he will not be able to follow Ray into the deeper recesses of the volcano. I highly recommend grinding the slightly stronger monsters here until you are about level 8.

Area 1: Small Cave

   This is just a tiny cave with an old guy in it. There’s some tougher enemies here that you can grind, like Quills and Bats if you feel your level is too low, otherwise move on.

Area 2: Cliff Face

   The monsters here are a bit stronger and you’ll encounter the bad slimes I mentioned earlier. You will also notice some of the paths are blocked by a green or yellow barrier. Kustera (David) can open the green and Aqutallion (Ray) can open yellow barriers. David can pick up some gold and PLUM-PLUM in this area by opening the green barriers. There’s also a RAT TAIL here that anyone can grab. Once ready, open the yellow barrier with Ray to move onward.

Area 3: Cliff Face (Continued)

   This section is really just a continuation of the cliff face from earlier, except Ray is on his own here. Just keep climbing upwards and enter the next room.

Area 4: Cone

   Aside from looking cool, this area serves little purpose, head west until you see another cave entrance and hop in.

Area 4: Cave

   This small cave features a pit and a ladder. Goblins, Cat Boos, and Bones also lurk around here and present a greater threat than the creatures that dwelt along the cliff face. I stuck around here grinding from level 6-8. Once you are ready, go down the ladder and into the volcano interior.

Area 5: Interior

   This place is fairly large, but you will find the exit by climbing down and to the left, then following the passage to the right. Don’t forget to grab the NOMALHAT out of the chest. The same monsters populate this area as the cave before it, so there isn’t much use in sticking around.

Area 6: Lab

   After entering the doorway at the bottom of the interior, you will find yourself in a man-made facility. Go down the steps and you will come upon a room with an old man, a bed, a bookcase, and some machinery. Step onto the bed to refill your HP and make sure you have everything you need before talking to the man, because you won’t be able to return to Heart Island for some time after you interact with him. Once you have everything you need, talk to the old guy to initiate your first boss fight.

Boss 1: Dr. Gari

   This guy is about as dangerous as he looks. If Ray is at least level 5 and equipped with decent gear, you will be able to dispatch Gari without much trouble. He will alternate between using a basic physical attack, casting fire, and attacking you with gas. At level 8 with a DERBY, CLTHSUIT, and SHOES equipped, Gari’s attacks did about 6 damage to to Ray on average. Fire magic doesn’t seem to work well on him, so you’re best off hitting him with your weapon and casting the occasional heal spell if your life gets low (under 20 HP). A cutscene will begin after you defeat Gari and you will find yourself in the next area afterwards…

Part 2: Old Hill and the First Continent

Old Hill

   This is an important area that you will make use of through much of the game, but you can’t do much here yet. For now you can heal your party fully by entering the stone building and standing on the star glyph in the center of the room. You can also talk to dear old Uncle Save and well…save your game.

The Road to Winds

   This area is both unfamiliar and potentially dangerous. The monsters in the area immediately surrounding Old Hill are fairly tame, however. Venture west through the valley and you will come upon the town of Winds. The forest north of Winds makes for a good grinding spot if you have decent equipment and are about level 10. Be careful not to stray to far to the southwest if you are of a low level, because the enemies are quite dangerous.


   There’s a shop in the house near the entrance that sells a LETHSUIT which may be useful to Ray. You may also want to pick up a MAGBRANCH which will allow you to warp back to Old Hill when used. The house on the southern end of town has steps that lead to a basement. Talk to the kids in the basement and say “Yes” to get them to move to Old Hill. You can talk to the villagers to get info on what is going on and then set out for Beegees.

Cabin (Optional)

   Northwest of Winds lies a cabin on a narrow strip of land. There’s not much to do there now, but you will meet Bun if you go there and you can sleep in the bed, which makes it a decent waypoint later on.


   Bear southeast from Winds to reach Beegees. You’ll know you are close when you see a lake and a waterfall, in fact head south from there to find Beegees sandwiched between the sea and mountains. Many of the town’s residents are in no condition to talk, but you can use the bed in the hospital and there’s a PLUM-PLUM in the house on the eastern end of town. Enter the church in the center of town and you’ll see three snappy dressers, a priest (or nun, can’t really tell), and a girl laying on the floor. Talk to the man in black and a fight will commence.

Fight! Badmen

   Three Badmen will attack you. This battle isn’t difficult, but you will want to focus your attacks on one Badman at a time in order to reduce their numbers as quickly as possible and take less damage. Once the fight is over, talk to the priest and then the girl to get her to join you. Tina is level 1, so you will probably want to grind a bit to get her up to snuff and buy a LETHSUIT for her at Winds. Level 8 or 9 is a good goal for Tina, since she has rather low HP. Her proficiency in magic more than makes up for her physical weakness, however.

   Once Tina is ready, return to Beegees. The priest will tell you “Badbad house is in south part of town.”, but it’s actually a cave to the south of Beegees. The dog that was blocking the southern exit is gone now and you are free to visit the cave by walking out of the south part of town.

Badbad House

   Just walk a few paces south from Beegees and you’ll see the cave. The enemies here are fairly strong and consist of Badmen, Pumpkings, Echo Cats, and Bones to name a few. You will also encounter Ghosts that are immune to physical attacks and you will have to use attack magic to damage them.

Area A   

     To the east of the entrance is a chest containing a RAT TAIL. A NOMALHAT waits in the chest west of the entrance and an ANTIDOTE lies in a chest at the northernmost point of this area. The entrance to the next part of the cave lies in the northwest quadrant of the area just past the second bridge.

Area B

   Follow the narrow path to the west to pick up some BREAD. Return to the entrance and head past the ladder then north to pick up some Plum-Plum. Finally, go back to the ladder, climb it and follow the path to the exit at the northern end of the room.

Area C

  You can only go east at first, then proceed north until you get to a ladder. Cross the bridge, walk south and open the chest to get a Telepo. Next go north and cross the second bridge to reach the exit.

Area D

   This area is really straight forward, just climb the ladders and you’ll see the exit soon enough. Chests containing a MOON DROP and PLUM-PLUM can be found on either side of the cliff.

Area E

   Another simple area, make sure you grab the RESTORE and there’s a BREAD sitting in a chest to the west of the exit (you’ll have to go down a ladder) if you want it.

Area F

   Climb the ladders and you’ll see a wooden fortification with a door in it. Give a knock and see who’s home…

Badbad House 1st Floor

   Go up the stairs to the north and grab the HARDSUIT, then return to the first floor. To the west is a bed you can sleep in. Walk west if you want to continue onward and follow the hallway until you come across another flight of steps, go up to reach the second floor.

Badbad House 2nd Floor

   You’ll see Badbad sitting on a throne by a bed. Get some sleep if need be (I guess Badbad doesn’t care if you stay the night) and then talk to the boss to begin battle.

Boss 2: Badbad

   This guy isn’t all that tough if you are a decent level (about level 10 should do). Attack magic doesn’t work very well on him, but you can reduce his speed and defense with SLOW. Have Ray and Tina pummel away at him and heal when needed. Badbad will probably do about 10 damage a hit. The battle should end pretty quickly and the boss will flee. Step onto the throne to find a hidden stair that leads to treasures, including the DOG PILL you need. Then head back upstairs and go down the steps to the west of the throne to exit the dungeon completely.

Beegees (Revisited)

   Go back to the church and speak with the priest. Now you will be able to talk to the NPCs in town and gather intel. Ryu of Kustera waits in the northeastern most house, make sure you talk to him and answer “yes” to get him to join the Kustera party (I spoke to him with Ray). Visit the house on the southwestern end of town and talk to the man blocking the staircase to get him to move. Check the pot by the stair to collect a MOON DROP. From here you can either set out to fight the Ringo Brothers or visit the Star Shrine to the north of Beegees for an optional dungeon with Kustera.

Star Shrine #1 (Kustera)


   This area is not particularly dangerous, but there are a lot of poisonous creatures waiting inside. It’s also advisable to have both David and Ryu at around level eight before entering.

   The Star Shrine is north of Beegees next to the bay. Make sure you swap to the Kustera party and have David stand on the right hand tile inside the shrine. You’ll be teleported to a room with two staircases, take the one on the left (the one on the right is a dead end). Hit A to deactivate the barrier and head northeast to find a chest containing 500g, then head northwest to find a chest that holds a RESTORE. Return to the barrier and go down the steps in front of it. Follow the narrow hallway to get a MAGBRANCH and go back upstairs.

   Now go west and north until you reach the chest that held the RESTORE, then go south and down the steps located near the water. Take a few steps east, then north, then go down the stairs and grab 500g from a chest. After going back up the stairs, head east and go down the steps, then walk south and open the chest for a MOON DROP. Go down the stairs in the southwestern end of the room with the chest. Go north and open another chest to obtain a HOLYCANE and go back up the steps from whence you came (the hallway to the north leads back to the same floor). Take a few steps east and enter the staircase. Go east some more after climbing the steps and enter the staircase in the alcove. You’ll come to a large room containing three boxes that hold a LONGSWORD, IRIDIUM, and an ANTIDOTE. Return to the lower floor and walk east then north following the hallway to find a chest containing a RAT TAIL. You can’t do much here once all of the treasure is cleared out, so walk back out or better yet use the RAT TAIL to warp out.

Ringo House

   Gather Kustera and Aqutallion at Beegees and take the stairs in the southwestern house to enter a cave that leads to Ringo House. Upon exiting the cave, go south and you will encounter a castle-like structure that turns out to be Ringo House.

Area A (Kustera)

   Directly to the north is a barrier that can be opened by Kustera. Hit A to open it and climb the steps.

Area B (Kustera)

   Take a few steps west to find a chest containing a DERBY, then walk back over to the entrance of this area and climb the steps to the north.

Area C (Kustera)

   All you need to do here is walk east a bit and climb the stairs.

Area D (Kustera)

   This room merely contains a chest that holds a CHAINMALE. Open it and profit. Kustera’s work is now done.

Area A (Aqutallion)

   Walk west and then north to enter the rather inconspicuous door that leads to a hallway. Follow the hallway as it leads north, then south to a staircase. Climb the staircase.

Area B (Aqutallion)

   The only thing to do here is hop on the next set of steps leading up.

Catwalk 1 (Aqutallion)

   You’ll find yourself on a catwalk high above the rest of the lab. Head west to find a stair leading down.

Area B (Aqutallion) Revisited

   The steps will take you to a different section of Area B. Just climb the steps to the west to move onward.

Area C (Aqutallion)

    Not much to do here besides scale the steps to the north.

Area D (Aqutallion)

   Go southeast and enter the steps that lead back to C.

Area C (Aqutallion) Revisited

   There’s steps to the northeast, take them to enter the next area.

Catwalk 2 (Aqutallion)

   Head east and down the steps to visit the next area.

Area C (Aqutallion) East

   Another tiny room with a set of stairs to the east. Take them to go to the next area.

Area D (Aqutallion)

   Head west and you’ll see a strange girl who talks to you briefly. Resume your march west, then turn south and climb yet another set of steps.

Area E (Aqutallion)

   This room is pretty simple. Walk up to the girl and talk to her or the guy sitting in the chair to initiate the boss fight.

Boss 3: Bingo & Leach

   Concentrate on defeating Leach first, because she can heal, cast FIRE, and put your heroes to sleep with COMA. You may want to have Tina cast FAST a few times to bolster her defense and increase her chances of taking her turn first, which is important when healing. Bingo and Leach will also work together at times to cast powerful spells, so it’s best to eliminate her since she has less HP. Have Ray attack with his weapon and use Tina to either attack Leach or heal when needed. Once Leach is down, focus your efforts on Bingo. This brute hits hard, but has no abilities aside from a basic attack. Just pound away at him with Tina and Ray to win the day. A cutscene will commence after the battle and you will return to Old Hill automatically.

Old Hill Revisited

   Uncle Save will tell you that Old Hill needs architects and farmers, so why not set out in search of some?

Edgy Architect’s House

   Remember Winds? Go west of Winds until you see a small house on a peninsula. Talk to the man outside and he’ll tell you about a farmer living in a place called Giant. Talk to the man in the house to get Bun the Builder to join up…well that was easy. The barrels blocking the western exit have also been removed, so take that path out. Now onward to Giant!

The Road to Giant

Note: The monsters around here are a bit tougher, so don’t be afraid to run from battles while searching for Giant if you are under level 12.

    Walk west after exiting the architect’s house. You’ll see a town tucked into a mountain range to the south, that’s Decatas and the guards won’t let you in just yet, so don’t bother trying to visit. Go south past the mountain range until you see a small land bridge and the town of Giant sitting just southwest of it.


   Giant’s name is misleading, because the town itself is quite small. There’s an inn to the east of the entrance (you can sleep in one of the beds free of charge to restore HP, but it won’t recharge your MP) and the house to the west, just above a patch of farm, is worth a visit in order to save your game, talk to the guy in the bed.

    A huge house sits at the north end of the village…hmmmm…I guess we know why this place is called Giant. Feel free to enter and grab the RAT TAIL and RESTORE from the shelves inside, but avoid going downstairs; if you do venture downstairs and talk to Baz, the giant, Golan, will attack. Golan is most likely too strong to defeat right now, so go back to the entrance of the village. Turn east once you get close to the edge of town and walk along the tree line until it ends, then go north until you come to a hole in the ground, enter it. Talk to Morgan the digger twice and give him 100g to dig a hole into Decatas.


   This town is pretty big and has a lot of shops. You may want to buy a pair (or two) of WOODSHOES, a HAMMER for Ray and a HOLYCANE for Tina. The shops to the north are pretty useless, so stick to those near the place where you entered. You may want to buy a DERBY and some CHAINMALE if you have a lot of money.

   For those who wish to explore, it’s worth your time to check out the green roofed house in the southern end of the main district. Uncle Save is waiting in this building, plus there’s 300g, a MAGLEAF, and a MAGBRANCH sitting in the drawers behind him. Talk to the guy in this building and he will offer to bribe the guards at the front gate to let you in for 1000g (a bug actually changes the amount of money taken out of your inventory randomly and can work out in your favor). You may also want to visit the item shop in the southwestern corner of town and talk to the man behind the counter who will explain the function of any item in your inventory…for free.

   The northern district, where the poor people live, holds little of interest right now, but there are a few items to be found and NPCs to chat with. The first house in the row of homes holds some BREAD and a whopping 6g. The last house in the row also has 6g and some BREAD hidden in some pots. Talk to the woman in this house and she’ll tell you about BEN. Go back to the northwestern cafe (the building with the coffee cup sign) and talk to the white and blue guy. BEN will join Kustera after you chat with him and his wife will give you 500g if you go back to her.

   Now that you’ve explored Decatas, head up to the corrugated steel building in the north end of the main district and talk to Dr. Dynamite. He’ll agree to give you the GRAVITON (which will cut Golan down a few notches) AND move to Old Hill. After talking to Dynamite, the party will find themselves at Old Hill and will need to return to Giant.

Old Hill (Under Construction)

   A few houses have sprung up in Old Hill now that you have an architect and some residents. Feel free to explore a bit, but there’s really nothing to see aside from some NPCs. Heal up in the stone building and use FLY BY to go to Giant.

Giant (Revisited)

Preparation: A boss waits for you in Giant, so be sure to bring some BREAD or other healing items to conserve MP needed for offensive spells. At this point most players will probably be between levels 11 & 14, and it is wise to take some time to grind to at least level 13 (or higher) to make the fight more bearable.

   Return to the huge house at the north end of town and go down the steps. You’ll see a man locked in a room. Walk up to the door and hit the A button. The man will warn you away, but Golan will drop down from the ceiling and attack before our heroes can react.

Boss 4: Golan/Golan Jr.

   Use the GRAVITON in your inventory right away to turn Golan into Golan Jr., who is a more manageable version of the boss. Even shrunk down to a baby, Golan packs a punch (he dealt roughly 25 damage to Ray and Tina at level 13 when I fought him) and resists physical attacks, so magic is your best bet. Have Ray and Tina cast the highest level FREEZE and FIRE spells they can. Use some BREAD, PLUM-PLUM or other food when a party member’s HP gets low. Golan Jr. has a lot of HP, so this fight will take a while unless you are a high level. Since Golan only uses physical attacks, the guard command will come in handy if Ray or Tina is about to die and you’re unsure you can heal him/her before Golan attacks. Keep hammering away at Golan for as long as possible and the day will eventually be yours!

Decatas (Revisited)

    Word around town is that the circus has come to Decatas, so take Aqutallion over and go through the tiny door on the southeastern end of the city wall. Of course you need a ticket to get in, so why not explore the area a bit? The building to the southeast of the tent is an antique dealer who will sometimes buy items from you at a high price. The church north of the big top is home to a priest who will tell you about a guy named Cody, other than that there isn’t much else to do here besides vote. Head over to the building with the green roof (right across from the church) and talk to the bearded guy twice. Then visit the house directly to the south of the place where you voted and talk to the bald man, who will give you a circus ticket. Great, now we can visit the circus! What could possibly go wrong?

The Garados Circus

   To enter the circus, approach the man at the entrance of the big grey tent. He’ll automatically see the ticket you got earlier and let you in.

Area 1: Stage

  You’ll see a slew of NPCs inside, but you can only talk to a few of them. Go through the doorway at the north end of the room to enter the next area.

Area 2: Maze

Note: This area contains a maze that you have to blindly pick your way through, because the tiles that make it up conceal your party. I only gave very broad directions through the maze due to time constraints. Be patient when traversing this area, because it’s not as daunting as it appears.

   Talk to the creepy clown on the east side of the room and he’ll tell you to go through the maze to meet the circus owner. He’ll also hint at a secret item hidden in the maze. You’ll have to feel your way through this area, because you can’t see your party in the maze. Try to bear west, towards the row of pots and check the bottom one if you manage to get to it for 300g. As for the secret item, it’s a LOINCLOTH which is hidden in the maze right by the door near the center. Just go to the east a bit from the central door and tap A. You may have to grope around a bit to find it, but it’s worthwhile. After finding the LOINCLOTH, go back to the door near the center, then push along the eastern wall. Eventually, you’ll reenter the maze, bear east then north when possible and you should come out near the staircase. Whatever you do, avoid going through the door to the north; the party will leave the circus and you’ll have to pick your way through the maze again. Go up the stairs instead.

Area 3: Catwalk

   After taking the steps, you will enter a storeroom. There’s nothing here, so push onward to the catwalk. This area is another maze, but it’s really simple and you can see where you are going, plus there are no random encounters. Make sure you poke around a bit and get the WOODSHOES in the chest to the west and grab the ANGLEHAT next to the steps before climbing them.

Area 4: Storeroom

   You’ll meet a lion here that has a story to tell, but you are rudely interrupted by one of HOMNCRUSE’s servants before getting to chat. The Circus will then vanish in a flash, leaving confusion in its wake. You’ll find yourself in Decatas, standing where the tent once was. Remember the guy in the church who tells you about Cody? Pay him a visit and he’ll tell you to go to Bonzely. You can reach Bonzely by crossing the bridge south of Winds, but you’ll need a key first.


   I’m not sure what the devs were thinking when they did this, but to get the bridge key, you will have to revisit the digger’s hole in Giant and push along the eastern wall of the hole until you find a hidden path. Just say yes when he asks if you want a key to recieve the WIN KEY. Now cast FLY BY to return too Old Hill and prepare for the coming journey.

Part 3: The Second Continent

The Road to Bonzley

   Now that you have the WIN KEY, head south from Winds to the draw bridge. (You may want to visit Old Hill and see what’s new since you’re in the neighborhood, but this is purely optional.) There’s a small building just above the bridge, enter it and check out the green box to use the key. Now exit the building and cross the now closed bridge. Head west through the mountains and you’ll see a Star Shrine sitting on the northern coast by the mountains.

Star Shrine #2 (Kustera, Optional)

   Upon entering the shrine, you can heal up by stepping on the gold plate with Kustera and enter the Star Palace via the silver plate. Take the steps to the left, just like with the first shrine and hit A to take down the barrier. Follow the path east then, north towards the chest with water near it to get a PLUM-PLUM. Push eastward then, south until you see more water and a chest that has ASPIRIN in it.  Head east across the narrow path between two pools of water (they’re just north of the chest with the ASPIRIN) and take the second path you see. Follow it east, then north to find a RESTORE, then head back to the pool and take the southern path. Follow this path until you see steps and go down them. Go north from the steps to get yet another ASPIRIN, then head south and follow the next path you see until you come to stairs leading down. These stairs will take you to a room where you will find ULTRIUM, a BARRIER, and 1000g, yay! Return to the stairs leading back up and go back to the green barrier. Go down the steps to the southeast of the barrier and go north to find an ANGLEHAT. Walk east, then take the first path to the north and follow as it turns west to reach some stairs. Go down the steps to find a POWERCANE. That about does it for this shrine, so cast flee or use a RAT TAIL to leave and get back to the journey.

Kaja House

   Walk west then turn south and you’ll see a house in the woods. Enter the building, then hop down the hole and talk to the guy inside. He’ll tell you of a monster named Sidon in the forest to the south that you must defeat. Leave by walking on the shiny tile and set out for the forest.

Southern Forest (Kustera or Aqutallion)

   The southern forest doesn’t have any enemies in it aside from the boss, but this place is a maze.  You’ll see Sidon in an opening towards the center of the woods and it’s tempting to try to reach him right away. Don’t waste your time trying to get to him directly, because it’s a trick. The devs made it so the map “wraps around” and you actually have to go in the opposite direction to reach him. Pick your way through the trees bearing southeast (you can walk behind gaps in trees) then follow the rough path north. You should see an open pathway leading to the north after a few paces. Follow this pathway and you’ll find yourself to the south of Sidon now. Follow the path through the trees west and you’ll see another wide open trail that leads straight to the south, go down it and you’ll find yourself in the northwestern quadrant of the maze. Head south and to the east towards the center of the maze and you should be able to enter Sidon’s clearing through a gap in the trees.

Boss 5: Sidon

   This guy isn’t all that challenging, but I recommend fighting him with Kustera since their greater numbers will make the battle easier. Physical attacks work well on Sidon, especially if you have Ben or Tina debuff him a bit with SLOW. You can also cast MUTE to prevent him from casting COMA, but this seems to prompt the boss to use a lightning attack that hits everyone more  frequently. Keep everyone healed, focus on striking him with your weapons as much as possible and this battle should end quickly.

Kaja House (Revisited)

   Your heroes will receive the MOUSTACHE upon slaying Sidon. You may as well cast FLEE or use a RAT TAIL to leave, then return to Kaja House. Talk to Kaja and he’ll give you 2000g and move out of your way. You can now use the back door of his home to reach Bonzley.


   Walk south and hug the eastern coast. You’ll come to a mountain with a hill just to the north of it. Go east past the hill and you’ll see a patch of snow and a town. Enter the town and you’ll be in Bonzley. Visit the weapon shop and pick up some SPEARS or a VULCANGUN if you don’t have anything better. If you buy anything from the armor shop, make it ANGLEHATS, they offer decent defence and increase your luck, which is a useful stat. LETHARMR is another wise purchase. Snag a few CALM HERBS at the item shop, you’ll need them later on. The house in the northeast has a bed in it that you can rest in. Visit the house in the southeast and check the pot to the left for 500g; the man in this house will tell you Garados is hiding out in a mine to the west…

Alpin Shrine

Preparation: This place is home to some tougher monsters. Bring some restorative items along and don’t be afraid to grind up to level 18 or so. Buy a few CALM HERBS at Bonzley for the coming boss fight as well.

Area 1 (Kustera)

   The shrine is located in the mountains just south of Bonzley. Walk north and enter the door. You will see the usual green and yellow barriers. Take the green barrier down and enter the room to get a COWBOYHAT, 2000g, and a MOON DROP. That’s it for Kustera, so switch to Aqutallion.

Area 1 (Aqutallion)

   Turn off the yellow barrier and enter the room. Go south from the entrance to this room and walk through the doorway.

Area 2

   Walk south and pass the first ladder you see, then climb down the next one. Walk east to grab a TELEPO and make your way back to the first ladder. Climb down the ladder and had west until you find a chest with 300g, then walk back east to the next ladder. Climb down this ladder and go east to get a MOON DROP, then swing back west, cross the bridge, and walk north to find a COWBOYHAT. Then climb down the ladder to the south, go east and climb up the next ladder to get the chest with a RAT TAIL in it. Climb back down and go through the door to the north.

Area 3

   Take a few steps south and open the chest for a POWERCANE, then cross the bridge to the east. Next climb the ladder to the north and enter the cave opening in the north wall.

Area 4

   Not much to see here, so head up the ladder and enter the next room.

Area 5

   Garados waits here. Heal up if you need to and talk to him when you are ready to fight…

Boss 6: Garados

   Garados is pretty nasty. He’ll blast you with FREEZE 2 and SNOWSTORM, dealing roughly 10-35 damage to everyone with each spell. Garados will also cast EVADE 3, which causes daze status (this will make allies attack each other) and MUTE, which can prevent you from casting spells. Attack him with FIRE 2 and FREEZE 2, you may also want to cast SLOW on him. Being about level 18 will make this fight smoother, because of all the status effects this boss throws around. It’s also wise to bring along some CALM HERBS to cure Dazed and Mute. Garados will eventually die if you spam spells at him enough, but make sure you keep everyone healed up, especially in case someone gets confused by the boss’s magic.

Getting Cody

   Go through the door where Garados was standing and talk to the lion. Tina points out that he has been turned into gold and the party warps out of the dungeon. Hmmmm…guess it’s time to visit Kaja!

Kaja House (Revisted Again)

   Kaja will kindly transform Cody into a plain old lion after you speak to him. He’ll also mention that a warrior to the south can change Cody back into a human again. Well, off we go…

Shark’s House

   Go south, past Bonzley and you’ll see a lonely building. Talk to the Kustera named Shark and he’ll tell you to go back to Old Hill to find help for Cody.

Old Hill (Saving Cody)

   Take Cody into the shrine in Old Hill and stand on the central star tile. Cody will become human again and join you. Afterwards you will be told your next ally waits in Decatas. You may also want to explore Old Hill a bit before leaving. There’s plenty of new stuff to see, but the most useful thing here at the moment is the SUP-PLUM that can be found in the house just north of the shrine. You’ll probably be tempted to level Cody up, but hold off on it until after you visit Decatas (trust me here).

Decatas (Saving Leona)

   Return to the poor part of Decatas and enter the center building in the row of homes to the north. Three shady looking characters occupy the room, why not say “Hello”? Leona will appear once you speak to the three men, then Dram will spirit her away to the rich part of town. You’ve probably noticed the stream that runs through Decatas. Walk along the southern wall of the poor section, following the narrow pathway between the stream and wall east. You will come to a dead end. Hit A to talk to an NPC hidden here and buy the bomb for 100g. Now take the bomb to northeastern wall with green houses behind it. You will see a thin section in the wall, stand in front of it, open your inventory, and use the bomb. The wall will be destroyed in the explosion and you can now explore the rich part of town.

   Go to the house to the west and check the pots and cupboards to find 1180g. Check out the house in the northeast corner to find a QUICKROBE in a chest of drawers. An old person in the house just above the weapon shop complains about noise, try sleeping in the bed across from them…

You’ll fall into a pit after walking into the bed and find Leona, who will then join you. Now is a good time to get her some gear, particularly a QUICKROBE and a YO-YO.

Levelling Cody and Leona Up

   Both Leona and Cody join at about level 5, which just won’t do. First buy them some gear. ANGLEHATS and LNGBOOTS are good for both characters. Get Cody some armor at Decatas and a SPEAR from Bonzley. Buy Leona a QUICKROBE and a YO-YO in Decatas. You can level these guys up wherever you like, but I recommend the Alpin Shrine, because the monsters give high exp. About level 15 or 16 should be enough to get your new teammates off to a good start.

Part 4: The New Continent

Old Tunnel

    Talk to Baz at Old Hill and he’ll mention a strange rock he found, then Digger will pop out of the wall. You can now visit a new continent by passing through the tunnel, which is straightforward and unremarkable.

The Road to Box Town

Note: The monsters around here are the same creatures you fought in the Alpin Shrine, except that they tend to attack in larger groups, so don’t hesitate to run if Cody and Leona are lower than level 10.

   You can only really go east after exiting the tunnel, so walk through the snowy area (which will damage you, unless you cast STEP) and head further east through the mountains. Eventually you’ll come to a town by the sea named Box Town.

Box Town

   Make sure you hit the weapon shop in the northeast part of town and buy everyone a pair of SPDSHOES (which are superior to most of the footwear in this game since they add 4 points to speed). As usual, feel free to explore a bit. The house in the northeast has a MAGBRANCH hidden in a pot near the door and Uncle Save is hanging out in the house near the entrance. Once you are done exploring, pay a visit to the big tent, but be sure to pick some GLOVES up from the weapon store first. Andy waits at the northern end of the tent and he will tell you to come back with GLOVES if you have a different weapon equipped. Make sure you have Ray equip the gloves and heal him up, since he has to fight Andy one on one.

Fight!: Andy

   Say “yes” to Andy’s challenge. This fight is simple, just pummel Andy until he is out cold. Magic won’t work on him, but you can heal yourself, so do so when necessary. You’ll get over 2000 exp for this fight.


   Leave Box Town and go southeast across a rather narrow strip of land. Sleepers will be to your left, sitting by a bay. There isn’t much to do here, but feel free to explore anyway. Once you are ready, go in the house at the southwestern end of town and talk to the guy in white. Make sure you are healed up, because Arthur likes to fight!

Fight!: Arthur

   You should have no problem if your average party level is 16 or greater. Just hit him with normal attacks and the fight will end in three rounds or so. The only thing you really have to watch out for is his COMA spell, which he uses every now and then, but it only affects one party member at a time, which isn’t much of a problem.


   The town of Karappon lies slightly to the southeast of Sleepers. If there wasn’t much to see in Sleepers, there’s nothing to see here. Save your game in the southeastern house and then head over to the big blue building. Arithree waits for you in the warehouse, talk to him and…he’ll join you (did you expect a fight?). In fact all three brothers will join you and clear the rock just below Karappon. You can go back to Old Hill and check out the warehouse if you like or push onward.

Don’t forget Kustera!

   Take a few minutes to get your Kustera team some new weapons and armor if you haven’t already. SPDSHOES and ANGLEHATS are still a good choice for your new teammates. You may also want to build their levels a bit, since your new allies start at about level 5.

The Road to Brasca

   Return to Karappon and walk south to exit through the southern end of town. With the big rock gone, you can now explore the rest of the land mass. This area is segmented by the many lakes and streams that run through it. Follow the land bridge southwest of Karappon as it winds it’s way southeast to find Coda. A Star Shrine is located in this area, but you may want to wait before exploring it. For more info on the shrine, visit Part 5 Star Shrine #3.


   This town isn’t really important right now, but it makes for a nice rest stop. The item shop sells RESTORES, which can be quite useful. You may also want to pick up some new weapons, particularly WARHAMMERS. The priest in the church at the south end of town will save your game.


   Leave the town of Coda and take a few steps west into the forest, then go south. Eventually you will see a mountain range, a hill, and a patch of desert. From the patch of desert, walk about 25 paces to the south through the huge dessert and you will come across an oasis with a town nestled inside. Enter Lagoon and check around a bit if you wish, but once again this town is really just a waypoint. There is a lady who will tell you Brasca is to the south if you talk to her with Aqutallion. Upon leaving as the Aqutallion party you will encounter Dram…


   After speaking to Dram, a strange thing will happen: everyone in town will vanish and you’ll find yourself in a vast desert that has countless Lagoons scattered about. Entering one of these towns will just warp you back to where you started and you need to find the right one to exit this illusion. Fortunately, the exit is nearby, just walk about fifteen paces to the southeast from where you start and enter the town. You will see a bright light and find yourself standing in front of the real Lagoon.


   Head south from Lagoon and push on until you reach a mountain range. Turn east and walk out onto the peninsula to find Brasca. Once you enter something, will happen and you’ll find yourself exploring a rather somber town. There’s not much here now, but take time to visit the houses and at least save your game. You can also rest at the town inn for 16g if needed. Residents mention an old well in town, which you can find past a row of trees in the northeast. Make sure you are using Aqutallion when you try to enter the well. Once you are ready, walk on top of the well to fall in…

Ancient Well

Preparation: Some of the creatures that populate this area are venomous, so you may want to pack an antidote or two. Be sure to rest up at the Brasca in before venturing in here so your party is at their best.

Area 1

   There’s not much to do here aside from deactivate the barrier and move on.

Area 2

   Climb down the ladder into the lake of fire and have Cody cast STEP to prevent the party from taking damage as they walk. Take the ladder that’s a few steps to the east. (You may want to spend some time fighting the Bolt Fish that inhabit this fiery lake, because they drop the DISCARMR, Leona’s second best weapon; while the DISCARMAR’s attack power may not seem all that impressive, it gets a bonus “rapid attack”) Take a few steps south, cross the grey stone bridge to the east, and enter the room to the north. There’s a chest with some BREAD and a switch you can push in here; push the switch and exit the room.

    Now take the ladder next to the bridge to find that the lava has moved to the lower level, so climb down the ladder. Go west a few paces and climb the first ladder you see. Cross the bridge and enter the room. Mmmm..more BREAD waits in a chest and there’s another switch in this room. Give the switch a push and leave. Go back down the ladder, then head west and climb the last ladder you see. Head up to the doorway and enter. Grab a TELEPO from the box, hit the switch, and leave. Take a few a steps east and climb the second ladder you see. Enter the room to move on.

Area 3

   Walk north and follow the path as it hooks east, then enter the door. You will enter a small house. Heal up if need be and talk to the man in blue.

Boss 7: Dram

   The outcome of this fight will really depend on your level and whether or not you have the DISCARMAR. I say this, because a higher level party that has access to spells like FIRE 3 and/or the DISCARMAR will tear Dram apart with ease. Lower level parties without Leona’s second best weapon may struggle or at least have to hunker down for a long fight. Dram has a sizable HP pool, decent physical defense, and can strike the same character twice in a turn.

   Casting SLOW 2 a few times on the outset of the battle is wise. You may also want to have Cody cast POWER if he is having trouble dealing damage to Dram. Leona should simply attack (especially if you have the DISCARMAR) and Ray should cast FIRE 2 or 3. Have Tina heal or cast her ice spell when necessary. It’s really important to watch your HP here, because this boss packs a punch. If you SLOW him enough or happen to be a high level, you can heal when you’re below 50% HP. Otherwise you may want to keep your heroes topped off, because Dram’s attacks can knock an ally out in a couple of rounds. There are no nasty tricks waiting in this fight aside from Dram’s formidable physical strength, so be vigilant and you will eventually win.

Post Battle

   Dan will join you after the battle. You’ll probably want to visit Old Hill right away, but don’t forget to buy Dan some gear. The usual QUICKROBE, SPDSHOES, and ANGLEHAT combo will work for your new party member. You can give Dan hand-me-down weapons, because his attack power sucks.

Part 5: The Star Shrines and the Orbs

Note: The game becomes a bit more open ended at this point. You can complete the Star Shrines (some of which we visited earlier) before Onaska and in any order you choose. You will have to become Banalet before getting the second orb, however, which requires completing the shrines. The order listed below is what I consider to be the most straightforward and efficient from my experience.

   Upon returning to Old Hill, you will notice quite a few things have changed since you left. Talk to Dynamite and he’ll ask you to grab some GOLDNAILS. Do a bit more exploring and Bun will mention that his boss had some GOLDNAILS.

The Goldnails

   This part of the game is a bit cryptic. You probably figured out that you have to go back to the lone house west of Winds, but you will have to look carefully to find the nails. There’s still one of those tarps with an “X” on it hanging on the house. Walk behind it and hit A to find the GOLDNAILS. Now return to Old Hill.

The Ships

   Give dynamite the GOLDNAILS and he’ll tell you that the ships just east of town are complete. Just walk into one of them to board the vessel.

Preparing Dan

   Dan is about level 10 when he joins, which won’t do. Luckily the sea is a good place to grind experience thanks to the high amounts of exp awarded by defeating the denizens of the deep. You may also want to level Kustera up a bit as well, but keep in mind that getting them past level 20 is optional.  

Getting Shark

   Remember the guy who lived in the house to the southwest of Bonzley? He will join up now that you have all of the Aqutallions.

The Blue Orb

   Use FLY BY to get to Giant and take the ship northwest until you reach an island with two towns, a mountain, and some snow. Enter the northernmost town first.


Recommended Purchases: Battle ax, Musyasuit, Ninja Suit, Ninjastar

   Visit the large building in the center of town and check the pot on the second floor to find 600g, there’s also a RESTORE by the beds to the right. Then go up the stairs on the right and check the chest of drawers at the back of the room if you want an ANTIDOTE. Talk to the man inside and he’ll ask you to defeat Jubei of Onsaka.


   The city of Onaska lies just southwest of Edon. There isn’t much here aside from some shops that sell similar items to those found in Edon and an inn. When you are ready, go to the house to the north and talk to the man on the right if you are prepped for combat.

Fight!: Jubei

   Jubei packs a punch and can put those he hits to sleep. Luckily, he can only strike a single target per turn, which makes him manageable. Debuff him with SLOW, have Dan cast BOMB and REGAIN (if you have it), and let the others beat on him. CURE B level 2 can be used to wake sleeping allies up, so don’t hesitate to use it to make life easier. Once Jubei is finished, he will join you as Kustera.

Edon (Revisited)

   The ruler of Edon promised a reward for defeating Jubei and it’s time to collect. Return to the big house in the center of town and talk to the old guy again to get the RED ORB, an important item. Our work here is done, so let’s press onward.

The Star Shrines

   You will need to visit the Star Shrines before heading out to Moreeyes to obtain the RED ORB. If you’ve followed this guide, then portions of some of the shrines have been completed by Kustera. There are also a few shrines that can be cleared later on, but I suggest exploring all of them now in order to not only obtain important story items early, but stock up on the useful items contained in the shrines.

Star Shrine #1 (Aqutallion)

Preparation: Have Ray equipped with the best gear possible and be levelled to at least 23 to ensure that the coming battle goes smoothly.

   Remember the shrine to the south of Old Hill? Take Aqutallion there and prepare Ray for his trial. Make sure you are healed up (step on the silver tile inside the shrine to do so) and walk over to the gold tile. Ray will find himself alone. Enter the building and talk to the flame to initiate a boss fight.

Boss Fight 8: Fire

   Talk to the flame and answer “yes” to start the battle. Fire barely qualifies as a boss, but this is an important phase of the game. At any rate, you should have little trouble beating this guy if you are in the mid twenties level-wise and have decent gear. Fire will, of course, cast FIRE 2, “blow fire” or use a physical attack on Ray. Just hit him with your weapon and heal when needed. This fight probably won’t go on for more than five or six rounds before you win. Once Fire is defeated, Ray will gain the rank of BANALET and you will be ready to move on to the next shrine.

Star Shrine #2 (Aqutallion)

   Remember the Star Shrine west of Victory Bridge? Take Tina over there and make sure she is ready to fight. As before, you can step on the silver tile to heal up and the gold tile will take you to the water palace when you are ready. Once in the water palace, walk up to the mermaid and say “yes” to her question if you are ready to fight her.

Boss 9: Mermaid

   Once again, Mermaid only just barely qualifies as a boss if you have Tina up to at least level 23. Mermaid will cast FAST and SLOW very often during this battle. She’ll also attack occasionally. Just have Tina pound away at her with her weapon and the fight should go smoothly. Tina’s main disadvantage here is her weak attack power, but her high luck should come through with a few “sharp hits” that will pierce the boss’s defenses. If things start to get dodgy, use FAST 2 and heal up when needed. Tina will become a BANALET after winning this battle.

Star Shrine #3

   Teleport to Karappon, pass through the south side of town and continue west on the world map. This shrine is a bit harder to find, because it’s located on a narrow peninsula. Following the river and going south down a narrow strip of land may help you locate this shrine. You can also refer to the map included with this guide in Section 1.


   You may as well bring both parties here, since you’ll need a quest item from this shrine soon. As usual, the gold tile will heal Kustera and the silver will take them into the shrine.

Floor 1

Go down the stairs on the left and you will enter a room with a green barrier and four staircases. Take the southern one for starters. Follow the hallways and go down the steps until you reach floor 3.

Floor 3

   A few paces north of the steps you’ll find water, go west from here to find a chest with a RAT TAIL in it. Next follow the path as it winds northwest to reach a staircase that leads up.

Floor 2

   Go east after taking the steps up and take the next set of stairs. You’ll emerge on floor 1 at the north set of steps.

Floor 1 (again)

   Take the western stairs down.

Floor 2 (west side)

   Follow the path, grab the ASPIRIN and then go back to the first floor.

Floor 1 (yet again)

   Take the eastern steps.

Floor 2 (east side)

   Head west then north at the fork in the road. Continue through the corridor as it turns east and pick up the CROWN. Now return to the fork. Go south along the twisting corridor and walk down the steps.

Floor 3

   Follow the hallway as it leads north, then west to yet another set of steps. Climb them up to the next floor.

Floor 2

   A chest waits just south of the steps. Open it to get 2000g, then head south to another staircase. Go down the steps.

Floor 3

   Walk north to find a MOON DROP, then go south back to the water. Now, go west and up the steps to the first floor. Open the chests to get a BARRIER, FIRECANE, and the ELEDIUM. You may as well use the RAT TAIL you found to leave, there’s nothing left here.


   Well, all you have to do with Aqutallion here is hop on the gold tile and fight the boss, same as before.

Boss 10: Cold Wind and Hot Wind

   Cody is a strong fighter, but the winds can be dangerous if they combine their powers. It’s wise to be level 23+ in this fight. Keep an eye on Cody’s HP and use healing items when needed. Concentrate on a specific enemy until it’s dead, then begin attacking the next. You may want to slay Cold first, since Hot drains your HP, which makes the battle with her drag out. With Cold dead, you’ll have to worry less about taking damage. Just like before, Cody will rank up.

Star Shrine #4

   From Old Hill take the ship north, then west until you come across a snowy island.


Note: I did not list out every detail of the dungeon and you will miss one or two items unless you explore it more fully yourself.

   Once again, there’s a dungeon here for Kustera to explore by stepping on the silver tile. Go down the steps to the west after using the tile.

Floor 1

   Unlock the barrier and go down the steps to the south.

Floor 2

   Walk north until you find a chest. Open it to get a RESTORE. Now go up the steps to the south.

Floor 1

   Go down the steps to the east.

Floor 2

   Walk north and open the chest to get a CROWN. Next head south and take the corridor that leads east. There’s a staircase in a corridor that leads north about halfway through the hallway. Go down, grab the BRKNMOON and return to floor 2. Walk east until you come to a chest with a RAT TAIL, then go down the steps.

Floor 3

    Go south from the steps, then take the eastern path at the fork. Keep following the hallway south and open the box to get a CALMCANE. Next, follow the corridor that ran parallel to the one with the CALMCANE north until you see a path leading west. Follow the path and go up the steps. Now for a twisting maze of stair cases, which I will explain for the sake of clarity.

Floor 2

   Take the steps to the north.

Floor 1

   Go south, take the steps by the water.

Floor 2

   Walk north and climb the stairs.

Floor 1

   Continue eastward, go down the steps.

Floor 2

   Go around the pool of water and walk down the steps on the other side.

Floor 3

   Head south and climb the steps to get to floor two, then go up the steps to F1 and grab 5000g from the box. Return to F3 and go west from the stairs leading back up. Go up the steps at the end of the hall.

Floor 2

   Take the steps to the south.

Floor 3

    Climb the eastern steps.

Floor 2

    Take the steps to the north in this tiny room.

Floor 1

     Three chests containing a MIRROR, ORGANIUM, and a BOLTCANE await you to the east. After collecting them, warp out of this dungeon.


   As before, make sure everyone is healed and enter the gold tile.

Boss 11: Clay

   Leona has nothing to fear if she possesses the mighty DISCARMAR. Have her attack repeatedly and she will defeat Clay in no time, becoming BANALET in the process. If Leona doesn’t have the DISCARMAR, then make sure you have some healing items on hand and don’t bother casting spells on the boss. At level 23 or greater, Leona should have enough defense to render Clay’s attacks ineffective, so this battle should be easy either way.

Part 6: Aqutallion Restored

   With the defeat of Clay, the Aqutallion party will get a nifty cutscene and Dan will rank up automatically. Afterwards you will be transported to Old Hill. Now that everyone is powered up, it’s time to get that second orb.

The Road to Moreeyes

    Cast FLY BY and select Bonzely. Hop on the ship and follow the coast southwest until you see a small island with a cave on it. Bear just slightly to the southwest from the tiny island and you will come across a larger island with a town on its southern end. Welcome to Moreeyes!


   Head up to the shrine and talk to the person inside who will ask you to retrieve a golden Moai statue that was stolen by pirates. You can explore the village to get info and find some goodies. The northeastern house has 200g sitting in a pot, the southeastern house is an armor shop*, the southwestern building is an inn/item shop, and Uncle Save along with a MAGBRANCH are in the northwestern building.

*I don’t recommend buying any of the gear here at the moment, but you may want the GAS MASKS for the fight with Clarken.

Ghost Cave

   You may want to be at least level 22 before entering this place, which shouldn’t be a problem for Aqutallion, since they do the most dungeoneering. Kustera may be under-leveled, however, which is fine as long as you bring some RESTORES and keep your wits about you. You’ll also want to be wary of Summoners, who can instantly kill a party member with VANISH.

Area 1

   Go down the ladder just south of the entrance to get a RAT TAIL, then climb back up and continue east to the next ladder. Grab the PLUM-PLUM and go down yet another ladder. Follow the narrow path between the pond and the cliff until you reach a bridge and a doorway that you should enter.

Area 2

   Take a few steps east from the entrance to find an ANTISTOP, then go south from the entrance and climb the ladder. Climb down the next ladder and you’ll see the exit to this area to the northeast.

Area 3

   Go north and you will see some chests behind green barriers that Kustera will need to open. The Kustera chests hold: ANTIDOTE, 1000g, PLUM-PLUM, and CALM-HERB. The other four chests are up for grabs and contain: RESTORE, BREAD, MOON DROP, and ASPIRIN. Once you are finished plundering the treasures, walk north and be ready to fight!

Boss 12: Undead

   Yup, this guy is literally undead. Hit him hard with normal attacks and be ready to heal, because he will attack his targets twice, dealing serious damage. If you have trouble cutting through his defenses, use unity magic like ICE FIRE. Undead can also Daze or Mute party members, so be ready to cast the appropriate CURE spell. A few rounds of attacks should send Undead back to the grave. Open the chest to receive the GOLD-MOAI and return to Moreeyes.

Moreeyes (Revisited)

   Go to the temple and give the moai to Murray, who will then join you. You’ll also get the BLUE-ORB. Now it’s time to put those orbs to use.

Boss 13: Clarken

   Go to Bonzely and board your ship. Sail towards Shark’s house and you’ll see the entrance to a bay with a green spot in it (the water is a lighter blue as well) just before you reach Shark’s home. Prepare for a fight and sail into the green area. Clarken isn’t really much of a threat, in fact he is about as strong as Undead, who you just defeated. Expect fairly damaging rapid attacks and gas attacks that will hit the entire party (the GASMASK may come in handy here). Clarken has a boatload of HP (hehe, couldn’t resist), so be prepared for a longish fight. Have Dan cast BOMB when he isn’t healing to speed things up. Once you win, you’ll get the TACOSMIN. Return to Decatas with the TACOSMIN.

Decatas (Lab)

   Before visiting the lab where you met Dynamite, you may want to go to the antique shop and sell the TICKET for a hefty price, though you may not need the money at this point. Go to the basement and talk to the scientist standing by the rocket. He’ll take the TACOSMIN off your hands and let you ride the rocket. Enjoy the cutscene and get ready to explore…


   You’ll crash land in a building that is strangely unaffected by the explosion. Go down the hatch in the northeastern corner of the room. Talk to the guy in red to learn that one of HOMNCRUSE’S followers, Booth, needs killing. The building at the north end of town that resembles a silo is actually an overpriced inn. Check the chest of drawers in the northeastern house to get an IRONSUIT. Uncle Save and a RAT-TAIL await you in another silo-like house to the south. Evelyn, a Kustera is in the building next to where Uncle Save is staying, talk to her and she’ll join.

Recommended Purchases: You can skip most of the stuff sold here, especially the armor, because better gear can be found in the next town. The LASERGUN is a good buy for Ray, because of its increased damage vs. Robots.

The Road to Booth’s Castle

   This is a long walk indeed. The upper continent wraps around the world, so walk east from Elekees until you reach a maze-like land formation. Head south and to the east until you reach a town resting on a peninsula.


   This town has been ravaged badly by the villains, but there’s good gear and a place to rest here.

Recommended Purchases: The EAGLEARMOR not only boasts strong defense, but also increases the wearer’s speed. The DRESS also boosts speed. Don’t bother buying weapons, you’ll find better stuff in the castle.

Booth Castle

Preparation: Expect a tough journey here. The enemies deal respectable damage and some, like the ghost, cast VANISH 2 which can kill party members instantly. Both Kustera and Aqutallion can challenge the castle, but I recommend using Aqutallion. Bring healing items, especially MOON DROPS and a BRKNMOON with you. It’s also wise to be about level 28 or higher, because the boss is quite strong.

    Booth’s fortress lies just south of Alazina. There’s a number of teleport pads here, so be ready to pick your way through a maze. I refer to each pad with a number to make navigating this place less confusing. Pad 1 leads to Pad 2. Pad 3 takes you to Pad 4, etc etc.

Floor 1

   After entering the castle step on Pad 1 to the north. A chest with some BREAD can be found to the east of Pad 2. Pad 3 waits just west of Pad 2. Hop on Pad 3 and go north from Pad 4, then turn east at the crossroads. Turn north at the next junction and you will find a chest that contains a WIZROBE. Walk east and you will see Pad 5, just go under the platform to reach it. Be sure to get the MOON DROP near Pad 6. Now get on Pad 7 which is directly north of Pad 4. Follow the path from Pad 8 and go up the steps to leave this floor.

Floor 2

   Walk west from the steps and go east, then south at the first bend. Keep south until you see a section of the pathway that has broken off (there’s a teleport pad just west of it) and step off of the ledge…


   You’ll land near a chest containing the FIRESWRD, which can be used to cast the powerful unity spell BURN BLADE if paired with FIRE 1. Cody is the best choice to have equip your new sword. Now backtrack to floor 2.

Floor 2 (Revisited)

   Return to the area where you fell and grab the MIRROR out of the chest that is slightly northwest of the pad. Now hop go on pad 9, which is the only one you can access from here. The FIREARMOR waits in a chest just north of pad 10. Walk up the steps to reach the next area.

Floor 3

   Head south from the steps until you reach another ledge, jump off and collect the RED HOOD, another excellent piece of gear that Leona can put to good use. Return to floor three and walk south, then east and you’ll see a chest to the north. Open it to get 1000g. Now go back to the steps and press along the eastern part of the path to reach pad 11. The next staircase is to the southeast of pad 12.

Floor 4

   Heal up and make sure Tina, Ray, and Dan have full or nearly full MP. Talk to the guy in the robe when you are ready for battle.

Boss 14: Booth

   Booth is the greatest challenge you have faced thus far. While his physical attacks are middling, he can cast deadly offensive spells like BOMB 2 and FIRE 3. You would do well to have Leona cast MIRROR 1, which will reflect spells back at Booth. You may also want to have Tina cast SLOW on Booth to cut his defenses down a bit. Make sure everyone is healed to at least 100HP, because this boss is fast and dangerous. From an offensive standpoint, having Ray and Cody use BURN BLADE will deal good damage to Booth. Leona can whittle away at the boss’s HP and maybe get a lucky critical in, especially if you debuff him with SLOW enough. Dan and Tina may end up healing a lot, but use BOMB 2 and SLOW when possible. Booth has a respectable Hit Point pool, which means this can turn into a protracted battle.

Leaving Booth Castle

   For some reason, the FLEE spell does not work here. You’ll have to go down to the third floor and jump off of the ledge again to exit the castle after defeating Booth.

Elekees (Revisited)

   Pay Dr. Ash a visit and he’ll give you the NIAGARAN, a nifty ship that can traverse waterfalls. Gara is our next target, so rest up.

The Road to Gara Castle

   Exit Elekees and walk west until you encounter a river and your new vessel. Follow the river north and you will soon come to a waterfall. There’s a small indentation in the bottom of the falls, push against it and your ship will ascend the waterfall. The town of Dengars lies northeast of the lake.


   This town is tiny and has little of interest. Don’t talk to the guy in blue, unless you want to lose 1000g. Visit the bunny girl in the north end of town and give her 400g in exchange for a BUNNYSUIT. In fact, buy 2 more so all the guys in the party can wear them. Now leave this town and set off for Amaboss to the west.


   Get back on the boat and sail westward, you will find Amabosss sitting on a peninsula south of Castle Gara, which is enclosed in a mountain range. Have Ray, Cody, and Dan put on the BUNNYSUITS before you talk to the guards and they will let you in. You will not get far before the guards decide to take you to the ruler of Amaboss who will ask if you are male. Just say “yes” and she will tell you to kill Gara. Kathy and Beth will join Kustera as an added bonus. Now you can explore the town. There’s a few shops here and you will find Uncle Save in the northeastern building along with a pot that contains 1000g. When you are ready, go back to the palace in the north part of town and go down the stairs on the first floor to reach the secret tunnel.

Secret Path

   Take down the gold barrier and step on the tile, then go through the door. Next, take the ladder in the northwest to get the SWIM-SUIT, a nice piece of armor, and then climb the ladder to the north. Enter the doorway and grab the RESTORE, then click the switch to lower the water level. Now go back and climb the eastern ladder. You can now enter the drained pond and grab the MOON DROP before going up the ladder to the north.

Gara Castle

    This dungeon is rather nonlinear and difficult to break into sections as a result. The following portion of the guide is designed to provide the reader with a quick route through the castle that also covers the important items.

Floor 1

   Take either door to enter the castle. A CROWN waits in the chest in the northeastern corner of the room. Ascend the steps that are just west of the main entrance.

Floor 2

   Walk east and go through the gap in the southern wall to the exterior.

Exterior (East)

   Go up the steps, enter the door, then go down the next set of steps to enter a room with a chest that contains ICEARMOR. Return to the exterior and enter the tower in the northeast. Go down the steps to reach floor 2, then take the steps to the south to get to the first floor. Head west then south to find the next staircase that leads to the second floor. Next climb the steps to the north to get to the third floor.

Exterior (West)

   Go out the door and you’ll be on the western side of the exterior. Enter the tower to the north. Walk down the steps and grab the IDOLDRESS, then head back up. You’ll be back in the tower, take the next steps up to floor 5 and go outside.


   Go east and enter the door, climb up to floor 6, go outside and enter the western tower. Climb the steps to get the HEELS. Go back to the eastern tower and climb up to the 8th floor. Refill your HP/MP and talk to Gara when you are ready.

Boss 15: Gara

   This boss likes to cast STORM 2 a lot. Counter with REGAIN and have Leona cast MIRROR. SLOW doesn’t affect Gara, so have Tina help heal and attack. BOMB 2 and BURN BLADE will be your best friends in this fight, so use them. Leona should be able to help just by attacking. Ultimately, Gara is a straightforward fight and you should be fine, just beware of spike damage from her BOLT 2 spell. Bash her enough and you will emerge victorious.

Elekees (Ash’s house)

   A dramatic scene takes place after you beat Gara and Ash will rescue you in the nick of time. He’ll also give you his GYROCOPTER.

Part 7: The Fall of Homncruse

Improving Old Hill ** Optional **

   Your town has been fully rebuilt by now. In fact there’s some new stuff and you can visit Dynamite to get a VIT-PLUM. There’s also some NPCs you can pick up if you explore.

Gonta: Go to Codo and talk to the smithy. He’ll tell you Gonta is hiding in the temple. Push along the wall of the temple to find a hidden door and Gonta in the basement. Talk to him and he’ll join you.

Jill: Go to Decatas, enter the hospital and talk to the nurse. Say “Yes” to her question and she’ll join.

   Ash will tell you to go to Hidon and talk to Parakless. Cast FLY BY to get to Old Hill, then hop in the GYROCOPTER and fly east to a town surrounded by mountains.


   Welcome to another bombed out town. There’s nothing really worth buying here unless you need to outfit Kustera. The SILVARMR is worth a look, but keep in mind you will get one for free soon. Uncle Save is hanging out in the house near the entrance. Once you are done poking around town, go into the cave just north of the inn.

Misty Pass & Lab

   Only Aqutallion can enter the pass. Watch out for the monsters around here, they like to spam STORM 2  and can be quite deadly. Go east through the small cave after taking the gold barrier down. Climb the series of ladders and you’ll reach a cave. Enter it to move on. Go down the steps to enter the lab. Approach the door and you will be treated to a very in informative bit of dialogue. Go through the door and examine the machine. Flip the switch and you will be transported to a shrine. Step on the tile inside to be transported yet again. Step on the tiles inside for some info and head back out. The mysterious Bosen will pop up and tell you to go to Donto, so let’s get to it.


   The town of Donto is just southwest of Old Hill on an island ringed by mountains. There’s a BRKNMOON hidden in a pot in the northernmost cabin and a MIRROR in the house above the weapon shop. The weapon shop sells powerful stuff, but you really don’t need any of it. After speaking to everyone, talk to the guy in the northern cabin again. The work whistle will blow and everyone will enter the lab, which is your chance to sneak in. Step on the tile inside the building and you will be transported to Steeler Lab.

Recommended Purchases: While Aqutallion may not need the stuff here, Kustera can certainly benefit from weapons like the GREAT-AX. The punch these weapons pack comes at the cost of speed, however, so choose wisely.

Steeler Lab

This area is not difficult, but the pits and teleport pads can make it confusing. The LASERGUN is highly effective here since the lab is populated by robots.


   Drop down the hole to the east, then head north and get on the telepad. Open the chest to get a SILVARMR. Now go over to the chest to the southwest to get the ROSESHOES (the best footwear for females). Drop down the hole next to you and start exploring the next floor.


   Jump down the hole that is in the northeastern corner. Open the chest to get a BARRIER and jump on the pad next to the chest. There’s a hole tucked into a corner just southeast of where the pad sends you. Grab the DISCARMAR and get on the nearby pad. Jump down the hole to the west, step on the pad next to you and then fall down another hole that is on the western end of the room. Take the MIRROR and get on the pad to the north. Go back up to B1 and fall down the hole in the southeastern corner. Follow the narrow path north and go down the hole.


Open the chest just below you to get a RAT TAIL. Go southwest to find another chest containing a MOON DROP. Go down the hole right next to you to reach the engine room.

Engine Room

   There are four silver, box-like machines surrounding a fifth one in the center. Go around the room hitting the switches on the outer four machines (examine the center panel on each machine to do so) and then do the same to the center machine after all four switches have been flipped. The lab in Decatas will explode.

Old Hill (Exiled!)

   Look around Old Hill and speak to the mayor of Decatas who is standing by the temple. Make sure you get everything you need before talking to the mayor, because you won’t be able to enter Old Hill for a while afterwards. Next stop: Brisben!

Note: You may want to stash all the MIRRORS you have collected in the warehouse (don’t worry, you will be able to get them back shortly). MIRRORS will prove highly valuable in the final battle and you want to pack any you find away for later.


   Warp to Brasca and fly west until you reach an island that should have some familiar landmarks on it. The shrine of Brisben waits in the center of the isle. Walk north after entering Brisben and you’ll see a star tile. Step on the tile to proceed.

Brisben Hub

   Six staircases encircle the one in the center which leads out of Brisben and a stream bisects the room. All these stairs may appear daunting, but Brisben is relatively simple if you know where to go.

Eastern Stairs

    Take the eastern stairs and grab the 20000g and MOON DROP from the boxes, then follow the hallway east. Go down the steps in the small room to the north and head west until you reach some steps that lead up, climb them and go east. Go south at the crossroads to get the WINDSHOES (best shoes for males). Climb the steps to the north to return to the hub.

Southern Stairs

   Don’t bother going down here, you’ve already visited this floor and picked it clean.

Western Stairs

   Do not enter, it will just take you back to an area you explored already.

Northwestern Stairs **Path to the Boss**

   Go down the northwestern steps and then walk west to the next set of steps. Head east after going down the steps and climb up yet another staircase. Another set of steps wait in the tiny room, go up and you will be back at the hub, but on the other side of the stream. Go down the northeastern steps.

Northeastern Stairs

   Walk east, then south and go down the steps. The are two sets of steps in this next room, take the one on the right and grab the BARRIER in the chest. Go back up and go down the next staircase. Follow the hallway and go down the steps in the northern section of the room. Heal up before going any further, Godem waits in this room and will attack immediately.

Boss 16: Godem

   This boss is brutal. Godem can do some serious damage with BOLT 3 and can wipe your party in a couple of turns if you aren’t careful. He also uses a lesser lightning attack that did about 30 damage to everyone and a standard physical attack that packs a punch. Have Leona cast MIRROR 1 & 3 and Tina cast FAST 3 throughout the battle if she isn’t healing. Leona should also make sure Tina and Dan’s MP is full with MOON DROPS or a BRKNMOON as well as use RESTORES and other healing items when needed. Have Leona use her standard attack or BOLT 3 when not healing. Dan should use REGAIN 2 frequently to keep everyone above 100 HP, which is roughly what Godem’s BOLT 3 inflicts. Dan can also cast BOMB 2 or 3 when he is free to do so. BURN BLADE will be the bread and butter of your offensive, have Ray and Cody perform it throughout the battle. This fight will actually become easier as FAST 3 stacks and you will not only act before Godem, but take less damage from his attacks as well. Godem also seems to stop casting BOLT 3 after taking reflect damage from Leona’s MIRROR 1 spell. Plunder the chests once Godem is dead to get  the ELFINBOW, ICESWRD, BESTCLAW (equip Leona with this ASAP), RESTORE, and AQUTALIUM.

Old Hill (Liberated)

   It seems Decatas’ efforts to take over Old Hill fell through. Dynamite will show you a secret room in the shrine. Remember the IRIDIUM, ULTRIUM, ELEDIUM, ORGANIUM, and AQUTALIUM we collected earlier? Have Kustera put them in the warehouse and Aqutallion grab them. Taking them to the shrine will activate the UFO. Take some time to explore Old Hill first. Gonta has some armor to sell now and you may want to purchase some METLARMR for your Aqutallions.

   Go back to the shrine and enter the door behind the lamp with the -ium items. Examine the console inside the ship and it will take off. The Algos will then fly to Jeep Volcano.

The Algos

   This ship can transition from the lower to the upper continents if you hit the A button while flying. Hitting B will allow you move around inside the ship. Go down the steps inside the ship to enter the world map. Go through the doorway on the southwestern wall to enter Old Hill, which now sits atop the Algos. There’s another door in the southeastern corner of the control room that leads to a shop. You can exit Jeep by flying the UFO over the metal vent and re-enter it by hovering over the cone of the volcano.

Preparation for the Final Battle

   It’s wise to level up both parties a bit before challenging this dungeon. Kustera need only be around level 25 (you can go lower, but it’s a gamble, since you will have to run from everything) and Aqutallion should be upwards of level 33. Many challenging fights await the main party, so stock up on healing items. Make sure you give Kustera some of Aqutallion’s  obsolete gear, like the IDOLDRESS and SWIM SUIT.

Jeep Volcano (Interior)

   Exit the Algos by going down the steps and walk north. Enter the cave and you will find HOMNCRUSE’s four goons standing on star tiles. Each tile leads to one of the follower’s lair. Start with Dram, whose lair can be entered by stepping on the western tile.

Dram’s Lair (Kustera)

Note: You may want to bring Kathy whose ELFINBOW, which gets critical hits on beast type creatures along with its double attack. This makes her highly effective against the Galudas and Dragoons that infest this area.

   Just north of where you warp in, you will see three doorways, two of which are silver while the center one is gold. Kustera and Aqutallion will have to work together here. For starters, take the silver door to the west (walk up to it and push A it to go through it) and follow the hallway. Eventually you’ll see a chest behind a silver door that contains a ROYALSWRD (a useful weapon that gets two attacks per turn), grab it and go through the southern door. Go east along the path, hit the gold switch and go through the passage. Head north and you will encounter another silver door with a gold switch behind it. Hit the switch and return to the entrance of Dram’s Lair (casting FLEE will save you some time).

   Now go through the eastern door. This pathway is very linear like the previous one, hit the gold switch and go through the only silver door in the room above it. Next you have to follow another long path that turns south and pass through another silver door. Flip the gold switch and go back to the entrance. Now switch to Aqutallion.

Dram’s Lair (Aqutallion)

   Step through the gold door and go south. Follow the hallway and pass through the gold doors pushing westward the entire time. Eventually you will come to a room with a BRKNMOON in it. Dram waits for you just south of the box. Heal up and talk to Dram when you are ready to fight.

Boss 17: Bio Dram

   This boss is a one trick pony: he’ll just hit you with his rapid attack. Unfortunately, Dram’s attacks will deal considerable damage to a single target; anywhere from a total of 80 to 140 HP depending on the target’s defense. Have Tina spam FAST 3 to help mitigate that damage and Dan use HEAL 2 or 3 as needed (otherwise he should be casting BOMB). Leona should just attack normally and Ray/Cody should BURN BLADE Dram. There’s not much else to be said, just keep everyone’s  HP up and this battle will go fine.

Booth’s Lair (Kustera)

   Have your parties go back to the ship to heal up, stock up, and save. Another switch maze waits for you here. Kustera can fight Booth and get the CURECANE, but it’s best to let Aqutallion handle the boss. Go through the silver door and head east, then take the eastern pathway. The hallway will turn south and you have to go through a second silver door. Flick the switch next to the door and head back to the entrance.

Booth’s Lair (Aqutallion)

   Enter the gold door then follow the hallway to gold door number 2. You can open a passage here which will grant Kustera access to the boss, if you really want them to fight him. Otherwise, go through the next gold door. Follow the path and pass through two more gold doors. Head west once you see the boss’s room and get the WIZROBE from the box. Now go back towards the boss room and head north to reach Booth. Get the CURECANE out of the box and prepare for battle. Talk to Booth when you are ready.

Boss 18: Bio Booth

   As usual have Tina cast FAST 3 frequently and have Tina cast MIRROR 1 right away, which seems to deter Booth from casting his BOMB spell (don’t count on it though). As usual use BURN BLADE and have Dan heal and cast BOMB. This battle should be easy if you use the prescribed strategy, just watch out for Booth’s BOLT 2 and FIRE 3 spells which deal a fair amount of damage. Hop on the tile once the fight is over and prepare for the next area.

Gara’s Lair (Kustera)

   Yup, another maze. Take Kustera through the western silver door and follow the hallway to the next one. There’s a  switch right next to the second door, hit it, then go back to the entrance. It’s time to go through the middle door. Next, go east past the fork in the road and follow it south. The path will turn west and you’ll eventually come to a final switch, flip it. Return to the entrance, then swap to Aqutallion.

Gara’s Lair (Aqutallion)

  Go through the gold door and follow the path until you reach a gold door with a switch nearby. Hit the switch and go back to the entrance.

Gara’s Lair (Kustera) Part 2

   Go through the middle door and head south to the room that was originally closed off. Enter the silver door to the south and keep going until you get to another silver door. Go through the door, hit the switch behind it, then return to the entrance and swap to Aqutallion.

Gara’s Lair (Aqutallion) Part 2

   Take the same path as you did earlier, but this time you can move forward. Follow the path and you’ll come to a chest with a BRKNMOON in it. Heal up and approach Gara for the next battle.

Boss 19: Bio Gara

   The exact same strategy you used in the last two boss fights will work on Gara. This boss can put out some damage with BOLT 2, STORM 3, and FREEZE 3. Leona’s MIRROR 1 doesn’t seem to keep Gara from spamming group spells, so you’ll have to heal aggressively with REGAIN 2 or  3. On the bright side, Gara will get a taste of her own medicine thanks to MIRROR. Alternately, you use the MIRROR item on the rest of your party to really give her grief, but you may want to save these for later. Once Gara perishes you can leave via the tile she was standing on.

Godem’s Lair

   You can reach the boss directly, but there’s a BOLTSWRD here for those who want it. Open the switch to the north from the first silver door and have Aqutallion go east to the next gold door and hit the switch next to it. Pass through the door to the south hit another switch and go through the gold door parallel to the switch. Go through the door to the west to get the BOLTSWRD. Now you can fight Godem.

Boss 20: Bio Godem

   By now you know what to do, if not refer to bosses 17 & 18 for a general strategy. Keep in mind that Godem uses rapid attacks in conjunction with his spells, so beware sudden damage spikes. While Godem seems far less likely to use his group spells (BOLT 3) if someone has MIRROR up, he will still use his weaker creation spells like “blow fire”, so cast MIRROR 3 to protect the party. Overall, this battle should go more smoothly than your first encounter with him, just keep your HP topped off in case you have a run of bad luck. Jump on the tile and get ready for the final showdown once Bio Godem is dead.

Homncruse’s Lair

   The final leg of the journey awaits in the center tile in Jeep volcano. After entering Homncruse’s Lair, go east around the massive pit until you reach a ladder which you should climb. Take the PLUMWATER from the chest. Now had head back to the entrance and go down the ladder. You’ll have to walk around the pit to get to get to the exit and a MIRROR. Repeat the process yet again after climbing down the ladder next to the box. Sadly, there’s no treasure here, but you can at least move forward by going down the ladder. Follow the path around the pit yet again to find a star tile, step on it to proceed. Remember the throne room from the cut scenes? You’re in it now, approach the throne to initiate the final battle!


Round 1

   You cannot defeat Homncruse the first time around, but don’t worry, is all according to design. Your attacks will not phase him, but select attack anyway and let him pummel you to end things quickly. Once the boss wins, someone will give you the AQT-STONE and tell you to visit RED FOUNTAIN, before warping you out of the room. Go to the hidden shrine on Heart Island, just northeast of Jeep. Walk through the small cave to where you first became an Aqutallion, enter the room with the star tile and go through the door behind it. Step on the tile there to get the LIGHT ORB and METLSWRD. You may want to give Cody the ICESWRD so he and Tina can cast ICE SLASH. Now go back to Homncruse’s Lair.

Note: This is a good time to grab those MIRRORS you stashed in the warehouse earlier.

Round 2

   Have Ray use the LIGHT ORB, Tina cast FAST 3, Cody use POWER 2, and Leona cast MIRROR 3 on the first turn. Just have Dan use a MIRROR. MIRROR 3 will cut down on Homncruse’s ability to damage you with creation spells and the orb will knock out his defenses so you can harm him now. Have everyone else use a MIRROR item aside from Leona who can cast MIRROR 1 on the next turn. On turn three you can begin your attack cycle. Ray should attack with the METLSWRD, Cody and Tina should use the ICE SLASH unity (ICESWRD + FREEZE 1), Leona should use BOLT 3, and Dan should use BOMB 3 when not healing. With everyone mirrored, Homncruse will take damage from his own attacks. Only his creation spells (ex. “blow fire”) and physical attacks will penetrate your defenses. With everyone concentrating on dealing damage, the boss should drop after a few rounds.

Round 3

   Leona should cast MIRROR 1 on her first turn and MIRROR 3 on the second turn. If you have any MIRRORS left in your inventory, use them on the first turn. Homncruse supposedly casts LAND 3 to dispel the effects of MIRROR, but this has not happened to me. You should still watch out for it, however. Dan should cast REGAIN 1 or 2 (depending on how low the party’s HP is) each turn to keep Homncruse from wiping you out with back to back level 3 spells. You will have to feed Dan a lot of MOON DROPS in this battle, so have Leona do it when not casting BOLT 3 or attacking. Tina & Cody should spam ICE SLASH throughout the battle and Ray can just attack, since his weapon deals significant damage on its own. Homncruse has a ton of HP, but you will prevail in roughly 16-20 turns depending on your level. Once the boss is defeated, the game will end and you get to see the final cutscene.

Congratulations on your victory!

3. Instructions- Not everything in Secret of the Stars is explained well in the instruction manual, which many players probably do not own anyway. The following sections deal with some of the less self explanatory elements of this title.

a. Kustera and Aqutallion: About Party Swapping

   Early on a character named David will join you, but instead of joining Ray’s Party, David will form his own group (Kustera) that you can switch to by opening the menu and selecting the “Swap” command. Each group will pitch a tent at roughly the same point where they were standing when you selected the swap command. You will need to switch between Kustera and Aqutallion at times to enter certain dungeons. NPCs will also respond to the two parties differently.

The Kustera Registration Office

   At some point in the game you will have access to the registration office at Old Hill. This service is only available to Kustera and allows the player to alter the membership of the Kustera party. Here is a list of the various commands:

Add- Places the Kustera character of your choice in the active Kustera party. You will need at least one empty slot to do so.

Split- Removes the selected Kustera character from the party.

Stat- allows player to view status of inactive Kustera characters.

b. Magic

   Using magic is fairly simple in this game. Select the “magic” option in the menu or in battle and choose the spell you wish to cast. Many spells have multiple power levels, though your character will have to learn higher level spells by advancing to the next experience level. You can cast higher level spells by pushing left on the D-pad after selecting the spell, just keep in mind the MP cost will increase with each level. See Section 4c for a basic spell list.

c. How to Cast Unity Magic

   You can cast Unity spells once everyone in Aqutallion has attained Banalet rank. Just have each character select the magic spell that corresponds with the unity magic you want to use. Then select “combi” instead of “ok” after you have input everyone’s action for the turn. Next choose the characters whose spells you are combining and hit B, then ok to finalize the action. Some weapons can be combined with magic as well: the process for Unity Spells such as BURN BLADE is the same as magical attacks , except you will need to have the appropriate weapon equipped and select the fight command.

4. Secrets, Hints, and Lists- Below are various lists designed to act as an easy reference guide.

a. Quick Reference Drop List

   This is a partial drop list that I compiled from my experience playing this game and with help from Landmine36. Only the more important or useful items dropped by enemies are listed here and this guide is by no means complete, but it should be useful to those who wish to find some of the better pieces of equipment available in the game. In some cases the items shown in this list are only really useful at the point in the game which they are first obtainable, such items are marked with an asterix.


Bone- DERBY*

Bandit- FURCOAT*

Dragon- HANDAXE*


Trap- HEELS*


Summoner- BRKNMOON


AL Armor Beta- MOON DROP



Bull Head- ICE SWORD







b. Items

   The following is a basic list of some of the items you will encounter in this game. Not all items are listed here. If you encounter a useable item and do not know its purpose, you can always have it appraised in Decatas.

Plum-Plum: Restores small amount of HP.

Bread: Restores some HP.

Magic leaf: Prevents random battles.

Telepo: Teleports party to a previously visited town.

Moon drop: Replenishes MP of one character.

Mirror: Places a magical field around the target that reflects incoming spells back at the caster.

Barrier: Protects caster from creation magic, such as “snowstorm” and “gas”.

Calm Herb: Cures daze status.

Restore: Revives a fallen comrade.

Broken Moon: Or BRKNMOON in-game, this item will replenish a small amount of MP and can be used multiple times. Has a small chance of breaking.

Antidote: Cures poison.

Anti-Stop: Cures stop status.

Aspirin: Cures illness status.

Rat Tail: Removes party from a town or dungeon when used.

c. Spells


Cure-A: Level 1 cures poison, Level 2 cures illness, Level 3 cures mute.

Cure-B: Level 1 cures stop, Level 2 cures sleep, Level 3 cures daze.

Fast: Increases defense & speed. Level 3 buffs entire party.

Heal: Restores HP, learned at low levels.

Regain: Heals HP of entire party.

Life: Chance to resurrect a fallen ally in battle. Spell level increases success rate and amount of HP target is revived with.

Mirror: Level 1 puts up a shield that will reflect bolt, bomb, fire, and freeze. Level 2 will reduce damage from “creation” spells to caster (IE create snowstorm, blow gas), level 3 shields entire party from creation spells.

Land: Levels 1 & 2 increase Ray’s luck x2 and may cure an ally, level 3 will remove any magical effects from the party, double Ray’s luck, and can revive fallen party members.

Power: Increases attack of the caster (Levels 1 & 2), level 3 increases attack of selected target.


Fire: Deals fire element damage to one foe, power increases with spell level.

Freeze: Deals ice damage. Levels 2 and 3 hit all enemies.

Storm: Deals wind damage to a single enemy, levels 2 and 3 hits all enemies.

Bolt: Deals lightning damage to a single enemy (levels 1 & 2) and hits entire group of monsters at level 3.

Bomb: Deals explosive damage to all enemies, power increases with spell level.

Vanish: Levels 1 & 2 can instantly kill an enemy, level 3 can kill an entire group. Success rate increases with spell level.


Coma: Puts a foe to sleep. Higher spell levels increase success rate. Level 3 can put a group of foes to sleep.

Flee:Party exits dungeon instantly.

Fly-By: Warps party to a previously visited town.

Slow: Decreases target’s defense and speed. Higher spell levels reduce more speed and defense, level 3 hits all monsters.

Step: Nullifies terrain based damage from lava and snow.

Evade: Level 1 and 2 lowers target’s hit rate, level 3 casts daze, which causes the target to attack at random.

Antspl: Drains MP from monsters. Level 3 steals MP from party members.

Antpwr: Drains HP from monster, levels 1 & 2. Level 3 Drains MP from party member.

Repel: Lowers random encounter frequency, does not work if the monsters in the area are a higher level than the caster.

Mute: Chance to prevent target from casting spells, becomes more powerful with higher spell levels, level 3 can mute an entire group of enemies.

d. Unity Spells

   Unity Magic may appear slightly underwhelming at first glance, but it’s often very efficient (with some exceptions). Casting unity spells is also beneficial to low level parties that lack powerful physical attacks. Higher level parties will likely use less Unity Magic and spells in general, because magic does not scale, with the exception of spells like Burn Blade. Especially powerful Unity Spells  are marked with an asterix.

Ice Fire = Fire lvl 1 + Freeze Level 1

Ice Storm = Freeze lvl 2 + Storm lvl 2

Bolt Storm = Bolt lvl 2 + Storm lvl 2

Fire Storm = Fire lvl 1 + Storm lvl 1

Devastate* = Fire lvl 3, Freeze lvl 3, Storm lvl 3, and Bolt  lvl 3

Burn Blade* = Firesword + Fire lvl 1

Ice Slash* = Icesword + Freeze lvl 1

Bolt Break* = Boltsword + Bolt lvl 1

Twin Less = Antpwr lvl 1 + Antspl lvl 1

Cure All = Cure A lvl 3 + Cure B lvl 3

No Call  =  Repel + Step

e. Old Hill Special Recruits

   While most of the Old Hill recruits are required to progress in the game, a few can be missed. These special recruits perform useful services that will make your quest easier.

Jill: Go to Decatas once the hospital once Old Hill is rebuilt and talk to the nurse in the hospital. Tell her “Yes” and she will join you. Visit the hospital in Old Hill now to purchase rare healing items like PANACEA and RESTORE II.

Gonta: Visit Codo after you get the GYROCOPTER and go to the armor shop. The man inside will tell you Gonta ran away to the temple, so head over to there to find him. Don’t enter the front door, however. Instead, push against the back wall of the temple to find a secret passage and Gonta hiding in the basement. Say “yes” and he will join up. Gonta sells some powerful equipment.

f. End Game Gear Recommendations


   Aqutallion should get the best equipment available, since they will have to challenge the bio bosses and Homncruse. The following is a list of the best gear for these tasks. If a character’s  name is not beside an item, then it can or should be worn by multiple party members.

METLSWRD- Ray (only available after the first fight with Homncruse)

LASERGUN- Ray (not recommended for boss fights, but very effective against the hordes of mechanical creatures in Jeep)


FIRESWRD- Cody (for use with burn blade)

ICESWRD- Cody (for use with ice slash in the final battle)


CURECANE- Tina (or keep it in inventory for use as an item)





ROSESHOES- Leona gets priority on this item.

REDHOOD- Leona gets priority on this item.



  These guys should generally get hand-me-downs, with a few exceptions. You should keep your Kustera well equipped for the final leg of the journey, however, as they will have to help with the bio bosses in Jeep. What you use will be more dependant on who is in your party, so this list is less specific. You can also give your Kustera more rare items like REDHOODS, but only if you are lucky enough to get enough of such items to equip Aqutallion first.

ROYALSWRD- Gets two attacks per turn, great for characters like Jubei, who have high attack.


ELFINBOW- Kathy (two attacks per turn, deals extra damage to beast types)








5. References and Acknowledgements

   Special thanks to Golden_Torizo, Skater43,& Kefkamademedoit for accompanying me on this journey. Landmine36 deserves special mention here as he is an expert on Secret of the Stars and the item lists would not have been nearly as complete without his diligent record keeping. Landmine also provided me with expert advice regarding many facets of this game’s inner workings. I referenced several older works in order to perfect this walkthrough, which can be viewed via the following links: http://www.geocities.ws/dustydimondbball/secretofthestarsfaqryan2.txt


Finally, while I am responsible for annotating and creating a legend for the lower and upper world maps, I did not create the actual images, which are from VGmaps, an excellent resource to which I owe a debt of gratitude. You can visit VGmaps here:


Thank you for using our Tecmo Secret of the Stars (Super Nintendo) Walkthrough, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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